The Lord Almighty- great creator of the Universe
Provided us with what all we need out of NATURE –HIS GRACE
Air, Light, Gas, water, heat and all that give health and happiness
To make the world a heaven to live in peace and poise!

OZONE prevents the ultraviolet radiation
From reaching the ground, creating normal condition
For the life on the planet; protects us from the sun rays
And forms suitable light and warmth conditions of the world!

Depletion of the layer increases radiation
Causing skin cancer, cataract, and weakens immune system
Making us suffer the infectious diseases!
Today is WORLD OZONE DAY- let us think and protect Ozone!







The Universe
The world
The cosmos
The Space
Till they exist
Light will be active
Light will be bright
Let us adore the light
Light in the Space
As Space light
Light in the Universe
As Universal light
Light in the cosmos
As cosmic light
Let us revere light
Let us respect the light
Let us worship the light
Let us hail the light
Let us praise the light
Let us generate light
Let us create light!
Light is God
Light is Divine
As formless God
As power and energy
Light is on the move
In its chariot
Is the truth
Truth of truths
Eternal truth
Immortal truth!
Beyond the scientist’s research
Expert’s search
Divine feelings
Spiritual emotions
Origin of the religions
Introduced in the form of light
Identified in the form of light
Science shows
Light in form
As energy and power
Light is
Taken care of by Science!
Adorned by Science!


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Greatest manifestation of nature the great wind
But for which people in the globe cannot sure find
Their life and living smooth and healthy, with joy and peace
Let us thank the Almighty for blessing us to live in ease.

Global Wind Day is today fifteenth of June each year
A day for discovering wind, its power enormous
Ways to find out how to reshape the world’s energy system
The day to decarbonise our economies with wisdom!

Wind power and its energy exhaustive when hydel
Energy evades us, nuclear energy has its
Limitations, solar energy unpredictable
On this day let us think and help in improving wind energy!


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At the forefront
Stands light
On this earth
In the swing of civilization
For the civilized living
And culture to develop
Light is kept up front!
Light is deemed all important.
In this Universe
In a far off star earth
In the earth like Mars too
The descendents of Amoeba cells
In the huts without roof
‘Untouchability’ unknown traditions
Tribal beings in groups
In the evolution of evolutions
Might have existed!
Believe we shall!
Alone we are not in the Universe!
It may be true
It may be possible
Surely possible
For eternity
In the potholes
In the ups and downs
Of the space
And also in the vacuum
Passing through
The magnetic field
Votaries of Music like Naradha
And the group of Gods,
Our kith and kin
May be breathing in and out
For you and me
And waking up
With their words of welcome!
In this Universe
Worlds of people
In thousands and thousands
Bringing surprising shocks
Their movements
Their vibrations
Their earths, their hoot steps
Their manuscripts
May be aplenty!
Will be aplenty!
May be living
Should be living
Might have lived and
Made their exit!



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Passes through water and glass
Can control speed;
Totters at times!
It reflects
In the same glass particles and pieces
And ice cubes!
It touches
It caresses
It returns!
In the space
In the Milky Way galaxy
Where we live
In the region
Wherever the regions prone for the
Cyclone of the Gravitational force are,
Where the very big stars or small
Much heavier and greater density
Than the Sun are,
There the light is obedient
Well controlled
Lie down and roll
Rock and roll
Rush fast
After crossing the zone
Light stands erect
Sets right its bent back!
Becomes straight!
Princely walk it does!
Kingly race it runs!
Chariot moves on and fast!
Light as electric force
Is hot, too hot!
As if a furnace
It becomes hot like a molten iron
Under fire, set others under fire!
Light walks majestically
As cool breeze, cool water
All powerful and gives strength!
Spiritual role of the Almighty
Scientific role of the Omnipotent!
Light made to be a force primary
Brought to the forefront
Attains importance
Through the light,
Through the powerful light
Through the bright light!


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Seasons, the creation of Nature designed by God- Almighty
Winter, spring, Autumn and summer seasons four named by the mighty
People enjoy, suffer, happy, sad all depending on comforts
None can help but put up as it is great Nature’s making efforts!

Man tries to master the Nature- right or wrong unable to mend
Meddles with environment merciless –cuts trees for selfish ends
Jocularly said of the three bad seasons-hot hotter hottest
Angered Nature takes revenge- no use fretting and fuming at best!

Today is World Meteorological Day with the year’s theme
“Understanding clouds”- to make us aware of the enormous
Importance of clouds for weather, climate and water all over
Let us respect God and his creations of nature forever!

Clouds indeed   are central to weather observations and forecasts
One of the key uncertainties that defies study of climate change
To understand clouds affecting climate and the vice versa suree
Great day to think, brood over and manage the science of climate pure!

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Entire Universe
All galaxies
Filled with light
And identified by light
Celestial events
Magical shows
Mathematical riddles
Provides joy,
Provides light.
And then
Disappear and die!
Again appear
Again and again appear
Reappear, disappear!
In Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
In both the poles
Ever fertile
Never drying
Ever black
Magnetic fields
And flashing magnetic rays
Blink and blink
Eyelids-opening and closing
Speak through their eyes!
These indeed are
The Celestial events
Their basic cause!
In the shape of the skin of a fruit
With another toxic gas like element
With their power
Create celestial light!
These planets beautiful
Adding beauty.
May be
All covered,
Face covered,
As a bed spread
Densely covered!
Like a hidden object
In Nature, by Nature!


Such magnetic fields
Toxic gas fields
Magnetic zones
Living, moving objects
Circling round the universe
All according to
A set rule
A prescribed Law
Mathematical formulae
As the basics of Mathematics
As equations
As scientific truths
Truths of the past and future
Do plunge us in surprise!
Give us shocks
Make us wonder!
Our galaxy
Where we live
Milky Way
Its zone where we breathe
In the Milky Way zone
Milk as a tiny atom
Speeding bullet like atom
As shattering atom
As serious Sun storm
Sun is seated in a corner!
From the center of the Zone
Sun is
Fifty thousand light year away!
Away or jumping
Totters never!
The Sun that gives light and heat
To the corridors of the Milky Way
In the sky it floats at a speed-
Speed of sixty
Six thousand kilometers!
Sun- the great speedster Sun
Needs two and a half light years
To go round the Milky Way galaxy!
The TIME rolls by- just rolls by!

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