HONESTY DAY April 30th

NATIONAL HONESTY DAY - April 30 - National Day Calendar

“Honesty  is the best policy” watchword of the world once all know!
Today at a discount most unfortunate all do feel and regret !
The world doubts the spread of CORONA from this angle too!
Thirtieth April today is the HONESTY DAY! Indeed a pity!

What Gandhiji, Father  of our Nation India that is Bharath
You must not lose faith in humanity. …
To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest. …
Truth is by nature self-evident. …
Nobody can hurt me without my permission. …
Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.

Honesty Day is  to encourage honesty and straightforward
Communication in politics, relationships, consumer relations
And historical education. It was invented by M. Hirsh Goldberg,
Who chose the last day of April since the first day of the month,
April Fools’ Day, celebrating falsehoods.  anniversary of the
First Inauguration of George Washington on April thirtieth!
Let us give life to the old adage and confirm Honesty is the best policy
And follow in THOUGHTS WORDS AND DEEDS!to ensure World Harmony!

Why Honesty Day?


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Customer Delight, Customers are Kings, Consumers are supreme
Are the slogans we see and hear -here and everywhere all over
Obvious experience is consumers are taken for a ride
Denying their rights unfortunately they remain simply tied!

December Twenty Fourth today is National Consumer Rights day
Has a specific theme. On this day the Consumer Protection Act
Nineteen Eighty Six received the assent of the president.
A historic milestone in the consumer movement in our Motherland.

The day to highlight the importance of the consumer movement
And the need to make every consumer aware of their rights and
Responsibilities.provides consumers with effective safeguards
Against different types of exploitation-defective goods, deficiency
In services and unfair trade practices. Let us with efficiency
Guard ourselves, making use of the Act and Laws in our interest!

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April 8th-ZOO LOVERS’ DAY!

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Yet another instance of man’s selfishness and expression of superiority
The Omnipotent Lord Almighty created all living beings with equality!
The animals big and small, mild and wild happily to roam about with freedom
Kept in cages in the Zoo , for the visitors to enjoy sans fear of getting harmed!

Food and water basic for living to wait to be provided by the zoo keepers
Showing anger at the visitors fun and pranks  by sound and jumping here and there
Within the small cage! Freedom for  man, cage for the animals what a disgrace!
Today the April Eight is “ZOO LOVERS DAY!” What a cruel love at the most!A pity!

First modern zoo  established in  Vienna, Austria in Seventeen Fifty Two
To viewing pleasure of the imperial family,after thirteen years extended to public.
In Seventeen Seventy Five next zoo was opened in Madrid, Paris  Seventeen ninety
Explosion of desire for zoo’s the power of a nation to have strange  animals
From far-flung places available for their pleasant peasantry view and joy!.


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Fairness, honesty, truthfulness, helping all-virtues great
To be followed by all to make life on earth worth living!
Alas! There is a need to tell and talk about fairness
And make the life and living nice for all with kindness!

World Fair Trade Day is today-the twelfth May Organised by
The World Fair Trade Organisation to encourage the public
To choose Fair Trade goods, becoming fair and ethical consumers.
Fair Trade is to honor human rights of all involved,
Paying fairly for goods and services that have been sourced
Engaging to support the fight against economic crisis,
Poverty, gender inequality and climate change!

Theme of World Fair Trade Day is “Live fair, one product at a time”
The aim is to encourage the public to think how to make small
Changes to gradually swap to more fair trade products!
One product at a time. Let us Live Fair on Fair Trade Day!

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A joyous occasion should have been alas- my Lord
“Joy of Giving Day –Deepavali” this day my God
Turned out to be a pompous show- vulgar and vain-pity
Soundest day it was-poor crows and dogs and their kin on run!
Sick and the old suffered not a little -worst pollution
Of sound and smoke- even the strongest could not stand the day
Could do nothing but cursing the young and their damn parents!

Children could not sleep or eat pathetic their parents
Weeping children’s cries- good Narakasura was killed!
Deepavali of late appears neither religious
Nor social but has become anti social and pompous!

Spending five hundred for hundred sounds- atrocious
Not once but fifty times- twenty five thousand drained in sounds!
Making the roads dirty with pieces of papers across
Giving respects scant to the “swachh bharat abhiyan”!
May God bring in some sense in the youth and their parents
Irresponsible to the core spending lavish, exhibiting
Their ugly wealth on crackers! Children in millions
Go without food and dress, engaged in child labor!
Old age homes full of inmates with half food or food less!

Here are people spending lavish in their food and clothes
Worst of all in CRACKERS- should be banned for ever!
Self control and discipline have no place unfortunate
Big stick may help- least concern for the neighbors- they hate!






August 23-International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave

Man is born free but ever in chains-words of wisdom
Heard for long in the society- reflecting truth
Chain of ego and ignorance, jealousy and fear
Sufficient to call us slaves unto ourselves very clear!

‘Slave trade’ was cruel and a shame on the society
“International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave
Trade and its Abolition” is today the twenty third
Of August every year announced by the UNESCO!

Slavery atrocious, its abolition, great
And so is Abraham Lincon’s part –a grand treat!
How to come out of the slavery we are in now
Serious thoughts and deeds need of the hour somehow!




In the great creation of the Lord Almighty
All living beings do communicate rightly
In their own languages-man has his own on top
People in crores and languages in scores-quite sharp!

languages are their to promote love and respect
Peace and harmony in the society perfect
Languages have alphabets, words and nice meaning
When applied clear with love ensures noble living!

Alas! When one finds nicely spoken Words hollow
With no intention even remotely to follow
All his promises of doing turns deeds shallow
Like the rain water falling in the lands fallow!



Lo! Where are we heading to as a society?
Devaluation of great and noble values
Degradation of societal grades
Demonetization of principles great and practices noble!

Lack of devotion, dedication and duty consciousness
Loyalty, punctuality, consistency, at all levels.
Sanctity of keeping up the words and promises
Sunken fathom deep most unfortunate!

White collared employees or blue collared workers
Make no difference in the display of their indifference!
Society pays with no proper returns from all these
Vexed we become praying God to bless these with sense!


Heidi Latsky Dance

Heidi Latsky Dance, a New York-based modern dance company, performs in the                                                       Visitors Lobby of UN Headquarters.

God Almighty in HIS compassion has created
The living beings on earth-for it to be developed
Of them is the top humans-man and woman quite great
Taking into account the past actions of the people!

Born are  people in size and form with  faculties in tact
The past life determines the present one and lo! in fact
Born are some with disabilities in one aspect
Or the other unfortunate-not to be looked down!

Born normal to empathize with the less fortunate
And work together for the full and equal status
Of those with disabilities inclusively and embrace
Humanity in all diversity!-United Nations say!

“Achieving goals seventeen for the future we want”
As this years theme to lay the foundation for a
Future of greater inclusion for the disabled!

ALL SOULS DAY is today.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - The Day of the Dead (1859).jpg

“ALL SOULS DAY” is today-to sing in praise of all the souls dear dead
Humans entered the earth have to make their exit one day- not ahead
Unknown and unknowable is predetermined by the Lord of Death
While alive rush to do good to all-known and unknown, good and bad!

Death is only for the body and not to the soul many believe
Wages for the wrongs committed is death many believe right
Souls dead or alive have to be noble and great to serve the world
Deserve to be praised and sung for the services great rendered bold!

Churches all over observe Allhallowtide for three days- All Saints Day
All Souls Day and Halloween Day observed with respect and piety
Let the world all over irrespective of faiths sing in praise of
The souls of the dear ones dead, for all their good deeds done  for the world!


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