17th October- Anti-Poverty Day.


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Poverty manifests through hunger with no food available
Pity in HIS creation- people in poverty horrible
Go without food begging, stealing or fasting for years in life
Lacking employment and earn to take food and feed his family!

Affluent are many on their own or at the cost of others
Not ready to give and take care of those in poverty-alas!
Exploitation has its own impact negative on poverty.
Anti poverty Day is this day the seventeenth October!

Tamil Patriotic Poet Bharathiyar would say for sure:
No more exploitation of snatching the food of one by others
We shall make a rule and law; keep it forever- come what may
If any one goes sans food, we shall destroy the whole world-hey!





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Falling standards cry of the society -unfortunate
On creation of the World, the Almighty willed that fortunate
People must enjoy -and all should be honest, fair and faithful
What we see is customers and clients taken for a ride!

Maintaining standards always is moral and ethical
Aim of World Standards Day is to raise awareness critical
Among regulators, industry and consumers as to
The importance of the issue to the global economy.

Fourteenth October was chosen to mark the date,
In nineteen Forty Six when delegates from twenty five
Countries gathered in London and decided to create
An international organization focused to facilitate.

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,77,000  views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 48th  view at 08.30 hrs today viz Mon day  the Fifteenth (15th) October 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed ONE LAKH  AND SEVENTY SEVEN THOUSAND (1,77,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1264th day and 1376th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.



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Senior Citizens not to be deemed as burden
And left in the old age home! Sure duty of children
To keep with them and shower all love and affection
That they received from parents while they were young or old!

To maintain active and healthy life and
To take care from certain unforeseen problems,
Let us please note and follow the cautionary suggestions:

A study in the United States shows That over 51% of Old people fall down while climbing stairs. Every year, many Americans are killed by falling while climbing stairs.
Experts suggestions:
After 60 years:- these 10 actions should be avoided:
1. Do Not climb staircase.
If must climb, Hold on firmly to Stair-case railings.💐

2. Do not rapidly twist your head.
Warm up your whole body first.😇

3. Do not bend your body to touch your toe. Warm up your whole body first.

4. Do not stand to wear your “Pants”. Wear your Pants while sitting down🙏

5. Do not sit up when lying face up. Sit up from one side (left hand side, or right hand
side) of your body.🙌

6. Do not twist your body before exercise. Warm up whole first.

7. Do not walk backwards.
Falling backwards can result in serious injury.❤

8. Do not bend waist to lift Heavy weight. Bend your knees & Lift up Heavy object while half

9. Do not get up fast from bed. Wait a few minutes before getting up from bed.🚩

10. Do not over force defecation. Let it come naturally. 😇

One more important thing one must be active always think positive as life has started now only after all years of hard working now it’s time to enjoy life. ..


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WORLD ZOONOSES DAY is today the sixth of July
Zoonoses the ailment transferred from animals freely
To human beings and at times vice versa unfortunate!
This Day  emphasizes,brings the problem awareness.

Being aware of this disease amongst people,
May help the people lead healthier life with scruple!
‘zoonoses’ refers to all disease, mild or dreadful
Transmitted from animal to human beings and vice versa.

Animal diseases great concern to humans
Diseases reduce productivity of animals
Produce food- hens and dairy cows. Animals
Raised as food- pigs and beef cattle that become ill.

Some animal diseases transmitted to humans
And control of these types of diseases, known as zoonoses.
Can be caused by all types of pathogens, viruses,
Bacteria and parasites with symptoms diarrhea and fever!

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World Productivity Day 2018 க்கான பட முடிவு

All that the employees in service know about
How that productivity is assessed is mysterious
But the word has a lot of significance to know!

The Creator of the world has given skills and talents
Sufficient to utilize maximum productivity
To meet the needs of the world to be at peace and plenty
Alas! what happens the world knows productivity far below!

World Productivity Day is today the twentieth June
Organizing space, food, mechanism, attitude-soon
Will have an impact great to increase in tune with needs
Let us on this day resolve to improve with our own deeds!

World Productivity Day



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Thirty first May is today- it is World No Tobacco Day
What a havoc tobacco brings in man’s life-using every day
In names different and varied- cigar, cigarette, snuff, beedi
All leading the user to abnormal death unfortunate end!

This year’s theme for the day as per the UN design
“Tobacco and heart disease”!.Focusing on the cardio
Vascular health-chewing deadly tobacco in any form
Affects the heart directly-leading to heart storm

Man has the capacity to win over any bad habit
Tobacco – a bad habit with will power and control a bit
Can protect himself, his family and passers by-passive
Smokers as called in society! Let us take care-positive!

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Human body created by the great Lord Almighty
With thousands of parts -big and small- to be hale and mighty!
The thyroid is a small, bow-shaped gland in the front of
The neck that secretes hormones to control major functions of
Weight management, sleep, energy use and food Metabolism!

Thyroid disorder caused mainly by Lack of iodine
in our diets. Also by Autoimmune diseases,
Viral and bacterial Inflammation, chronic stress!
In women, hormone imbalance due to childbearing,menopause!

A day to spread the word about thyroid disorders
Educate on what one can do to prevent, minimize impact.
Eating iodine-rich foods dairy and vegetables broccoli,
Sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower! Let us take care!

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