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Legislature, Judiciary and bureaucracy three pillars strong
Of a vibrant democracy!Fourth is ofcourse PRESS for long
Very important-unfortunate at times it is strangled
By the rulers inimical when not to their likes and taste!

May Third today it is World “PRESS FREEDOM” Day being observed all over.
United Nations General Assembly declared May third to be World Press Freedom Day
Day to raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press and remind
Governments of their duty to respect and uphold the right to freedom of expression!

Stifling the voice of the press takes many forms and shapes
Newspapers in particular to make the cost cheaper to the subscribers
Depend on advertisements from the people and Governments
Unhappy Governments at the reports stop advertisements
Harass the reporters and the Editors in innumerable means.
Let all give the Press its Freedom to fairly report and publish
Not to be very sensational but frank and fair, honest and humble
To enjoy the freedom in full and be the real fourth estate and pillar!

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“Man is born free but ever in chains” go the words of truth
Freedom seems to be illusory, has to find its teeth!
Press represents the society and reflects its views right
Alas! Press freedom is also mutilated beyond sight!

The Press should not be lured by anything and any one
To maintain its dignity, pride and freedom-hearts to win!
Rightly today it is “WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY” third of May
To highlight the value of PRESS FREEDOM -to concede-pray!

Democracy to survive voice of the people or Press
Not to be stifled and strangulated-allowed to impress
The views of all unhindered and and unpolluted-quite sure
Of course self restraint and control essential-very pure!

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HUMAN RIGHTS DAY is 10th December.


All living beings created by the Lord Almighty
Have basic rights- known or unknown-humans or animals
Right to live, earn, eat and to be at peace all the life time
Alas! Many times human beings have to fight for rights!

Universal Declaration of Human Rights- Human
Rights Day observed on this day as per UNO-
Political, social, economic, cultural and
Civil rights- constitute human rights for all to enjoy!

Slavery, torture, genocide and war crimes haunted all
A just society cannot tolerate- to stand quite tall
Came the United Nations to the rescue of the world
At least in theory we have with violations bold.


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Democracy thrives on four pillars as we know
Legislature, Judiciary, Bureaucracy
And the fourth one called Fourth Estate the great Press-show
The importance of each in a free society!

UNESCO declared every third of May as
“PRESS FREEDOM DAY” and today have to think as
Responsible for freedom of expression- lo!
On the decline- thanks to all powerful POLITICS!

The first three can thrive and prosper if fourth is strong
Society to be well informed and responsible
To voice its opinion free and frank, sans fear
“Critical Minds for Critical Times: Media’s
Role in advancing peaceful, just and inclusive
Societies”.this year’s theme to make it vibrant!

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Press freedom essence of democracy sure to be enjoyed

Constitutions of great democracies very well assured!

Freedom and rights go with duties and responsibilities

Human beings tend to forget the noble concept – a loss!


No bias and prejudices in reporting and writings

Cardinal principles to be followed by the Press

Alas! Reality is on the other side- a mirage

Minds of the reading public getting clouded for countless age!


UNESCO sponsored – a great day significant is this day

Attacks on the press and press people-intolerance displayed

By the Governments –self seeking to be abhorred and condemned

Freedom paramount along with their discipline self imposed!


Fearless, independent Press be praised and complimented

Those indulging in selfish pursuits for power be decried

Paid news a horrible curse- be deprecated and condemned

Let the press enjoy freedom, do their duty uninterfered!


My right to information depends on press freedom – a fact

It is my duty to help keep the freedom of press in tact

Putting our shoulders together- mutually help us sure

Let the whole world breathe that fresh air of freedom and enjoy pure!


2016  marks the 250th anniversary of the world’s first freedom of                       information law, passed in Sweden and Finland in 1766.