European Day of Languages =September 26th

European Day of Languages 2020 - National Awareness Days Calendar 2020 & 2021

Unique indeed the practices of the countries various on the Globe
Today twenty Sixth of September is the European Day of Languages!
How observed is equally unique for the people to enjoy
And earn knowledge!Joining an online conference for hours a couple!

‘Education begins with language’  the title of a new European
Commission report, seeking  to support the implementation of the
Recommendation of the Council of the European Union on
A comprehensive approach to the teaching and learning of languages.

The report based on research and seminars  by the Commission.
Together, at the 2020 European Day of Languages, will be discussed.
Several other issues pertaining to the language learning!
Nice it will be if other countries too conduct for the citizens benefit!

European Day of Languages 2020 - Sep 26, 2020

WORLD FIRST AID DAY- September 12th.

September Twelfth today is World First Aid Day, to promote the
Importance of first aid training in preventing injuries and saving lives.
Recent polling by the Red Cross shows that nearly forty per cent of
Canadians  have been in an emergency situation where they have had to
Perform first but only eighteen per cent are currently certified.
This World First Aid Day,  Canadian Red Cross is calling on all
Canadians to  have the Skills needed to save lives when an emergency happens.

First aid training provides more than the knowledge and skills to  respond
It also provides the confidence to act when needed. Red Cross First Aid
Offers  wide variety of first aid  training courses, empowering
Canadians to act on, prevent, and manage life’s emergencies.

Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death for Canadians
Between the ages of one and forty four. Having the skills to act
In an emergency situation can help save lives and reduce the impact of
Injury, but the knowledge also helps prevent injuries in the first place.
Situation is almost similar in all parts of the world!

20+ Best Special Days images in 2020 | special day, day, health careers

National Just Because Day-27th August!

Every Day Is Special: August 27 – Just Because Day

Funny it may look and hear but has a message sure!
Largely popular in United States in usage pure!
August twenty seventh is today, a funny day it is One  has
“National Just Because Day!”. Well, just because.If one Wants
To make spaghetti for breakfast wearing last year’s
Halloween costume, more power to him.  If one  wants to
Climb a tree as an adult, take the risk. It’s a day to
Stop worrying about the whys.Just Because Day has
Become a great way to spread random acts of kindness.
Send a thoughtful card to a friend, just because.
Give your grandparents a call, just because.
Pick up the trash from your neighbor’s yard, just because!.



ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses   2,62,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 238th  view at  17.00 hrs  yesterday  VIZ Wednesday,  the 26th August  2020, (26/08/2020) , total views of the BLOG  crossed  the NICE figure   TWO LAC AND SIXTY TWO THOUSAND
(2, 62, 000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 2039th day and 2108th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.

Obeisance to LORD VIGNESHWARA- 22nd August

Ganesh Chaturthi 2020: Ganpati At Lalbaug Designed With COVID-19 Theme

Sarada’s self made Vinayaka with maida, turmeric and a little sugar powder for today’s pooja at Bangalore.

Vinayaka Chathurthy at Ramnath’s house at Bangalore.

Of all the Hindu pantheons, Lord Ganesha occupies prime
Otherwise called VIGNESHWARA-the dispel-er of all vignas
Hurdles and hiccups! Ganesha the Hindu deity reached foreign
Lands! Ganesha by Hindus outside India made others to follow!

Acceptance of Hindu ideas in ancient times still
Continue today in world religions.Vigneshwara was a deity
Particularly worshiped by traders and merchants,
Who went out of India for commercial ventures.

Ganesha is considered FIRST FULL GOD in India-the son of
Eashwara! Any thing good to commence HE is propitiated!
Today is Ganesh Chathurti let us all pray and invoke HIS
Blessings for the welfare of humanity as a whole!

Image result for Lord Ganesha around the world

Sri Ganesha is adored and worshiped across the world and throughout time. In Egypt sculptures of Lord Ganesha were found in excavation sites, …

Vinayaka Chathurthy at Lakshman’s home at US.and Ramnath’s at Bangalore are the above photos.

ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses   2,61,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 141st  view at  20.30 hrs  yesterday night VIZ Friday,  the 21st August  2020, (21/08/2020) , total views of the BLOG  crossed  the NICE figure   TWO LAC AND SIXTY ONETHOUSAND
(2, 61, 000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 2034th day and 2102nd post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.



GMIS 2017 Day 1: Sustainable Strategies Today To Secure A ...

It is indeed a matter of abundant pleasure and delight to see our English poems attracted the attention of Chinese literary lovers who decided to translate our English poems and publish the same in their magazine “RENDITION OF INTERNATIONAL POETRY” and convey the same to us!!!

I take the opportunity to thank my great C A friend from Erode who is now in Hosur who gets my English poems  translated to Chinese- transliterations from his colleague who is frequenting Shengai!

English Version

N V Subbaraman

Prosperous Tomorrow

And till this day’s
Pain and pangs
Sufferings and sorrows
Falls and failures
Poverty and penury
I do see a
Silver lining
Bright tomorrow
Absolutely bright
Based purely on
Efforts and efficacy
Of hopes and prayer!
A bright and prosperous tomorrow
Seen through my inward eyes
And its melodies
Heard through my inward ears!

Chinese Simplified Version




Transliteration Version (Pinyin)

[yìn dù] N·V·sū bā lā màn

fán róng de míng tiān


jīn tiān de

hé zhú dào jīn tiān de

téng tòng yǔ tòng kǔ

mó nàn yǔ bēi shāng

cuò zhé yǔ shī bài

qīng pín hé qióng kùn zhōng

wǒ què shí kàn dào le

yī xiàn xī wàng

měi hǎo de míng tiān

jué duì de guāng míng

wán quán dì jī yú

nǔ lì hé fèn dòu

qī pàn ba! qí dǎo ba!

míng tiān

yī gè guāng míng fán róng de míng tiān

tòu guò wǒ nèi xīn de yǎn jīng

tā de xuán lǜ

cóng wǒ de nèi’ěr chuán lái!

English Version>

2.[India] S. Nivetha

A Real Friend

A real friend is one who walks in
When the rest of the world walks out;
Yeah…the one who will stay
Even after parent’s death not allowing go astray;
Every girl has a great friend and
Every girl’s friendship comes to an end;
Every boy has a nice friend and
Every boy’s friendship does extend;
Friend makes us happier and stronger;
Friendship is divine and superior!
True friend shapes our positive thinking
Takes us sure to the goal winning!
Friends are our strength in file
Always helps to lead a peaceful life!

About the author:

Ms. S. Nivetha , National Book of Records for Children Holder for being the youngest poet to be invited as a poet delegate to a Poets Meet in 2016, is a student of final year BCA in a leading women’s College in Chennai. She is a good cartoonist and in writing prose and verse. She has been widely anthologized.

Walter Winchell - A real friend is one who walks in when...

About the translator:

A master of English Linguistics & Literature, Qi Fengyan was born in Kangping, Liaoning province. She is a member of Chinese Poetry Society and a director of Bai Juyi Poetry Research Society. Some of her poems, essays and literature review articles have been published on journals and newspapers such as Grain in Ear, Yangtze River, Sea Swallow, Liaohe River, Selected Essays (original edition), Chinese Literature, Yangcheng Evening News, Short Stories, People’s Daily (overseas edition), Heilongjiang Daily, Entrepreneur Daily, Jiangnan Times and West China Metropolis Daily. She is Guest Editor of Rendition of International Poetry. She is the chief translator of the International Bilingual Publication Project of Chinese Poetry and the Chinese Children’s Poetry Project. She is also the chief translator of the Chinese Poem. She has won the Second Prize of the 2018 China Prose Annual Conference and the 2019 Western Prose Association Critic A

Chinese Simplified Version

印度 S 妮维雅
















(齐凤艳 译)









。《国际诗歌翻译》客座总编。 “中国诗系国际双语出版工程”和“中华千童诗工程”首席翻译,《中国汉诗》


Transliteration Version (Pinyin)

[yìn dù] S·nī wéi yǎ

yī gè zhēn zhèng de péng yǒu

zhēn zhèng de péng yǒu huì lái dào nǐ shēn biān

dāng shì jiè shàng qí tā de rén dōu zǒu kāi de shí hòu

shì de, tā shì nàgè huì liú xià lái de rén

jí shǐ zài fù mǔ qù shì hòu yě bù yǔn xǔ wù rù qí tú

Měi gè nǚ hái dōu yǒu yī gè hǎo péng yǒu

Měi gè nǚ hái de yǒu yì dū huì jié shù

Měi gè nán hái dōu yǒu yī gè hǎo péng yǒu

Měi gè nán hái de yǒu yì dōu chí jiǔ

Péng yǒu ràng wǒ men gèng kuài lè, gèng jiān qiáng

Ō, shén shèng ér chóng gāo de yǒu yì!

Zhēn zhèng de péng yǒu sù zào wǒ men jī jí de sī wéi

Yǐn lǐng wǒ men xìn xīn shí zú de zǒu xiàng mù dì de!

Péng yǒu shì wǒ men de lì liàng

Shí kè bang zhù wǒ men guò shàng píng jìng de sheng huó!

(Qífèngyàn yì)

Zuò zhě jiǎn jiè:


S·nī wéi yǎ nǚ shì bèi shōu rù “guó jiā er tóng jì lù”, tā shì bèi yāo cān jiā 2016 nián shī rén dà huì de zuì nián qīng de shī rén dài biǎo. Tā shì qīn nài yī suǒ ding jiān nǚ zǐ xué yuàn shāng yè yǔ mào yì guǎn lǐ zhuān yè de dà sì xué shēng. Tā shì yī wèi yōu xiù de màn huà jiā, tā hái shàn cháng sǎn wén hè shī gē xiě zuò. Tā de zuò pǐn bèi guǎng fàn shōu jí zài gè zhǒng xuǎn běn.

Yì zhě jiǎn jiè:

Qí fèng yàn, liáo níng kāng píng rén. Yīng yǔ yǔ yán wén xué shuò shì. Zhōng guó shī gē xué huì huì yuán, bái jū yì shī gē yán jiū huì lǐ shì. Yǒu shī gē, sǎn wén , wén yì píng lùn fā biǎo zài “máng zhòng”“yang zǐ jiāng” shī kān “hǎi yàn”“liáo h锓sǎn wén xuǎn kān”(yuan chuàng bǎn)“zhōng huá wén xu锓yang chéng wǎn bào”“jīng duǎn xiǎo shuō”“rén mín rì bào” hǎi wài bǎn “hēi long jiāng rì bào”“qǐ yè jiā rì bào”“jiāng nán shí bào”“huá xī dūs hì bào” děng .“Guó jì shī gē fān yì” kè zuò zǒng biān. “Zhōng guó shī xì guó jì shuāng yǔ chū bǎn gong chéng” hé “zhōng huá qiān tóng shī gong chéng” shǒu xí fān yì,“zhōng guó hàn shī” shǒu xí fān yì. Huò dé 2018 nián zhōng guó sǎn wén nián huì èr děng jiǎng,2019 nián xī bù sǎn wén xué huì píng lùn jiǎng. Chū bǎn hé yì zuò pǐn liǎng bù.


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses   2,60,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 18th  view at  06.45 hrs  this morning VIZ Sunday,  the 16th August  2020, (16/08/2020) , total views of the BLOG  crossed  the NICE figure   TWO LAC AND SIXTY THOUSAND
(2, 60, 000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 2029th day and 2096th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.



National Happiness Happens Day - August 8

All living beings humans and animals do need happiness and enjoy
Humans are more vocal and expressing their happiness -surely rich joy
August Eighth today a great day- EIGHT AND EIGHT “National Happiness
Happens Day! Let us smile today to share in National Happiness Happens Day.

On this day each year just let it happen. We know.  Happiness as happiness happens. id=”page-container” class=”et-animated-content”>

The day encourages happiness all day. Let us recognize every moment of glee

Joy, delight, and pleasure. We shall not let it pass.  a flicker of a giggle  be given its Due,  blossoms into full-blown happiness, let us not be surprised. It happens!

Quote markFor every minute you are angry we lose sixty seconds of happiness. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Another aspect of the day prohibits the squashing of other people’s happiness.
From time to time, we  find other’s happiness  irritating.  happen when we
Have rotten days.  our bad days don’t give us the right to squash another person’s joy. Instead, we must allow their delight in the day to infect us.
Perhaps, their ability to smile will blow the storm clouds away from our day.

August – eighth month of the year


Importance and significance of 'Raksha Bandhan' | KANNADIGA WORLD

India that is Bharath our holy Motherland is indeed a land of
Great principles, philosophy and practices! Third August today
Is one of the many festivals that we observe – a favorite among all
Celebrating the special bond that brothers share with their sisters.

It is a festival celebrated in Nepal and by all Hindus all over  the world.
The day is marked on the last day of the Hindu lunar calendar in the month Of
Shravan or Sawan and falls in August, and  Raksha Bandhan is today.
Raksha Bandhan  means “bond of protection”! women and girls of all ages
Tie a talisman, ” Rakhi” around the wrists of their brothers as a symbol of
Protection. The men and boys gift their sisters money, new clothes, sweets.
Let us resolve on this holy day to protect WOMEN- incarnation of Goddess
Who takes care of home and all the members with love, affection and regards!

Rakhi Significance - Raksha Bandhan Significance



Dream High 3 Fan Casting on myCast


God’s creation
Great inspiration
Nature’s gift
Raptures best
Man’s future
Rests on his stature!

Caste-less society
Creed-less humanity
Flawless art
Weedless crops
Fearless mind
Tear-less labor
Painless birth
Selfless service
Endless voyage
Featherless flights
Harsh-less words
Strife-less society
War-less world
Hate-less humans
Worriless life
Wordless action
All these delicious creams
Remain in the domain of dreams!

APJ Abdul kalam quotes | APJ Abdul kalam thoughts



I am a little- why? – more than a little proud of my Blog which has an overall view score of more than 2,50,000 from ,more than 200 countries! I wanted to know about the top Blogs in the world and here is the top ten as Sunday Story this week. I am sure our esteemed viewers will find quite interesting!

10 Literary Blogs –Something every one Should Read

By Daniel Lefferts

Jan. 5, 2014

The new literary generation is here, and it’s bored — bored with the New Yorker, bored with the New York Times, bored with the New York Review of Books.

We need new literary sustenance. We want writing by people who understand the tremendous attentional effort it requires to read more than three sentences of anything. We want a literary La La Land that gives us gifs and James Joyce in the same breath. Screw it — we want gifs of James Joyce.

While I look for those, take a look at these: The best — funniest, crassest, headiest, least boring, most addictive — literary blogs for 20-something readers and writers.

  1. ‘Los Angeles Review of Books’

The Los Angeles Review of Books launched in the spring of 2012 as an answer (if only in name) to the well-established New York Review of Books and other stuffy, East Coast-based literary heavyweights like it. LARB immediately proved itself to be a fresher, younger, and more fun alternative. Aside from its sleek visuals (the homepage is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful on the web), the online-only publication boasts a wide range of reviews, essays, and interviews covering literature, film, art, and pop culture.

Though the writing can at times stray in the direction of the bloodlessly academic, the material is, for the most part, just the sort that the literary internet needs — original, lengthy, and demanding criticism that deserves our attention (however little of it there is).

  1. ‘The Awl’

The Awl isn’t exclusively a literary blog, but the snarling wit and critical acumen displayed in its reviews and essays — on everything from Communist architecture to the brain-breaking fiction of Jorge Luis Borges — will appeal to the young, hip, and wordy.

  1. ‘Html Giant’

That insufferable person in your college English class who claimed to have read Infinite Jest in two weeks and articulated everything in terms of “temporality” and “spatiality” is probably a frequent visitor of HTML Giant. The unabashedly theory-headed website deserves a visit from you, too. After all, wasn’t there something strangely alluring about that kid in your class? And don’t temporality and spatiality, after all, mean things — arguably important things? Everyone who cares about literature needs a cerebral fix now and then. HTML Giant is the place to reliably get it.

  1. Electric Literature’s ‘The Outlet’

The Outlet, the blog of Electric Literature, combines straightforward reporting on book world happenings with links to exciting literary content elsewhere on the web. Think A Publisher’s Weekly for the Bushwick set.

  1. ‘Hazlitt’

There probably isn’t a single piece of writing on Hazlitt, a literary blog run by Random House of Canada that I wouldn’t read or recommend. Their editorial trademark is the pithy, inviting, cleanly-written blog post about a thing — a show, a book, a person — that you hadn’t heard of before but now suddenly care about. It’s also got some of the most intelligent writing you’ll read about the Rob Ford scandal.

  1. ‘The New Inquiry’

The New Inquiry is among the weirder literary websites out there. It’s a room filled with a lot of random mismatched furniture, some of it tasteful, some if it cheap, not all of it comfortable, most of it interesting to look at. But there seems to be a method to this madness. Only in this cluttered space could you find a postmodern reading of Big Data, a “flash interview” with Harryette Mullen, and an odd item about the concept of “good” and “bad” years by Teju Cole, all on the same homepage. TNI: a case study in what happens when literary minds meet the unlimited real estate of the internet.

  1. ‘The Paris Review Daily’

The migration of literary culture from the printed page to the internet has been famously awkward, half-hearted, disaster-prone, and delayed. But The Paris Review has entered the digital age with all the grace and good humor you’d expect from the publication that’s practically ruled international literary discourse since it was first founded in 1953. Its Daily is the finest example of this — a stream of nerdy, nutty, tastefully profane blog posts consisting of everything from interviews with heavyweights such as Norwegian sensation Karl Ove Knausgaard to bite-size literary trivia.

  1. ‘Guernica’

Guernica is a magazine about literature, art, and culture with a stated political bent. It’s one of the headier and more serious literary magazines for millennial-generation readers, but the content is always urgent and contemporary. Its attention to international conflict and other global matters makes it especially noteworthy.

  1. ‘3:AM Magazine’

3:AM has everything — fiction, flash fiction, poetry, interviews, criticism — but its sensibility is consistent throughout: blunt, funny, angrily academic. Their tagline says it best: “Whatever it is, we’re against it.”

  1. ‘Five Chapters’

“Literary blog” is a debatable term, connoting for some a place where you can read writing about writing and for others a place where you can read the writing itself. If you fall into the latter category and just want a place to get good fiction, particularly by younger authors, you can’t go wrong with Five Chapters. Every week, Monday through Friday, the site posts a new short story in five serial installments. The work is consistently excellent, and the experience of reading day to day — hello, cliffhangers! — makes for good Dickens-era fun.


I do believe it is quite illuminating! We shall meet tomorrow as usual and till then GOOD BYE!

.10 Literary Blogs Every 20-Something Should Read

“ENVIUS THOUGHTS”- 2001 Day old!


Yes, ENVIUS THOUGHTS in is 2001 day old today thanks to the overwhelming support given by our esteemed viewers- overall view score as on date is 2,54,000 from more than 200 countries of the world! Having crossed very many ups and downs, the BLOG IS TWO THOUSAND AND ONE DAY old today! It ghas fetched a place for the Blogger a place of honor in the Asia Pacific Book of Records  and  Hon. Doctorate from the World Records University  U.K!

To continue purely  a Literary Blog like ENVIUS THOUGHTS without break even for a single day  for 2001 days with 2062 posts for a small person like me would have been IMPOSSIBLE but for the IMMENSE GRACE of God and blessings and wishes of my esteemed well wishers.

With what have been written over this period, 200 books of more than 100 pages each could have been published! But even if 500 books published, marketing would have been pretty difficult. When they are all in THE BLOG  any one interested can read at any point of time from the archives!


1 Gift of Life – First volume of English poems

2 “Breeze” – Second volume of English poetry

3 “Thiruvalluvar Aththicudi” – Translated work from Tamil to English

4 “Voice of Valluvar” –Translated work from Tamil to English- Research papers on Thirukkural.

5 “CRR at the Peak – Translated work from Tamil to English – a biographical work.

6 “Silver Fishes in the Blue Waters” – Third volume of English poetry- a collection of Haiku poems.

7.“Chithra Guptha” – History of Lord Chithra Guptha –Translated from Tamil to English**

8 “Cuckoos Song” – Bharathiyar’s “KUYIL PATTU” in Tamil translated to English**

9 “Voice of Ramana” Bagwan Ramana Maharishi’s “AKSHARA MANA MAALAI” in Tamil translated into English in Haiku format.**

10 “REIKI in Human Welfare”- A book on REIKI translated from Tamil to English.**

11 Translation of Tagore’s Gitanjali into Tamil with explanation.

12 Translated the English poems under the caption “COSMIC ACCIDENT” of Dr. A Padmanabhan, former Governor of Mizoram into Tamil.

13 Translated the poems of Japanese poet Daisaku Ikeda from English to Tamil and published.

14 Tamil epic poem translated into English captioned “UNIVERSE- A CHARIOT ON THE MOVE”**

  1. ”நிலவே நீ சொல்” -கவிதைகள்
  2. ”மழலையர் ஆத்திசூடி”
  3. ”கண்ணே மணியே கவிதை கேளு”
  4. முத்தமிழ் மலர்கள்

19 அறிவே வலிமை

20 காலம் போற்று

21 பாடிவந்த நிலா

22 வள்ளுவன் வாய்ச்சொல்

23 வாழ்விக்க வந்த மகான்

24 நேரு எனும் மாமேதை

25 கவலையே வேண்டாம்

26 கர்ம வீரர் காமராசர்

27 அண்ணல் காந்தி

28 வள்ளுவம் வாழ்ந்த வள்ளலார்

29 கத்தும் குயிலோசை

30 வெற்றி பிறக்குது மனத்தினிலே

31 விற்பனைக் கலையின் ஏழு நுணுக்கங்கள்

32 கால தேவதை



  1. Michel Madhusudhan Award, Kolkatta
  2. Admirable Achiever Award by United Writers Associaion of India Chennai.
  3. Fellowship of the United Writers Association of India, Chennai.
  4. NTR All India National Admirable Achievers Award,2018- Nellore
  5. Moziyaakkach chemmal saadhanaiyaaLar Award-by South India Social Cultural Academy, Chennai
  6. SEVA RATHNA by Kanchi Mutt, Kanchipuram.
  7. National Symposium of Poets 2019 Memento by AIR Chennai
  8. Award from National Book of Records.
  9. Award Asia Pacific Book of Records 2017
  10. Thamiz Thonral Award from Solaik kuyilkaL, Chennai.
  11.  Winged Word Award of International Socio-Literary Foundation         from Mangalore
  1. Best Poet of the Year 2003 –Poets International, Bangalore.
  2. Membership of the “International Writers Association” USA
  3. “THIRUKKURAL NGAAYIRU” TYhiruvalluvar Vaazviyal Neri Sangam, Chennai
  4. “Sirandha Manidha Neyar virudhu” –Karunaik karangkaL, Chennai
  5. WordPress University’s LEIBSTER AWARD
  6. WordPress University’s Versatile Blogger Award.
  7. World Records University UK ‘s Doctorate.
  8. ARIVUK KALANJIYAM Award by MTS Academy, Chennai
  9. Flamingo Award 2016 from Sulur Peta, AP
  10. Flamingo Poetry Festival 2019 Certificate, Nellore
  11. National Insurance Academy Pune 1998
  12. INTHAMIZ INIYAR AWARD, Solaip pathippagam, Chennai.
  13. KAVI MUKIL Award 2011, Solaip pathippagam, Chennai
  14. Certificate from Amaravathi Poetic Prism 2016 Vijayawada,AP
  15. World Academy of Arts and Culture certificate 2007, Chennai
  16. Ilakkiyach ChudaroLi 2018, Chennai
  17. Ilakkiyath thenral 2018, Chennai
  18. Writers Forum Ranchi 1995,
  19. Kavich chudaroLi 2017, Chennai.
  20. Sindhanaich chirpi, Chennai
  21. Kavi Nilavu, Chennai
  22. Natchaththirak kavi, 2018, Chennai.
  23. THANJAVOORIN PERUMAIK KURIYAVAR 2018-Ilakkiyaccholai, Chennai
  24. 11th International Poetry Festival Certificate 2018, Guntur
  25. Pongal Award 2019, Ilakkiyach cholai , Chennai
  26. Kavimaamani- Kabilar Muthamiz sangam, Thirukkoyilur 2019.
  27. World Union of Poets Italy Hon. Member of the WPU-Italy.2019.
  28. Madurai Thisradwani Award 2013 for Translation of Pancha Rathna Keerthanas to Tamil from Telugu, Madurai
  29. Jayendra Saraswathi Award 2013,
  30. Kavich chigaram 2019, Chennai
  31. “NEYA SUDAROLI” award, Kavi Oviya in May 2019.
  32. BHARATHI AWARD- 21/4/2019 Amudha Surabi Trust, Chennai-NJANI
  33. KABILAR VIRUDHU 11/05/2019 Thirukkovilur.
  34. ”விடுதலைக் கவிஞர்” 17/5/19 அனைத்துலக தமிழ் மன்றம்
  35. Kannadasan Award-16.6.19 iLAKKIYACCHOLAI
  36. KAVITHTHILAKAM 23/6/2019 Then Chennai Thamiz Sangam
  37. Chandhrayaan II Invited Poet- 13/07/2019 Nellore
  38. Mozikkavalar Award 27/7/2019 Thanjavur
  39. Po. Si Award 27/7 2019 Thanjavur
  40. KURALARASU 17/8/19. World Tamil Research Dept. Chennai
  41. KAVIMAAMANI-World Tamil Writers’Association, Chennai
  42. . “SENTHAMIZ CHUDAR” by Ilakkiyachcholai In September 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           INDIA LITERARY GROUP                                                                                                                                            There was one Young Poet of those days a couple of decades ago in Chennai a regular contributor of poem to my YOUNG POET and now she has become a Ph.D holder and a great personality who has launched India Literature Group from Bangalore where she is settled. Following is her preamble for her new literary venture. There has been a great flow of support from East and West, North and South of our great Motherland India that is Bharath  having a lot of love for literature!


Hello to all! 🙏🏽🌷
This group has been started with the only intention of spreading love for literature. Writers from all over India are welcome, here. The writer can share their thoughts/writings in any Indian language( with English translation ) or English. All are welcome.

The only IDEOLOGY here is LITERATURE. Only LITERATURE can be discussed here and nothing else.🍀✌
Non-controversial general messages of value may also be shared, here. 🙏🏽

Here is her self introduction:

Namaste! 🙏🏽Now, let me introduce myself. I am Dr.S.Padmapriya. I hold a Ph.D. degree but not in Literature! Literature is my passion.
I started writing poems in English at the tender age of seven. I have three poetry collections, one short story collection and one novel (literary fiction) to my credit.

My website is

It is indeed a matter of great delight and satisfaction to Dr. Padmapriya, competent chairman  of the group that within  forty eight hour of the formation, more than hundred members all (unlike me a small time poet, writer having just 40 books published) are great poets, writers, professional academicians – Professors and literary researchers!

Views may come and views may go, but as a Blogger I go on as long as my health and mind cooperate!


We shall meet as usual tomorrow morning.Till then Bye!

************************************************************************ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses   2,54,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 91st  view at 11.00 hrs  on Friday   the 17th July 2020, (17/07/2020) , total views of the BLOG  crossed  the great figure   TWO LAC AND FIFTY FOUR THOUSAND (2, 54, 000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1999th day and 2060th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.
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