International Picnic Day- June 18th

Now picnic to your heart's content at India Gate - The Hindu

For many indeed PICNIC is a luxury! Money apart time?
Time permitting nothing can be more joyful than a picnic
To a nearby spot with children enjoying the day with play
And food of different varieties prepared by beloved mother!

Selecting a day with nice climate neither very hot nor cold,
Spot with trees lovely, plants and flowers in full swing
A veritable day to spend with the beloveds free from home !
Joining children in their play, fun and frolic a joy by itself.

Sitting in a circle under the green wood tree, flowing  mild breeze
Enjoying the music of birds sitting on the tree, flying around
Birds of different feathers, and colors and voices quite pleasant
Forgetting the responsibilities of office or business
Nothing can provide greater joy and pleasure for the family.
Lakh of money and materials cannot be equal to a day’s picnic!

Simple Food - International Picnic Day - Simple Life Management










Image result for Images for Rough and gentle waves

What a fine design and shape
That no man on earth can make
Raise, recede and gallop fast
A joy to young and old at little cost!

At times gentle, sometimes rough
As in life make my feet shaky and tough
When gentle you sing like a cuckkoo
When rough you roar like a lion in frown
While gentle you fondle my feet in love
When rough you make me falter and tumble down!

I see your love for the moon in full
Yearn to reach her with all your skill
Fail to reach, back to your shell
Raise, raise again to reach but fail!

Yet leave the message loud and clear
To all those watch far and near
‘Let the world cease not efforts
Nor nurture low aim and sit in comforts! ‘

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Image result for world ocean day 2019 theme

For the first time in my life I saw an ocean when I visited Madras
In the year Nineteen Sixty one- after graduation-in my age twenty!
Amazed, surprised, delighted to see so much of water what your eyes
Could see and beyond! Surging tides coming to kiss your feet and recede!

June Eighth today is World Ocean Day!Celebrated since two thousand nine
Opportunity to raise global awareness of the challenges faced with the oceans.
Lungs of our planet, providing oxygen we breathe, the oceans major source of
Food and medicines a part of biosphere. a way to celebrate our world’s shared
Ocean and our personal connection to the sea, to raise awareness crucial role
It plays in our lives and the important ways we can help protect it!

World Oceans Day had the theme “Preventing Plastic Pollution and Encouraging
Solutions for a Healthy Ocean”. it helped to reduce the amount of plastic
they used to reduce the plastic pollution causing harm to marine resources.
Theme for current year is “Gender and Oceans”Let us green the Blue!

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FIRST EVER TAMIL TRANSLATION OF THYAGARAJA’S TELUGU “PANCHA RATHNA KEERTHANAS ” into TAMIL -in 272 years – translated by me to the original  raga and Tala rendered by the Madurai team Smt. Ranganayaki Sachidanandam, Vocal, Sri Sachidanandam Violin and Dr. K Thiyagarajan, Mridangam is available as CD with a booklet costing Rs 150/- with me in- N V Subbaraman, 12/1045, Jeevan Bima Nagar, Chennai 600101, Ph:04426544950/9840477552.

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November 10- Public Transport Day


Image result for Images to show the efficacy of WALKING/CYCLING-Indian way while young..

Days are gone when the people walked and walked miles and miles
For health and other purposes – quite healthy with smiles!
I walked and walked eight plus eight miles a day to my college
A happy and healthy life I lead even today -great privilege!

Lo! What we see today when the Courts have to order
To control pollution here and there, sans any border.
Public transport to help -fifty travelling not to
Use fifty individual petrol, diesel vehicles!

Pity with love and affection beyond a level
Allow not children walk to schools two hundred meters
Away but drop in cars, scooters and bikes-no cycling
Resulting in obesity in young ones in teens!

Image result for Images for teenage obesity..Teenage Boys Are Much, Much Fatter Than They Were 40 Years Ago

Image result for Image for a Public Transport Day 2018



Beyond the grills of my beautiful window
A lovely sight I get as the gift of wind!
A plant of two years with height of ten feet
Bows with respect to the God of wind quite neat!

East to West and West to East, South to North and
North to South –gentle movement supporting wind
Adding to the great pleasure of breeze sitting
On this good side of the grill and enjoying!

A beautiful crow just glides and lands on the
Tender green plant- plant obliging the crow
A space to perch and moving along wit the
Plant’s branches- the great creation of God!

LET MILLION………………………..!

Let million daffodils
Dance for peace in the happy world
Let million jasmines
Spread the fragrance in a lovely mold
Let million nightingales
Sing for joy and pleasure loud and bold
Let million doves
Spread their wings for harmony manifold
Let million roses
Bloom to make us forget the day of doom

Let million showers
Bring in hope and cheers in the manner of perfume
Let million voices
Rent the air for global love and peace
Let million minds
Work for universal peace with ease
Let million thoughts
Raise in nobility to chase and change our destiny
Let the millennium new
See the world full of peace and joy, health and harmony

Let million patriotic minds
Work ceaselessly and protect freedom and democracy.
Let million children
Sing the songs of peace in harmony.
Let millions of kind hearts
Spread the message of kindness and compassion!
Let million words
Be spoken in praise of sweetness in expression.
Let millions of hands
Show the joy of giving and charity to the poor.

Let the millennium third
Groom the world without war and strife
Let the millennium next
Drink the nectar of love and light all through life!

June 5 – “World Environment Day” is tomorrow.



                                   My HAIKU POEMS    “ ON ENVIRONMENT!”


Clean environment

Great asset we can create

Nice disarmament!


In quest of nature

We shall all walk together

For a bright future!


Keep safe our manthra!

Trees great nature’s gift

To take care our prime duty

Lest we perish swift!


Birds and animals

Our kith and kin to take care

God saves universe!


Air nature’s present

Nature god’s fine creation

Cool air sure pleasant!


Pre-dawn- magic wand

That transforms earth into heaven

Sure makes man’s life grand!


A grand sight to see

Last rays of the dying Sun

Gives to joy a key!


Pure water and air

Nature’s gift to the mankind

Protect nice and fair!

9 Fail not to protect

Our Mother Environment

Lest no protection!



Environment Science

Students are taught in their schools

Ever have conscience!






      My Haiku Poems    ON “TREES”


A beautiful tree amidst the green field


Crime to fell a tree
Global warming a warning
Save and make it free!

Tree the home of birds
God given green shelters safe
The unkind have swords!
Forest our great wealth
Man’s duty to protect nice
He has greed and strength!
Source of rain- forests
Ever to be protected
Lo! Man stands farthest!

Jungle- animals’
Happy home with all freedom
Man simply annuls!
All parts of a tree
Are of great value to all
Man simply fells free!
Forest fetches rain
For the whole earth to prosper
Unkind man brings pain!
Tree, forest, jungle
Man’s precious allies sure
But he keeps single!
Green forest quite cool
Men and animals enjoy
In His hands a tool!
Aroma pleasant
Around the eucalyptus
God’s pleasant present!





At 18.00hrs IST on Thursday the 2nd June,  with the day’s view 109, TOTAL VIEWS of ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses FORTY THREE THOUSAND. While thanking you for your support, I solicit the same in the days to come also.


Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.

Sweet melodious song of the bird
Behind the grills I sat and heard
That little beautiful bird perching
On the branch of neem tree singing
Its lovely song of harmony and peace
Heralding the dawn of new age with ease!

Voice of the crow, bark of the dog
Scent of flowers, chillness of fog
Breeze from the sea, charm of the hill
Rise and fall of the surging waves!
Grace of God and gift of nature
Man to save and secure future!

Alas! man in his greed and needs
Takes to his cruel acts and deeds!
Oh! God grant good sense to the world
To live clean and save people bold!



Nature beautiful

Men blind and have no appetite

And waste life in full!


Nature showers joy

Most ungrateful men destroy

Her love proves a toy!


Birds strike chord of peace

Love and live with nature well

Do we live with ease?


Sure woods are lovely

A great creation of God

Man kills brutally.


Nature binds us all

Until the ungrateful men

Push and make us fall!


Sandy beach God’s gift

All to enjoy and protect

None has right to drift!


Great lake beautiful

With vast expanse of water

Nature bountiful!


Yes, surging waves surge

In the lake – gift of nature

“Serve the world” they urge!


Cold breeze the waves bring

To all sans fear or favor

As water from spring!


Nature God’s great gift

Sure to  be nurtured by all

The world to move swift!

Beautiful view of OOTY LAKE- nature at its best!.