Lack of blood pure, sufficient and circulation normal
Leads to one’s inevitable end and exit- cruel
Can be of any reason-malnutrition, accident
Fortunate it is one can help the other donating!

World Blood Donor Day is today the fourteenth of June
For those in dire need for survival it is a bright moon
Group tallying, donor available indeed a great boon
May be exiting life of the person revived quite soon!

Person strong enough in body and mind, hygene and health
Loses not much by blood donation but adds his wealth
Wealth of good deed deriving the blessings of the Lord
On this great day let us resolve to help and please God!


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“Treated cold lasts for days seven and untreated  a week”
Oh! Common cold we have to submit ourselves quite meek
I go in hot outside you chase me and get hold of me
I confine to my a/c room and you take hold of me!

I take normal water from the water can,you are with me
I take a cold water bottle from the fridge you get at me
Rarely I take a cup of ice cream,you do enjoy me
I know not what and where, when and how you wait for me!

No coldorin or thalisaadhi churna helps me much
Nor onion or pepper, vitamin c helps me as such
Both of us are so friendly and close to each other
Let us get along in the company of each other!




Good Health and sickness- part of God’s creation for all living beings
Men or women, young or old, poor or rich all fall sick one day not surprising
Animals and birds- wild or mild-do fall sick one day or other
Trees and plants, flowers and fruits, all fall sick and wither away!

When human beings fall sick, friends and relatives rush them to medicos
Who give their best to make the patient survive or mitigate sufferings
FLORENCE NIGHTINGALES in their whites next to Gods caring for the sick
Their day is today -INTERNATIONAL NURSES DAY-the twelfth of May strict!

This year’s theme of the day is great and sure to be appreciated
“Nursing: A voice to lead – Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”.
Yes, sans them no voice is heard by the suffering millions in beds
Let us be thankful to the sacred class of nursing community-diamond studs!

“If love can’t cure it, nurses can”
“Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring with or without even a prescription”.
“Nurses are the hospitality of the hospital”.
“A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed”.
“Nurses are the heartbeat of Healthcare”.>




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“Health is wealth’ age old adage, sure a great warning
And guidance; yet the main problems of suffering
For the individuals, society, and sure
The Government is ‘ill health’ of many quite pure!

The life and living with nature was given up
Good bye was sent to good health, people got fed up
With Doctors, medicines, sufferings, quite painful
All to be relieved and redeemed-healthy life restored!

On seventh April in Nineteen Forty Eight was formed
The World Health Organization of U N that served
To bring in help and succor to the sufferings
In the world; let all the states follow their teachings.


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In the days of Stone Age and earlier unknown were the deceases
Air and water unpolluted, population thin and healthy quite
Man lived in good health and happiness, peace and joy, habits healthy sure
What a great life and living it was in tune with nature’s bounty pure.

Pity world progressed fast thanks to development in many ways
Unfortunate the health of all the living beings got a blow
Diseases-killer ones like Cancer and Tuberculosis ruled
Medicines and treatments aplenty made all over the world!

“World Tuberculosis Day” is today-call by the great World Health
Organization – all over the world observed with the theme nice
“UNITE TO DEFEAT TB”- a killer disease once it was
Let us follow the rules of health and on this day unite and defeat!

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Oh, Lord Almighty! Creator, protector and destroyer!
To say that Thou are cruel towards the humans is a venture
I do not want to indulge in. May be I pay for my sins
I am made to suffer with the killer decease of cancer.

“Tulsi” the Indian herb is said to be a cure for this
Kindly make it for universal use to get a relief.
I lost my beloved two and a half years ago in distress
Let her be the last one to suffer and die is my prayer.

Mysterious is the killer- cause not known for sure
Young and old, strong and weak, men and women all fall victims pure
Enough is enough, God, humans unable to put an end
Thee alone can and capable of-end kindly light and mend!

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Image result for Images for Road Safety Week 2017.

Birds and animals walk, fly swim according to HIS creation
All cannot do all the three -peculiarity in HIS action;
Man also the creation of the Omnipotent, Omniscient
Can do wonderfully all the three thanks to the Omnipresent!

A time was there when he was living like animals in forests
Loitering here and there on his feet and feet alone-honest
Culture, civilization, knowledge, learning-all made difference
Today we are worried about his safety on sufferance!

Accidents galore-in water, in the air and on the road
Pity thanks to explosion in population and vehicles broad;
Man caught in more by the fault of others than his own self sure
Roads becoming more and more unsafe than other modes pure!

ROAD SAFETY WEEK is this to make the people aware of dangers
Habits to be formed right from the childhood on following road rules
Parents, schools and social organizations have to play a role
Make roads safe for the walkers and vehicle users as a whole!

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