In Coimbatore,while N V Subbaraman is addressing Shri C. Ramanathan Marketing Manager is observing seated SECOND from the left.


Eighty to Hundred you will be jumping in years twenty
Imbibed all qualities noble from thy parents in plenty
Garnering the support and cooperation of all in life
High echelons you could progress with hard and great work in file
Total dedication to your work infusing in others too
You were a role model EMEM for me in my career!

Towards friends and relatives you were nice and kind-madam ably
Outstandingly helping in all your life- daughters brought up lovely!

Honors came on your way on their own-not going for it yourself
Utmost devotion lased with honesty and humor making ourselves
Never letting us down but encouraging to give our best
Dear and loving all your colleagues Copimbatore to Chandigarh
Respected by all fortunate to serve with you the great ELAISEE
Ever ready to help, ever loving and never hurting any
Dear C R sir! EIGHTY TO HUNDRED bring you all the best on earth!


Reading the first letter of each line :”EIGHTY TO HUNDRED”

P,S: Shri C. Ramanathan former Executive Director of LIC is having his Sadhabishekam on 26th January 2018. The above is the humble tribute by one of his erstwhile colleagues named N V SUBBARAMAN


Yes; I am a blessed soul to get the love and affection, respects and regards from the persons with whom God gave me the opportunity to serve the great organization for almost four decades in different stations and different positions in the LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA. After SIXTEEN long years since RETIREMENT, former colleagues remembering and expressing their love is indeed I deem as a great GIFT FROM GOD. After all a man gets all his strength from his kith and kin!. One such is my former colleague MR. KVVS Prasad at present settled in Vishakapatnam after retirement, a prolific writer and daily viewer of ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes regular responses. They were consolidated and posted in the blog in several parts. .This post gives his assessment of RAMAN EFFECT and the responses it has evoked from a good number of common friends. All these reflect their love and affection, regards and respects for me. But I do hold very strongly that “NO LIMIT FOR EXPRESSION OF LOVE!” I am conscious of my limitations and I have to do a lot to deserve such encomiums from Shri Prasad and host of friends.
Great Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar would say:

Original in Tamil:
அன்பிற்கும் உண்டோ அடைக்குந்தாழ்? ஆர்வலர்
புன்கண்நீர் பூசல் தரும். (குறள் 71)
Anbirkum uNdoa adaikkum thaazh? Aarvalar
PunkaNNeer poosal tharum.

Translation in English:
What bolt can bar true love in fact
The trickling tears reveal the heart.


There is no lock and key to hold and keep secret one’s love and affection towards the other; Those who love, their tears shed out of love will in fact reveal the sentiment to others.

Nostalgia: The Raman Effect!
Sri NV Subbaraman was Senior Divisional Manager in LIC and in charge of Kadapah Division when I was inducted in to his team as Manager (HR) two decades back. It was a Golden period for Kadapah Divsion. Subbaraman demonstrated what real HRD is! He treated every body with honour and dignity inspite of his enormous powers. Great ideas were sown in the minds of Team mates and cultivated. He accepted ideas with open mind and infused Team Spirit. He was spotless and pure. He was transparent in his mind and actions People and the Institution flourished. Soft spoken, God minded he endeared himself with all with his rare quality of public Service while in Office. I was fortunate to work with him.
Sri Subbaraman is a humanist ,an exemplary poet, a distinguished orator, a nature lover ,an animal lover, a bird watcher, a blogger, to name a few of his numerous qualities ! Subbaraman’s command on English is envious.His blog incidentally is named as Envius Thoughts.
A prolific writer Sri Subbaraman’s contribution to poetry in English and Tamil is outstanding. He has to his credit the Hyku form of poetry in English,Translated RabindranathTagores’ Gitanjali into Tamil , echoed Valluar’s voice in his Blog etc and the list is infinite ! He works almost 8 hours a day on his computer ,from his residence in Chennai on matters of Literary Interest.
Subbaraman retired from LIC in 2001 He has three sons ,well placed . Smt Renuka Subbaraman was his life partner .She was gentle and kind hearted and the secret behind Sri Subbaraman’s success and happiness. She was well read and as noble as Sri Raman. She used to be the first reader of Sri Subbaraman’s works. Smt Renuka Subbaraman passed away two years back leaving Sir alone. Subbaraman withstood this grief and takes solace in in his literary pursuit!
To write about Subbaraman is like trying to place a candle before the SUN.

Here are a few photographs of our beloved Shri N V Subbaraman, respected Madam Smt. Renuka Subbaraman and the self taken when I visited them in their abode at Chennai about a decade and more ago. I possess the same as a treasure and that infact triggered my thoughts and the result is this “NOSTALGIA-RAMAN EFFECT”.


Jawahar Gupta, Muthuramakrishnan Krishnan Manjunath Yadav, MKDV Prasad, Rajeev Jha, Sam Murthi, Venu gopal, V.Vaidyanathan, Venkata Krishna, Raama Anjaneyalu, Anusuya Devi, S. Ramanathan, Ramanan, Herbert nelson, Harihara Subramanian, Venkata ramani, S V Prasad, G. Krishnaprasad, Ismail Baig, Ravi sankara Reddy, Veda Siva, Srinivasa Sabbu, Hema ravi, S. Ravi Sankar, BV Chandra keasan,Muthu Srinivasan, Ramanan, Rama Bhat, Sathya narayanan, Kailesh Shankar, N Rengarajan, ER Balaji, Akkini, Srinivasa Rao, Santosh Balaji and host of others have liked this write up of Shri KVVS Prasad.


Srinivasa Rao Ryali It is very true as Shri KVVS
Prasad has explained the attitude of Shri N V Subbaramanji in his detailed letter. In 1995, I was ABM (Sales) of Hindupur Branch under the jurisdiction of Kadapa Division headed by Shri NV Subbaraman garu. I was also having close relation with our Sir as he encouraged me like anything in procuring good volume of Insurance New Business. I have no words to express my gratitude towards Sir.

Rangappa Gudibanda G N
Really it was golden period.
Sankaran Ramanathan:
Still good people are there
Gowrisankaran Radhakrishnan:
Very much true. You have beautifully brought out the noble qualities of NVS Sir. He is like a temple tower which is worshiped by people like me far away from it. A great venerable personality!
Ramakrishna Paramahamsa:
It was a great time to be associated with such a pious man .Words will fail to tell about him regards to NV Subbaraman sir
Viswanathan Rajukannan:
I cherish my association with you
Sankar Rao:
Still our memory is fresh and green as I was General Secretary, Iceu at that time. Really it is a golden periods for us. His human approach to problems saved staff members and ur active involvement is a real golden time to Iceu.(Insurance Corporation Employees Union)
Chandrasekhara Reddy Thota:
There is no exaggeration in what our friends wrote about the ‘Raman’ Effect. I am afraid I do not have enough vocabulary to describe him fully…….
I too had the proud privilege of working under his dynamic leadership at Kadapa.
I have yet to come across another gentleman to the core like him, who is so soft spoken, God fearing, nature loving and above all with the human touch with which he looks at any issue.
He never brought any pressure on anybody and always allowed the subordinates to work with full freedom peacefully.
Raama Anjaneyulu:
Very nice Sir
Seshagiri Row Karry:
Really,we are proud to belong to a model employer which recruited youngsters of people who, over the years, long with their careers, groomed their talents and made the society, around them a well cherished place to live happily.
Ramana Rapthadu:
After long 2 decades seeing madam and Prasad sir in photos at least thank you sir my pranams to you
Venkata Ramani:
Well deserved compliments!
Thangamuthu Subramanian:
Hundred percent true. He is a legend. We still try to learn many from him. Very proud to say he is our Guru and very lucky to work under his leadership.
We pray God to give him healthy life. We always want his blessings and advise. He is always GREAT!!
Venkata Subbarao Katakam:
That period was really “SWARNAYUGAM” to kdp division
Maramreddy Ravindranath Reddy:
What to tell about this perfect human being. I went to Chennai to his retirement function. I was presented with this beautiful clock .
Psr Koteswararao:
Yanadi Setty:
I had an opportunity to be associated in that golden period in Kadapa division. I had so many instances to meet sir personally as Secretary of Residence association.The memories are still fresh and green. Really I was blessed to work in the days under the great leadership of Sri Subbaraman Sir.
Sreenivasulu Manchikanti:
It was my fortune to be associated with sir. I used to call him as “Nadiche Devudu” (Walking God)
Venkateswaran Anantaramaseshan :
Greatly inspiring.
Bhagyanath Yezhuvath:
I first met Shri Subbaraman Sir when he came on promotion as AAO to Coimbatore Divl.Office.I fully endorse all the qualities attributed to him mostly by his Kadappah colleagues. He is a wonderful human being.
Okr Sivagnanam:
Right encomiums paid on the legend Shri. NVS, through the beautiful words of Shri.Prasad!
The likes of Shri.NVS are a boon to the great Organization he served in various capacities while in service!
An inspiration to the effective leaders in the making!
A literary personality feeding to the different tastes of the readers!
A great man with the enviable motto: HELP EVER, HURT NEVER!
A humanist seen through his creations and never is failing to practice it- a practitioner for excellence!
A perfect role model to his followers!
And his service as an effective and successful blogger is commendable!
Desikan Madhavan
Most outstanding .What he feels he has said.
Dear Subbaraman ji, Namasthe.
Thank you for sharing the posting “Nostalgia: The Raman Effect” of Sri KVVS Prasad.
I worked in Kadapa Division while M/s PR Venugopal, Balakrishnan, V.Krishnan, RB Kishore
were leading the Division. Later on, part of it was bifurcated into Nellore Division. I learnt a
lot from the above leaders and some of the HODs too. In Nellore Divn. I could deal with challenging
work – settling SB and Maturity Claims one month in advance continuously for 2 years
(by sending the cheques) which was initiated at our Kavali Branch Office of Nellore Division.
It was Sri R.Gopinath DM, who put Nellore Division on the All India map of LIC, which was
an outstanding event those days. They were all “good old days.” We can not expect them back.
BSR Murthy

Bulusu Sita Rama Murthy (Retd.Manager/LIC)
10-8-27A, Raja Street,
KAVALI-524201 SPSR Nellore Dist.(A.P)
Hari Kishan Choudhary:
It was nice to read Sh.Prasad’s post about Sh.Subbaraman. His literary output and achievements are really immense. I am so impressed as I had a chance meeting with Sh,Subbaraman at Trivandram about two years ago. That meeting had a profound effect on me and on my return to my home in Punjab I wrote about the meeting in our house magazine in an article “An encounter with a septuagenarian poet”. It was well received and I got many comments from his erstwhile colleagues some of them not even knowing his great literary achievements. I really consider myself fortunate to meet him and learn so much from him.. regards
Dear Mr NVS
Delighted to see the message of Mr Prasad in his FB about you.
I fully agree with him about your qualities of head and heart.
Hearty congrats.
R Venugopal.
Dear Prasad, When Sri Subbaraman Sir was SDM of Kadapa Division, I was Branch-in charge of Hindupur Br. I do remember his simplicity, discipline and helping nature. i got the opportunity to work under his leadership for a period of 3 years. May God bless him with good health, peace and prosperity. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express my feelings about our Sir.
Yoganandamurhty, Bangalore.

Yes; there is no bolt for true love in fact and such expressions reveal the heart!


‘Encounters’ normally we hear have different connotations- positive and negative! In the name of “Encounter Killings” many murders take place and none is in a position to stop or reduce the numbers!
Any human being or for that matter any living being in the scheme of the Almighty has to experience ‘encounters’ in life. Problems defying solutions very often we encounter. We encounter some people thoroughly unknown and suffer. We also encounter great personalities that remain green in our minds for ever.
In this Sunday story in ENVIUS THOUGHTS we are going to come across a different encounter- a pleasant one beautifully narrated by one of the senior officers of a leading Public Sector Undertakings, published in a house magazine that won the award of the BEST HOUSE MAGAZINE of the PSUs.
As I got up early in the morning, he was sitting in the drawing room of the LIC guest house at Thiruvananthapuram. He greeted me and introduced himself as an executive who retired from my Organization fourteen years ago. He was too agile for his age of 74 years. He narrated his tenure in LIC as a Marketing Manager and later Deputy Zonal Manager deliberately ignoring his other accomplishments. Only when I asked him the purpose of his visit to Thiruvananthapuram, he said that  he has come to attend an international Writers Festival where he
was to present his paper.



A Tamilian, he told me casually that he was an author of 27 books, the majority of them on poetry and some translations of great works of literature. I had goose bumps sitting with an accomplished person. He gave me his book of poetry in English. I glanced through one of his poems. The ten-liner titled ‘The Retreat’ was excellent. It was about a dog chasing him and just he pretending to pick up a stone to scare it away. According to him the same strategy was to be followed in dealing with life’s problems chasing you. They can be scared away with patience and courage. He narrated one of the works of a great writer of Tamilnadu, Saint Tiruvalluvar. His work ‘Thirukkural’ has been translated into more than ninety languages of the world next only to the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran. He has translated 500 couplets of the Thirukkural in Haiku format (5-7-5 syllable) .I didn’t tell him that I never heard about Saint Tiruvalluvar but resolved to read the Thirukkural at the first opportunity.

Image result for Tiruvalluvar and his Tirukkural-images


Image result for gitanjali images
He was filled with pride narrating his published work-the Tamil translation of Tagore’s ‘Gitanjali’ and Subramaniya Bharati’s “Kuyil Pattu’- the cuckoo’s song –into English. His recent article in ‘The Hindu’ newspaper titled “Onion is not Oxygen” exhorting people to shun expensive onions was widely appreciated. Ne narrated how he receives calls from his three sons, one from Canada, the other from his journalist son Bangalore, and from the third one at Chennai. As he is talking, his mobile rings and without seeing the mobile screen he knows that his son is calling from Bangalore. Before conveying his wellbeing he narrates his meeting with me to his son repeating my name and his voice is filled with respect.
He said that he feels relaxed with the calls even when he is travelling and inconvenienced. I regretted my question of not travelling with his wife for almost he choked with emotion narrating that his wife passed away recently and how 2014 was a tough year for him. Responding to my queries, he said hat he earns very little royalty from his books but he gets some complimentary books from publishers which he lovingly distributes among his friends. The occasional meager royalty goes to Chennai Seva Sansthan, a charity.
I quoted Avataar Singh Paash’s Punjabi poem “Sabh tonkhatarnaakhunda hai murda Shanthi naal bhar jaana, ghar to nikalna kaam te, te kaam ton gjar jhana, sabh tonkhatarnaak hunda hai saade supheya dammar jaana” ( It is very dangerous to be filled with corpse lie peace, going daily to work and coming back. It is very dangerous to see your dreams, die before you). As I translated it for him, he was delighted. Pressing my hands, he bowed with respect for the great poem. I could see on his face the universality of the poets’ fraternity. He took my address for sending me selected works and blessed me and my wife with a parting Namaskar and giving me a copy of paper that he was going to present and a poem on world peace he was to recite there.
I owed him and “God’s own country” some precious and memorable moments.

P.S. The article is about Shri N. V. Subbbaraman, Retired Dy. ZM, LIC, Chennai who retired in the year 2001.

Hari Krishan Chaudhary
Secretary (Office of the Insurance Ombudsman)

Chandigarh, NZ.


I am glad to share with you that with the 61st view at 14.30 hours of today viz Sunday the 19th March 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS has crossed EIGHTY THREE  THOUSAND (83000) on the 731st day and 792nd post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.


HINDI DAY WAS 14/9/2016.

Image result for Images of Bharatha Matha..

‘Language’ a medium of communication wonderful
Gifted by Goddess of Learning, refined by man beautiful
Days were there- years millions ago-no language was known
Communication through signs and actions- no seeds were sown!

Evolution of the humans brought languages bye and bye,
More and more all over the world- six thousand five hundred plus
One thousand three hundred and forty eight in India great
Of which people speaking Hindi is the most-millions vast!

Two hundred and fifty three-declared national language,
Rightly-knowledge is power-of language a greater
Rich in grammar and literature deserves to be learnt
Let us learn and make others learn for the sake of language!


Image result for Images to depict India and its people.

Chapter 48 of Part II of ThirukkuraL – ASSESSING STRENGTH- திருக்குறள்- பொருட்பால்- 48வது அதிகாரம் -வலி அறிதல்- has been published in the Indian Periodical of 11th September. Kindly click any of the following links and again click “HERE IS VALLUVAR’S VOICE” to read the same. Kindly record your comment in the space provided beneath the article itself so that your assessment can be enjoyed by other readers as well. Two such you will find from Shri OK Sivanganam and Shri C. Kandasami -both of them at present are in US on a holiday.. Thanks. This has been read by more than 80 Thirukkural enthusiasts.

List of Contents



In the same links, please read from the archives, the post on PERSON OF THE WEEK
N V SUBBARAMAN – his interview on the Universal work-magnum opus of Saint Poet THIRUVALLUVAR’s THIRUKKURAL translated into English- which stands at the second most viewed post with more than 1600 views.



                                                            LIC CHENNAI

Sixty years in the service of the Nation LIC completes
The giant public sector organization gladly resolves
To reach seventy five with greater glory in its cause to serve
The people, society and the nation with remarkable reserve!

Economy protected, people’s money for people’s welfare
Sixty long years-LICsians in million work sans fanfare
Grateful people made the giant LIC market leader sure!

Lot of grounds yet to be covered realize all those connected
Present and past dream, think act to fulfill that ambition conceived.
Companies may come and companies may go but EL AI SEE goes
On and on towards its goal cherished to serve and serve sans woes!


Image result for Images of LIC CO Building YOGAKSHEMA in Bombayo

                                 LIC CENTRAL OFFICE YOGAKSHAMA in Mumbai.

Image result for Images of LIC CO Building YOGAKSHEMA in Bombayo


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(2) Please visit to read my article on THIRUKKURAL “HERE IS VOICE OF VALLUVAR”and please register your comment below the post itself.





“ENVIUS THOUGHTS” commenced through https://nvsr.wordpress.com  with the first posting  “MY TRYST WITH LIC” on 28th February 2015- on the completion of FOURTEEN years of my retired life. Quite new to blog and all, I just emailed the information to all the email ids of my known friends and also shared with my Face Book and Google friends.

To my greatest joy and surprise that post had 148 views – one of the highest for any day from 28/2/2015 till this day!!!

Not only views but also feed backs and comments thrilled me. To all of them of course I acknowledged and conveyed my heartful gratitude then and there. Of course there were several phone calls from my good friends who where in the know of my telephone number.

We know that we read a lot but then no time or mood to respond in black and white! That is a part of our nature.


Feed backs/comments and some of my replies are nearing 100 which I wanted to share with my great friends and hence here it is!

Feedback/comments help us to analyze our performance and provide a chance to improve and hence I eagerly look forward from all my well meaning readers.

As and when time and mind working in unison with the body, kindly read and respond.



Comment: It must be good because the writer is a poet and also a devoted proactive member of the large organization called LIC

Will read the whole presentation and then offer comments


2 Name: T S Venkata Ramani, Chennai

Very interesting and inspiring. Incidentally, only now I come to understand you have adorned full suit also some times.(Sorry if my comments take you “from the sublime to the ridiculous?”(Incidentally is the handsome (!!) young man standing by your side in the Salem, my humble self?)


3 Yes u r-GREAT T S VENKATARAMANI-The bosom friend of N V Subbaraman!

N V Subbaraman



Comment: Dear Subbaraman, your experience with such a large organization and your contribution which helped to make it a large organization make very interesting reading Hearty congratulations

Please edit the memoirs and shorten to three fourths or even half the length

Please drop the very last paragraph totally. You write what you are capable of. Don’t worry about others and their abilities. Remember you are a poet. How many other are?

God bless you


5 Clifford Martis
Bangalore, Feb 28

In these fast food days and whats App days

I saw Mr C Ramanathan in one of the photos Pl send your memoirs to friends like him

Do shorten it. The very first few paragraphs can be shortened

The last paragraph must go



6  ks_krpuram <ks_krpuram@yahoo.co.in>

Feb 28

Subbaraman,I spent full 30 MTS to read your memories and only word I can tell it is a flurry of words, emotions, simplicity, honest words and what not. Congrats. I too have an intention to write a similar write-up. Yours will be a model for me. You are simply my role model for a few things like believe in yourself and do your best for people around you. Thanks – Sridhar


7 ks_krpuram <ks_krpuram@yahoo.co.in>

Feb 28

Only a few days back I sorted all the photos and sorted them center wise of my postings and will jot down all important events at each of the place of posting then prepare. Matter of coincidence u have prepared first ( as always)


8  T.S.Swaminathan
Bangalore,Feb 28

Dear Shri. Subbaraman,

Kindly accept my best wishes on this memorable day. Do you know that this date is common to both of us!! Yes. I too retired on 28th February only. I do not know your date of birth in 1941. However, I was born in July 1939, but Feb 1939 was given in school records to help me appear for SSLC exam without any problem(I got double promotion from Class I to Class III and hence, studied for a year less) With this official date, I retired on 28th Feb 1997 (when I was just 57 years 7mths. the normal superannuation age being 58 at that time) This morning, I got up with the idea of my retirement date and when I saw your mail, I was surprised.

I will go through your write up leisurely. Best wishes once again.




9 Subbaraman NV
Chennai, Feb.28

to T.S.Swaminathan

Great! All the best for a happier and healthier, peaceful and prosperous retirement year!. As you read you will find a reference to the real and actual date of birth-under STINT AT OOTY!

My actual DOB is 31/07/1941 and the official is 17/02/1941. Our retirement age was revised to 60 and hence I enjoyed official life by two more years and 68 days more! Sixty eight days more- what is that? Please read and you will know!?!?!?

N V Subbaraman


10  s raja sekhar <donotreply@wordpress.com>

Feb 28


Name: s raja sekhar

Email: rajusaripella@yahoo.co.in

Comment: Dear Sir,

I am immensely impressed by your detailed account of your Tryst with LIC.

I wish that one day I will also pen down few lines like you about my journey in LIC that started at Bhilai Branch under Raipur Division in April 1983 as a Direct Recruit Officer of 12th Batch and will end in November 2018, unless the God willing otherwise.

Though I heard a lot about you from the LICians I am coming across from the Kadapa Division I felt very happy to get it vetted from your own account.

I am presently holding the position of Principal, ZTC, Hyderabad.

With regards,

S.Raja Sekhar

PS: Without any intention to hurt you I take liberty to point out two factual inaccuracies noticed by me in your write up.

  1. In page 39 of your write up the retirement year( original ) was mentioned as 2009 instead of 1999. b) Similarly in page 44 the last FY in your service was mentioned as 2001-02 whereas it should be 2000-01 as you retired in Feb 2001.


11 Subbaraman NV <nvsubbaraman@gmail.com>

Feb 28

to s.rajasekhar

Thanks. I am delighted.

Yes it should be 1999.

It is only 2001-2002 as I have referred to therein I unofficially continued till May 8th 2001- 68 days beyond the actual date of retirement at the request of the then ZM!?!?!?

Thanks again.

N V Subbaraman


12 BVChandrasekar, Trichy.
Feb 28

Comment: excellent lic autobiography. i was very much reminded of tenure service in lic in those days



Feb 28

Comment: Sir, I started reading your “memoir” with great enthusiasm. But could not finish it in one go. Hope I will be able to do that soon. It was certainly amusing and interesting.  I am glad that you had preserved so many photos even. Sitting in arm chair, savoring in the evening of one’s life of his own achievements,(!!!!) however small they may be, IS CERTAINLY A VERY PLEASANT EXPERIENCE. It gives some satisfaction that “YES…. I DID MY JOB WELL!!!”- Notwithstanding certain omissions and commissions here and there. I too attempted writing some time back my “musings” like these in Telugu. Let me see whether I can share these with the FB friends!!!!TCR.


14 VGopalan, Thanjavur.

Feb 28

Name: VGopalan

Website: http://www.bharathipayilagam.blogspot.com

Comment: Very interesting history of your career. You have seen many places, people and their attitude. Though I know your overall history, I am able to go deep into the minute details in your write-up. This is a good habit of keeping their own track record, either bad or good. It will be pleasant to recollect some of the past incidents, though they may not be pleasant during those days. I appreciate you for reproducing your past with interesting anecdotes. I feel, if some of the interesting events which took place are also mentioned with specific details. Overall write up is nice and interesting. All the best in your retired life!.


15 Subbaraman NV Feb 28th
to VGopalan

Thanks. But then giving everything …………………….if it hurts any one at this stage……………..Help ever, HURT never…………………………!?!?!?

Thanks aplenty.

N V Subbaraman


16 Gopalan Venkataraman , Thanjavur.

Feb 28

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire write-up, which gives us a vivid picture of your career, ups and downs (though there no downs) and your achievements, mending the ways of services to the public etc. Settling death claims within a short span of time is really an achievement to your credit. I know your personal interest in celebrating Insurance Week and you have mentioned about Villupaattu group in Thanjavur, in which I am also associated a bit (in writing the lyrics). Really I am not aware of your transfer to Rajasthan and the quick retransfer within a short span of time. During your first stint at Tanjore I know your sons, that too the junior one, who once walked all the way from Convent to LIC D.O. all alone. Bravo! I shall read it again and come out with some more observation. Thank you sir.


17 Subbaraman NV

Feb 28

to Gopalan

So nice of you. Please see that your love for me does not blind you!

N V Subbaraman


18 Ramnath N S , Bangalore.

Feb 28

to me, Lakshman

Wow that’s amazing!

He remembers kumar’s odyssey!!!

Sent from my iPhone


19 Subbaraman NV


Yes; that is that Gopal!.



Feb 28



21 G. Sridharan

Feb 28


Name: G. Sridharan, Chennai.

Comment: Excellent. You have purposefully avoided mentioning the names. Any reason?

My uncle was a teacher at Srinivasa Rao high school. Athmanatha Iyer of Bhavasami agraharam.

Time: February 28, 2015 at 5:26 pm

IP Address:


22 K R Ramani, Hyderabad.

Mar 1


Name: K R Ramani

Comment: In 1985 I was transferred to LIC Ooty Branch. I found several persons remembered N V Subbaraman with great admiration. It was 2 decades after his leaving that place. I visited Kadapa in 2011, 15 years after his leaving that place .People remembered him with great regard.

There is only one word to define both his personal and official life – EXEMPLARY.

Time: February 28, 2015 at 7:39 pm

IP Address:


23 Subbaraman NV

Mar 1

to Sridharan

Thanks for your feedback. Yes; it has a reason; some may get offended in which I am not at all interested.

Yes; Shri Athmanatha Iyer and I were colleagues; how is he? Kindly convey my enquiries and regards to him.

Thanks again.

N V Subbaraman


24 Subbaraman NV

to K, bcc: Ramnath, bcc: Lakshman

Thanks Ramani. I am grateful to you for the nice sentiments u have expressed..

N V Subbaraman


25 Sudershan Pal

Mar 1

Name: Sudershan Pal

Email: spal1950@gmail.com

Comment: Dear Shri NVS

I am a retired Banker and being from the same fraternity, go thru’ the LIC forum regularly. I found your story quite interesting – in fact, saw a STRANGE resemblance in cultures in the working experience of people from two different organizations – Could not stop myself from commenting.

Regards & wishes.

Time: March 1, 2015 at 7:34 am

IP Address:

Contact Form URL: https://nvsr.wordpress.com/


26 Subbaraman NV

Mar 1

to Sudershan, bcc: Ramnath, bcc: Lakshman

Thanks aplenty.

We are birds of the same feather!

N V Subbaraman


Mar 1


Email: kvkrishna1965@gmail.com


Time: March 1, 2015 at 8:30 am

IP Address:

Mar 1


Name: Latha raja

Email: rajasatyanarayana@yahoo.com

Comment: Chinayana,I never thought thaatha had any part to play in your LIC job. I also didn’t know that you at any time worked as a groundnut supervisor. Strange!

Time: March 1, 2015 at 10:38 am

IP Address:

Contact Form URL: https://nvsr.wordpress.com/


29 Subbaraman NV <nvsubbaraman@gmail.com>

Mar 1

to Latha

It is not groundnut supervisor, Latha, it is the surveying the produce of groundnut in Tamilnadu as an Economic Investigator of the Delhi Cloth and General Mills Co. Ltd. for TWENTY ONE DAYS on a consolidated payment of RUPEE SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY!!!!!!



30 M.Sundaram. <donotreply@wordpress.com>

Mar 1

Name: M.Sundaram.

Email: sundaram.m08@gmail.com

Comment: I am very happy to go through the details. I need your email id and phone Nos. so that I can keep in touch with you. After a very long time I could see lot of details from your articles.

With Regards,



Time: March 1, 2015 at 11:54 am

IP Address:

Contact Form URL: https://nvsr.wordpress.com/


31 Subbaraman NV <nvsubbaraman@gmail.com>

Mar 1

to M.Sundaram.

Thanks aplenty Sundaram. How r u and where are u now?

I am in 12/1045, Jeevan Bima Nagar, Chennai 600101.

Ph: 044/26544950  / 9840477552.

Thanks again.

N V Subbaraman


32 V.Krishnan commented on My Tryst with Life Insurance Corporation of India


INTRODUCTION By no means is this to be taken as completely autobiographical; this is purely some random thoughts on my almost …


Quite interesting presentation of an involved career spanning a period of nearly four decades! I remember the association I was privileged to have with you in Thanjavur D.O. during late 1960s. When we were together in P.h.s. and you used to give the highest number of revival quotations and acted as a role model for others to follow. I cherish the association we had on subsequent occasions when you were heading Bikaneer and subsequently  Cuddapah divisions of L.I.C. And even after your retirement when you visited Hyderabad as a Trainer of Bajaj alliance. Best Wishes for a Long, healthy future!



33 Harihara Subramanian commented on a link you shared.

Harihara Subramanian

March 2 at 9:28am

NVS! We were quite envious of Shri Subbaraman’s energy, alacrity, and knowledge and willing to take responsibilities–He was a person with tejas and well-kept physique, due to his Yoga practices and clean habits and thoughts! I always feel fortunate to have been in association with him, when he was in Madurai. A prolific writer and a poet, he continues his activities, even after retirement. He never appears to be aging. May God be with him in all his activities!


34  Kothanda Raman <kothanda@hotmail.com>

Mar 4


Thank you, dear friend!  Your creativity, at your age, amazes me. v.r.k raman

Sent from Windows Mail


From: Subbaraman NV

Sent: ‎Tuesday‎, ‎March‎ ‎3‎, ‎2015 ‎6‎:‎48‎ ‎PM

To: Kothanda Raman

All the best in US!

N V Subbaraman

On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 8:30 PM, Kothanda Raman <kothanda@hotmail.com> wrote:

In sugar land, texas, u.s.a



35 Ganesh.K <donotreply@wordpress.com>

Mar 4

Name: Ganesh.K

Email: k.ganesh@licindia.com

Comment: Sir, Pranams to you….delightful anecdotes on your varied experiences…I recall you inform me that ZM wanted you to continue working as “Honorary” Secy Mktg, even after retirement…you spoke to me on this. I was MM Salem then; also recall the time you could spend with me when you visited Thanjavur on 2000-01…When I visited kadapa, I recall our association when I read the scroll of SDM of Kadapa!!!  Many memories keep flooding….Regards to you & all your family members… (Your son – is he still with Eco Times?)….Ganesh

Time: March 4, 2015 at 10:34 am

IP Address:

Contact Form URL: https://nvsr.wordpress.com/


36 Lakshman Subbaraman <lakshman.subbaraman@gmail.com>

Mar 8

to me, Ramnath

My friends vidhyapriya’s comments…



Sent from my iPad

Begin forwarded message:

From: Vidhyapriya <vidhyapriyas@gmail.com>

Date: March 8, 2015 at 11:20:30 AM EDT

To: Lakshman Subbaraman <lakshman.subbaraman@gmail.com>

Cc: Sruthi Srinivasan <sruthi.srinivasan@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: My dad’s tryst with LIC with some pics

Very interesting and inspiring read, Lakshman! Your dad is such a great writer. I don’t think it is common to see a person being so loyal to their Institution -40 years with twelve transfers. Wow… I remember that we used to tease for changing your native city periodically, depending on the person you were talking to..  Like, you belong to say kadappa, Ooty, Thanjavur to name a few. Now I know you were not joking :

It was nice to see the old pictures too! Thanks for sharing! Hope you dad is doing well. Please convey my namaskarams to him.


37 a.kempanath <donotreply@wordpress.com>

Mar 11

Name: a.kempanath

Email: a.kempanath@gmail.com

Comment: A real tryst with LIC

a peep into a glorious selfless and inspiring service to LIC.

I had the opportunity to be with you and benefit a lot to improve myself.

Time: March 11, 2015 at 12:33 pm

IP Address:

Contact Form URL: https://nvsr.wordpress.com/


38 V. Balagopal commented on My Tryst with Life Insurance Corporation of India

INTRODUCTION By no means is this to be taken as completely autobiographical; this is purely some random thoughts on my almost …

Dear Sir, it was nice reading your autobiography relating to your experiences in LIC. I too had the good fortune of working with you (not under you…!! while you were MM at Salem and I was Sr.BM at Salem North, a great(!?!?!?) branch, I am sure you will agree with me…!!!)

I was also receiving your copies of “Young Poet” and used to enjoy going thru’ the poems.

I remember one of that you gave me when I told you that I was transferred to Delhi in 2001, you told me… keep your head cool and your feet warm.

Sir, I wish you all happiness, joy, good health and prosperity in your life….

  1. Balagopal


39 B R SETHI <donotreply@wordpress.com>

Mar 12


Email: sbr1937@gmail.com

Comment: Thanks for sharing your story. You have narrated it as it happened. Liked it.

Time: March 12, 2015 at 3:30 pm

IP Address:

Contact Form URL: https://nvsr.wordpress.com/



40 Clifford Martis <clifmart@gmail.com>

Mar 13




Kindly find out how the paragraph can be deleted and do delete it


41 Raman Pk <pathiyilraman@yahoo.co.in>

Mar 13


Dear NVS Sir,

Nice to see your write up in my “in-box” today! I was overwhelmed by nostalgia. Hats off to your sharp

memory and painstaking efforts to preserve the old and rare photographs! Last week I met Mr. VKM

(Ooty Krishnamurthy) and we were talking about you. Pleasant surprise that he is seen with you in your Ooty photograph (in full suit)! Pease keep writing and keep us inspired.




42 Subbaraman NV <nvsubbaraman@gmail.com>

Mar 13

to Raman

So nice of you, Raman! Thanks aplenty.  Those were indeed happy days. Thanks again

N V Subbaraman


43 Venkata Ramani <sevalayatsv@sevalaya.org>

Mar 16


How do you know padmanabhan sivasubramanyam-who is my brother and a journalist?


44 From: Subbaraman NV [mailto:nvsubbaraman@gmail.com]

Sent: 16 March 2015 09:42

Subbaraman NV <nvsubbaraman@gmail.com>

Mar 16

to Venkataramani

He is in my mailing list. How can I omit a great scholar and writer?


45 Subir Kumar Mazumder <donotreply@wordpress.com>

Mar 16

Name: Subir Kumar Mazumder

Email: eskayem@gmail.com

Comment: Read with rapt attention “My Tryst with Life Insurance Corporation of India”.  Reading every line took me to the days of the early seventies when one young man of 23 years, born and brought up in the city of Kolkata, had to relocate himself to the tiny township of Sindri (270 kms away) for joining LIC as an Assistant leaving his parents, friends, and the much loved city.

Time: March 16, 2015 at 3:03 pm

IP Address:

Contact Form URL: https://nvsr.wordpress.com/


46 Theresa <donotreply@wordpress.com>

Mar 6

Name: Theresa

Email: theresajoseph1029@gmail.com

Comment: Sir, Thanks for your autobiography. It is emotional and beautiful. It flows with beautiful and necessary precision of language. I am doing an MBA project on Work life balance in LIC. Your article would be of greater source to me. Ayya, MIKKA NANDRI …Thank You

Time: March 6, 2015 at 6:04 pm

IP Address:

Contact Form URL: https://nvsr.wordpress.com/


47 K S Unny <donotreply@wordpress.com>

Mar 7


Name: K S Unny

Email: unnyks@yahoo.com

Comment: Read with great interest, as our periods of service in LIC almost coincide. Nevertheless experiences differ. I still remember how I missed all the automatic promotions in spite of becoming an AFFI in 1965 and FFII in 1969.

It was good going through your experiences with the LIC. The period I worked under you at the Avanashi Road Branch of Coimbatore are still very fondly remembered.

Though there was much heartbreak during the period of service, the most vivid one being the stagnation at the ADM’s cadre for 9 years, I now look back to the past with fond memories. I lead a contended and happy retired life with peace and tranquility. And your write up helped me rewind and unwind.

I am very happy for you and wish you and your family all the good things in life. My wishes to you also for a good health, happiness and peace!

God bless.

48 Subbaraman NV <nvsubbaraman@gmail.com>

Mar 7

to Theresa

All the best in your project!. In case you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask. Where r u doing the project?

I am in Chennai-044/26544950 / 9840477552

Thanks for your inspiring feedback.

N V Subbaraman


49 Subbaraman NV <nvsubbaraman@gmail.com>

Mar 7

to K, bcc: Ramnath, bcc: Lakshman

Dear Mr. Unni,

I am indeed delighted at your response. Thanks in millions.

Where r u now?

I am in Chennai-04/26544950 / 9840477552

With regards.

N V Subbaraman


50 theresa damian <theresajoseph1029@gmail.com>

Mar 18

Res Sir,

Thank You for your kind response.

Sorry for the delay.

I haven’t checked the mail for a while

Nice, to know of your goodness.

Sure, I will seek your goodness.


I am in Chennai doing my study in Mother Teresa Women’s university.

Your autobiography is inspiring.

I also learnt from your profile that you are a profound writer. I read few of those.Feel that you write more.

Thank You Sir

With Respect and prayers


51 Subbaraman NV <nvsubbaraman@gmail.com>

Mar 18

to Theresa

God be with you and guide you in all your activities. You are welcome at all times. Just now I completed a treatise on Insurance in Tamil titled “ஆயிரம் பொன்” It is aimed to be a guide to the students of Insurance, practitioners of Insurance and knowledge seeking public.

Thanks for your mail and with best wishes.

N V Subbaraman


52 Subbaraman NV <nvsubbaraman@gmail.com>

Mar 18

to Theresa

I am eager to know about your progress in your research work. I hope u r getting necessary and needed guidance from him /her. What exactly is the theme? It is just out of curiosity. If u don’t mind sharing pl. do. No embarrassment, I believe. All the best!


53 Jayasimhan Tmm

Congratulations. I went through a few paragraphs. I will read through. But one question – why was that left hand shake as jack of all trades!!!!

February 28 at 6:12am · Like


54 Subbaraman N.V.

Great! On the one hand probably he was giving the prize and probably forced to give left hand shake! What a keen observation by Shri TMMJ!

February 28 at 6:23am ·


55 Jayasimhan Tmm

Sir kadapa episode is wonderful

February 28 at 6:52am ·


56 Subbaraman N.V.

Yes; u r from KDP!?!?!?

February 28 at 6:56am ·


57 Venkata Ramani Please see my comments in NVSR.WORDPRESS>COM

February 28 at 7:03am · Like

58 Subbaraman N. V.

Seen; replied; thanks.

February 28 at 7:06am · Like


59 Esakki Rajan

படித்து முடித்தேன்….

அழஅழகான வர்ணனை.

அருமையான அனுபவம் .

துரோகங்களை துயிலுறித்துக்காட்டாமல் கோடிட்டு காட்டிய பாங்கு. உங்கள் பெருந்தன்மையை



கடப்பா RUN FOR LIFE INSURANCE டீ சர்ட் திருப்பூரிலிருந்து என் ஏற்பாட்டில் தான் அனுப்பிவைக்கப்பட்டது. பெருமைப்படுகிறேன்.நான் அப்போது திருப்பூர் கிளை மேலாளர் .

February 28 at 9:20am ·

60 Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks aplenty Esakkirajan. I very well remember your help to me on that occasion.

February 28 at 9:30am ·


61 Banda Gangaraju

I follow your memoirs as I worked during the same decades as you

February 28 at 10:18am ·


62Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks Gangarajugaru.

February 28 at 10:24am ·


63 Shrinivas Sathya Susarla

Sir though I left LIC my memories about lic is thick. Reading your blog my stint at lic flashed. Like the way u wrote the memoir without mentioning the names of the officers at the same time expressing ur feelings. The touching point ed personnel …… sir u mentioned stopped coffee tea.. at the behest of Kanchi Parmacharya. May I request you to share your experiences with Paramacharya

February 28 at 1:55pm · Edited · Like


64 Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks. Pl. c another posting on the topic “BYE TO COFFEE”

February 28 at 1:58pm ·


65 Subbaraman N.V.

My dear SSS, 044/26544950 / 9840477552

February 28 at 2:02pm ·

66 Venkatraman Chandrakesan

Dear Mr. NVS, excellent memory of yr 40 years lic life. By yr write up, i am very much reminded of those happy days of working along with yr good self.

February 28 at 3:26pm ·


67Subbaraman N.V.

I equally cherish those happy times. Thanks.

February 28 at 3:43pm · Like


68 Subramanian Ruppa Sundarrao

Excellent memory. I really feel that it is to be printed and given to all the employees now to improve the service still better and to face any challenges. Thank you, RESPECTED SIR.


February 28 at 4:33pm ·


69 Chandrasekhara Reddy Thota


February 28 at 4:43pm ·


70 Subbaraman N.V.

Kindly recollect and repost for my benefit.

February 28 at 4:44pm ·


71 Chandrasekhara Reddy Thota


February 28 at 4:54pm ·


72 Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks. It indicates your love for me. That is all.TCS Reddy

February 28 at 5:01pm ·


73Rajagopal Krishnamurthy:

Awesome mama. It is nice that came across a good person like you in my life.

February 28 at 5:21pm ·



74Subbaraman N.V.

I feel elated. Thanks. All the best for you!.



February 28 at 4:54pm ·


76 Subbaraman N. V.

Thanks. It indicates your love for me. That is all.TCS Reddy

February 28 at 5:01pm ·


77 Subbaraman N.V.

I feel elated. Thanks. All the best for you!

February 28 at 5:24pm ·


78 Purushothamrao Rao

Very interesting. I would like to request you to see that this is published in some of our house magazines so that it would help the present generation of our erstwhile organization. With best wishes

February 28 at 9:25pm ·


  1. Subbaraman N.V.

Thank you Shri PRRao.

February 28 at 11:29pm ·


  1. Chandrasekaran Chandrasekaran

Congrats, wish u to contribute your experience and blessings to all LICians for many more years with good health

March 1 at 3:33am ·


81 Subbaraman Nagapatnam Viswanathan Love is blind. Thanks Balu.

March 1 at 5:35am ·


  1. Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks Chandrasekaran

March 1 at 5:36am · Like


  1. Sankar Rao

Our memories are always with you and are still very fresh and green-. in our hearts of Kadapa Division. We. Wish. A. Healthy. Long. Life. Sankar. G. S.  Kadapa.

March 1 at 8:33am ·


  1. Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks a lot Shankar Rao. I have named it a golden period for me.

March 1 at 8:41am ·


  1. Yanadi Setty


March 2 at 6:45am ·


  1. Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks, Yenadi Setty.

March 2 at 6:48am ·


  1. Cheenu Srinivasan

My pranams to my mentor who lived for simplicity, integrity and helpful approach to complicated issues.

March 2 at 9:58am ·


89 Subbaraman N.V.

‘lived for’ or’ living for’…………………………..!?!?!? Thanks aplenty.

March 2 at 11:06am ·


90 Cheenu Srinivasan Sorry sir! It should read “lives for ”

March 2 at 1:25pm ·


91 Subbaraman N.V.

Sorry Cs, I made it just in a lighter vein. I know well that neither I lived nor am living with simplicity, integrity helpful approach etc.!Thanks again.

March 2 at 1:46pm ·


92 Venu Gopal

A true account of yourselves. Well done!

March 4 at 9:39am ·


93 Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks aplenty Venugopal.

March 4 at 10:07am ·


94 Ramana Rapthadu

Still remembering those days at Cuddapah

March 7 at 10:32pm ·

95Subbaraman N.V.

Yes; very much. Those days are unforgettable indeed! Thanks for your response

March 8 at 5:28am ·


96  Balasubramanaian Srikanteswaran


really great

with respects


February 28 at 11:29pm ·


97  Subbaraman N.V.

Love is blind. Thanks Balu.

March 1 at 5:35am · Like


98 Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks Chandrasekaran

March 1 at 5:36am · Like



                                   LIC-Great – Envius Thoughts

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Nineteen Seventy onward being organized lovely
April twenty third- Theme: “Digital Creativity:
Culture re imagined” for the current year the Theme;
Intellectual Property Rights encourage a scheme
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“NATIONAL CIVIL SERVICE DAY” is today! (21/4/16)


The roof and crown of creation is man-the versatile

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We are born to rule and serve- a few to rule, some to serve

Serve the society through all source- private and Government

Well educated, qualified and mind to serve is nice

Dignity and self respect never to be compromised!!


“National Civil Service Day” is today- to honor

The loyal and devoted, dedicated and sincere;

Fitting it is to reward the honest and good each year

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Self respect and dignity sure to be maintained by all

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N V Subbaraman

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Something interesting-nothing to do with the blog but of course something related to the blogger about twenty years ago and now!

When I was heading the Life Insurance Corporation’s Kadapa Division, one of the Branch Managers attended a session at the National Insurance Academy -an Institution in Pune devoted to Insurance Education in India- gave an assignment to the fifty odd participants  to present the profile of their “ROLE MODEL”. This participant chose in his own way to quote this blogger as his role model and made a fine presentation of it. He never told me about this on his return. After a few months when I happened to visit the NIA, the Faculties and the Director congratulated me and asked what magic I did. I could not catch it and then they came with the “ROLE MODEL EPISODE”. I told them that the participant probably had so much of affection for me which anyhow I don’t deserve!. Later the NIA returned officer explained to me in detail.

A couple of days back an eighth standard girl student of a famous school in Chennai, came running  to share a news with me on return from school. She is the daughter of my neighbor in our colony. In her half yearly examination English paper on the other day there was a question: Write 10 lines on the personality whom you like most.” This girl told me she wrote about this blogger and she was awarded full 3 marks for her writing!

What a parallel in the gap of a twenty year period at different levels of the individuals concerned!!

Wishing you all a fantastic 2016!



Avid viewer enjoying nature and thinking of ENVIUS THOUGHTS

On 6th December, Part IV covering Mr. OKR Sivanganam’s views from 61 to 80 was published in Sunday story and this week we find from 81 to 100 in Part V by way of recapitulation!

81. 22/11/15

Your post on ‘Equity’, voiced by Valluvar is a must- read by one and all.

Equity is a great virtue deviating from which leads one to his destruction, while observing it strictly keeps his wealth for generations to come.

He becomes great and noble and his material possessions are but real jewel and ornaments provided he values the virtue of equity in all circumstances.

So long as considers this quality as meaningful, nobody can pass a negative comment on his poverty.

Whatever he has earned forgetting the importance of equity is to be discarded as if it has lost its real value.

One being righteous in thought, word, and deed results from following equity and

his business is bound to prosper surely.

Let us be honest in our interaction with others, never be impartial to anybody and treat all alike in all situations and have ‘equity’, as our real companion to accompany us wherever we go!

  1. 24/11/15.

Your ‘ LET HER SLEEP ‘, today beautifully expresses your heartfelt concerns of a girl- child once she reaches her teens.

The age of childhood is a very great gift and she gets whatever required at the mere cry she makes.

Apart from getting her daily food, occasional smiles we see, and of course her cries, she is quite safe, secure, and happy quite oblivious to what is happening around her.

But the trials she has to undergo once she is grown up are many, making her life a challenging one.

Problems one after another, in the queue, haunt her and she feels at a loss to find a suitable remedy.

Once out of adolescence, she begins to understand what life is and tries to mend her ways towards the common good of the family.

But the responsibility placed on the woman, in general, makes compromise a daily requirement and she takes the life as such sometimes happily and sometimes sadly.

Taking all these into consideration, your suggestion that Let Her Sleep is very apt as she won’t find time to have that type of sleep later in her life!!!

  1. 26/11/15

I read your special post on National Law Day- India 26/11.

It’s very fine.

The Constitution of India is our sacred and supreme Law Book of our nation.

Everything pertaining to the governance moves the way dictated by our Constitution.

The society evolves in various ways and never remains still.

Holding contrary views is ultravires of constitutional provisions the interpretation of which lies with the Judiciary.

Integrity of our country is foremost and committing any misdeed is to be severely dealt with.

We are thankful to our makers of the valuable constitution for the road map they have laid down for our benefit.

It’s in the fitness of things for us to safeguard our Law Book in all possible ways by adhering to the tenets in letter and spirit and remain true law- abiders and justify our lawful existence without hindrance to our brethren!

  1. 27/11/15. Valluvar explains the importance of good conduct and character in our life in the Chapter 14″ On Good Character “.

And your post with detailed explanations makes the concept well comprehensible.

Good character ensures a great, happy, and noble life to all.

While we can relearn anything good we have learnt but forgotten, character once lost is lost forever.

Just as wealth fears to reach the jealousy, greatness fears the characterless.

People with good character and conduct are equated with ferocious tigers that do not eat grass even if it’s hungry.

They never talk ill of others even by a slip of their tongue.

As bad character results in misery and disgrace, and as our learning loses its value if we are not aware of how to move with the society of which we are also a part, why should we not value character that’s more valuable than the life itself and make it part of our life?


I share your views on ” Individual is Responsible “, that you’ve posted today.

The main reason for what society today is seems to be our indifferent attitude towards ‘values’ we’ve held so dearly so far.

That an individual is responsible for the present situation cannot be denied.

If everyone is serious about how we should behave in public and in private the society as a whole is necessarily bound to be a right one.

Educational institutions once considered centres of discipline are necessarily to regain its original status and moral education should be an integral part of our formal education we offer.

Sensitive issues ought to be dealt with in a delicate manner without giving room for tit- for- tat reactions aggravating the situation.

Media must show restraint as to avoid sensationalizing an issue for the purpose of commercialization.

They should never be the cause for rendering the society intolerable one.

As citizens we must take responsibility for our actions and never blame others for the ills we suffer from.

We are to be unselfish and view others’ problems as our own.

Common cause must be our individual cause too.

We must drain money power and muscle power out of our psyche and usher in a peaceful society.

Security and safety of our life must be ensured as life is very much valuable.

We must safeguard the modesty of our girl children and women at any cost as they are nowadays the target of the anti- social elements.

Child labour and child abuse should be given a go- by and education to them made the first priority.

Everyone taking responsibility for whatever is happening around can do miracles in our lifestyle and in the conduct of our nation!

86. 30/11/15.

Valluvar’s voice on

“Desiring Not Other’s Spouse”, is strong enough to chide the sinner who commits adultery.

Your accompanying meanings exhort people to shy away from this worst form of sin which is a shame on those desiring the spouse of another.

The virtue of chastity is meant for both men and women.

And the strict practitioner considers this an equivalent to his very soul.

A faithless friend aspiring for other’s wife is as good as dead and hated by all and the greatness of which he may boast himself doesn’t serve any useful purpose.

The adulterous gets not redemption and he loses all the good things otherwise available to the noble, virtuous, and chaste on this earth.

The fear of unholy adultery to make one never accommodate this ill-feeling in his mind and refine him from committing this crime!!!

87. 1/12/15.

Your “World AIDS Day “post today creates an awareness on the implications of being afflicted with the deadly HIV condition.

Lack of immunity in the human body coupled with wayward attitude against nature is behind this serious condition.

More than anything else, a joyous and healthy living is a great wealth we can feel proud about.

Clean habits make oneself safe from this disease and a proper food pattern with a regular exercise schedule will make us free ourselves from the impacts of unhealthy situation.

The prevalence of many diseases takes away our valuable lives.

HIV is one among the many killer diseases.

As in other conditions, here too prevention is better than cure as you’ve pointed out.

Precaution on our part has a lot to do with diseases particularly acquired by us.

The theme of the current year that “The Time to act is Now” is apt as delay would aggravate the problem and our target ‘ towards getting to zero ‘ may not be comfortably achieved.

Let us be blessed with a disease- free society to make us available for performing good deeds to ourselves and those around us!!!


Valluvar’s views on “The Glory of Patience” are exemplary and their impact on our daily life is great.

And you have clearly explained the concept for the benefit of the viewers.

Noble are those who can afford to put up with wrong doings by others with utmost patience.

They are rightly equated with Mother Earth showing patience even to those disturbing it with continuous digs.

God resides in those who not only bear with wrongs by others but forgetting it altogether.

Abundant patience keeps nobility intact.

Our inability to host is the worst form of poverty.

Likewise our possession of patience is the best of all strengths and it’s also worth more than gold.

While one may get temporary joy in punishing those harming us, the joy we get out of patience is permanent.

The arrogant people bent on harming us are easily won over with good things done with patience.

Our greatness lies with our capacity to patiently bear the intensity of evil words uttered by others.

That is much greater than penance done with fasting.

Why not we practice Patience as it ensures our being saintlier than Saints themselves, and also nobler than the Nobles?


  1. 6/12/15.

Happy to find your “A Viewer’s View”, covering my comments up to 19/11/15.

I consider it a great privilege to continue with my views for your posts.

I wish, if time permits, you comment on them for any discrepancies if any and give me an opportunity for refinement.

Hope you are now back on track after the Chennai flooding and continue with your posts as usual!


  1. 7/12/15.

Your ‘Flag Day’ post yesterday is superb.

You’ve depicted how great the services are from our Armed Forces when the occasion demands.

Their selfless service cannot be compared to anything.

They sacrifice their lives for the nation and come to our rescue in times of distress and the hardships they undergo are unlimited.

They leave their family apart and take care of our brethren under all situations guarding our territory from foreign attacks.

And on the occasion of the Flag Day, let us pledge to honor all the personnel of our Armed Forces by contributing liberally to the Fund and encourage their continued service to our Mother Land!

  1. 8/12/15.

In your post “Jealousy the Evil “, you’ve very well explained the evils inherent in being jealous, as put forth by Thiruvalluvar in his beautiful verses.

Not being jealous with others’ wellbeing is the greatest of all assets and and one is ensured of all the grace, name, and fame in life.

Such noble people will never harm others in jealous as they are well aware of the rot they are going to get in return.

The power of being jealous is such that even their relatives suffer without food and clothes.

It is a great evil capable of bringing one foes and woes uncalled for and takes his fortunes away apart from inflicting misfortunes on him, thus proving it a double- headed monster.

That the jealous are wealthy and the noble are poor is a point for thorough examination.

In view of the fact that jealousy may rob one of his hard- earned wealth and that it may even drive him to the hell, why on earth he should practice this evil?

  1. 9/12/15.

Thank you very much for your “Human Rights Day”, post enumerating our rights and duties as truthful citizens of the nation.

We are guaranteed rights aplenty in our everyday life.

The right to :

Do any work, anywhere,

Practise any religion,

Information concerning us,

Express our opinions,

And what not

They are correct so long as they do not interfere with the legitimate happiness and wellbeing of others.

As you rightly pointed out, any right without proper duty attached to it is unacceptable.

Just as violation of a right is deplorable, over- indulgence of any right too is unpalatable.

In the name of maintaining human rights, tampering with genuine legal proceedings ending with due punishment is also not advisable.

There is no second opinion about attaching value to Human Dignity


  1. 10/12/15.

Your 300th Post since 28th Feb, 2015–

‘Tale of a Blogger’ Part- 6-a pleasant read and quite enjoyable one!

My congratulations on your view score having crossed the magical number 23600!!

You cannot simply be otherwise than humble for you are referring yourself as a ‘Casual Writer’ in spite of 37 Books you have penned, both Verse and Prose and in languages Tamil and English and that you are a Translator Excellent conferred by a Literary Organization apart from your lectures on Personality Development, Literary Pursuits and what not!!!

Humility thy name is NVS!

Surely you’re an Achiever and your joy is not out of place!!!!

You’ve also referred to your previous posts on Chennai Holocaust putting countless people in distress.

Nature’s bounty is unfathomable and we have to take, as you said, pain and pleasure as blessings of nature.

What we deserve is for the Nature to decide and we have no say in it.

And your reference to overdose as being a punishment for whatever wrongs we the people have committed should be taken as such and we must do good as to get what we actually need and nothing more or less.

And as a repeated appeal, let us pray the Almighty and the Nature to bless the people appropriately!

Your topics dealt with in blogs are definitely of interest to us the viewers, and you’ve the necessary strength and power to pursue your chosen activity in full vigor and sustain the ever- increasing interest in the viewers.

  1. 11/12/15

Your ‘Bharathi Day’ post on the occasion of Subramania Bharathiar’s 133th birth anniversary, translating a poem written by Kavimani Desika Vinayagam Pillai on Bharathi is very nice.

That Bharathiar’s Tamil songs are nectar- like and that his songs represent only Truth without fear or favor is what’s special about his works.

That the Tamils must have done noble deeds to have Bharathi born in Tamil Nadu is indicative of the greatness of the nationalist Poet.

Let us adore Bharathi with praise and garlands on this occasion!

  1. 11/12/15

Your ‘UNICEF DAY’ post today is unique in the sense that children today need care and assistance as never before.

You’ve rightly termed today’s children as future citizens of the world.

The UNICEF being an organ of United Nations Organization is apt in having Education and Health as the primary goals set for the benefit of children.

Health is Wealth and Education is fundamental to Life.

That around 20 million adolescent girls in India are still out of school as you’ve pointed out is a matter for worry and it’s imperative that not a single child is left out of the purview of Education.

The role of the UNICEF is all the more important as child abuse is on the increase now.

Overall improvement in the standard of life of the children is a necessity for the prosperity of humanity as a whole.

The United Nations take care of the member countries and settle disputes by its interference at the appropriate time as occasion may demand.

Let us on this day pledge to work along with the UNICEF for promoting the interests of children on a priority basis!


  1. 12/12/15.

You gave a wonderful, holistic, flawless, and an ideal definition for an ideal home in your  ‘Home is Not…..But!’ post today.

That a home is not simply one made up of essential materials and decorated with trees and flowers, but with the presence of people with an unbiased mind showering love, affection, and respect to all and, with all human organs signifying nothing but all the good towards others, is very clearly made out by you.

That our homes and our selves are considered sacred and holy, place on us the responsibility of keeping them in good shape and clean always.

It must be everyone’s wish that our homes are for the elders who need not go out and seek protection in old age homes!!!

  1. 13/12/15

Your detailed post today on

‘Fall of Standard’ brings in the agony we are undergoing in various spheres of life.

In a single post you have drawn the real picture of ‘what India today ‘ is!

Legitimately we have boasted of greatness about our country and our people.

We possess all the natural resources in abundance.

There’s no dearth of intellectuals and philosophers from whom we had the necessary guidance to follow in the course of our life.

We have achieved considerable material growth; but we witness a wide chasm between haves and have- nots.

In the process we have lost our virtues to all the vices.

This is something like what we enact a deficit budget in our Indian Parliament – expenditures always overtaking our income from various sources.

With medical advancements it was possible for us to enhance our longevity.

But our wrong food and health habits have rendered it rather a burden on us.

A return to traditional ways can afford to reverse the current trend.

A righteous approach, a little unselfishness, a reasonable thinking, and a high regard for common good on the part of all individuals can get back us to the past glory definitely.

Let us not encourage wrong doers by making them heroes and let them be dealt with appropriately by the law of the land.

The degradation of society with a fall in moral and ethical values can be overcome if we have the will to do it.

Let us put an end to the today’s problems by sowing the seeds of clean thoughts, words, and deeds and welcome a bright tomorrow.

Let us take this as a conscious duty so as to see a nation full of peace and prosperity.

As opined by your good self, it all depends on the efforts of each individual to go back to the Golden Age in all respects.

  1. 14/12/15

You have explained the importance of energy conservation in your today’s post

‘National Energy Conservation Day’.

That it is very precious and that we have to observe everyday as Energy Conservation Day is rightly pointed out by you.

In spite of various sources we look to, for our energy requirements, we face shortage due to its ever- increasing need.

The only remedy is to conserve it by using the energy sparingly, avoiding wastage to the maximum extent possible.

People must increase the awareness level so that the gift we have from the Nature is used to our maximum advantage.

Let us swear to make it work by our judicious use of energy all the time!

  1. 16/12/15.

Your yesterday’s post on ‘Coveting Not’ by the Saint Thiruvalluvar clarifies the benefits of not coveting the belongings of others.

What we get will be commensurate with our efforts and what we are entitled to.

This will ensure our satisfaction and happiness.

When we aspire for what others possess, it’s a disgrace we earn for ourselves and we may even lose our possession that’s in no way advisable.

For the simple joy of temporary nature, we are prepared to part with the joy that’s going to make us contented.

This is definitely not a wise approach to act on.

So let us learn to be happy with our belongings and avoid disgrace befalling on us!

100.. 16/12/15

I hear the Voice of Valluvar

‘Against Backbiting ‘ through your post on 16/12/2015.

That backbiting is more than a sin is doubtless indeed.

Talking sweet and nice while one is present and resorting to backbiting in absence is hypocritical.

We get back nothing but backbiting by talking ill of others, whether they be our friends or not, in their absence.

We need not be virtuous, and kind and compassionate towards others and yet, that is not considered a fault when compared with our backbiting.

That death due to poverty is preferable to backbiting talks volumes on the ill effects of this sin.

Let us avoid this worst sin, conscious of the negative impact it creates!


N V Subbaraman

in his office as Sr. Divisional Manager of Kadapa Division of LIC of India during 1995-1998.

As informed in my ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com on 20th December under the title “IN PURSUIT OF TRANSLATION LITERATURE” in an impressive function held here in Chennai Hotel Palmgrove, I was honored with the title “மொழியாக்கச் செம்மல்” (An accomplished Translator) by the South Indian Social and Cultural Academy. Retd. Madras High Court Judge Hon’ble Pon. Bhaskaran handed over the trophy.
With regards.
N V subbaraman

Subbaraman Nagapatnam Viswanathan's photo.
N V Subbaraman being presented the trophy by Justice Pon. Bhaskaran, Rtd. Judge of Madras High Court.