• March 7, Hazarat Ali’s Birthday IS 49

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India that is Barath-our holy Motherland is indeed unique
In that  it is blessed with a series of Saints and Seers-Hindus
And Sufi, Christian and Jains,  Parsis and all to guide the people
To lead  a life of nobility and peace, harmony and happy!

Today the Seventh  March  is the birth anniversary of Imam
Hazrat Ali .. The Hazrat Ali Jayanti is indeed a great day for all.
Hazrat Ali, the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad,
Is a respected figure in Islam held in high esteem across India and beyond.

Ali was born inside the sacred sanctuary of the Kaaba in Mecca,
The holiest place in Islam, to Abu Talib and Fatimah bint Asad.
Ali was an early companion of Hazrat Muhammad and fought
In the battles that forged the early Muslim community.

Appointed caliph after the assassination of Uthman ibn Affan.
Ali was  assassinated while praying in the Great Mosque of Kufa.
He was struck in the head with a poisonous sword While he was saying
His prayers.Let us on this holy day invoke His grace!

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Of the scores and scores of Saints and Seers India that is Bharath
Is blessed with, Tamilnadu had its own share-indeed a share with
We can be proud of!! One great Saint of Tamilnadu was Kachiyapper .
Kacchiyappa Shiva āchāriyār was a temple priest  a poet and Vedantist.

Kachiyapper  a Shaivite Brahmin and officiated as a priest in
Ekambareswarar Temple in  Kumara Kottam Murugan temple,
Kanchipuram. His greatest composition was Kandha puranam,
Tamil counterpart of the Sanskrit Skanda Purana. The meters
Composed in the same style as the former. with six volumes
having thirteen thousand three hundred and five stanzas.
The work was completed in Seven Hundred and Seventy Eight .

Kandhapurāna Arangetra Mantapam where Kacchiyappar
Composed the text still exists in the temple complex.
Peacocks flock the premises even now. He wrote the epic in six cantos,
It is believed that the first line of the first stanza was written by
Kacchiyappar’s patron deity, Murugan himself. HE corrected the
Hundred stanzas written by the priest during the day.The poet took his
Composition to the God and rehearsed it. Even now the priests
In the temple are the descendants of Kacchiyappar. Let us on this
Holy day invoke HIS blessings and grace and read Kandhapuranam.

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Kandakottam Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu.

Mirra Alfassa Birth Day 21st February IS 46

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Mirra Alfassa (21 February 1878 – 17 November 1973)-Pondichery Mother

People born all over the world become Saints and Seers guiding
The world and society towards spirituality-men or women making
No difference. Mother-Pondicherry- Aurabindo Ashram is one
Revered by all  In India and everywhere in the world!

Mirra Alfassa born on this day in Eighteen Seventy Eight
And lived up to Seventeenth November Nineteen Seventy Three,
Known to her followers as The Mother, was a spiritual guru,
An occultist and close to  Sri Aurobindo, who considered her
To be of equal yogic stature to him and called her by the name “The Mother”.
She founded the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and established Auroville
As  universal town; she was influence and inspiration to many writers and
Spiritual personalities on  Integral Yoga.

Mother was born in Paris at a bourgeois family.  she travelled to Algeria
To practise occultism under Max Théon. Then, she travelled Around
The world and finally settled in Pondicherry,  with Sri Aurobindo and his Followers.  settlement was turned into an ashram over the years, where she worked with
Sri Aurobindo in establishing Integral Yoga and guiding its Pupils.
In nineteen forty three, she started a school in the ashram
In nineteen sixty eight established Auroville, an experimental township
Free from discrimination of nationality, language, creed and politics.

My departed wife was a devotee strong for long and write to her for her grace
And soon will get solution satisfactory and prasad packet from Ashram  nice!

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Aurabindo Ashram, Pondichery.

Bhadase Sagan Maraj IS39

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Hinduism one of the greatest religions of India in fact is universal
In nature. Its principles and policies, philosophy and teachings,
Aimed at making human beings live a life of nobility and purity,
Spirituality and serenity- wherever and whoever practiced .

Bhadase Sagan Maraj born in nineteen nineteen and attained mukthi in
Nineteen seventy one, an Indo-Trinidadian Hindu leader and politician,
Founded the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha.a Trinidadian and Tobagonian
Politician, Hindu leader, wrestler, businessman, and author- founded
The Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha in nineteen fifty two grew into a
Major Hindu organization in Trinidad and Tobago. also founded
The Caroni East Indian Association and its president.
Great souls they are wherever served for the cause of humanity!.

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There was a great Swami born on Twelfth January Eighteen Sixty Three
Who loved the youth of India, hoped for a strong India on their shoulders!
He was a true luminary,  enlightened the western world about Hinduism.
Ardent disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa and a major force

In the revival of Hinduism in India. He pushed for national integration in
Colonial India, and his famous Chicago speech in Eighteen Ninety Three Remains
As the greatest: “Brothers and Sisters of America”! His main objective was to promote rational thinking among the youth, the future of the country.

It expected of the youth to rise to the occasion, fight for the right and
Channel their inner energies, just like Swami Vivekananda would have
Functions are organised in schools and colleges, where the young minds are. Speeches, music, Recitation and essay-writing competitions, yogasanas, are held on this day.Students are encouraged to tap into their spirituality.
Let us pay our homage to that great soul on this holy day!

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Jaimal Singh (Radha Soami Sant Satguru) 29 December 1903)

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Yet another Indian saint gifted to us by Mother India that is Bharat
Is Jaimal Singh (Radha Soami Sant Satguru) who entered his heavenly abode
On Twenty Ninth of December one hundred nineteen years ago
A sacred day to pay our homage with all respect and reverence!

Jaimal Singh popularly called ‘Baba Ji’ by disciples and devotees.
The son of a Punjabi farmer who as a young teenager set out on a spiritual quest. He became A spiritual successor of Shiv Dayal Singh, the Sant of Āgrā.
Jaimal Singh served in the British Indian Army as a sepoy from age of seventeen
And attained the rank of havildar (sergeant). After retirement, settled
In a desolate and isolated spot outside the town of Beas now East Punjab)
Spread the teaching of his guru Shiv Dayal Singh. place developed
Into a colony called the “Dera Baba Jaimal Singh” and today
Is the world centre of the Radha Soami Satsang Beas organization.
Jaimal Singh was the first spiritual master and head of
Radha Soami Satsang Beas his death in nineteen hundred and three.
Before his death he appointed Baba Sawan Singh as his spiritual successor.

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Homage to a Saint.

Tamilnadu blessed with great Saints and Savants indeed is great!
Dharmapuram Aadheenam  a Saivite mutt or  based in the town of Mayiladuthurai,kodumudi magudeswara temple.Twenty seven Shiva temples under the control of the adheenam.
Vaitheeswaran Koil, near sirkazhi is considered as  main temple maintained
Twenty sixth Gurumaha sannithanam passed away in fourth December this year.

The Adheenam is involved in publishing Saivite literature, specifically Thevaram
And Tiruvasakam and its translations.literary scholarship. Adheenam along with Thiruvaduthurai Adheenam and Thiruppanandal Adheenam were founded during
The sixteenth century to spread the ideology of Saiva Sidhanta.

Here is a poetic tribute in Tamil by Pulavar  Ramamoorthy of Santha Vasantham, Chennai:

தருமையரு   ளாதீனத்   தலைவர்   என்னும்
     தனிச்சிறப்பால்  சைவத்தை   ஆண்ட வேந்தர்
ஒருமையுடன்  திருவருளை  உலகத்   தார்க்கே
      உரையாலும்  செயலாலும்  வழங்கி  வாழ்ந்தார்,
குருமுதல்வர்   எனநமக்கே  ஆசி   நல்கி
      குவலயத்தில்  சைவநெறிக்  கொடியை  ஏற்றித்
திருநெறிய   தமிழ்வளர்த்த  சீர்வ   ளர்சீர்
        தேசிகரின்  திருவடியே  சிந்திப்  போமே!
In English
By the fact of his being the head of Dharmapura Adhinam
         He ruled over the SAIVITE branch of Hinduism
God’s greatness  to the people of the faith with focus
        He his actions and words graced the faithful and lived.
As chief Guru He blessed us gracefully
       Hoisted the flag of tenets of Saivism
And developed the divinity of Tamil language
     Let us worship His divine feet and receive His grace!