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To repeat a little from Tale 33 ,

“TALE IS A TALE and the teller is a teller! Normally it will be a Sunday Story in ENVIUS THOUGHTS but today it is SATURDAY STORY!

Time and tide waits for none it is said; but tide waits for full moon to blossom to show its beauty in depth!”
Time goes on and on, on and on for eternity! Eternity to eternity! It looks February twenty fifth two thousand and fifteen was just yesterday- but it was 1699 days ago! ENVIUS THOUGHTS took birth on that great day with its FIRST POST “MY TRYST WITH LIC” and today on 24th August, it is SEVENTEEN Hundredth post! Post for a TALE- “TALE OF A BLOGGER 34”! (34X50=1700)

As any other writer, I write for my satisfaction. When they are found to be useful to the viewers through my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com, I am indeed delighted and am motivated to proceed further and further, farther and farther! One measurement of my viewers is obviously the overall number of views.  I do constantly think of how the Blog can be made more interesting.

I am a little sensitive to the daily number of this Blog’s view and overall as I feel it is the measure of viewers’ estimate of the quality of the Blog.  This is 34th TALE OF THE BLOGGER!
Let us have a look at the overall views since the last Tale…
05/07/2019   1606th day   1649th post     2,02,000

13/07/2019   1614th day   1657thpost     2,03,000
21/07/2019   1628th day   1666th post     2,04,000
29/07/2019   1636th day   1674th post    2,05,000
07/08/2019   1645th day  1683rd post     2,06,000
14/08/2019   1652nd day  1690th  post   2,07,000
22/08/2019   1660thstday 1698th post   2,08,000

A landmark achievement was crossing the overall views of TWO LAKS on 11th June!  I was indeed thrilled to receive NATIONAL ICON Award from the GLOBAL RECORDS AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION in appreciation of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS for crossing two lac views!

Much water has flown under the Ganges since Tale 33! Naturally; life is a flowing river, glowing light, swirling waves, brewing breeze, running and falling water, tasteful feast, swimming duck, flying bird!

27th July was a day to remember and recollect for all my life! There was a conference of Tamil scholars and poets in the historical SANGEETHA MAHAL a part of Thanjavur palace. Thanjavur alias Tanjore  is my home town for long where I started my professional career as a Mathematics teacher in two schools of great repute and switched over to my Alma mater Life Insurance Corporation of India-premier Public Sector Undertaking where I served for more than four decades and learnt the Art and Science of Life and Living! I presented my paper and a poem in Tamil and I was awarded MOZIKAPPAR  and MA. PO. SI Awards.

Again a wonderful day that will not go out of my mind for years to come is SATUR DAY the Seventeenth August! The  day that I got my FIFTY FIRST AWARD for my to Tamil literature especially the Magnum opus Thirukkural written two thousand years ago by the Saint Poet Chennai born THIRUVALLUVAR.

”குறளரசு விருது” (KURALARASU AWARD) was given to me jointly by உலகத் தமிழாராய்ச்சி நிறுவனம், சென்னை மாநகரத் தமிழ்ச் சங்கம், வி.ஜி.பி. உலகத்தமிழ்ச் சங்கம் in a function held at World Tamil Research Organization, Tharamani, Chennai  Award was handed over by Hon’ble Minister of Tamil Development, Tamilnadu Ma. Pandiarajan in the presence of the heads of the three organizations Mr. Vijayaraghavan, Director of the Research Center, Mr. Barathi Sukumaran President of the Thamiz Sangam and Mr. V G Santhosham President of the VGP World Tamil Organization..

So much is for this SATURDAY STORY!! We shall meet with a Sunday story tomorrow!!!!!! Till then GOOD BYE!

At Thanjavur Sangeetha Mahal, Palace being honored with MOZIKAAPPAR award


Know not where the society is going and where are we heading to!
Man of seventy six a drunkard died in my neighborhood the other day
Just a little sick not cared for by his wife and sons except father
Was there in the house.They fed him only with three “bottles” each day!!!

Well, time had come for him to take leave of his people and the world
Right- a big shamiana was put up, scores of chairs kept for the visitors.
Two band sets started their jarring trumpeting to the agony of others
Youth dancers started their ugly dances to the tune of band sets!
Giant garlands in dozens from different directions were brought
To the accompaniment of different bandsets and dancers!

One Son was connected with a political party!
SWARGA RADHAM was brought gorgeously decorated-with flowers
Fire Crackers were burst in thousands all the time to the head ache of all
After twelve hours, the body was lifted and taken in
A procession couple of kilometers away-traffic held up!
In all not less than three lakhs of rupees spent-wasted-
An orphanage could have fed the orphan children for months two!
Know not where the society is going and where we are heading to?



Venkata Krishna இன் சுயவிவரப் படம், படம் இதைக் கொண்டிருக்கலாம்: 2 பேர், பலர் நின்றுக்கொண்டிருக்கின்றனர் மற்றும் திருமணம்

Mr. K. Venkata Krishna, an Officer of LIC in his traditional dress. His better-half by his side!

One of the regular viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com, India Poetry Circle member Dr.Padmapriya of Bangalore suggested on the other day that I must trace my Blogging Journey for the benefit of my esteemed viewers.Probably this is a part of my journey!It is a matter of deep satisfaction and sense of achievement that this Blog is today 1642 days old with a post score of 1680!Over all view score is above is 2,05,000 from more than 225 countries!
I have viewers seen and unseen, heard and unheard, near and far, vocal and silent!
Here is a viewer by name Venkata Krishna who was my colleague when I was in Kadapa Division of my Alma Mater -Life Insurance Corporation of India where I learnt the art and Science of life and living He is a good mridhangist, carrom player and an honest worker. He is one of my valued viewrs of the Blog and his responses come to me through “the LINES HE LIKES ” in the POSTS!This week’s Sunday Story is a compilation of the LINES THAT VENKATA KRISHNA LIKED! I am sure you will be interested in reading the same. Thanks.

Venkata Krishna Good morning sir
Trees the wonderful creation of the Lord Almighty gifted
For the health and benefit of the humanity to take care of
the humans, birds, and animals
Many more happy and healthy returns of the day sir
Birthday greetings sir👏👏
Society would have been impoverished spiritually, morally
And ethically but for the guidance and nobility of the Saints
Harahara Shankar jayajaya shankara🙏
Hinduism asserts “Atman exists”, Buddhism “no Soul, no Self”.
Congrats sir👏👏
Swami Vivekananda gifted to India and the world by
Holy Mother-Bharathamatha
Saints and Seers all over to guide the people towards nobility and divinity
In all religions
Sing in praise of timeless God and time full life
Lead life with grace to serve all and God sans strife!
Delete or hide this
Saints and Seers are for the whole world as God’s messengers.
Oh! Lord Varuna-Rain God- kindly lend us your ears and bless us with rain
May all living beings humans and animals, trees and plants get their thirst quenched!
Good Association is our Association
Good guidance giving Association
Hail the Nagar hail the Association
Long live all the people
Father is father, Mother is Mother! Both are equally venerable, respectable, loveable and their blessings from here or from their heavenly abode to be solicited daily.
Matters in millions; subjects are aplenty
Great knowledge and nice language are in my kitty
To be used with sense of responsibility
Goddess of knowledge
We can’t stop breathing, but we can do something about
The quality of air we breathe.
For the sins of elders unfair to put the innocent children to
Untold sufferings
Those who know their strength
Know well the evils of fraud
Indulge not a length!
Music indeed is divine- vocal or instrumental all over the world
Vocal music is direct and flows like honey straight into our mind
Let them dance but not kill and eat -poor creature
Let us allow them to happily roam, wake us up early morn its feature
A sibling relationships reflect the cohesiveness of the family.
Storytelling. Is a wonderful way to pass on family traditions,
Histories, and long told tales and can be entertaining as well as educational
Learn to respect all- even much younger
Or lower in position at office or outside!
success depends on careful thoughts, planning, programing and doing

Man in his wisdom created festivals of all types in all religions
To be emulated and practiced by all in all regions and religions
Faith in God, self and people
Fair to all with love and scruple
Thoughts noble and deeds worthy
Happy hobbies and habits healthy

Patriotism- love for one’s native land and may be symbolism
Of culture,agriculture social bond and the soil in which born
Wishing a happy TAMIL NEW YEAR “VIKARI” to all the Tamils living in different parts of the globe
Sri Rama Navami greetings
The great Avatar to demonstrate how a human must live on earth
Love and obedience for parents; taking care of brothers and friends
Let us live in faith, hope and confidence=panic never helps!
May the world enjoy peace and prosperity sans violence and vendetta!

We shall meet tomorrow and till then GOOD BYE!

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N V Subbaraman in his Kadapa cabin during 1995-98

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On the occasion of this happy friendship day! Mr.Venkat Krishna my good friend !

TODAY IT IS 1600th!

Award at Ilakkiyachcholai

Presenting poem in ThirukkOvilur Meet

Time and tide waits for none it is said; but tide waits for full moon to blossom to show its beauty in depth!
Time goes on and on , on and on for eternity! Eternity to eternity! It looks February twenty fifth two thousand and fifteen was just yesterday- but it was 1539 days ago! ENVIUS THOUGHTS took birth on 25th February 2015 with its FIRST POST “MY TRYST WITH LIC” and today on 19th May it is SIXTEEN HUNDRETH post!

Now I am on the finishing stage of my Book in Tamil- titled –” கால தேவதை”   (KAALA DHAEVATHAI- GOD OF TIME- almost my autobiography like! As any other writer, I write for my satisfaction. When they are found to be useful to the viewers through my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com, I am indeed delighted and  am motivated to proceed further and further, farther and farther! One measurement of my viewers is obviously the overall number of views. Though I am a little uncomfortable that the daily views  is a little dwindled from what it was earlier, I do r4ealize my helplessness in this regard except constantly thinking of how the Blog can be made more interesting.

I am a little sensitive to the daily number of this Blog’s view and overall as it is the measure of viewers estimate of the quality of the Blog and hence I feel a little apprehensive whether the Blog is losing its sheen. Except the caption change ,this is the continuation of the TALES –every fiftieth post- and in that way this is 32nd TALE OF THE BLOGGER!
Let us have a look at the overall views since the last Tale 31 on 31st March 2019..
31/03/2019   1490th day   1550th post    1,94,571
06/04/2019   1496th day   1557th post     1,95,000
20/04/2019   1510th day   1571st post     1,96,000
03/05/2019   1523rd day   1584th post    1,97,000
16/05/2019   1536th day   1597th post     1,98,000
19/05/2019    1539th day   1600th post     1,98,161

During the period 31st March to 19th May, I participated in Four Meets 0f Tamil poets and one Seminar on Tirukkural at Valluvarkottam, Chennai!. I got four awards during this period.

Being honored with a PAYANAADAI in Thirukkovilur

With Bharathi Award

Kapilar Award from Thirukkovilur.

Sufficient i believe for this week, quite a few photos for your view unusually!
We shall meet tomorrow and till then GOOD BYE!

April 10th-1500th!

Not a particle of dust can move sans HIS grace is my firm conviction
Physical or mental or intellectual whatever be the compulsion
Still more difficult and HIS grace is a MUST which I have in full quite pure
Lest the Blog could not be in its ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDREDTH DAY sure!

April Tenth  the Blog is ONE THOUSAND HIVE HUNDRED DAYS old-quite proud
And immensely grateful to the Goddess of Learning Sri Saraswathi-
Not a day’s break since February twenty fifth two thousand fifteen
Day the Blog was born!Posts exceed by SIXTY ONE! Views swell by God’s grace!

Overall views from countries two hundred and ten and more have gone to
Give joy and satisfaction! Supporting viewers deserve all thanks and praise!
How we wish it continues to grow from strength to strength in the years to come!

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Image result for Photos for Tale Of a Blogger

Blogger telling his tale 31! U can’t listen ! Only SEE!

3        6          9

12      15     18

21       24        27


Yes, THIRTY TALES are over signifying completion of ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED posts in Envius Thoughts in https://nvsr.wordpress.com in the last 1441 days since February 25th 2015 without break even for a single day which fetched  a place of honor in the Asia Pacific Book of Records which in turn made the World Records University UK to offer me an honorary Ph. D! God Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent has been uniformly kind towards me in this regard.

Today it is TALE 31-on its 1550th post in 1490th day!

Tale 30 was posted on 10th February-1441st day of the Blog when the number of the posts hit 1500!i

I am a little sensitive to the daily number of this Blog’s view and overall as it is the measure of viewers estimate of the quality of the Blog and hence I feel a little apprehensive whether the Blog is losing its sheen.
Let us have a look at the overall views since the last Tale 30 on 10th February 2019.
10/02/2019  1441st day- 1500th post- 1,91,162..
21/02/2019  1452nd day 1511th post- 1,92,000
07/03/2019 1466th day  1525th post – 1,93,000
23/03/2019 1482ndday  1542nd post – 1,94,000
30/03/2019 1489th day  1550th post    1, 94,500.

As per the TALE PRACTICE let me recollect and share with you the happenings during the TALE 30 and TALE 31- that is during the period to 10th February 2019 to 30th March.- though I would have made a reference in short or in detail in the blog.
In repition our colony JEEVAN BIMA NAGAR, Chennai (as the name suggests the mighty organization Life Insurance Corporation of India promoted this policy holders’ housing scheme)– is one of the biggest colonies within a compound wall with 944 flats , sprawling grounds-Kids World, Youth World, Woman’s World,
A Library, a grand Community Hall, green trees here, there everywhere add beauty to the colony.

We celebrated Women’s Day on 16th March in a fitting manner.
Amidst host of great programs such as shopping stalls, fun and frolic, competitions for children and elders skits, dance programs all engaged the residents till 11.30 in the night.


Out of the social media, one great is Face Book. Have both good and bad aspects as one’s experience!

For several years I am on Face Book with a  good following. I consider it most unfortunate that fo0r the past few days, FB rejects  my messages reading as:

“Good morning. Today it is “March 29th SMOKE AND MIRRORS DAY!” in Envius Thoughts in https://nvsr.wordpress.com for your kind read and comment. Thanks.”

Reason adduced:

“Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”

I do not know what exactly the word “ABUSIVE” means, “who are the other people on Facebook reported as ABUSIVF”. My esteemed viewers nearing 2,00,000 from more than 210 countries know my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS is purely a LITERARY BLOG running for the 1490 days from February 25th 2015 without a break for even a single day

with 1550 posts as on this date, fetching me a place of honor in the Asia Pacific Book of Records based on which WORLD RECORD UNIVERSITY UK has offered me a honorary Ph.D.! But on the basis of some remarks by some person/s inimical to the Blog,                              fb has blocked my” https://nvsr.wortdpress.com” Let us see what i9s there in store for me in the days to come.



Of late I am getting quite a good number of awards and reco9gnitions for my literary works. Well-meaning literary friend was wondering whether the awards number would have  hit a century! I told her “not yet” and listed the same which I am reproducing here:


  1. Michel Madhusudhan Award, Kolkatta
  2. Admirable Achiever Award by United Writers Associaion of India Chennai.
  3. Fellowship of the United Writersw Association of India, Chennai.
  4. NTR All India National Admirable Achivers Award,2018- Nellore
  5. Moziyaakkach chemmal saadhanaiyaaLar Award-by South India Social Cultural Academy, Chennai
  6. SEVA RATHNA by Kanchi Mutt, Kanchipuram.
  7. National Symposium of Poets 2019 Memento by AIR Chennai
  8. Award from National Book of Records.
  9. Award Asia Pacific Book of Records 2017
  10. Thamiz Thonral Award from Solaik kuyilkaL, Chennai.

.  11. Winged Word Award of International Socio-Literary Foundation         from Mangalore

  • Best Poet of the Year 2003 –Poets International, Bangalore.
  • Membership of the “International Writers Association” USA
  • “THIRUKKURAL NGAAYIRU” TYhiruvalluvar Vaazviyal Neri Sangam, Chennai
  • “Sirandha Manidha Neyar virudhu” –Karunaik karangkaL, Chennai
  • WordPress University’s LEIBSTER AWARD
  • WordPress University’s Versatile Blogger Award.
  • World Records University UK ‘s Doctorate.
  • ARIVUK KALANJIYAM Award by MTS Academy, Chennai
  • Flamingo Award 2016 from Sulur Peta, AP
  • Flamingo Poetry Festival 2019 Certificate, Nellore
  • National Insurance Academy Pune 1998
  • INTHAMIZ INIYAR AWARD, Solaip pathippagam, Chennai.
  • KAVI MUKIL Award 2011, Solaip pathippagam, Chennai
  • Certificate from Amaravathi Poetic Prism 2016 Vijayawada,AP
  • World Academy of Arts and Culture certificate 2007, Chennai
  • Ilakkiyach ChudaroLi 2018, Chennai
  • Ilakkiyath thenral 2018, Chennai
  • Writers Forum Ranchi 1995,
  • Kavich chudaroLi 2017, Chennai.
  • Sindhanaich chirpi, Chennai
  • Kavi Nilavu, Chennai
  • Natchaththirak kavi, 2018, Chennai.
  • THANJAVOORIN PERUMAIK KURIYAVAR 2018-Ilakkiyaccholai, Chennai
  • 11th International Poetry Festival Certificate 2018, Guntur
  • Pongal Award 2019, Ilakkiyach cholai , Chennai
  • Kavimaamani- Kabilar Muthamiz sangam, Thirukkoyilur 2019.
  • World Union of Poets Italy Hon. Member of the WPU-Italy.2019.
  • Madurai Thisradwani Award 2013 for Translation of Pancha Rathna Keerthanas to Tamil from Telugu, Madurai
  • Jayendra Saraswathi Award 2013,
  • Kavich chigaram 2019, Chennai
  • TAMIL SUDAR, Kanchipuram
  • Certificate from Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai.




  1. Presentation of Paper “ INIYAVAI NAARPATHU VELIPPADUTHTHUM ARAM” Swami Dayananda College of Arts and Science, Manjakkudi, Thanjavur District 3rd April 2019
  2. Barathi Poets Meet,  Bharathi Illam, 21st April 2019, Chennai
  3. Cool Poets Meet, Kandaswami College, Chennai 21st April 2019, Chennai
  4. Presentation of Paper titled “VALLALAAR KAATTIYA VAAZVIYAL NERIKAL” at Vadalur.


With this this week’s Sunday Story comes to an end. We shall meet tomorrow as usual. Till then GOOD BYE !

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Next will be THIRTIETH- TALE- in  February 2019!!!
Here is  29th Tale –!

in several ways GOD has been so kind and compassionate to me in helping me to continue this Blog that has earned me a place of honor in the Asian Book of Records which in turn has earned me a Hon. Doctorate from the World Records University UK.
Since the Tale Part 28 on 4th November, much water has flown under the Ganges and mostly happy happenings.


During this period a number of Poets Meets were held and I had the fortune of attending a few. Noteworthy was the one attended on the Mahakavi Barathiyaar’s Birth day on eleventh December- I had already on 11th December made a post in this Blog and also a detailed Sunday Story titled King of Poets Birth day . Vanavil Panpattu Maiyam- RAINBOW CULTURAL CENTER-who have been organizing this day for the last 25 years, conducted a poetry competition on the top[ic “VEERA SUTHANTHIRAM” for which they received more than 500 entries out of which they selected 30 poems in the first round and they were to present their poems in the Meet at Barathiyar’s Memorial in Triplicane, Chennai after the JATHI PALLKKU –Royal Palanquin carrying Barathi’s statue in a procession from Parjhasarathy temple reached. Nothing gave me can give mr greater pleasure than presenting poem on Barathy’s words in the very place where he lived for some years and finally taken to the heavenly abode.
Two more Meets were conducted on Barathy by two organizations in Chennai on 16th December one by Kavi Oviya and the other by Ilkakiyach cholai. I presented my poems in Tamil “THEENGIZAIKKUM THEEYAVARAI” and “BARATHY ENADHU PERAASAAN”.

WRU’s Doctorate

It is nothing but God’ s grace that made me launch this Blog “ENVIUS THOUGHTS” on 25th February 2015 and it appears as my PASSION and MISSION to make posts on a daily basis-Mondays to Saturdays poems in English and on Sundays ‘Sunday Story’ articles and this is 1450th post in 1395th day! This has brought me a place of honor in the Asia Pacific Book of Records and the UK based WORLD RECORDS UNIVERSITY has offered me an Honorary Doctorate. Thus your versatile Blogger N V Subbaraman has become Versatile Blogger DR. N V Subbaraman!!!!!!!! To me at least it looks funny!


In Hindu calendar this month of MARGAZHI is deemed to be a very sacred month. Lord Krishna declared that HE stands tall as MARGAZHI in the 12 months! That this is the first month in winter, and the devotees get up at as early as 4.00 am and go to the temples which increases the will power and spiritual power. Devotees of Lord Ayyappa take their annual pilgrimage to Sabarimala in Kerala where Ayyappa is, in thousands from all parts of India.
Andal a great devotee of Lord Vishnu wrote her 30 songs in Tamil –THIRUPPAVAI- in the early part of KALIYUGA- about 3100 years ago! Kaliyuga is reported to come to an end in another 20 years.
Great and learned scholars are invited to give month long discourses on Thiruppaavai in the nights. Thirumala-Thirupathi Devasthanam have arranged for discourses in 52 temples in Tamilnadu and more than 500 centers in the entire country in different languages.
16th of December this year happened to be the first of Margazhi month and in a local temple month long discourses were to be delivered by one authority in Tamil literature Dr. Kaliyan Sampath . I was given the honor of inaugurating the series by the temple management.

As usual let us see the progress of ENVIUS thoughts since the last TALE 28 was published on 4th November 2018 in terms of views. .
50 posts are over in 50 days heralding TALE29 on the 1395th day for the 1450th Post!

04/11/2018 1348th day- 1400th post- 1,80,292.
12/11/2018 1356th day 1409th post- 1,81,,000
23/11/2018 1367th day 1420th post– 1,82,000
02/12/2018 1376th day 1429th post- 1,83,000
10/12/2018 1384th day 1437th post 1,84,000
25/12/2018 1395th day 1449th post 1,84

In this way number of views is progressing in its own speed of course giving a sense of achievement. I take pride and pleasure to communicate the crossing of every 1000 views to all my well-wishers through all possible methods- What’s-app, Face book two Accounts, Bloggers’ Meet-Up, Gmail and so on!

I used to wonder and admire modern modes of communication of which a nice part is WHAT APP device IS! I spent quite some time in a day on sending the messages through What ‘Sapp , receiving and responding.
First work in the morning is to communicate my Good morning message with the day’s Blog post to about 140 friends seen and unseen. A typical message that I send every day is as follows:
“Good morning. Today it is “INTERNATIONAL HUMAN SOLIDARITY DAY- December 20th.” in Envius Thoughts in https://nvsr.wordpress.com for your kind read and response. Thanks”. .
In those days all the messages will be sent easily; now there is a restriction on the number that it can be sent at a time NOT MORE THAN FIVE. As a result I have to repeat the process 28 times to send to 140 ! As and when I receive a message through this mode I get an auto-signal and I immediately turn to, read and respond! Great indeed is the experience!


Our esteemed readers are aware that the Tale Of the Blogger appears every 50th post. This way the year 2018 had the following Tales:
Tale 22 on 14/1/2018.
Tale 23 on 03/3/2018
Tale 24 on 21/4/2018.
Tale 25 on 08/6/2018
Tale 26 on 29/7/2018
Tale 27 on 19/9/2018
Tale 28 on 04/11/2018.
This way, this Tale of the Blogger is 29th today 26th December 2018 and the last one EIGHTH for the year 2018.
Next one will be the landmark THIRTIETH Tale on the 1500th post and the first for 2019! I do earnestly hope with HIS grace and your support the Tales will continue. With this we end this Sunday Story and till we meet tomorrow MAY GOD BE WITH YOU! Bye for the present.

.Blogger  as a part of the audience on the King of Poets Birth day on 11/12/18 in Triplicane, Chennai.


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Time and tide waits for none! Yet another Sunday Story – TALE 28! Tale 27 appeared as a Non-Sunday story on 19th September 2018 on a Wednesday! As is the practice we shall look into the progress of overall views of Envius Thoughts since the last Tale 27 on 19th September2018: 50 posts are over in 45 days heralding TALE28 on the 1279th day for the 1400th Post! 19/09/2018 1298th day- 1350 post-    1,71,645 23/09/2018 1302nd day   1354th post- 1,72,,000 25/09/2018 1304th day   1356th post–1,73,000 30/09/2018 1309th day    1361stpost- 1,74,000 04/10/2018 1313th day   1365th post1,75,000 09/10/2018 1318th day    1370thpost   1,76,000 15/10/2018 1324th day    1376thpost   1,77,000 21/10/2018 1330th day    1382ndpost   1,78,000 27/10/2018 1336th day   1388th post1,79,000 03/11/2018 1284th day1336th post   1,80,000 In this way number of views is strongly progressing giving a sense of achievement. I take pride and pleasure to communicate the crossing of every 1000 views to all my well wishers through all possible methods- Whats-app, Face book two Accounts, Bloggers’ Meet-Up, Gmail and so on! Posting a BLOG every day differently does demand its pound of flesh from the body, mind and intellect! But that PASSION for Blogging overtakes all other factors and with the grace of God and the support of my esteemed viewers and WORD PRESS, I have been carrying on and letus see whether it can go on till my…………..! Some of the important events since the last tale are given below: Here is something on one of the leading English poetry journals titled METVERSE MUSE: METVERSE MUSE one of the best and regularly published POETIC JOURNAL is indeed apple of my eyes! I am connected with this journal of Dr. Tulsi from Vishakhapatnam for a long time and there was a gap of late now renewed.  To manage a journal exclusively for promoting the poets and their creations  needs tons of devotion to the cause, dedication to the purpose, loyalty to the goal and Poet Madam Dr.Tulsi at her age 81 has been blessed with plenty.  One is left to wonder whether such an achievement is humanly possible- possible of seeing in Black and White, the Golden Jubilee issue of  a poetic print journal –with a hefty 400 pages presenting over 1750 Poems in structured verse by World Poets representing over 65 countries along with regular features and photos! Immediate reaction of this blogger on receiving this issue was as communicated to the Editor: Respected Poet Editor, Delighted to receive the GOLDEN JUBILEE ISSUE OF METVERSE MUSE just now. On the first look FINE, VERY FINE, and DELIGHTFULLY FINE! Heartiest congratulations. Probably GODDESS SARASWATHY  compiled through you. May God bless you. I shall write in detail as a Sunday Story in my ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com. With kind regards. Yours N V Subbaraman   First thing-most selfish, I admit was to see whether and where all I find a place in this ISSUE!!!!!! Yes, my  4 poems find their place on pages:65, 102, 158 and 193-much more than what I deserve!!! On page 116-my Bio data. In  selected Readers’ Response from the 2nd to 49th issues: Pages 153, 363, Here is  my main poem and Bio data published in the DJI for the kind read of my esteemed viewers: Haiku on FLOWERS 1.Flowers God’s great gift Peace and poise, joy sure one gets Nature moves quite swift!  
  1. God alone designs
Flowers of great shapes and hues Divinity reigns!  
  1. Smooth and soft as cheeks
Of the new born babes in arms Flowers on the plants!   4       Medicines they are Flowers in His creation Cure ones pains for sure!   5    God creates flowers In gratitude adorn Him His grace to shower!     6    Attractive colors Divine artist alone can Sure in his powers!  
  1.  Planet among stars
Flowers amidst the leaves green Good among evils!  
  1.   Natural flowers
Nothing equals in color Nor in aroma .Nature‘s showers Divine powers!  
  1.  Lotus and jasmine
Fine creations of nature None to undermine!   10    Rainbow of flowers Nature’s manifestation Great Divine showers!  
  1. Flowers in the plant
Plucked by cruel hands withers Withered man in the grave!  
  1.   Dancing daffodils
Nature’s beauty at its peak Cures well all our ills!  
  1.  Rose petals so smooth
Nature’s gift to the mankind Explains the great truth!  
  1.    May flower has blossomed
Heralds the birth of summer Great multi colored!  
  1.  Lotus  greets the morn
Above the water level Aim high our life’s norm!  
  1. Flowers in colors
Pleasing all the eyes and mind Beauty in towers!  
  1.   Great red carpet laid
By   mayflowers kissing earth Nature’s gift well paid!   Poet’s Brief Profile: Bilingual poet N V Subbaraman writes in English and Tamil and is widely known among literary circles in India and abroad. Many literary awards such as Michael Madhusudan Award, Kolkatta, Best Poet of the Year 1998 from the Poets International, Bangalore, Leibster Award and Versatile Blogger Award from the Blogging University, Fellow of the United Writers Association of India Chennai and their Admirable Achievers Award, Expert Translator Award from South Indian Social and Cultural Academy, Chennai, Kavi Nilavu, Seva Rathna Award from Kanchi Mutt, ARIVUK kALANJIYAM award from M T S Academy, Chennai decorate him. Totally he has 37 books published to his credit. He has written more than 1000 Haiku poems. His blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com has crossed the view score of more than one lakh and nineteen thousand from 210 countries and he has made more than 1000 posts. For his blogging achievements he has found a place in the India Book of Records. My ward young poet S. Nivetha is  very happy to find her poem published  along with her Bio data recalled here for the kind perusal of my esteemed readers. SUMMER DAYS WITH MY FRIENDS
Summer is out waiting for us to wade Umbrella in my hand to give a shade Monsoon and rain dreams often at the end Making a plan to go with all my friend(s) E very summer day   is to be hot Roaming in Sun right my mom ever shouts. Days pass without our moving out in Sun Awaiting my friends to share my sweet bun Yet they find it so difficult to walk Sitting in a/c room in house and talk! Watching at the window I dream of rain Idea is to go out and get drained Thinking of the Sun my friends rest at house Having computer and moving the mouse.   Making strange ideas – innovation Yet need support from my friends with passion   Finding new food stuffs to eat I make now Reducing fat my aim I bend and bow Intake of more rest of my summer bad Evening comes to make my life enjoy Never my mind should become dull and sad Declining waste of time and improve a ploy Sharing my views with friends give a great joy!.   Miss. Nivetha S is a first year  BCA student of a Chennai local college. She has nice handwriting. She is a good cartoonist. She has a passion for writing English poems and articles. She was the youngest poet to present her poem out of more than 200 poets who participated in the International Multilingual Poets Meet at Vijayawada on 13th and 14th November 2016 and in the Poets Meet organized by Chennai Poets Circle on 29th January 2017 in Chennai. For her participation in the Vijayawada meet she found a place in the INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS FOR CHILDREN.   I recollect the earlier issues  and the innovative feature of the GJI (Golden Jubilee Issue) . There was a grand Guntur International Poetry Festival for three days in Guntur Andhra Pradesh for on 21st,22nd and 23rd September and I was the –only poet out of 500 delegates –to present poems in Telugu, Tamil and English-and Nivetha presented her English poem. Detailed account was given in a post here in the Blog earlier. There is a great literary set up in Chennai- Chennai Poets’ Circle and its Mother India Poetry Circle of which by my good fortune I happen to be a member as well as Nivetha, an Young Poet at the age of 18, a National Book of Records for Children holder for being the youngest Poet Delegate in the International Multilingual Poets Meet held at Vijayawada in 2016 November. Monthly poets Meets, release of annual Anthology Efflorescence, organizing annual poetry Seminar are a few of their activities ably managed by the greats like Sri Jairam Seshadri, Madam Hema Ravi, Sundarrajan, Ravi Ranganathan and others. They bring out  innovative poetry collections and one such  was titled “CONFLUENCE 2” and was released in Odyssey on Sunday the Twenty Second October in a colorful function at Chennai. Various distinguished members released their creations utilizing the occasion.  Contributing poets were duly honored. I am supposed to participate in three International Tamil Seminars in Chennai in the coming three months and present my papers. More in the coming Tales. This much is for the current Tale and we shall meet tomorrow morning. Till then MAY GOD BE WITH YOU. Image result for Images of N V Subbaraman in the CPC Seminar The Blogger and Nivetha in the annual Seminar in January 2018