August 19-World Humanitarian Day


August nineteenth –tomorrow is a great day-quite significant
“World Humanitarian Day” observed all over the globe
For all of us to think, to pen and spread, make the world with patience
To respect all beings-God’s creation with clear conscience!

Men and women are created by God the Almighty
To live and lead a life normal with kith and kin rightly;
But there are the beloved of God who work for the world
Sacrificing all in challenging situations bold!

Brazilian Sergio Vieira de Mello was one of age
Whose thinking, philosophy, dynamism and courage
Inspired all and timeless legacy for all to emulate.
Rightly United Nations dedicated this day to that great!


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Kerala born little girl named Anna chosen by Jesus
To carry HIS sufferings right from her childhood precious!
She became Saint Alphonso -lived hardly years thirty five
A symbol of carrying the sufferings of her supposed spouse.

She wrote in her spiritual diary:
“I do not wish to act or speak according to my inclinations.
Every time I fail, I will do penance…
I want to be careful never to reject anyone.
I will only speak sweet words to others.
I want to control my eyes with rigour.
I will ask pardon of the Lord for every little failure
And I will atone for it through penance.
No matter what my sufferings may be, I will never complain
And if I have to undergo any humiliation,
I will seek refuge in the Sacred Heart of Jesus”.

Yes, she is in the Sacred Heart of Jesus blessing all
An Indian born great Saint- taking care of all standing tall
Today is HER feast day- let us take care of the poor and feed
Show our concern for the world on this holy day- a great need!




In the great creation of the Lord Almighty
All living beings do communicate rightly
In their own languages-man has his own on top
People in crores and languages in scores-quite sharp!

languages are their to promote love and respect
Peace and harmony in the society perfect
Languages have alphabets, words and nice meaning
When applied clear with love ensures noble living!

Alas! When one finds nicely spoken Words hollow
With no intention even remotely to follow
All his promises of doing turns deeds shallow
Like the rain water falling in the lands fallow!



There are several ailments that afflict the humanbeing-physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual and among them is one- ANGER-that kills. Here are the words of wisdom by the great saint poet Thiruvalluvar who lived in Tamilnadu 2400 years ago.
Wrath against the strong
One should shun; if it warrants
Against the weak wrong! (301)
Wrath against the strong
Brings woes; against the weak too
Wrath should be shunned strong! (302)
Guard well against wrath
Towards every one around
Brings woes in its path! (303)

4. Wrath kills joy and smile
No foe worse than killing wrath
Brings all woes in file! (304)
Guard thyself from wrath
If you are to guard thyself
Lest anger kills neat! (305)
Wrath – the killer friend
Destroys all the kith and kin
Try all means to mend! (306)
Wrath infected falls
Bound to face woes; gets injured
The hands that strikes the wall! (307)
Save thyself from ire
Against even the one who
Tortured thee like fire! (308)
Get all they desire
When free from the ills of wrath
Others they inspire! (309)
Uncontrolled anger
Makes the living dead; freed
Suffer no longer! (310)

Let us go all out to stamp out that ANGER-THE KILLER. And make the self and society enjoy greater peace and harmony.



Pillar for revolt1806.jpg

Pillar at Hazrath Makkan Junction commemorating the Vellore Sepoy Mutiny-                                                             10/7/1806.

.July 10 Vellore Mutiny against British rule in India 1806

Journey to Freedom was a long path arduous and long
All over the country –my Sacred Motherlan quite strong
East and West, South and North to be guided by the great later
But valiant warriors paved the path much earlier!

Mutinies several here and there against the British
Quite sufficient for them to realize the frame of mind
The Vellore mutiny on this day years two hundred
And eleven ago large scale violence by our sepoys!

The revolt, taking place in the South Indian city
Of Vellore Fort-killing and wounding British sans pity
Proximate cause resentment against dress code imposed
No religious marks for Hindus; shaven face for Muslims!



Cuts and pastes common in the computer world we know and do
At times right, at times wrong- wrong leading to plagiarism too!
Knowingly doing is an act criminal-goes unnoticed
Wrong is wrong and with one’s conscience he gets punished!

Cuts and wounds common with a razor and with a new blade
Causing blood to ooze and pain to follow suit awful-man made
Negligence cause many a time –carefulness may help quite sure
If one were to suffer he has to -that is God’s will very pure!

Cuts and wounds caused by the cruel words from the tongue
Atrocious and sinful act by the individuals –rogue.
Noble and kind people love all and serve all, hurt never
By thoughts, words and deeds –they make sure to help ever!




Lo! Where are we heading to as a society?
Devaluation of great and noble values
Degradation of societal grades
Demonetization of principles great and practices noble!

Lack of devotion, dedication and duty consciousness
Loyalty, punctuality, consistency, at all levels.
Sanctity of keeping up the words and promises
Sunken fathom deep most unfortunate!

White collared employees or blue collared workers
Make no difference in the display of their indifference!
Society pays with no proper returns from all these
Vexed we become praying God to bless these with sense!