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POETRY my first love – my first child
I breathe, live and love you mild and wild
Expression of myriad hues in myriad forms
Exposition of million thoughts in mighty norms
Consoling thoughts for the confused minds
Divinity through choice words
Eternal message in elegant form
Essence of life in exploding words
Ecstatic experience of enlightened soul
Enthralling episodes of ever lasting words
Emotional outburst of earthly soul
Infinite thoughts in finite terms
Nobility in fertile form
Sharing of experience in soul stirring stanzas
Source of strength to a worn out mind
Inspiration to the defeated and depressed
Subtle thoughts in sublime words
Song Divine in soft images
POETRY my last love and last child
I breathe, live and love you mild and wild!

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Four hundred years ago made his exit from this earth

Four thousand years his works will shine like the young on birth

“England’s national poet” and “Bard of Avon”-was called

Great gift of God to the literary world – well he ruled!


William Shakespeare par excellent poet, playwright

And actor- born in fifteen sixty four April- quite bright

Greatest writer in English- the world regarded him right

Monumental plays and sonnets in plenty he did write!


Thirty eight plays, sonnets hundred and fifty four-great feat

In years fifty two-comedies, tragedies-he wrote

Ever spreading fragrance, never fading-work immortal

Imagination great- characters in high pedestal!


For literary lovers great treat every read gives;

“This above all: to thine ownself be true,

And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man.

Farewell: my blessing season this in thee!”

-Lord Polonius, Hamlet Act I, Scene 3


Twelfth Night, Henry Fifth, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth

Hamlet, King Lear, Othello- indeed immortal plays

Who can forget his words of wisdom-nectar like quotes?

“All the world’s a stage,

and all the men and women merely players:

they have their exits and their entrances;

and one man in his time plays many parts…”

—As You Like It, Act II,


Man’s life is measured not by his age, sure by his deeds great

In the stage of the world, he played his part, stands quite tall- straight

Made his exit four hundred years gone since then- yet lives

Will live for years four thousand to make cheerful all lives!

(In commemoration of his 400th death anniversary today-23/4/2016)



                                            WORLD BOOK DAY IS TODAY!

Goddess of Learning-SARASWATHI


Blogger’s home library  on the wall  Photo:G.Srivalli.

Most significant day is today twenty third April

“WORLD BOOK DAY” to celebrate the books our great friends- with frill

Fine source of providing knowledge that is power-quite strong

Strong enough to steer us through thick and thin successfully!


“Tell me the books you read, I will tell you who you are!”

What a fine tool to assess who indeed am I -at par

With the noble and great in the world to spread joy and peace

Buy or borrow, read books of good value each day with ease!


Goddess of Learning Saraswathi lives on the heap of books

With HER  beautiful veena on hand -majestic she looks

Blesses all  those who read books worthy at all times with joy

On this day holy, let us resolve to  read books and enjoy!

BOOKS -the great source of KNOWLEDGE