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COMPLIMENT is a magical word that has the potential to build up
Peace and harmony, joy and pleasure here and there everywhere
Compliment – remark neatly expressing praise -expression of courtesy!
Winning word leading to WIN -WIN situation among all not fantasy!
Twenty Fourth January today is National Compliment Day!
Sure let us make the day memorable in many lives -a happy day!
One  celebrates National Compliment Day by going all out with praise. The power of a compliment is pretty remarkable: either
Giving or receiving one can boost our happiness and confidence — Making the act a win-win. One never knows when someone could use Some good vibes and hence  spread the positivism by giving someone a reason to smile! Let us go all out to a reason to smile and be happy!
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Nothing you wear is more important than your smile. - Connie Stevens

“SMILES PLEASE”-photographers’ constant request to the all
To be photographed – as it adds beauty to the face tall!
Smiles – expression of peace and joy to be shared with all
Smile indeed an elixir of life that adds strength and power!

Smile in the mirror. …
Share your smile with the world. …
Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things. …
Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. …
Peace is the beauty of life. …
Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.it provides spirit of harmony sure to be spread among all!

Let us smile and make others smile with us to develop harmony
A good goal in life to follow as a human being first and last!

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What a funny world is this in which we live and spend all our times
Unique in ways many but peculiarities several!
Man to live in peace and harmony to develop qualities nice
Sure neither fear nor anger can be delicious spice!

Man does wrongs –big and small, cheap and costly all through the life
Ever under constant fear that when exposed loses name
Fear manifests through hatred and anger losing much earned fame
Very difficult to come out of both while young and to tame!

‘Worst thing to fear is fear’-easily said than done
When one does right thing in right fashion that will be well done
There is nothing to fear- no need for anger to set in
May God help us to be normal sans fear and anger fine!


Sure I know I came from my mother’s womb
And equally sure I will be interned in tomb
When and how is only the question
About which I don’t worry now is certain!

During this life what I do is important
How I behave and serve my kith is pertinent
Before birth and after death, Hell or Heaven
None can tell me in valid pattern
Mystery it is that none from Hell or Heaven
Chose to brief me on how are matters! !

Hell, one says, is nothing but torture and agony
Heaven, other admits, is full of joy and nectar
Hell, one says, is reserved for the wicked and sinners
Heaven, other admits, is meant for the kind and sacred!

To me Hell or Heaven is here and now

Well in the manner I think, speak and vow
To do things in style that will bring joy
To think of things that will bring cheers
To speak of words that emit sweetness
To one and all my brothers in distress!

Why think of unseen Hell or unknown Heaven
While Hell or Heaven is made by you and me seven!

Resolve to provide Heavenly joy and nectar
And give best you can to every sector!



Showering divine love by Sathya Sai Baba on HIS devotees from all over the globe..

Chapter Eight

அதிகாரம் 8



1.அன்பிற்கும் உண்டோ அடைக்கும் தாழ்? ஆர்வலர்

புன்கண்நீர் பூசல் தரும்.


Anbirkkum uNdoa adaikkumthAzh aarvalar

PunkaNneer  poosal tharum.


Love knows not a shield

When sees the loved ones suffer

Tears betray neat!


There is no key that can keep one’s love locked; even the tears of the people with abundant love for others will show them open.                (71)


2  அன்பிலார் எல்லாம் தமக்குரியர்; அன்புடையார்

என்பும் உரியர் பிறர்க்கு.


Anbilaar ellaam thamakkuriyar anbudaiyaar

Enbum uriyar pirarkku.


Men sans love keep all;

Those with love give even bone

To others, stand tall!


People without love take everything into their personal possession wheres the peole with intense love give everything including their body(bones) to others.                                         (72)


3     அன்போடு இயைந்த வழக்கென்ப ஆருயிர்க்கு

என்போடு இயைந்த தொடர்பு.


Anboadu iyaindha vazhakkenba aaruyirkku

Enboadu iyaindha thodarbu.


God gives bone and soul

To men to show love to all

Say the wise – nice goal!


Perfect match between the life and body is the outcome of one’s intense love for others.                                    (73)


4 அன்புஈனும் ஆர்வம் உடைமை; அது ஈனும்

நண்புஎன்னும் நாடாச் சிறப்பு.


Anbu eenum aarvam udaikai adhu eenum

NaNbu ennum naadaach chirappu


Love provides concern

And that in turn yields friendship

Pure friendship is bliss!


Love gives care and concern for others which in turn leads to friendship that yields joy, grace and greatness.                                          (74)


5 அன்புற்று அமர்ந்த வழக்குஎன்ப வையகத்து

இன்புற்றார் எய்தும் சிறப்பு.


Anbutru amarndha vazhakkuenba vaiyagaththu

Inbutraar eydhum sirappu.


Showing love to all

Life’s fulfillment- the wise say

They live with joy tall!


The cause of one’s greatness and happiness is the love such people show it to others in abundance. That  is one’s life’s fulfillment. (75)


6 அறத்திற்கே அன்புசார்பு என்ப அறியார்

மறத்திற்கும் அஃதே துணை.


Araththirkkae anbusaarbuenba ariyaar

Maraththirkkum ahudhae thuNai.


Love, the corner stone

Not for virtues alone but

Sure for valor too!

Only those who know not will say that love supports virtue; the fact is it is the support for courage and valor too.                                 (76)


7 என்பு இல்அதனை வெயில்போலக் காயுமே

அன்பு இல்அதனை அறம்.


Enbuil adhanai veyilpoalakkaayumae

Anbuil adhanai aram.


Sun blazes the boneless

As justice burns the loveless

Sure as the daylight!


Just the heat of the sun burns the boneless living beings; virtue will burn the loveless people.                                   (77)


8  அன்பகத்து இல்லா உயிர்வாழ்க்கை வன்பாற்கண்

வற்றல் மனம்தளிர்த் தற்று.

Anbagaththu illaa uyirvaazhkkai vanbaarkaN

Vatral maram thaLirththatru.


Life sans love can’t bloom

As the dead trees in desert

Can’t yield leaves and fruits!


Life of a person without love cannot blossom just as a tree in a desert cannot yield leaves and fruit.                              (78)


9 புறத்துறுப்பு எல்லாம் எவன்செய்யும் யாக்கை

அகத்துறுப்பு அன்பி லவர்க்கு.

Puraththuruppu ellaam evanseyyum yaakkai

Agaththuruppu anbilavarkku.


For men without love

External organs don’t help.

Supreme value love!

When the inner organs of a person has no love in it, the external organs can do no good to him.                                    (79)

10 அன்பின் வழியது உயிர்நிலை; அஃதுஇலார்க்கு

என்புதோல் போர்த்த உடம்பு.

Anbinvazhiyadhu uyirnilai; ahudhu ilaarkku

Enbuthoal poarththa udambu.


Man’s soul rests in love

Sans love, human body is

But bone wrapped in skin!


The life that is guided by love in fact is the life as otherwise it is just bones wrapped with skin.                                (80)



Dream while you’re awake!


Dream while you’re awake
To build the world you want to make
Help plan the steps you need to take
First few to taste the success cake!

Build the castles in the air
Ambition level kept in the golden chair
Castles of excellence well taken care
Ultimate results one can not compare!

Dreaming while awake
Building castles in the air
Are but initial steps in its wake
To be fine tuned to the needs with care!

Steps to follow surely needs
Will and wit, vision and mission
Power and strength – delightful deeds
Bound to take your dream to fruition!



Oh! My Lord! The creator of the Universe great!
Full of joy and happiness, peace and poise a nice treat
People to be in harmony with all-humans sure
Society and the world with joy unalloyed and pure!

Yet we make our lives miserable with actions bad
And cause miseries to others and make them go mad.
Today is -“TELL A JOKE DAY” to dispel agony,
Make them forget their misery and make them merry!

Jokes have a power medicinal, relax them quick
A single word or a gesture, a question-answer fix
A whole short story nice anything that eases stress
“Joke”-wisecrack, gag, prank, quip, jape and jest sure to impress!

Humor that makes one laugh heartily- great stress buster
Part of human culture for decades and decades-duster
That dusts the human mind of its sorrows and distress
Learn and TELL A JOKE A DAY sans offence, God to bless!



Pairs of opposites
Half of them parasites
In the lives of mortals
Invading their portals!

Smile and frown one such
World of difference so much!

Smile attracts, Frown repels
Smile wins, Frown loses
Smile befriends, Frown alienates
Smile infuses love, Frown injects hatred
Smile encourages, Frown deserts
Smile strengthens, Frown weakens
Smile carries, Frown throws off

— Humans alone can control
And conquer to play their role!

Sport the smile
Bid adieu to frown
Make others happy
Feel really merry!