WORLD TOURISM DAY September 27th


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Man bound by his routine day in and day out needs relaxation
Means not spending all one’s time in front of the idiot box
Can be a morning and evening walk, visiting a park and garden
Reading a book of ones choice and like, listening to music sweet!

Taking a tour with kith and kin sure is a relaxation-for all
Twenty Seventh September  today is World Tourism Day to relax
Started by the United Nations World Tourism Organization
In Nineteen Eighty. was selected as on this day the laws
Came into force in nineteen seventy- the big landmark for
The global tourism to bring in awareness in people about
The significant role of tourism inside the international
Community and to exhibit how the social, economic, cultural,
Political values are influenced globally. Let us all take to
Tourism within our capacity and get relaxed for a few days!

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May 7th-National Tourism Day

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Travel makes a person perfect rightly said out of experience
Confined to home or own place puts one under constraints
Going out of one’s place, State, country indeed great practice
New learning from the place and people new –sans restraints!

Travel as a part of TOURISM is very much unique and great
Tourism opens up people to experiences new and unexpected
Giving lot of inputs new  on people, their culture, language
A golden opportunity of course at a cost- physical and financial!

Travel  good for things many – for business, on a  family trip,
Giving up everything to pursue a nomadic life, traveling
Makes us happier  builds self-confidence through new experiences,
Breaks barriers and allows to meet people from all over!.

People visiting foreign countries  encouraged to learn
New phrases, words of the native languages of every foreign
Country  visiting.. Speaking in foreign tongues helps people
Attain a whole new outlook in life and world!

Culture shock indeed is the impact of moving from a culture
Familiar  to an unfamiliar. surprise of a new environment,
With new people and a new way of life worth the time and cost
Never to be got experiences and joy, opportunities and great toast!

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Man in those days walked miles together with nice health
Evolution came gradually -fashion settled- wealth
Of Vehicles-cart-to rickshaws to cycles to fast moving
Two and Four wheelers-made to give up road walking!

Today World Car Free Day September twenty second,
To encourages motorists to give up their cars for a day.
The event “promotes improvement of “Public transport”
Cycling and “Walking”where job and shopping nearer!

For short trips in cities, we reach Quicker using bicycle than
Car!Fuel is saved in the crisis caused, pollution avoided!
Health improves rightly Delhi Government banned to some extent
Let us teach our wards walk to schools up to kilometers five!

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National Read A Road Map Day

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“Travel makes a man perfect” so goes an old adage
Right indeed are the golden words of wisdom for ages
As one travels, gets into touch with people, climate,
Society in forms providing experiences intimate!

“National Read A Road Map Day” is today fifth of April
Road maps show the roads and boundaries of the places well
Give information about the famous buildings, tourist sites,
Parks and recreational facilities, hotels
And restaurants, airports, train and petrol stations and all!
Road maps fun to use and never fails-even if phones fail!

With the increase in the use of GPS navigation
And other electronic maps, the printed maps diminish.
On this day let us spend some time to learn to read a road map,
And plan a short road trip using the road maps like the old times!

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