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Twenty Fourth October today is a very important day for the world
The day when the United Nations Organization came into being
To unite the nations of different sizes, people, their culture
To ensure peace and harmony among all nations in the world!

United Nations Day marks the anniversary of the UN Charter’s
ஏntry into force, and celebrates everything that the UN represents.
Its achievements since nineteen forty five.the day held since
Nineteen Forty Eight.Each year, the global network of its Information
Centres organizes variety of events to mark the Day. ceremonies,
Seminars, panel discussions, symposiums to series of briefings for all
Art competitions, rallies, film screenings and book/photo exhibitions,
Interviews and newspaper supplements- social media campaigns!.

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February 20: World Day of Social Justice

My Homeland India that is Bharath strongly believes that the whole world
Is one family and declares through Veda thus: VASUDEYVA KUTUMBAKAM=bold!
The Tamils will say: every place is our home town and all are our kith and kin.
Great principle and philosophy not to be thrown into the dust bin!

The world talks about SOCIAL JUSTICE in one voice through United Nations
Today Twentieth February is WORLD SOCIAL JUSTICE DAY- observed as passion.
We have many issues on our way to peace and prosperity, – poverty, unemployment,
Illiteracy, gender inequality, crime and human rights violations.!

The day aims to bring and promote social justice and make the world
A fair place, with equal opportunities and rights for all,sans caste,
Religion or gender discrimination, provide equal opportunities to prosper
And grow! Let us all this day resolve help in this Social Justice!

Help bring International community together to promoting global peace
And equality.Make political thinkers and policy makers across the world,
Admire that the global goals of Sustainable Development can be achieved
With bringing social justice a key principle that ensures progress,
Prosperity along with equal wealth distribution, equal opportunities
And eliminate any discrimination based on age, caste, creed, religion and so on!

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24th October-United Nations Day.

United Nations Day

Twenty Fourth October-United Nations Day
Indeed great for the countries in the world this day
United Nations Organization founded
In Nineteen Forty Five-is seventy three today!

This day is to focus on the values this organization
Spells the principles of humanity, unity, and world peace.
After the two world wars and the cold war to salvage with ease,
Humanity from the scourge of war and wrath of destruction!

My mind goes to this day in Nineteen Sixty, as a final year
Student of Alagappa College, Karaikudi called by All India
Radio, Trichy for a quiz program on United Nations
Organization and out of seven marks we scored three was mine!

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“United we stand, Divided we fall” -words of wisdom
Manthra not only for the individuals-kingdom
On the earth to follow earnest and honest by all
To keep the world and humanity in peace quite tall!

Founded several decades ago- in different names
And forms took present shape with nations one hundred and nine
As member states to keep the world united and peaceful!

With various wings of the Organization all needs
Essential are taken care of in ways possible
Duty of the society and the world to nurse and nurture
For eternity with HIS grace for the welfare of future!



God in HIS immense compassion for the humanity
Creates gems among the humanbeings-a great variety
To be at peace and happiness, joy and poise-Divinity
Graces and ennobles with soul stirring songs of the great!

One such precious gems was the Queen of Music M S
Subbalakshmi born hundred and one years ago –yes
On sixteenth September nineteen sixteenquite versatile
Ennobled the society through her Divine voice and music!

In the United Nations rrendered “MAITHREEM Bhajatha”
“Oh, world cultivate peace” of revered Kanchi Acharya!
Travelled world wide –as an Ambassador of peace through music
Had a stint in the cine field wth her films immortal!

Devotional songs in languages various ring in
Many homes and temples all over, bringing peace
In the holy hearts- never to get back melody
So great of Bharatha Rathnas the Queen of Carnatic Music!


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Oct 24 United Nations Day


Time tested and found to be great and right over years to stand tall
Nations are made of human beings with feelings and emotions

October twenty fourth today is great UNITED NATIONS DAY
Year two thousand and sixteen has a theme unique to show the way
For a healthy living of the humans all over the world nice
Theme: “International Year of PULSES” to be adopted wise!

Theme covers areas four meticulously planned A to D
A. Food Security, Nutrition, and Innovation-
B. Creating Awareness and Sustainability
C. Market Access
D. Productivity and Environmental Sustainability!


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“International Day of UN Peacekeepers” is tomorrow-29/5.

Modernity has given all comforts all over the world

Brain power and God’s grace have made the man quite bold

Yet that peace- peace invaluable eludes him, society

Yearn for peace-not available in market place great pity!


Peace of the individual be taken care of by the self

Of the society sure only by the Government itself

But of the world and its countries several -UN to keep

Tomorrow – International Day of UN peace keepers!


On this day we honor million men and women serving

The cause of peace in many countries under the UN flag!

This year’s theme”HONORING THE HEROES”-not to allow to sag

Their enthusiasm sure to fly high as the UN flag!

A contingent of Nepalese Peace keepers.