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Yes, TIME is on a marathon!! ENVIUS THOUGHTS –this post is 950th. Just like that keying in My TRYST WITH LIC 885 days ago in February 2015 in my PC-TIME in its marathon beginning has come up to this stage! With another fifty posts, total posts will be ONE THOUSAND!(Tale TWENTY)

With every passing day, we see new skies, new horizons, new rains, new wind -nature in its absolute beauty –Divine manifestation!

This Tale 19 I believe must prove to be as interesting as the last 18- at the interval of every fifty posts. This time it is 950th post on the 884th day of the Blog.

In another 50 posts by HIS grce- the grace of the Goddess of LEARNING –Goddess Saraswathy- it will be THOUSANDTH. That is TALE TWENTY!

Some interesting Posts

Some of the posts had too much of emotional attachment during this period. And they are:

24th June post                    Strange Alibis

5th July                                Painful Luxury

12th July                             Fools First

16th July                            Week of Deaths.

3rd August                         Am I Sinner?

20th August                       Life’s Light Left


Man has to stand on certain principles and they have got to be followed under all circumstances. I remember my beloved father who reached his heavenly abode on 5th March 1987 = at the age of 87  was very very particular about his morning and evening walks. On the evening or 4th March 12 hours before his last breathe he had his 4 kilometer evening walk and as he came down from his first floor bed room on the 5th for 5 o’clock morning walk he sat down and passed away. Point is whether it is summer or winter, cold or rain – he will have his walk with an umbrella! Here is his son who was trained by him right from his age 5 for walks, today at past 75 finds light drizzles on the morning walk time, finds an alibi in the rain drops and  comes back happily to resume his sleep at 3-00am!

I pleasantly recollect my college days in karaikudi where Alagappa College was situated five miles away from my house and all the four years I used to walk 5+5= 10 miles irrespective of the season –both up and down- barefooted! Today I see the children in my colony from which the school is situated hardly 200 meters going by the school van or dropped in bike /scooter/car/luxury car! Unfortunate result is obese boys and girls at the age of ten! If this is not PAINFUL LUXURY what else can it be!

Next one- my noble father’s voice I hear from His heavenly home as I would have heard 1000s of time when he was physically with us:“Fools and rogues must be punished-FOOLS FIRST!”. I act very many a time even at this stage of my life and I have to be punished which I regularly have! Have a look at this post to know more about my FOOLISHNESS!


Death is not anything new on earth. Yet a continuous three deaths- of close friends all great scholars- is something that I could not take it easily and reconcile resulting in this post.


For the reasons quoted in this post I do feel I am a SINNER though some of my friends who viewed this post differ with me. What about you!?


Again the biggest tragedy struck me in my life when that “LIFE’S LIGHT LEFT” exactly three years ago on this day the 20th August.


In every Tale right till now, I elaborately review the VIEW story since I consider itself to the measuring unit for the Blog. I deem it to be the approval for my posts. In that way August First was a red letter day on the life of ENVIUS THOUGHTS when the overall view score crossed ONE LAKH from 210 countries! This is how I communicated to my esteemed viewers first:


I am glad to share with you that with the 157th view at 20.45 hours today viz Tuesday  the 1st August 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH (1,00,000) on the 865th day and 930th post from more than 210 countries around the world, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.



N V Subbaraman

6 August at 14:28 ·

This is a neighborhood news paper Anna Nagar Times Coverage of ENVIUS THOUGHTS crossing ONE LAKH MARK.



Following this, I had basketful of congratulatory messages through phone calls, g mails and face book! What greater Nobel award is needed for a blogger other than such encomiums?


On the day the news came in the paper, day’s views was 295 –the highest for a day since the Blog was launched! The earlier highest was 257 last August!

As of now overall views have crossed 1,02,000!



A very interesting observation by a great scientist reads: “Art and literature of the highest order cannot flourish in a world which is increasingly becoming mechanical and society a rocket!”.

How true it has been proved! There are no eyes to enjoy the magnificent mountains and veritable valleys, beautiful night sky and ever bright stars, fantastic fauna and fanciful flora, dancing daffodils and revealing roses! There are no ears to listen to the melodies of nature, ennobling music and roaring sound of the waves along the coast of Bay of Bengal or Atlantic Ocean! No time to enjoy the reverberating flow of Ganges waters in the Himalayas and stirring verses from the Vedas and Upanishads, Quoran and Bible!

Fast moving vehicles, fast food, fast life- every thing fast- no time to stand and stare!

Notwithstanding the above scenario, there are silver lining in the literary world where we see the poetry lovers play viewers and prose gluttons  do go in search of journals and nooks, Meets and Seminars.

Here is one lovely organization called CHENNAI POETS CIRCLE where the members meet every month to present poems, analyze and discuss, organize annual Seminars where anthology is released, poems and papers on poetry are presented.

In the last CPC Meet held on 22nd July, I had the pleasure of participation along with Ms. S. Nivetha, youngest poet to present her poem.

Here is news coverage in the neighborhood newspaper ANNA NAGAR TIMES dated July 30th-August 5th 2017:

“17 year old S. nivetha, resident of 12/1045, Jeevan bima Nagar, Anna Nagar Western Extension presented her poem –‘WINGS OF FRIENDS’- at the Chennai Poets’ Circle in the Meet held on 22nd July 2017, in Defenc 2
e Officers’ Colony Ekkattuththangal.

She was the youngest poet at the Meet.

Her grandfather N V Subbaraman also presented his poem ‘Freedom He Resented’ at the Meet.

Nivetha is pursuing her graduate course in Ethiraj College, Chennai.” .



I very strongly believe that I draw strength from the immense Grace of the Lord Almighty and inspiration from my esteemed viewers and their responses. With 134 followers from more than 210 countries, very satisfying progress of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS is the overall view score is more than ONE LAKH. By the grace of Goddess of Learning and the enthusiasm of the viewers, today’s post is 950th on the 884th day of the Blog!

Well, one of my new admiring viewer is Shri Vasudevan my erstwhile colleague in the Life Insurance Corporation of India and presently with his daughter in Toronto, Canada. He daily views the post and makes his comments regularly and a compendium of the same for the reading of my esteemed viewers was posted as Sunday story which was received well.

I always believe that simple words and sentences may in the course of time lead to boredom and dry. Hence I make ita point to post one or two images or pictures appropriate for the topic and content. Photos taken by my family members re put to use. and take refuge in GOOGLE GURU many a time. I am glad to give below comment that was received from one of the regular readers from Manipal: I am impressed with the amazing images/pictures your Blog posts carry day by day. My hearty congratulations. Please continue.”

I feel this much is sufficient for this Sunday Story-950th Post.
We shall meet as usual daily.


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,03,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 52nd view at 07.40 hours today viz Sunday  the 20th August 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND THREE THOUSAND (1,03,000) on the 884th day and 950th post from more than 210 countries around the world, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.



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Kindly select the content from the second link given above my article on BHARATHIYAR, read and make your comment on the space provided below the article itself to enable others to enjoy. Thanks.

N V Subbaraman






My “Life’s Light Left” this day three years ago exact
Keeping me desolate among a crowd of greats-left
To fend for myself despite kith and kin with me
That is HIS will- Omniscient God- who loves me!

Together we were for more than four and a half decades
In thick and thin, in joy and sorrow near with her,
And away- far far away- leaving her to take care of  children
No murmurs, no expression of regret- all Mother’s grace!

The cruel hands of destiny and death carried away
My beloved better half-years three are gone
Gone with the times remaining every minute
In my thoughts with misery unbearable-absolute!


Seen off at Kadapa railway station on our way to Kolkatta to receive Micheal Madhsudhan  Academy Award twenty years ago.



August 06- International Friendship Day!


Friend in need is a friend indeed – a saying goes
Your friends will see you in your prosperity
You will see your friend in your adversity
Understanding each other is indeed friendship

Friendship is not mere smile on face
Friendship is the smiling heart’s embrace!
Friendship hastens help in mishaps
Like hands picking up the dress that slips!

Not to laugh is friendship made
But to hit when faults exceed!
International Friendship Day is sixth August
Let us promote in a manner quite august!





Wages one gets for his sins is death- said Lord Christ
Those who believe not may ask ‘don’t the non sinners die’?
Others are wondering what constitutes sin at best
It all depends on the perception of men –answers lie!

In the creation of the God Almighty- my lord
All His creations are to live in peace –never sounds odd.
Love all, serve all- help ever hurt never- golden path
All have to take and serve the Lord – from Him no wrath!

Tiny creation is the nice ants – red in color pure
Mostly they cause no harm to humans very sure
They go in a beautiful line one after the other
A nice sight- but I am tempted to crush them together!

Am I a sinner? Unable to decide- a shame
I see a snake going on its own way afraid of me
I kill it with a stone and stick-am I a sinner?
A dog afraid of me barks in a corner- I
Drive it away under fear- am I a sinner?
Tell me what is sin and am I a sinner?




Vasudevan Gopalan's profile photo, Image may contain: 2 people

His views form the Sunday story today. Mr. G Vasudevan now in Toranto, Canada.

I very strongly believe that I draw strength from the immense Grace of the Lord Almighty and inspiration from my esteemed viewers and their responses. With 134 followers from more than 210 countries, very satisfying progress of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS is the overall view score is about to cross ONE LAKH in a couple of days. By the grace of Goddess of Learning and the enthusiasm of the viewers, today’s post is 928th   in the 863 day life of the Blog!

Well, one of my new admiring viewer is Shri Vasudevan  my erstwhile colleague in the Life Insurance Corporation of India and presently with his daughter in Toranto, Canada. He daily views the post and makes his comments regularly and here is a compendium of the same for the reading of my esteemed viewers as this week’s Sunday story. I hope you will enjoy reading.

I like your words “EVERYTHING IS CREATED FOR A PURPOSE ” I came to know that tiger belongs to cat family. Tiger is beautiful in sight. Though we are afraid of Tigers, they too have love towards their kith and kin as shown. The picture shows the mother’s love towards its baby. It is known that “LORD AYYAPPA” is a friend to the tigers and could get milk from them ! If we show love and affection to anyone, NO HATRED will be present in GOD’S creations. Thanking you Sir for having given me a chance to express my thoughts also.

I went through the words of Saint Alphonsa. There is rich meaning in her saying about not harming anyone even while talking. She is always fond of sweet talking. She says that she will never complain of anything.
She is always interested to show love to others. For every failure she asks pardon. Her life should make us learn her holy spreading’s. Let this FEAST DAY give “ALWAYS FEAST” to our EYES, SPEECH AND THOUGHTS. Thanking you sir for showing light on HUMAN VALUE and UNDERSTANDING


What a strange leader! Holiday was declared as against his will! I am not thinking about your two ill-lucks, but I am proud that you have 1,00,000 followers as of now. I hope the numbers will grow at a greater speed. Your thought on DEATH brings confidence in us . Very nicely I have through the entire article and thanking you sir for a well-read article.

I have gone through this article. Excellent to read! Finally it is a surprise to me that the translator is the AUTHOR himself. Very soon I will be listening to your TAMIL TRANSLATION. Thanking you sir for knowing you more and more!!

Great Abdul KalamJi, Great Pandit NehruJi. Both of them are known for their peace-loving nature. Though KalamJi was a scientist he had been teaching till his last breath. Nehru Ji also delivered a peace-talk at UNO. When I was in 9th Standard, his speech” The world has become advanced in Science. War at the present time will mean an end to the world”was in English lesson. This has touched my heart and I found love is the only key to open all the doors of darkness. About KalamJi, we are proud enough that he led a simple life. It is great that he was attracted to TYAGARAJA PANCHARATNA KIRTIS. Your noble touch in the lines of your poem would keep their memories ALIVE in our lives.

A peace loving nation is ours. It is a known fact that we won the freedom without any arms. But if war is forced we will not watch and forgo our mother’s space. All the wars so far fought have been won. We think of Major Saravanan (whose statue in Trichy Cantonment Area) who has sacrificed his life for the sake of our nation. We LOVE OUR NATION with peace and pride. Thanking you sir for making us remember our KARGIL HEROS.

The child has a confident face and showing a victory sign. Only thing is that we have to be eye openers!
By opening eyes how many things do happen! The wonderful world is bright. Changes are being accepted and adapted. All the day dreams have been fulfilled with wishful thinking and wise actions. Let us make our children realize the reality and show them the path full of wisdom and courage. Thanking you Sir, for waking up at the right moment to make our children great in thoughts and actions.

This is a chance to know that our great poet has praised “TILAK JI” with love and affection. To drive the meanness away is a catchy term in your translation. As Saivites repeat the Lord’s name, we use to chant his glory. Again our Bharath Matha wears Tilak by remembering our “TILAK JI”. Thanking you Sir for driving our emotional national spirit by adoring TILAK JI.

Sir, Went through the two finest incidents of helping nature of the SUPREME LORD! Our kavi Bharathi was also confident of meeting KALA and his Tamil poem is excellent to read. He would drive KALA 4000 miles away. He challenges YAMA in a straight forward contest! Dr. Hayim enjoyed your translation. I praise HIM for his noble understanding of our Great Kavi and his feelings.

Final advice says that our lives should challenge the little problems which come and go and should not be taken to heart. No about your emotions will surely help us to have courage at odd moments. Thanking you Sir, for bringing this article to have STUBBORN MIND in us.

A good poem by Great Bharathi! And a great translation by you Sir and it says a lot about our flag and its protectors. The words expressed show the high esteem of your thought. Not only KAMBAM is tall, your description also is high in national SPIRITS. The words expressed are so strong that I could see
REBORN BHARATHIAR in you. I have no words for description further. I am immensely HAPPY and PROUD that your words should keep our FREEDOM intact. Thanking you Sir again for the creation of awareness of our PRESENT INDEPENDENT INDIA.

Sir, again you have made this day as a MONKEY DAY. We saw two monkeys show the togetherness and attachment. As you rightly told, they know their GOAL and helped Lord Rama heart and soul. Sita is brought back. I see the author’s feeling in the poem that he is not able fix the goal yet. Oh! GOD, help us to have clear VISION and WITHSTANDING power as per the prayer song to the LORD HANUMAN. Thank you Sir, for bringing this note to us and making a feeling that monkeys are superior to us in all respect.

Never thought that this day is a “lolly pop” day, a jolly day. We have come down to the level of children enjoying lolly pop. We are very young if our thoughts are childlike.  Yes, we should also be free from all other loads of everyday life. Thanking you Sir, for making us children at times.

I am happy Sir; your books have been published!
I will read those books and enjoy.
I am proud of being a friend of HIGH SCHOLAR, HARD WORKING, and KIND HEARTED.

The history of the growth of communication is interesting .We Humans are unique in communicating. As stated we can lead a noble life by this noble gift. Your last para shows your feelings about the communication in the present days and the unmatched actions. Your feelings are well expressed in the last para and beautifully worded with musical words. I pray God to gift the society with noble thoughts so as to deliver sweet communication followed by kind deeds. Thank you Sir, for creating awareness.

Oh ! Narayana ! Oh ! Namasivaya ! You are able to save elephant and you are able to grant life to Markandeyan. Could you not save our great poet Kavi?! I request you to grant REBIRTH to our great poet!

Sir, Your translation is very nice to read and it showed your WITHSTANDING WILLPOWER!
I ALSO PRAY THE Lord to grant MOKSHA to all the above three HOLY SOULS!

We are motivated to live stronger with boldness in mind!

Thanking you sir for bringing this finest article.

Simple, Brave, and courageous leader! He was leader to the poor. He was the king of Education! He earned name and fame! He was the CM in the glorious era.. His HISTORY cannot be forgotten. Thanking you sir.

Sir, wonderful description of noble virtues of PATIENCE. It brings us VICTORIES. It lightens the anger of others during each and every communication. It gives us the ability to think first and then act. It is a wonderful GIFT in customer servicing. It earns respect from elders. Patient hearing helps to build the confidence in the minds of Old-Age people. It gives beauty to our face and handling of any situation becomes easier and lighter.

As you rightly said” MOTHER EARTH” has more patience to have all of us in HER lap.
Thank you, sir, for bringing this GIFT ARTICLE. We thank our MOTHER EARTH also.

Sir, Population issue is rightly discussed. Global Vision is now required to carry out the mission..

Went through the Sunday special.  My praises to Sri Ramamurthy for appreciating your noble noting.
I thank the LORD for having given the senses to understand and realize the ENORMOUS POTENTIAL

Simple shiny Words of Wisdom!


I am sure you would have enjoyed the views of Vasudevan on Envius Thoughts. Thanks.

We shall meet tomorrow.



I am glad to share with you that INDIAN PERIODICAL a leading E magazine has published my English article titled MAHAKAVI BHARATHIYAR “LIES OR TRUTH”. Kindly click the following link, select from the contents MAHAKAVI BHARATHIYAR read and place your kind comment in the space provided under the article to enable the other readers the benefit of your comment. Thanks.

“Your submission has been posted in our latest issue, twitter and Facebook page. Check links below.







Editor, Indian Periodical”.



By opening our eyes
We see the great bright world
By facing bold
We solve our problems straight
Ready to change
We enjoy the changing world around
Laying foundation
Working hard projects completed.
Day dream and working on it
Goal is easily reached.
By wishful thinking and wise action
Wishes are made into realities.
Sure success is on thy hands
Through our efforts and His grace!
Realize reality, respond to needs
Taste success with peace and poise!



Lolly pop in different shapes and sizes.


Lolly pop we know as candies on stick that come in
Various shapes, flavors, sizes, and colors-bring in
Joy in children weeping- switch over from cries to smiles
With a history long –since mid nineteenth century!

Lollipop Day is the occasion to enjoy quick
Recollecting our own childhood-grab now- lick or suck!
Age or sex, poor or rich- a candy is loved by all
In the confectionary items lolly pop stands tall!

When unhappy with a decision made by others
Affecting one – he gets to smoothen the feathers
As a lolly pop a small concession-mental boost
Strange is the world we live in –psychic at the most!