International Talk Like A Pirate Day- September 19th.

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This is  the world very many serious funny days we come across!
Talk Like a Pirate Day sails away annually on September Nineteenth.
American innovation for them and the rest of the world!
Let us see what is the day and also enjoy  the occasion!

All we bilge rats, Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgh! As we are out
And about on this day in the United States, let us not be surprised
If people Say “Ahoy Matie,” “Avast,” “Aye, Aye Capt’n,” “Land ho!” “Hornpipe,” and
Many such pirate-like phrases, as it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

While ordering our coffee in the drive-thru, let us ask if they have change
For gold bullion. Try testing your pirate language out at the library when
Asking for the location of Moby Dick. The pirate language always fairs well
In rough seas. Settle a debate with “I’m right or I’ll walk the plank!”

When the boss gives us a new project, “Aye, aye, Capt’n,” is the correct Response.
However, let us beware calling the boss any frothy names.
The goal of the day is not to lose your job. To polish our persona,
Let us practice a swagger, limp or squint. Long days at sea give pirates unique qualities.

TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY - September 19 - National Day Calendar


A montage of eight images depicting, from top to bottom, the World Trade Center towers burning, the collapsed section of the Pentagon, the impact explosion in the South Tower, a rescue worker standing in front of rubble of the collapsed towers, an excavator unearthing a smashed jet engine, three frames of video depicting American Airlines Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon

The Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent Almighty created
The world to live in peace and harmony, joy and plenty!. But alas!
Countries and people avaricious and belligerent on the basis
Of religion, borders, castes and creeds and strike at others! Miserable!

September Eleventh attacks a series of four coordinated terrorist
Attacks by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda against the United States
On the morning of Tuesday, September Eleventh Two Thousand and One
Resulting in three thousand  short of three fatalities, over Twenty Five Thousand
Injuries, and substantial long-term health consequences, in addition to about
$Ten billion in infrastructure and property damages!  SINGLE DEADLIEST
Terrorist attack in human history and the single deadliest incident for firefighters
And law enforcement officers in the history of the United States, with Three hundred
Forty Three and Seventy two killed.72 killed respectively.

Four passenger airliners which departed from airports in the northeastern United States
Bound for California were hijacked by nineteen al-Qaeda terrorists. Two of the planes,
American Airlines Flight Eleven and United Airlines Flight One hundred and Seventy Five
Crashed into the North and South towers,, of the World Trade Center complex in
Lower Manhattan. Within an hour and forty two minutes, both Hundred and
Ten-story towers collapsed. Debris and the resulting fires caused a partial or complete Collapse of all other buildings In the World Trade Center complex, including the forty seven-story World Trade Center tower,and significant damage to ten other large surrounding Structures. A third plane, American Airlines Flight Seventy Seven,  crashed into the Pentagon In Arlington County, Virginia, which led to a partial collapse in the west side
The fourth plane, United Airlines Flight ninety three was flown toward Washington, D.C.,
But crashed in Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania, passengers thwarted hijackers!

Suspicion quickly fell onto al-Qaeda. The United States responded by launching the War on Terror Invading Afghanistan to depose the Taliban, which failed to comply with U.S. demands to Expel al-Qaeda From Afghanistan and extradite their leader Osama bin Laden. Many countries Strengthened their anti-Terrorism legislation and expanded the powers of law enforcement and Intelligence agencies to prevent Terrorist attacks. Although bin Laden initially denied any involvement, later he claimed responsibility for The attacks. Al-Qaeda and bin Laden cited U.S. support of Israel, the presence of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia, and sanctions against Iraq as motives. After evading capture for almost a decade, bin Laden was Located in Pakistan In two thousand eleven and killed during a U.S. military raid.

Destruction of the World Trade Center and nearby infrastructure seriously harmed
The economy of New York City- had serious effect on global markets. Most unfortunate!
Time to end such attacks forever in any part of the Globe!


How the 9/11 terror attacks unfolded | Telegraph Time Tunnel - YouTube

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National Just Because Day-27th August!

Every Day Is Special: August 27 – Just Because Day

Funny it may look and hear but has a message sure!
Largely popular in United States in usage pure!
August twenty seventh is today, a funny day it is One  has
“National Just Because Day!”. Well, just because.If one Wants
To make spaghetti for breakfast wearing last year’s
Halloween costume, more power to him.  If one  wants to
Climb a tree as an adult, take the risk. It’s a day to
Stop worrying about the whys.Just Because Day has
Become a great way to spread random acts of kindness.
Send a thoughtful card to a friend, just because.
Give your grandparents a call, just because.
Pick up the trash from your neighbor’s yard, just because!.



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Fourth of July fireworks behind the Washington Monument, 1986.jpg

Creator-the Lord Almighty created the whole world to be free
And enjoy freedom and peace, joy and plenty live with independence!
But alas greedy political leaders of various countries
Bring under their control countries small and big to serve under!

Fortunately people are freedom minded and fight for independence!
India that is Bharath fought for freedom from the British for long
Under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and got independence !
Fourth of July today -the great Independence Day of
The United States of America- observed in a fitting manner!

United States commemorate the Declaration of Independence
Of the United States, on July Fourth  Seventeen Seventy Six..
The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies
No longer  subordinate to the monarch of Britain, King George THREE
And were now united, free, and independent states.
The Congress  voted to declare independence two days earlier,
On July second, but  was  declared on this day in Seventeen Seventy Six! This second post is at the instance of my VISION SCIENTIST  son presently at U S.