March 19th-POULTRY DAY

National Poultry Day - March 19

Great Saint Poet, author of the Tamil magnum opus Thirukkural
Two thousand years ago appealed to the people to shun and
Give up meat eating!
Chapter Twenty Six


How can be graceful
One who takes animal’s flesh
To keep his flesh fresh!                                      (251)

For the meat eaters
No grace left; wealth of no use
Who cares not but fritters!                               (252)

The one who takes flesh
Sees not the grace of life great
Killer minds his knife!                               (253)

4.Non-killing is grace
Killing graceless; eating meat
Sure a sin – disgrace!                                       (254)
Bye to meat! Lives saved!
Hell welcomes the meat eaters
Path to hell well laid!                                      (255)
Killing life for meat
Selling flesh for money – sin
No more flesh to eat!                                       (256)
Flesh – another’s sore
Realized one avoids meat
The world can’t ask for more!                           (257)
Free from ignorance
Will abstain from meat eating
Meat – another’s life!                                      (258)
Better than penance
Is giving up meat – a life
Killed for our pleasure!                                    (259)
Who abstain from meat
The world salutes with respect
They kill not and greet!                                     (260)

Here we have NATIONAL POULTRY DAY today Nineteenth March
Eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast, an open-faced turkey avocado sandwich for lunch and then perhaps a good, ol’ fashioned fried chicken dinner to finish off the day. Poultry is the theme for March 19th as it is National Poultry Day.
Poultry refers to domestic birds that are raised for meat and eggs. These birds include chicken, turkey, ducks, geese, quail, and pheasant.  Poultry is farmed in large numbers with chickens being the most numerous.
Poultry can be prepared in many different ways including roasting, baking, frying, grilling, sautéing, steaming and roasting.

Look at these ignorant and innocent looking hen and rooster
Not knowing its fate in a minutes few at the hands of the men
Great creation of the Almighty, my great Lord Omnipotent
To be at peace and harmony with all HIS creations!

Let us try  and make efforts to follow the Tamil Poet Valluvar
And take to vegetarianism in all spirit good and valuable
And spare the valuable lives of all birds and animals
Live to the traditions of India that is Bharath our homeland!

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November 1st WORLD VEGAN DAY

Family cooking a vegetarian meal.

The world knows well the PLEA FOR VEGETARIANISM
Advocated by Mahatma Gandhi as an expression
Of compassion and love for animals-yet another
Creation of the Lord almighty!- The Omnipotent!

Compassion Towards Animals-noble mission
Of veganism- refrain from using anything made
From animals- meat, eggs, milk, and honey avoid products
That use animal labor! What a great mission vegans have!

November first World Vegan Day is today-no animal
Racing or fighting be allowed! Non-violence, compassion
Towards all of nature’s creatures- heart of their philosophy.
All such activities are exploitative and cruel
Vegans, feel it is an issue of ethics and health.
Plant-Based Diet-advocated and practiced-
Their diet high in fiber and low in cholesterol reduce risk of
Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.!

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WORLD FOOD DAY-16th October.





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World Food Day is today the sixteenth October all over
Day marks the significance of agriculture to emphasize
That the food produced and consumed by us is safe and healthy.
This food day celebrated with great enthusiasm in India!

Several lovers of food in Delhi joined hands and vowed
To keep their food hygienic and safe opposing Genetically
Modified crops as it is unhealthy causing hazards rightly
Natural food indeed – fresh vegetables-probably unfried!

People in Delhi celebrate the occasion at Craft museum
Of Dastakar Mela; they make rangoli and perform street plays
And acts on the matter of genetic modification- its effects.
Several non-voluntary organizations highlight importance
Of eating healthy food and avoiding fast food in urban
India. Volunteers also stage street plays to focus!
Ours a vast country with diverse culture and tradition.
Tradition varies festivals go with food sumptuous!

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“PLEA for Vegetarianism” by revered Father of
Our Holy Nation-Mahatma Gandhi- set the tone for
Purely a vegetarian society all over the planet
For the good of all the living beings created by the Lord!

Today the first of October is World Vegetarian Day
“To promote the joy, compassion and life-enhancing
Possibilities of vegetarianism.” awareness to
The ethical, environmental, health, and humanitarian
Benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. Nice to follow
In the interest of all creations of God. – not hollow!

Vegetarian Awareness Month also well-known as
“Reverence for Life” month, “Month of Vegetarian Food”!
World owe it to the creator to take care in all ways
Living beings-human and animal-let us respect the days!

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Bard of Bengal was born today years hundred and fifty five ago
Brought fame to India that is Bharath winning Nobel prize sans ego
Founder of Shanthi Nikethan and  spread Upanishadic values
Of education-  reformer and Bahma samajist of value!

A poet, writer, painter of excellence-Gandhiji’s trusted friend
Through his nobility of thoughts and writings set a  valuable trend
Won the Nobel prize for his song celestial GITANJALI-wealth a mass!



In God’s creation everything has its uniqueness
Living beings born and die- often enjoy happiness
And also suffer in life in silence and harness
Nature of life it is to get reconciled and progress!

Some are born short, some are tall
Some are black, some are brown
Some are ugly, some are handsome
Some are fat and some are slim!

Funny it is to control diet to become thick or thin
Futile it is to control diet to grow fat or lean
Follow the laws of nature, one can be natural
No need for NO DIET DAY as observed unusual!

Nature gives the food and drinks we need over seasons sure
Fruits and vegetables the body can absorb quite pure
Early to bed and early to raise the law we forget
Eat and sleep, rest and work as we like is not right!

Natural diet all through keeps body and mind in tact
Learn to walk in the morning and have exercise in fact
To body and mind, food and drinks on time with limit right
Sure to make the NO DIET DAY hang its head  quite tight!


“World Consumer Rights Day” is this day to awaken

Their conscience of rights and duties to strengthen

Consumerism all over world to thrive and protect

Humans from exploitation from all sources direct!


This year’s theme is “Anti biotic resistance”-great

Tackling   international public health crisis fast

Stop serving meat from animals routinely given

Antibiotics used in human medicine –bad!


Antibiotics more than fifty percent used in

Agriculture that feeds animals and purchased in

More than a lack of restaurants worldwide-leading to

Consumers’ resistance to anti biotic- strong!


Important medicines may stop working much sooner

Common infections, minor injuries kill faster!

Time to resist and stop the killer meat in hotels!

Theme of the year to be carried out in earnest!

WCRD 2016_th

World Consumer Right Day and its 2016 theme.-Meat with antibiotic medicine



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Chapter 33

அதிகாரம் 33



  1. அறவினை யாதெனில் கொல்லாமை கோறல்

பிறவினை எல்லாம் தரும்.

Aravinai yaadhenil kollaamai koaral

Piravinai ellaam tharum.

What is a virtue?

Non – killing! Top of all sins

Killing – none should pursue!

Virtue lies in not killing any living being; killing leads to all other sinful things. (321)

2. பகுத்து உண்டு பல்லுயிர் ஓம்புதல் நூலோர்

தொகுத்தவற்றுள் எல்லாம் தலை.

Paguththu uNdu palluyir oambudhal nooloar

ThoguththavatruL ellaam thalai.

Share thy food with all

Saving others – top virtue

The wise find it tall!

Top virtue as enshrined in the books of wisdom and morals is sharing the food with others and saving them.                          (322)

3.ஒன்றாக நல்லது கொல்லாமை; மற்றுஅதன்

பின்சாரப் பொய்யாமை நன்று.

Ondraaga nalladhu kollaamai matruadhan

Pinsaarap poyyaamai nanru.

Virtue of virtues

Non – killing sure; next in rank

Not lying – virtue true!

Ideal virtue is not killing; next is speaking truth.                                   (323)

4. நல்லாறு எனப்படுவது யாதெனின் யாதொன்றும்

கொல்லாமை சூழும் நெறி.

Nallaaru enappaduvadhu yaadhenin yaadhondrum

Kollaamai soozhum neri.

That is the right way

Not to kill any life sure

Save – the great will say!

Right way to lead life is not killing any living being; that indeed is a noble virtue.                                              (324)

5. நிலைஅஞ்சி நீத்தாருள் எல்லாம் கொலைஅஞ்சிக்

கொல்லாமை சூழ்வான் தலை.

Nilaianji neeththaaruL ellaam kolaianjik

Kollaamai  soozhvaan thalai.

True – he is a saint

Who kills not others – a sin

Holier than saint!

Instead of becoming a saint in fear of woes of family life, those in family life observing strictly not killing living beings are greater and nobler. (325)

6. கொல்லாமை மேற்கொண்டு ஒழுகுவான் வாழ்நாள்மேல்

செல்லாது உயிருண்ணும் கூற்று.

Kollaamai maerkoNdu ozhuguvaan vaazhnaaLmael

Sellaadhu uyiruNNum kootru.

The Lord of Death fears

To visit the non-killer

Puts him not in tears!

To the one who follows the noble principle of not killing any living beings, even the Lord of Death-Yama- will not have courage to visit and take his life off.                                  (326)

  1. தன்உயிர் நீப்பினும் செய்யற்க தான்பிறிது

இன்னுயிர் நீக்கும் வினை.

Thanuyir neeppinum seyyarkka thaanpiridhu

Innuyir neekkum vinai.

Killing is a sin

Though his own life is at risk

The wise try to pin!

Even in order to save himself from the risk of death, he should not think of killing the other.                                               (327)

8. நன்றாகும் ஆக்கம் பெரிதெனினும் சான்றோர்க்குக்

கொன்றாகும் ஆக்கம் கடை.

Nandraagum aakkam peridheninum saandroarkkuk

Kondraagum aakkam kadai.

The gains of killing

The noble never desire

Though some are mulling!

The senseless people will think  great of the gains of killing others; the noble will feel very bad about it.                                     (328)

9. கொலைவனையர் ஆகிய மாக்கள் புலைவினையர்

புன்மை தெரிவா ரகத்து.

Kolaivanaiyar aakiya maakkaL pulaivinaiyar

Punmai therivaa ragaththu

The butcher knows not

The sin of killing – whereas

The wise know – kill not!

The butcher does not know the sin and disgrace of killing; the wise people know and hence do not kill.                                      (329)

10. உயிருடம்பின் நீக்கியார் என்ப; செயிர்உடம்பின்

செல்லாத்தீ வாழ்க்கை யவர்.;

Uyirudambin neekkiyaar enba seyirudambin

Sellaaththee vaazhkkai yavar.

Who suffer a hell

In this birth, sure butchers last

The learned so tell!

The wise people say that those who suffer in ill health and poverty should have in the past killed the living beings and thus committed sin.          (330)



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