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I P S -Indian Postal Service- network deemed to be one
Of the best in the world!We also experience especially
In the deep rural areas -post man is the harbinger of
Happy news from the  farthest battle field-forward areas!

Unmindful of adverse climate and terrain postal employees
Performs his duties -let us understand and appreciate
On this day- National Postal Day was October tenth
To pay our regards and appreciation to all in the field and office!

Observed on October ninth-Tenth each year, World Post Day commemorates
The anniversary of the Universal Postal Union, started in Switzerland
In eighteen hundred and seventy four. it was the beginning of the global communications revolution, introducing the ability to write to others
All over the world. we celebrate to highlight the importance of their service!.

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National Pharmacist Day-January 12th


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Man to be happy should be healthy!If health is lost something is lost!
Rightly said but how, where and when none knows-medicines we need fast!
None can claim he has no need or never visited a medical shop
Many in fact live in Pharmacist’s paradise-a medical shop!!

Pharmacists are not simple persons to give the medicine on Doctors’
Prescription! National Pharmacist Day is today January twelfth
To recognize and honor all pharmacists across the nation.
Role of pharmacists has shifted from “lick, stick and pour” dispensary role
To being member of the health care team involved in patient care as a whole
After mastering biochemical mechanisms of action of drugs,
Physiology, and pathophysiology,they interpret and
Communicate their specialized knowledge to patients and healthcare providers.

Now pharmacists advise patients and health care providers on the selection, Dosages, interactions and the side effects of prescriptions, along with
Having the role as a learned intermediary between a prescriber and a patient. Monitoring the health and progress of patients! Let us wish them all well!

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Journalists and journalism form the backbone of a knowledge society
Their responsibility is very high and owe a lot to the world
To be dispassionate, unbiased and up-to-date and without prejudice
They indeed are great professionals serving the society in grand measure!

November Seventeenth-National Journalism day is today-nice day
During nineteen twenties, the writer Walter Lippmann and an American
Philosopher John Dewey, exchanged their views over the role of journalism
In a democratic society at a time when modern journalism
Was coming into practice.Clear it was journalism plays a role
Of mediator between the public and policy makers. performed
By the journalist who used to listen and record the message
Spoken by the elites. This message processed and conveyed to the public!

A difficult work it is yet they do it well in the society’s interest
On this day we wish them all well in their chosen selfless work=greatest!


Book on Aadhaar by journalists.


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World Teachers’ Day- International Teachers Day, is today
October fifth. from Ninety Four, to commemorating
Signing of the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation concerning
The Status of Teachers, rightly addressing
Situations of teachers around the world.outlining
Standards education personnel policy, recruitment, training!

Focusing the continuing education of teachers, their employment,
And working conditions. The Day aims to focus on “appreciating,
Assessing and improving the educators of the world” and
To consider issues related to teachers and teaching!
Let us on this day pay our respects to our preceptors
Revered teachers all well in their noblest of the callings!



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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,75,000  views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 190th  view at 19.30 hrs yesterday viz Thurs day  the Fourth (04th) October 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed the landmark ONE LAKH  AND SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND (1,75,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1253rd day and 1365th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.





THe Lord Almighty-the great Creator- creates men with knowledge
Knowledge in disciplines different for the world to acknowledge
Gods of knowledge and learning all over the world bless and grace
To serve the society and the world with the knowledge got and save!

Engineering, Medicine, Astronomy, Astrology-arts
Sixty four in all according to my Homeland in all parts
Life giving, life saving, enlightening, enlivening- astrology
Predictions for the future great arts and science Masters there are!

Nostradamus was one such giant physician and seer
Was born this day in fifteen hundred and three in France-
A healer of body and mind -greatly admired by all king and people
Predictions for years proved correct and of guidance scruple!



Today is SEPTEMBER FIRST – the day in 1956- my Alma mater great LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION  where I learnt the art and science of LIFE and LIVING for more than four decades- was born. A week following COME SEPTEMBER FIRST” is named as INSURANCE WEEK and great celebrations are observed all over the Corporation in India and abroad.

I pleasantly recollect  my SWEETEST THOUGHTS of my services in LIC for more than 40 years and the Insurance Week Celebrations I observed in various places I have worked during 1962-2001 and share the same 3ith my Esteemed Viewers o ENVIUS THOUGHTS.
“We look before and after

And pine for what is not

Our sincerest laughter

With some pain is fraught

“Our sweetest memories are those that tell of saddest thoughts”

a great quote of P B Shelly in his immortal poem  “ODE TO A SKYLARK”.

Inaugurating 1600th Session and the open air class room “SHANTHINIKETHAN” in LIC Zonal Training Center, Ambattur, Chennai in 2000.
Inaugurating 1600th Session and the open air class room “SHANTHINIKETHAN” in LIC Zonal Training Center, Ambattur, Chennai in 2000.

In the life of our nation, no other financial Institution has played such a sterling role as Life Insurance Corporation of India. Yes; LIC is entering its seventy one  year of service today. Every year commencing on first September LIC observes INSURANCE WEEK CELEBRATIONS for a week and I was very, very particular that the WEEK must be observed meticulously in letter and spirit on all the seven days without exception and hence I in my forty years of LIC service, started organizing the Week at my different stages-as AAO (Development) in Coimbatore during 1969-1972, as ABM  (Administration) in Ooty (1972-1975), as SSS Liaison Officer, Thanjavur Divisional Office (1975-1978), as Administrative Officer (SDM Secretarial/Development (1981-1983), as  Branch/Senior Branch Manager in Erode Branch I (1983-1987), Coimbatore Avinashi Road  Branch (1987-1991), as Marketing Manager, Bikener, Thanjavur and Salem (1991-1995), as Senior Divisional Manager Kadapa (1995-1998), as Secretary(Marketing) Zonal Office, Chennai (1998-2001). I had the pleasure of involving myself directly with the celebrations in all these stages and places. While I was Administrative Officer (Audit and Inspection) South Zone (1978-1981) I could not involve in the Week. In this way, THIRTY Insurance Week Celebrations in which my direct involvement was there and they remain as quite SWEETEST THOUGHTS! Sitting at my Flat in Jeevan Bima Nagar, Chennai, brooding over the past at my 76th year of age, I vividly and pleasantly look back on these Insurance Week Celebrations” which I would like to share with my great and esteemed viewers and friends present and  past of LIC.

In my first post in my ENVIUS THOUGHTS in I have shared exhaustively “MY TRYST WITH LIFE INSURANCE CORPORAION OF INDIA”- four decade long journey!

Hence I would strictly touch upon my sweetest thoughts of the INSURANCE WEEK CELEBRATIONS only in this post.

Normally my Insurance Week extends to EIGHT days-eighth day- ADULT LITERACY DAY!

First of September falling on a week day will be the monthly business closing day in a Branch and hence the celebration will be restricted to the Inauguration of SPECIAL SERVICE COUNTER by a local dignitary in the Branch office premises.

Since it was my strong belief that the occasion should give a fillip to the image of the Institution, the rest of the seven days events will be conducted outside the Branch premises. One day will be for the children’s drawing, painting, essay writing like competition in any school premises. Another day for workers in a factory-an elocution contest for the workers on the benefit of Life insurance for them will be organized. Yet another day Woman’s day in a Woman’s hostel like YWCA etc. On all September fifth- Teachers’ Day will be organized in a local school –with a breakfast to the teachers-speeches in appreciation of the good work turned out by the teachers for the society. The school will be selected in such a way that Salary Savings Scheme can be introduced or extended in a big way!

Another day a talk in the Rotary/Lions/JCs Club about LIC and its achievements in serving the society will be delivered. Seventh day valedictory of the week will be held in a public auditorium with prize distribution and some cultural programme with an outsider Chief Guest.

Eighth day ADULT LITERACY day, in the adult education center in a village – some donations like books, electric lights etc will be made; participation in Government arranged functions.

With slight variations in programs, all these thirty years celebrations are still the sweetest songs in my memory and pass through like a film!

In Erode Branch, with the cooperation of administrative and marketing teams, a Bus Shelter was donated in one year; one page supplementary on the Branch growth and achievements was brought out three years.

This was almost the same pattern everywhere where I served, Bikaner or Coimbatore, Salem or Thanjavur,  Kadapa or Madurai!

In particular the way in which Insurance Week Celebrations in Thanjavur Division render sweet songs. My great colleagues in Thanjavur Division, besides other programmes in the Town Hall in the center of the city and in the Divisional Office premises performed a folk lore called VILLUP PATTU depicting the history of life insurance and the LIC and later as a rural  publicity program was performed in several rural pockets which naturally won  tremendous response from the public. The folk lore involves singing and speaking to the accompaniment of striking the strings of a big bow with a foot long stick.

A typical VILLUP PATTU scene- a great folklore!
A typical VILLUP PATTU scene- a great folklore!

Extensive press coverage used to be given in Hindu to Indian Express to Dinamalar to Dinathanthi!

More heartening were the reports that appeared in Yogakshema and Southern Splendor SZ house magazine and South Central and Northern Zone House magazines.

These paper cuttings and the respective house magazines in my home library when I go through after 16 years of leaving LIC take me to very heavens!

A view of the YOGAKSHEMA prestigious house magazine of LIC of India.
A view of the YOGAKSHEMA prestigious house magazine of LIC of India.

“Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive but to be young was very heaven” a great poet wrote about Industrial  Revolution! It was indeed a bliss to serve LIC for forty long years and more. In fact LIC is my Alma Mater where I learnt the great art and science of Life and living!

I took legitimate pride whenever YOGAKSHEMA the prestigious House magazine of LIC carried my articles on different subjects in those days when I was in service. But then, to find a story after 14 years of retirement in AUGUST 2015 ISSUE OF YOGAKSHEMA written by Shri Hari Krishan Chaudhary, Chandigar under the title: “An encounter with a Septuagenarian Poet”  was heartwarming and took me to ecstasy as that encounter was with this writer!!!!!

While I am thankful to the author I am grateful to the Editor of Yogakshema for having published the same. I am indeed overwhelmed with the nice gesture shown to me by my Alma Mater.

I have reproduced the article for the ready reference to the readers along with the letter of my former colleague in Coimbatore Avinashi Road Branch about a quarter century ago!



I have attached herewith the scanned copy of the one page article by Shri Hari Krishan Chaudhary in the August 2015 issue of ‘Yogakshema’. The soft copy of the magazine is yet to be received from the publishers.

Sir, I felt very proud reading about your accomplishments and went about bragging in my department about your being my first boss when I had just joined LIC.

Hearty Congratulations on all your achievements and I wish you many more accolades!

With warm regards,

Geeta Prabhakaran


Here are a few photographs taken during the Insurance Week Celebrations in different places and different years for the perusal of my respected and beloved viewers from more than 210 countries.  Some of these photographs are my great possessions indeed!

Photos are always very great memory servers! I am very fond of yesterday’s photos in the print form and in fact I have a few with me for almost four decades!; in these digital days, any number of photos of any decades are well stored in our computer system; yet the printed photos have their own charm and beauty! I do preserve some of them so carefully that they come to my help for any occasion and in any of my literary journeys!

Inauguration Week Celebrations in Erode - thirty years ago.
Inauguration Week Celebrations in Erode – thirty years ago.
In Coimbatpre Avinashi Road Branch – during 1987-1991
In Coimbatpre Avinashi Road Branch – during 1987-1991
Drawing / painting competition for school children.
Drawing / painting competition for school children.
IW Celebrations in CBE Rotary Club Prize distribution- Coimbatore
IW Celebrations in CBE Rotary Club Prize distribution- Coimbatore
Inauguration Week Celebrations-Avinashilingam Home Science College- Coimbatore
IW Celebrations-Avinashilingam Home Science College- Coimbatore
IWC-in Seerangammal Kalvi Nilayam Teachers Day -Coimbatore
IWC-in Seerangammal Kalvi Nilayam Teachers Day -Coimbatore
Insurance Week Celebrations Salem Division d in September 1994
Insurance Week Celebrations Salem Division d in September 1994
Insurance Week Celebrations in Kadapa- 1995-1998
Insurance Week Celebrations in Kadapa- 1995-1998
Insurance Week Celebrations-Kadapa Division- 1995-1998
Insurance Week Celebrations-Kadapa Division- 1995-1998
At Kadapa LIC Redsidents Association meeting
At Kadapa LIC Redsidents Association meeting

In this way, the songs that I hear of Insurance Week Celebrations in different stations and different years are indeed sweetest .  I used to tell my agents in those days that they should perform in such a manner that will remain ever sing sweet songs and I will be happily recollecting the same in my seventies and eighties reclining in my easy chair and responded splendidly in all my marketing assignments. Precisely that is what I am doing now on my tryst with LIC and in particular these Insurance Week Celebrations.

Thanks my dear viewers for your patient viewing!



Oh! My Great Lord Almighty! Give Doctors sense of justice on this day
Help us continue our faith in the medical men demy-Gods!
Give us good health to be free from the need to approach the demons
We faithfully pray “May the tribe of the noble doctors to grow!

Oh! My Lord Almighty! Thy creations are great and wonderful
It seems creation of human beings in a mood quite vengeful!
Plethora of deceases and sickness Thee make them suffer with
Either suffer or get cured by thy grace and help of others a myth!

One of Thy compassionate creations is the medical experts
Whom we call DOCTORS and adore them as next to God- Demi –God!
They give up their pleasures of life to save and comfort the sick men
No day or night, no sleep or rest- Gods in human form are indeed!

Tomorrow “Doctors’ Day”! A day to offer respects and compliments!
Alas! Of late we do go to these men sans medical ethics
For money they work, care little for those without-unfortunate
Have no knowledge and have no scruples, sick becomes sicker and die!

Let not the MEDICAL MEN’S ETHICS simply hang on their walls
Let it occupy the hearts of all practitioners tall
Unethical Doctors and fake ones are on the increase
Save the people from the clutches of such monsters with ease.


Please look for CANADA’S 150 th Anniversary Day post tomorrow here.