Words of wisdom of my noble father almost daily
“Rouges and fools must be punished-fools first” great saying mildly
Failed to realize for long but today at seventy six
I feel I deserve to be punished and I am punished!

Things big or small, carelessness out of foolishness arise,
Extracting painful actions a lot- leak from the loft tank
Sans stopper- unnoticed floods the whole house requiring drain
Energy gone, pains in the joints increase- fool punished first!

Beloved father from his heavenly abode from his
Eighty seventh year- thirty years since- I hear
His voice of wisdom-“Rouges and Fools must be punished Fools first”
I feel I deserve to be punished and I am punished!

(Based on real life experience many times, the latest on 10/7/17 at home while alone!!!!!)





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July 11World Population Day

Irony it is that human power-greatest indeed
Posing a problem-warrantying a control –a need
Today is “World Population Day”-observed all over
With the theme”Family Planning Summit” – to remember!

On the one side families need the support of children
On the other family control measures are on!
To make people aware of global population issues
And problems the day is organized-propagate virtues!

Self control the best solution- people know the problems
Of big families- physical, financial, mental
And what not to manage difficult for all-more for poor
To discuss Summit at London today-for all to adhere.









Pillar for revolt1806.jpg

Pillar at Hazrath Makkan Junction commemorating the Vellore Sepoy Mutiny-                                                             10/7/1806.

.July 10 Vellore Mutiny against British rule in India 1806

Journey to Freedom was a long path arduous and long
All over the country –my Sacred Motherlan quite strong
East and West, South and North to be guided by the great later
But valiant warriors paved the path much earlier!

Mutinies several here and there against the British
Quite sufficient for them to realize the frame of mind
The Vellore mutiny on this day years two hundred
And eleven ago large scale violence by our sepoys!

The revolt, taking place in the South Indian city
Of Vellore Fort-killing and wounding British sans pity
Proximate cause resentment against dress code imposed
No religious marks for Hindus; shaven face for Muslims!



Oh! My Great Lord Almighty! Give Doctors sense of justice on this day
Help us continue our faith in the medical men demy-Gods!
Give us good health to be free from the need to approach the demons
We faithfully pray “May the tribe of the noble doctors to grow!

Oh! My Lord Almighty! Thy creations are great and wonderful
It seems creation of human beings in a mood quite vengeful!
Plethora of deceases and sickness Thee make them suffer with
Either suffer or get cured by thy grace and help of others a myth!

One of Thy compassionate creations is the medical experts
Whom we call DOCTORS and adore them as next to God- Demi –God!
They give up their pleasures of life to save and comfort the sick men
No day or night, no sleep or rest- Gods in human form are indeed!

Tomorrow “Doctors’ Day”! A day to offer respects and compliments!
Alas! Of late we do go to these men sans medical ethics
For money they work, care little for those without-unfortunate
Have no knowledge and have no scruples, sick becomes sicker and die!

Let not the MEDICAL MEN’S ETHICS simply hang on their walls
Let it occupy the hearts of all practitioners tall
Unethical Doctors and fake ones are on the increase
Save the people from the clutches of such monsters with ease.


Please look for CANADA’S 150 th Anniversary Day post tomorrow here.




Lo! Where are we heading to as a society?
Devaluation of great and noble values
Degradation of societal grades
Demonetization of principles great and practices noble!

Lack of devotion, dedication and duty consciousness
Loyalty, punctuality, consistency, at all levels.
Sanctity of keeping up the words and promises
Sunken fathom deep most unfortunate!

White collared employees or blue collared workers
Make no difference in the display of their indifference!
Society pays with no proper returns from all these
Vexed we become praying God to bless these with sense!


Lack of blood pure, sufficient and circulation normal
Leads to one’s inevitable end and exit- cruel
Can be of any reason-malnutrition, accident
Fortunate it is one can help the other donating!

World Blood Donor Day is today the fourteenth of June
For those in dire need for survival it is a bright moon
Group tallying, donor available indeed a great boon
May be exiting life of the person revived quite soon!

Person strong enough in body and mind, hygene and health
Loses not much by blood donation but adds his wealth
Wealth of good deed deriving the blessings of the Lord
On this great day let us resolve to help and please God!


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“Treated cold lasts for days seven and untreated  a week”
Oh! Common cold we have to submit ourselves quite meek
I go in hot outside you chase me and get hold of me
I confine to my a/c room and you take hold of me!

I take normal water from the water can,you are with me
I take a cold water bottle from the fridge you get at me
Rarely I take a cup of ice cream,you do enjoy me
I know not what and where, when and how you wait for me!

No coldorin or thalisaadhi churna helps me much
Nor onion or pepper, vitamin c helps me as such
Both of us are so friendly and close to each other
Let us get along in the company of each other!