Lord Almighty the great Creator of the Universe and humanity in all HIS compassion makes everyone to be at peace and prosperity, joy and happiness provided he loves all and serves all, helps ever and hurts never. I have the staunch conviction on this and I have all what I deserve.


With nothing in particular in expectation I launched a blog through word press on February 28th 2015 and titled the same as ENVIUS THOUGHTS raising the curiosity of the viewers as to what is this ENVIUS probably wrongly spelt! The blog cn be accessed through https://nvsr.wordpress.com
My first post was “TRYST WITH LIC” – almost an autobiography of my official life started with my hunt, getting a job in LIC, allowing it to slip and again after a couple of years landing in LIC till I retired as a Deputy Zonal Manager on my superannuation. Since that post received tremendous response, at the instance of my journalist son from Bangalore I decided to continue.
I decided with the blessings and grace of Gods and Goddess of Learning from all over the globe to continue my Blog posting uninterruptedly as long as possible. It was also decided to post poems in English-may be original or translated from other languages by me to English-on all days from Monday to Saturday and on all Sundays a Sunday story.
By God’s immense grace I could do what I wanted to post every day without a break right from the day that I started. Today this is 1024th day and1071st post.
Viewership grew gradually and as of now overall view score is 1,20, 000 from more than 210 countries. I have hundreds of followers who look forward for my daily post.
Hundreds of comments have been received and a few are continuing to make their comments on a daily basis. My esteemed viewers are aware of my consolidation of such comments and they have been published in several parts as several Sunday stories. For every fiftieth post, I give a summary of several aspects under the title TALE OF A BLOGGER. 21 parts are over and the 22nd tale on the 1100th post is due on 14th January 2018.
Lord Krishna in Bhagawath Geetha says:
“Karmanyeva aadhikaarasthae
Maa palaeshu kadhaachana”
Action is thy duty fruit is not thy concern.
With that in mind I am
going on with my Blog work without any great expectation except the joy of observing the overall views soaring higher and higher. With every 1000 views forthcoming I share with my viewers in this manner:
“ Dear all,
ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,20,000 views
I am glad to share with you that with the 56th view at 14.45 hours today viz Saturday the 16th December 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS crossed ONE LAKH AND TWENTY THOUSAND (1,20,000) from more than 210 countries around the world on the 1023rd day and 1070th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty
.With regards.
N V Subbaraman”


To my greatest joy God bestowed on me through the Research Team of INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS” a life time pride and happiness that I hve entered into the IBR for my Blog activities:
1. For the Blog maintenance by posting for 1008 days without a break of single day
2. For posting English poems and stories numbering 1055 as at 1st December 2017.
3. For garnering an overall view score of 1,17,500
4. Views from more than 210 nations.

It is indeed a matter of great joy and satisfaction for my pursuing the Blog activities with HIS grace.
As a token of recognition as a RECORD HOLDER, the following were received from the Research team of IBR.
Trophy, Certificate, Badge, Identity Card, Car Sticker


Photo by  Lakshman

N V Subbaraman with his trophy and certificate.

Thanking all my great viewers who earned this honor for me I end this Sunday story. We shall meet on Monday.



ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,20,000 views

I am glad to share with you that with the 56th  view at 14.45 hours yesterday viz Saturday  the 16th December 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND TWENTY THOUSAND (1,20,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1023rd day and 1070th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty



“ENVIUS THOUGHTS” was born days thousand and eight ago
Time flies and rapidly moved, one thousand days crossed-oh!
One thousand and fifty fifth post this day – happy day
With more than 0ne lakh and seventeen thousand views-hey!

Number one thousand and eight has its own significance
In all the religions and other fields – of magnificence
Lord Siva designated by one thousand and eight names.
He is the God of sacrifices accompanied by Sakti!

During the passion of Our-Lord, one thousand and eight
Persons mocked of HIM on the cross- most sacreligious
Act of the ungrateful people! Envius Thoughts this day
Resolves to continue with its work with HIS grace and views!


N. S. Krishnan.jpg

Man to be free from the stress and strain of the routine
Needs humor- the stress burster- to laugh heartily-brings in
Joy and laughter to both the giver and listener!
Rightly we have humor clubs functioning everywhere!

We had Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy
Who made the people laugh and forget agony
At the international level with their own style
We had “Charlie Chaplin of India” in KalaivaNar!

KalaivaaNar Krishnan was born this day in nineteen not eight
Leading Indian film actor comedian,
Theatre artist, playback singer and writer
In the Tamil film industry – in  forties and fifties!


Blog author during his Cuddapah days


Time –manifestation of Nature- indeed is Divine; those who revere the Almighty, know of the greatness and significance of TIME. In that way I am proud that God has blessed me with the sense of time and hardly and rarely waste it or put to wrong use!

I ever remember the words of Charles Darwin:

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life”

One of the greatest assets my beloved father who was a teacher bequeathed to me is the virtue of punctuality and get up in the easrly morning not later than 5.0am right from 5th year of age and retiring to bed not later than 21.00 hrs. This I have been meticulously following till this day with a minor change:

While up to college studies I used to get up at 5.00am; during my service up to age 60 by 4.00am and now after retirement I get up at 3.00am and retire to bed by 20.00hrs!!

I use to sympathize with the people who say that they have no time to attend even to very important work!

Here is my thought on this aspect:

What a funny thing it is
No time for prayer, satsang we miss
No time to read or write we wish
No time to be with friends we think
No time to serve the needy who sink
No time to visit shrines that lift

Twenty four hours a day
Seven days a week
Four weeks a month
Twelve months a year
Hundred years to live!
No time to spend the way we need
Paradox unsolved in life indeed!
Wasting, gossiping, frittering avoided
Getting up early much before sun rise
Planning your work, being punctual nice
Gets you all the time you need to size!


Well, this is my 1050th post in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com and keeping with the tradition, rightly this is the TALE OF A BLOGGER Part 21!

Since Tale 20 was posted on 8th October, the progressive 1000s are shared below:

08/10/2017   933rd day-     1000th post-  1,09,789

09/10/2017  834th day        1001 st post- 1,10,000

14/10/2017  939th day        1006th post –  1,11,000               

21/10/2017 946th day        1014th post-  1,12,000                   

28/10/2017 953rd day        1021st post    1,13,000

04/11/2017   960th day       1028th post     1,14,000

12/11/2017  968thday         1036th post     1,15,000

19/11/2017  975th day         1043rd post     1,16,000.

We write, write and write for our own satisfaction- not expecting anything from readers except their feedback. Feedback I believe is  a strong tonic for the writer- whether it is adverse criticism in the normally accepted sense or inspiring compliments.

By HIS/HER grace I have been getting regular feedback/comments/responses/reviews for each and every one of my posts- all these 1050!  I feel inspired that I consolidate the same and publish as Sunday stories in the Blog.

Latest arrival is one SHRI ARK who regularly sends his feed back in AUDIO format very intellectual, interesting and informative. I enjoy each and in fact eagerly await.


During this period, I developed friendship with FLOWERS, BIRDS and TREES! Our conversations were posted in several parts and I do hope that this feature will continue for some more time as it is well received by my esteemed viewers.


I am glad to share with my learned viewers that I have been awarded a title”SINTHANAI SIRPI: in Tamil சிந்தனை சிற்பி for my –their perceived-(!?!?!?) contribution towards Tamil literature through poetry.


I am also happy to share with a news of my being included in the “INDIAN BOOK OF REWARDS 2018 and as they have put it:



N V Subbaraman (born on February 17, 1941) of Chennai blogged Most (1,044) English poems and articles in 976 days regularly, without fail, since his blog launch in February 2015 – Envius Thoughts, garnering 1,16,296 views from 210 nations as on November 20, 2017″. under India Book Records 2018.”

I deem it to be a great honor out and out I could achieve thanks to the support and encouragement extended by my esteemed followers and viewers from more than 200 countries.

Another matter to be shared is the INTERNATIONAL MULTILINGUAL ANTHOLOGY “AMARAVATI POETIC PRISM THREE” carried my two poems-ion English and Tamil and S.Nivetha’s English poem. I have posted a detailed write up on that in the Blog on on 19th November as Sunday Story titled WONDERFUL ANTHOLOGY-AMARAVATI PRISM THREE. Both the Anthology and my Blog post in Envius Thoughts in https://nvsr.wordpress.com were well received.




Yes, happily I conclude this TALE with the firm confidence born out of the increasing support and encouragement of my friends known and unknown, seen and unseen, heard personally over phone or in person or unheard and with the grace of the Goddess of LEARNING AND KNOWLEDGE  that my next TALE 22 will be on 14th January 2018!


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,17,000 views

I am glad to share with you that with the 2nd  view at 1.00 hour today viz Sunday  the 26th November 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND SEVENTEEN THOUSAND (1,17,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 982nd day and 1050th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty




In the wonderful creation of the world by the Almighty
Thee is no place for enmity or disharmony-mighty
Friendship and harmony, love and affection, respects and regards
Must prevail all over the globe leaving no scope for conflict!

Alas , we see what prevails at home, society and the world
November twenty first today is the WORLD HELLO DAY each one
To simply greet at least ten friends today to show  the importance
Of personal wish for preserving peace all over-of significance!

On the thoughts words and deeds rest the nobility of each and all
On which the home and society, nation and the world can stand quite tall
Let us promote peace and harmony sans resort to conflicts and
Misunderstanding- God’s purpose to see fruition -times thousand!



Today’s children strong pillars of tomorrow sure
To be taken care of to grow noble and nice pure
None to be denied food, shelter and education
Dearmost duty of the society and the nation!

Rightly the greatest Prime Minister of free India
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Chacha Nehru
For children in the north and South, East and West
Whose birth day dedicated to children as their day!

No orphanage or children’s home need be there strict
All must be enabled to live with parents direct
Or foster parents to imbibe qualities noble
They can be pillars strong of the future stable!




In  my life as a Blogger since February 2015, every day making one post at least- today it is 968th day and 1035th post! I don’t believe in making a repost of what already I have posted once earlier. But today I am deviating myself from my   “ self imposed” restriction and recycling a post what I did on 15th November 2015, when the  total viewership of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  was 21000 and today it is about to cross 1,15,000 in another few hours from more than 210 countries! Here in this Sunday you find this a slightly modified version. It was ‘ONION IS NOT OXYGEN’ and today it is “ONION IS NOT H2O”!

These are the scientifically advanced days when we find ALTERNATIVES for anything and everything! Please look here:

“Oxygen is not just in the air; it’s on the shelves. It has been discovered by alternative medicine and is being sold in various forms in the health supplement marketplace. Air has to go in and out, Blood has to go round and round.  Oxygen is good. And is easily available in air!

Oxygen is required to support life; therefore more oxygen should make us healthier. It’s not clear how this relates to alternative medicine’s advice on anti-oxidants, but that’s irrelevant. OXYGEN IS GOOD, so we should put it in our soft drinks and breathe it at oxygen bars. Take an oxygen tank home with us — we might feel better. The oxygen vendor might feel better, too. Dr Andrew Weil, the renowned health guru, tells patients with chronic fatigue to ask their doctors to prescribe oxygen for a home trial. Sure, why not? The money it costs will literally vanish “into thin air,” but who cares? OXYGEN IS GOOD.

Similarly can a man live without H2O? Two units of Hydrogen and one unit of Oxygen give water! Can one live without for hours and days together?

In the days of spiraling inflation, when the cost of living soars, when the prices of milk to mango, banana to bindy (lady’s finger), carrot to capsicum, mango to melon skyrocket day by day, the middle class people are the worst hit. Governments and the party in power say they make all-out efforts to contain the prices. Economists quote several factors for price raise-very hard to understand by a common man. Rightly the Opposition parties protest government policies for the pathetic conditions of the people.

Maybe, what cannot be cured must be endured! But I use to wonder whether there is anything in the world that cannot be cured. When I was in my teens six decades ago, I was living at Karaikudi, a part of Chettinad in Tamil Nadu, where the dominant community was indeed rich, orthodox, highly philanthropic and well educated.

I used to go out with my mother to the weekly shandy (vegetable market) and distinctly remember her purchasing the weekly requirements of vegetables for a family of five for less than a rupee! The womenfolk of that dominant community of Chettinad would boycott any shop in the shandy if the cost there was a little higher than in the other shops. The way they treated the shop keeper charging a higher price was unique and the result was that the town was comparatively cheap and life was smooth. All due to the ‘will to resist’ on the part of housewives! Sixty eight years since then, when I find myself helpless managing my household expenses, I wonder whether bringing down the cost of things rests with the government alone or, as an individual, can I have any influence on the uncontrolled rising costs?

Can society play any role in holding the price hike? I would boldly declare ‘yes’, if only society really feels suffocated and would like to do something in this regard. But look at the long queue in hotels to find a seat where ‘dosa’ is sold at Rs. 70 a piece, a cup of 150 ml coffee for Rs. 40! Look at the cinemas where a new film is released with people thronging for the first show paying astronomical amounts. Despite the spiraling cost of petrol and diesel, look at the queue in petrol stations. Money is in the hands of the most and they spend as they like! Those without much, suffer.

I remember my walking without footwear to college, a distance of 8 miles one way. Today, my son wants a scooter to go to school, hardly a kilometer away. Do I ever care to go by bus instead of my two/four-wheeler?

Do I resist purchasing onion at Rs. 80 or tomato at Rs. 50 a kg? Onion is not oxygen without which I cannot breathe! Supposing people do not purchase beans at Rs. 70 a kg, how long would the shopkeeper keep the vegetable on his shelves? — right from the wholesale merchant to my street vendor? If office-goers as a class desist using their petrol/diesel vehicles and choose public conveyance, won’t petrol price come down? If we boycott the auto drivers charging an unreasonably high fare, can they continue forever by fleecing the people?

Today I went to the vegetable vendor and was shocked to be billed Rs. 150 for a kg. of ONION –Big or Small! This triggered my thoughts and the result is this SUNDAY STORY!!!!Yes, onion is not H2O! We cannot live without H2O, but we, sure, can without onion! Prices cannot go up when it begins to rot!

ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,15,000 views

I am glad to share with you that with the 114th  view at 17.20 hours today viz Sunday  the 12th November 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND FIFTEEN THOUSAND (1,15,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 968th day and 1036th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty