June 30th- International Asteroid Day

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय शुद्र ग्रह दिवस, 30 जून

Asteroid Day,  United Nations’ day of global awareness and education
About asteroids, is observed its sixth year today Thirtieth  June.
Asteroid Day , to promote awareness and provide knowledge to
The  public about the importance of asteroids in our solar system history, And the role they play in our solar system today.Today is the day of the Largest asteroid impact of Earth in recorded history (Tunguska).

Asteroid Day  evolved to include  participation of  national space Agencies,
ESA,  JAXA, Roscosmos, ISRO, NASA, Scientists, astronomers, worldwide.

“Asteroid Day encourages the public and governments to learn more about Asteroids,  the origin of our Solar System, and to support the resources necessary to find and deflect asteroids ”. explains Dr. Brian May.  Through the Luxembourg Space Agency,  leads the Space Resources. Its initiative

Is instrumental in the expansion of Asteroid Day, Marc Serresha.Etienne_Schneider” CEO of the Luxembourg Space Agency states “Luxembourg is proud to be the global Headquarters for Asteroid Day and to aid in inspiring countries around the world to participate in this United Nations Day of education and awareness.

“On Asteroid Day, we share the latest information on the search for near-Earth asteroids that might pose a threat to our planet and discuss the space technologies we might apply together to help prevent a cosmic disaster. I’m especially interested in the joint NASA-ESA programs DART and HERA to demonstrate how we can deflect a near-Earth object.” shared Dr. Tom Jones, NASA astronaut, Association of Space Explorers. “Asteroid Day rightly demands that asteroids must be discovered since they pose a risk to our planet from time to time. The combination of NASA’s deflection mission DART and ESA’s mission HERA allows us to find out how asteroid deflection works and, at the same time, learn more about these celestial bodies. I am proud that OHB is the designated industrial prime for the HERA mission.” says OHB’s Marc Scheper, Head of Space Transportation, Robotic Missions and Exploration.

Asteroid Day 2020: a worldwide event – 30 June 2020 - The Virtual ...


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In the space
The Universe continues
To develop, expand, broaden
Even today with its ferociousness
In its own shape-oval,
Square, shape of the four Vedas,
According to the laws and rules fast
Prescribed by self, expands
Following another firework,
Festive procession of the chariot
Reaches its base; comes its position.
The Universe on its own
Rises like a snake with its broad hood
With the threatening wrath
Rests, restlessly rests, sans feelings and life
Endless ending, endless calculation of time.
Time less, unchanging,
Calculations beyond calculations!
Time is space!
Another dimension of the Universe.
To seek clarity,
Identifying the Universe
Lending meaning to the Universe
Giving titles
Providing platform for research
Prompting, appearing, disappearing
Is the TIME in its fourth dimension fine.
Three dimensions
Triggered by height
Made to step out by its breadth
Revolved with length, lengthy arithmetic
Universe is measured
Researched, commenced, explained
Opened, searched
Seen, calculated
In terms of arithmetic within arithmetic,
Subjected to arithmetic
Submitting to arithmetic
Subjected to opinion
Submitting to
Is indeed fourth dimension named TIME!
With this dimension alone
It becomes complete, it sees an end,
Gets straightens, , gets fulfillment,
Time stands and also runs.
Can be rediscovered and brought back
Within the boundary of long journey
With arithmetical accuracy!

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I am glad to share with you that with the 54th view at 11.45 hrs today viz Monday   the Thirtieth  December 2019, (30/12/2019) , total views of the BLOG  crossed    TWO LAKHS AND TWENTY NINE THOUSAND (2,29,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1794th day and 1828th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.


12/4 World Aviation and Cosmonautics day

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A great day today the twelfth of April-to celebrate
Aviation and Cosmonautics Day – a day to deliberate
First ever flight of human in space!In nineteen sixty one
Soviet first lieutenant Yuri Gagarin orbited -fine
The Earth on board “Vostok” spacecraft for the first time
In history opening the era of manned space missions in rhyme!

This is a special day of science triumph, a day of all
Involved in aerospace industry, a day of conquering tall
The near-Earth space, proud of achievements of cosmonauts
Those interested in prospects of space programs development!

Let us congratulate on this day all professionals
And fans of cosmonautics and aviation specialists
Wishing them a space health and hitting star heights!

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Leonov-the first Space Walker!

Alexey Leonov on 1965 USSR 10 kopek stamp.

Leonov was outside the spacecraft for  twelve minutes and nine seconds
On Eighteenth March Nineteen Sixty Five- fifty three years ago
Connected to the craft by a five meter tether! Wonderful feat-
At the end,  his spacesuit inflated in the vacuum  to the point
Where he could not re-enter the airlock-. opening a valve to allow
Some of the suit’s pressure to bleed off and  got back inside the capsule.

The great Creator, Preserver and Destroyer Lord Almighty
Made the Universe-earth, sky, space and all living beings mighty
To explore the space and hills, seas and forests sky and the planets
And exploit for the world’s greater peace and joy, health and happiness!
Man in his wisdom made his body and mind, intelligence in full
Set his feet into the space and planets outside his earth
And the search goes on – with successes- set goal higher in mirth!