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Shall I say let me be a MILLIONAIRE? No let me a CROREPATI-
Million has not much of a value today as much as a CRORE!!!!!
It’s Be a Millionaire Day! Today an opportunity to dream big
And imagine what life would be as a millionaire! a crorepati!

A million dollars isn’t what it used to be, seeing a seven-
Figure number in our bank account is still financial milestone.
Rightly Gandhiji said if one has more than what he needs, balance
Be held as a custodian for others-poor and downtrodden!

If not cent per cent a major excess can go to orphanages
And old age homes in plenty in the world! Sevalayas and
Uthavum Karangal are there all over needing funds from the public!
Let us help to the extent possible on this awareness occasion!

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Sevalaya, Pakkam village

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Uthavum karangkal-Children taking food.

17th October- Anti-Poverty Day.


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Poverty manifests through hunger with no food available
Pity in HIS creation- people in poverty horrible
Go without food begging, stealing or fasting for years in life
Lacking employment and earn to take food and feed his family!

Affluent are many on their own or at the cost of others
Not ready to give and take care of those in poverty-alas!
Exploitation has its own impact negative on poverty.
Anti poverty Day is this day the seventeenth October!

Tamil Patriotic Poet Bharathiyar would say for sure:
No more exploitation of snatching the food of one by others
We shall make a rule and law; keep it forever- come what may
If any one goes sans food, we shall destroy the whole world-hey!



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“Donate a Day’s Wages to Charity Day “is this holy day
Wednesday, May ninth, the second Wednesday of May
Since the year two thousand! a thoughtful day
To make the people think of charity an act very noble!

In the creation of the Lord Almighty- there are poor and rich
Rich have to extend hands of help to the poor to make them feel
They are not orphans and the society is there to help
Though all out attempts must be made to help them earn through efforts!

How much I can spare to donate? May be a day’s wages I get
Noble thought-noble action- charity to the disabled best!
Old and debilitated unable to move, work and earn
It should be the peoples and society’s greatest concern!

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Man is born to be happy and enjoy life- God’s creation
And make others happy and laughter its manifestation!
To give maximum happiness to maximum people is
Our Religion says the Barrister turned Geetha exponent!

Alas! Man is in tears and finds no time and reason to laugh
WORLD LAUGHTER DAY is today first Sunday of May each year!

Laughter is infectious: it is a joyful sound
That, once it starts ringing, passes all around.
Laughter is infectious: some folks have no clue
As to what another’s laughter could do unto you.
Laughter is infectious: you can get it on a whim,
But chances of it harming are very-very slim”
Laughter is the best medicine for health!
Why not we practice and make the society laugh and joyous!

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SECOND POST OF THE DAY at the instance of a loving Viewer Mr. Raveendhranath !!


God, the Trinity-Creator, Protector and Destroyer
Created all the living beings to be in peace for ever!
Peace and poise, joy and happiness, plenty and prosperity
Make heaven to the individuals and the society!

Yet there comes a sad patch and happy one in turn in all our lives
Like PASSING CLOUDS that give showers of rain drops or heavy rains
Man must learn to accept good and bad, joy and sorrow equally
With poise that makes life balanced and gentle happily!

Passing clouds render good many a time for the parched land
Looking to the skies for water –most essential in the world
If they pass not and shower heavily lead to flodds and tsunami
Every thing within limit does good otherwise the opposite!

ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,21,000 views

I am glad to share with you that with the 84th  view at 19.00 hours today viz Saturday  the 23rd December 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND TWENTY ONE THOUSAND (1,21,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1030th day and 1077th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty



A great day of joy and happiness for all- young or old
Poor or rich, learned or otherwise- for te brave and bold
Fireworks and crackers make them celebrate the day with joy
All over for the Hindus- nobles winning over evils!

Let us treat this mid day week as the JOY OF GIVING DAY
Giving all love and affection to all around us-pray
Lord Almighty to bless all with the grace, make us all pay
Respects to the old and have nots among us to enjoy!

Soundless Diwali yet quite bright and joyful for all
The sick and old, birds and animals mortally afraid
From the morn till night and days before and after-provide
Only joy of giving what best one can to others- Divine!











What a wonderful gesture it is to say “YOU ARE WELCOME”!
“You are welcome” is the voice of the noble I hear awesome!
You are welcome to join me in all noble acts I do here
For a society to be with peace and harmony forever!

You are welcome to

Love all, serve all
Help ever, hurt never
Uplift the downtrodden
Take care of the old and destitute
Work for the orphans, welfare
Share your knowledge with all
Rush to the help of the people in crisis
Go fast and act to relieve the sufferings from distress
Educate the young and old unlettered
Rush to provide to the thirsty
Rush to provide a morsel of food to the hungry!

Gods from the Heaven sure will appreciate and say with
Folded hands “YOU ARE WELCOME here”- and on this sacred day
Let us resolve to deserve the words of gesture with joy and mirth
To ensure the world created by the Almighty God –a golden say!