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All religions in the world are for promoting peace and joy,
To make the humans behave noble supplementing each and enjoy
No hatred, no animosity, no fanaticism-they preach,
No ill will, no jealousy-that is what they teach!

Among the world religions, Hinduism is one of the oldest
And India- my holy Motherland-is its home tallest
The preacher of the Adwaita philosophy- Shankara
Born one thousand two hundred and thirty years ago!

Today is Shankara Jayanthi- holiest day for us
Fasting, meditating and reading Acharya’s works famous
Ideal way to celebrate the day with all solemnity
Bound to take all HIS followers towards Divinity!


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தொடர்புடைய படம்

Holy Saturday is the day that Jesus Christ lay in the tomb
After his death – the day after good-Friday”and before Easter-Sunday”
Also called Easter Eve, Easter Even, Black Saturday,
Or the Saturday before Easter.-resurrected on Easter Sunday!

A day of sadness and joy; hold Easter vigil service.
Churches hold large baptism services on this day.
Easter week end day to prepare for Easter Feast
After night long service- an auspicious day fast!

India that is Bharath-my Homeland-and my great faith
‘Sarva dharma sama bhaava”-all beliefs are equal straight
To be observed by the faiths respective with all sanctity
Wishing the Christians over the Globe a nice Easter!

significance of holy saturday-31stmarch 2018 க்கான பட முடிவு

This Friday is GOOD FRIDAY!


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“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust  in me
Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,
You are sons of your Father who is in heaven; He  makes
His sun rise on the evil and on the good,just and on the unjust!”

That indeed is the spirit taught to us by Jesus Christ!
This Friday today is GOOD FRIDAY- not a day to rejoice-trust
In HIS compassion for all unlimited; HE comes back on Sunday
The day to be spent in joy and feast “as my LORD is back with me” to say!

Oh! Lord My Jesus! Creator of this world
Thee have blessed me with birth to live good and bold
Let me be a good Christian and follow
All Thy teachings and preaching- not shallow!

“Love thy neighbour as thyself” a great advice
When followed in letter and spirit- life nice
When I love my neighbour and he in turn loves
Nothing but love and respect, sure the world bows!

Love transcends religion, language and culture
All are one, equal and high, great to nurture
Prayer on Sundays is great, for some Fridays
Many, many others offer on all days!

Lord Jesus! Bless the whole world with peace and poise
The whole world is my home, and all are my choice
To shower all my love and affection sure
Create lovely world of great harmony pure!



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“UGADHI SUBHAKANKSHALU”-ugadhi greetings to you all
A great day of joy and happiness, guidance for the new year tall
Let us happily welcome the New Year all over to be joyful
Harmonious and healthy, prosperous and peaceful!

Andhra, Karnataka and Maharashtra main and their great sons
And daughters all over the globe celebrate with fervor in tons
Enjoying neem-jaggery-mango mix in liquid state-bitter, sour and sweet
As life’s experience-mixture of all to be taken in its stride!

My Motherland holy-India that is Bharath is great, vast and serious
With culture, languages, celebrations different in parts various
“unity in diversity” core value of India entire to be proud of
Religions many-but brotherhood permanent-let us live the Heaven on earth!





Man’s culture, tradition and civilization
Get reflected in his faith, religion with passion
And its practices- in all the religions of the world
Holy India stands atop from the days of old!

Lord Shiva one of the trinities- in Hindu
Pantheon- and today is MAHA SHIVRATHRI day
One of the holiest observed by the devotees
Of Lord Shiva wherever they are in the world.

The day marked with devotion great, fasting Through out
The day- keep awake all through the night in meditration
Group chanting the name of the Lord “Om, Nama sivaya”
All aimed at making a man noble and good to the Society.

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Right way sure is to enjoy a holy and sacred day tremendous
That Sacred and holy day is today December second prosperous!
Day that saw the Divine birth of  Prophet Muhammad- the great
Whose preaching and teachings a boon noble to the world- a treat!

Thousands offering prayers in the decorated mosques actual
Yielding peace and harmony, strength moral and intellectual!
The world to be happy and honest, peaceful and prosperous
Needs all religions to contribute their might serious!

In the Third month of Islamic calendar the holy day –
Muslim brethren all over the world with processions and feeding
Celebrate MILAD UN NABI in an atmosphere carnival
Exchanging gifts and greetings with the poor and rich-fine festival!



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INFINITHEISM – a strong faith-infuses in all
Who believe in faith which leads to God and religion!
Infiniprayer: Feeling thy presence.
Feeling thy grace.
Feeling thy radiance.
You are my source of faith & strength.
You are my path & destination.
And I am always connected to you.
Nothing of me & everything of you.
Lead me higher… Lead me deeper… Lead me beyond… Lead me to you.

What a great faith and a religion nice by itself
Believer in God and religion or not oneself
Has to believe and practice this faith for wellbing
Of the self and society – to be happy and peaceful!

INFINITHEISM DAY” is today eleventh November
Sure a day all peace loving people to remember
In the interest of the self and society sure
To enjoy peace and harmony, joy and poise quite pure!