Today is International Literacy Day as declared
By UNESCO in nineteen hundred sixty five-to be observed
To tell all- of the fact that one in five adults not literate
Two thirds of illiterates are women- estimate moderate!

Though alive, dead they are sans knowledge, wisdom through literacy
Misfortune large population remain illiterate-pity
Efforts on war footing need today to provide literacy
Especially in the most countries adopting democracy!

On this day very important, all responsible be advised
To provide literacy to all at any cost-Government
Society and social institutions to play their role and part
And individuals to take up efforts honest- permanent!


August 23-International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave

Man is born free but ever in chains-words of wisdom
Heard for long in the society- reflecting truth
Chain of ego and ignorance, jealousy and fear
Sufficient to call us slaves unto ourselves very clear!

‘Slave trade’ was cruel and a shame on the society
“International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave
Trade and its Abolition” is today the twenty third
Of August every year announced by the UNESCO!

Slavery atrocious, its abolition, great
And so is Abraham Lincon’s part –a grand treat!
How to come out of the slavery we are in now
Serious thoughts and deeds need of the hour somehow!


August 09-International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples!


In the great creation of the Lord Almighty
Are the people all over the world quite mighty!
Spread over and spreading over each and all parts
Making their living useful to them and others smart!

Indigenous people moved and settled far off
Totally identifying with locals and serving
With all their best for mutual benefits giving
And taking culture of theirs to the land anew!

“International Day of the World’s Indigenous
Peoples” is today – to recognize the achievements
And contributions they make to improve world issues
Such as environmental protection-great salutes!




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Democracy thrives on four pillars as we know
Legislature, Judiciary, Bureaucracy
And the fourth one called Fourth Estate the great Press-show
The importance of each in a free society!

UNESCO declared every third of May as
“PRESS FREEDOM DAY” and today have to think as
Responsible for freedom of expression- lo!
On the decline- thanks to all powerful POLITICS!

The first three can thrive and prosper if fourth is strong
Society to be well informed and responsible
To voice its opinion free and frank, sans fear
“Critical Minds for Critical Times: Media’s
Role in advancing peaceful, just and inclusive
Societies”.this year’s theme to make it vibrant!

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Like culture and civilization, heritage adds
To the pride of the world- for many ages and shades
Never disappear for centuries all over
Sure to be nurtured and protected by all forever.

UNESCO declared eighteenth of April as a day
To bring awareness of the great heritage in a way
That promotes this year theme “CULTURAL HERITAGE
AND SUSTAINABLE TOURISM” with a specific goal .

All over the world there are monuments and sites great
That need to be maintained well and offer tourists a treat
India a fine multifaceted country of
Culture and tradition has a lot to offer for all!


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Whole world is a stage and we act our roles assigned
Philosophically a valid statement found.
Whole world have theatres in hundreds every where
Many fail to develop men’s mind any where!

Half a century ago the day was created
By International Theater Institute
Founded by UNESCO earlier- role to be played
To promote international harmony- a tribute!

Theatrical presentation to have noble
Theme and content to achieve the purpose stable
On this day, let Indian theaters too promote
And make our society truly catholic and great!


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Oct 16 World Food Day

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In the wonderful creation of the Lord Almighty-the God
Most essential for the living beings humans, animals
Birds and plants and trees -FOOD along with water and air-gets the nod
Without which no existence for any on earth is possible!

Duty of the Government and the society is to provide
Food for all- twice a day if not thrice- no death due to starvation
Ideal goal for accomplish- no cost too much-not to divide
The haves and haves-not, rich and poor- all need food no reservation!

“Climate change: Climate is changing. Food and Agriculture must too”
Theme for twenty sixteen- May the whole world work with a resolve to
Ensure food for all on this UN declared WORLD FOOD  DAY- quite sure
If one has no food, the world is to go in shame- Bharathi said -pure!

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