November 12 Public Service Broadcasting Day

Broadcasting indeed is an important social service
That equips the listeners with knowledge up to date nice!
Private and public sector service in this regard great
Premier broadcaster is that of our central Government!

November twelfth today is “Public Service Broadcasting Day”
Observed every year on this day to commemorate
Mahatma Gandhi’s maiden visit to All India Radio
(AIR) studio!Father of the Nation Mahatma
Gandhi visited the studio, Delhi first and last.
To address the refugees from Pakistan,
At Kurukshetra in Haryana after partition.
Consoling, assuring and providing consolation!

Notwithstanding the invasion of Television far and wide
Radio has its own charm and role to play in side by side
We know the people treat transistor as sister and keep
With them not to miss programs important and interesting neat!

Image result for Image of All India Radio Delhi

All India Radio station Delhi.


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Heritage is beyond all values-to be preserved
For posterity! Great going with culture be noted!
Twenty Seventh October-WORLD DAY FOR AUDIO
VISUAL HERITAGE” with a purpose laudable!

This commemorative day chosen by UNESCO
Thirteen years ago to raise awareness of
Significance and preservation risks recorded
sound and audiovisual documents totally in all!

The main objectives of designating the date of 27 October were listed by UNESCO:

raising public awareness of the need for preservation;
providing opportunities to celebrate specific local, national or international aspects of the heritage;
highlighting the accessibility of archives;
attracting media attention to heritage issues;
raising the cultural status of audiovisual heritage;
highlighting audiovisual heritage in danger, especially in developing countries.

Every year has a theme; this year it is
“Your story is moving!” This theme allows
Plenty of scope for a wide variety of activities
based on stories that are preserved in audiovisual
Archives — people’s stories or narratives that enable
Heritage to be passed on to the next generation!


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WORLD POST DAY-9th October.

Image result for world post day 2018

One of the essentials of life is communication
Oral or written-goes a long way in appreciation
Of each other near or far, does help in understanding
Communication has several dimensions-fast growing!

“World Post day” is today ninth October the anniversary
Of the Universal Postal Union started hundred and forty
Four years ago; the start of the global communications
Revolution, introducing the ability to write to others
All over the world. World Post Day started fifty years ago!

This day highlights the importance of the postal service.
Countries hold special stamp collection exhibitions!
There are workshops on postal history. International
Letter writing competition for young people conducted!

We remember the village postman and his great role looked for
The villagers as if savior has come bringing news
Who will also read and explain the contents to the joy
Or sorrow! Village Post master with his turban great friend of all!

Image result for world post day 2018


Image result for national camera day images

National-Camera-Day is today June twenty ninth
Commemorating photographs, camera, invention.
Camera is irreplaceable tool to record memories,
Events, people and places.Great invention indeed!

Earlier to the Camera, documenting through painting
Very few who can perfectly capture the image in drawing.
Camera provides simple, fast inexpensive solution.
Today we have camera- mobile on hand revolution!

George Eastman was “The Father of Photography,” brought
Camera to the masses and invent many additions that improved
Use, ease, and production of the camera, making it
widely available to homes around the world.

Original camera was large and bulky but
Today it as small as a pen with many features attractive
Making them appealing to all ages for use.
To celebrate the day snap a picture we enjoy!


Image result for national camera day images

COLOR T V DAY-25th June

color TV day 2018 க்கான பட முடிவு

Technological advancement greatest boon to the society
Days were there when man was confined to his work, home and sleep without
Any entertainment! Theaters appeared -for the people
To spend time enjoying the white screen for hours a couple!

Came the great Radio big and small-as sister and transistor
To enjoy music and talks, dramas and news the whole day and night!
Only for ears and nothing for the eyes! Came the Television
Great indeed entertainment, getting knowledge all round at home!

Black and white it was and then thanks to great technology today
We have color television-nice and cool-all times from many
Channels-young and old to enjoy-observing cricketers in blues
COLOR T V DAY is today the twenty fifth June! Thank Scientists!

color TV day 2018 க்கான பட முடிவு

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Images of a DRAMA AUDITORIUM with audience filled in India க்கான பட முடிவு

Theaters galore- Cinema,  Drama  and  Operation Theaters
Today it is WORLD THEATERS DAY- theaters for plays-Dramas
We have to save the very planet earth and therefore  ‘theater’.
The arts of the actor and the arts of live performance  be made
Available to children in primary ages and this generation will,
Be sensitive to the righteousness of life and nature!

Drama Theater is not make shift and  imaginary  as cinema is.
Script, direction and action are more practical than cinema
May be much less harmful to mother earth and other planets.
“Theatre’ will become more important for  the retention and
Sustenance of life itself; to empower the live performer
And the spectator without threatening each other in  togetherness.!
Theatre to facilitate  at grass root level, rural and urban all.
On this day very important let us resolve to encourage drama theater.

Images of a DRAMATISTS and PLAY WRITES க்கான பட முடிவுImages of a DRAMATISTS and PLAY WRITES க்கான பட முடிவு

Great play-writes of the world-Shakespeare and Germans.

Images of YGP க்கான பட முடிவு

A Tamilnadu team dedicated to encourage DRAMA THEATER of yester- years.


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November 5th- Book Lovers Day – first Saturday of November.


Celebrate National Book Lovers Day with a good read

Among all the hobbies and habits, Book Reading is great and lovely
Innate taste for reading to be developed right from childhood nicely
That will last for ever -from cradle to the grave-bound to help self growth
Providing knowledge triggering thoughts-thoughts noble and wise worth!

On one side book sales soars to millions thanks to Book Fairs here and there
Reading habit among the youth cause of concern for all everywhere
Sitting before the television sets and having smart phones on hand
Youngsters find little time for books unfortunate and looks very bad!

There are people who love reading books buy a lot every month for sure
Whether stay in bed, hit the beach or find perfect spot serene quite pure
Under the shade of a green tree, kick back and relax with book they like
Great indeed are they and on this holy day, let us wish them through a mike!

National Book Lovers Day: How to Save Money on Reading



“International Picnic Day ” is today- day to enjoy
With near and dear- in a place peaceful, calm and pleasant with joy
Once a way needed absolutely that rejuvenates all
Mind and body-rich or poor, young or old all tall!


We carry our food and water with other paraphernalia
Children free from studies and home work, elders from office work
Only  day to spend joyfully with the kids and others
In the life with increasing tension and stress pervading all!


Moneyed can go to a picnic spot happily in their car
The poor need have no regrets beautiful public parks not far
To go by walk or other cheap transport facilities sure
Groves and beaches, lakes and tanks provide joy to all free and  pure!


Not to be treated as a luxury in life – but sure a
Necessity to the tired mind and body all along a
Month or two amidst the life’s stress and strain inevitable
Mind and attitude  important to make it possible!


Kindly look for this Sunday story on “IN THE DOMAIN OF CATS AND DOGS”. Thanks.



Today is “World Radio Day”-celebrating radio

A great invention at a time not in the portfolio

Touching lives and connecting people all over universe

The radio- to educate and entertain a great force!


UNESCO a part of the great UN organization

Made in the year two thousand and twelve a proclamation

Thirteenth February each year will be WORLD RADIO DAY!

Observed by all member countries in the way deemed great!


Electromagnetic theory of Maxwell- great scientist

In eighteen seventy three helped designing- a great artist

We have radio and its younger brother television

Provide awareness on and of all in the world as a mission!


For a decade and more on every twenty fifth January

My voice is heard over All India Radio-joyfully

In the National Symposium of Poets- quite happy

Long live Radio listeners and Television viewers!

Centennial Internet Radio

Image result for Image of a Television set.

A Television set.