“World Consumer Rights Day” is this day to awaken

Their conscience of rights and duties to strengthen

Consumerism all over world to thrive and protect

Humans from exploitation from all sources direct!


This year’s theme is “Anti biotic resistance”-great

Tackling   international public health crisis fast

Stop serving meat from animals routinely given

Antibiotics used in human medicine –bad!


Antibiotics more than fifty percent used in

Agriculture that feeds animals and purchased in

More than a lack of restaurants worldwide-leading to

Consumers’ resistance to anti biotic- strong!


Important medicines may stop working much sooner

Common infections, minor injuries kill faster!

Time to resist and stop the killer meat in hotels!

Theme of the year to be carried out in earnest!

WCRD 2016_th

World Consumer Right Day and its 2016 theme.-Meat with antibiotic medicine



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Chapter 33

அதிகாரம் 33



  1. அறவினை யாதெனில் கொல்லாமை கோறல்

பிறவினை எல்லாம் தரும்.

Aravinai yaadhenil kollaamai koaral

Piravinai ellaam tharum.

What is a virtue?

Non – killing! Top of all sins

Killing – none should pursue!

Virtue lies in not killing any living being; killing leads to all other sinful things. (321)

2. பகுத்து உண்டு பல்லுயிர் ஓம்புதல் நூலோர்

தொகுத்தவற்றுள் எல்லாம் தலை.

Paguththu uNdu palluyir oambudhal nooloar

ThoguththavatruL ellaam thalai.

Share thy food with all

Saving others – top virtue

The wise find it tall!

Top virtue as enshrined in the books of wisdom and morals is sharing the food with others and saving them.                          (322)

3.ஒன்றாக நல்லது கொல்லாமை; மற்றுஅதன்

பின்சாரப் பொய்யாமை நன்று.

Ondraaga nalladhu kollaamai matruadhan

Pinsaarap poyyaamai nanru.

Virtue of virtues

Non – killing sure; next in rank

Not lying – virtue true!

Ideal virtue is not killing; next is speaking truth.                                   (323)

4. நல்லாறு எனப்படுவது யாதெனின் யாதொன்றும்

கொல்லாமை சூழும் நெறி.

Nallaaru enappaduvadhu yaadhenin yaadhondrum

Kollaamai soozhum neri.

That is the right way

Not to kill any life sure

Save – the great will say!

Right way to lead life is not killing any living being; that indeed is a noble virtue.                                              (324)

5. நிலைஅஞ்சி நீத்தாருள் எல்லாம் கொலைஅஞ்சிக்

கொல்லாமை சூழ்வான் தலை.

Nilaianji neeththaaruL ellaam kolaianjik

Kollaamai  soozhvaan thalai.

True – he is a saint

Who kills not others – a sin

Holier than saint!

Instead of becoming a saint in fear of woes of family life, those in family life observing strictly not killing living beings are greater and nobler. (325)

6. கொல்லாமை மேற்கொண்டு ஒழுகுவான் வாழ்நாள்மேல்

செல்லாது உயிருண்ணும் கூற்று.

Kollaamai maerkoNdu ozhuguvaan vaazhnaaLmael

Sellaadhu uyiruNNum kootru.

The Lord of Death fears

To visit the non-killer

Puts him not in tears!

To the one who follows the noble principle of not killing any living beings, even the Lord of Death-Yama- will not have courage to visit and take his life off.                                  (326)

  1. தன்உயிர் நீப்பினும் செய்யற்க தான்பிறிது

இன்னுயிர் நீக்கும் வினை.

Thanuyir neeppinum seyyarkka thaanpiridhu

Innuyir neekkum vinai.

Killing is a sin

Though his own life is at risk

The wise try to pin!

Even in order to save himself from the risk of death, he should not think of killing the other.                                               (327)

8. நன்றாகும் ஆக்கம் பெரிதெனினும் சான்றோர்க்குக்

கொன்றாகும் ஆக்கம் கடை.

Nandraagum aakkam peridheninum saandroarkkuk

Kondraagum aakkam kadai.

The gains of killing

The noble never desire

Though some are mulling!

The senseless people will think  great of the gains of killing others; the noble will feel very bad about it.                                     (328)

9. கொலைவனையர் ஆகிய மாக்கள் புலைவினையர்

புன்மை தெரிவா ரகத்து.

Kolaivanaiyar aakiya maakkaL pulaivinaiyar

Punmai therivaa ragaththu

The butcher knows not

The sin of killing – whereas

The wise know – kill not!

The butcher does not know the sin and disgrace of killing; the wise people know and hence do not kill.                                      (329)

10. உயிருடம்பின் நீக்கியார் என்ப; செயிர்உடம்பின்

செல்லாத்தீ வாழ்க்கை யவர்.;

Uyirudambin neekkiyaar enba seyirudambin

Sellaaththee vaazhkkai yavar.

Who suffer a hell

In this birth, sure butchers last

The learned so tell!

The wise people say that those who suffer in ill health and poverty should have in the past killed the living beings and thus committed sin.          (330)



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அதிகாரம் 26

Chapter 26

புலால் மறுத்தல்

Abstinence from meat.

1. தான் ஊன்பெருக்கற்குத் தான் பிறிது ஊன் உண்பான்

எஞ்ஞனம் ஆளும் அருள்?.

Than oon perukkarkku than pirithuoon uNbaan

Enjjanam aaLum Arul?

How can be graceful

One who takes animal’s flesh

To keep his flesh fresh!

How can one be graceful, when he in order to develop his body, kills an animal and takes its flesh?                       (251)

  1. பொருள் ஆட்சி போற்றாதார்க்கு இல்லை; அருளாட்சி

ஆங்கில்லை ஊன் தின்பவர்க்கு.

PoruL aatchi poatraathaarkku illai; aruLaatchi

Aanggillai oon thinbavarkku.

For the meat eaters

To grace left; wealth of no use

Who cares not but fritters!

Those who ccumulate wealth have some name and not to those who do not. Those who take meat- non vegetarians- do not enjoy grace while vegetarians have.              (252)

  1. படைகொண்டார் நெஞ்சம் போல்நன்று ஊக்காது ஒன்றன்

உடல்சுவை உண்டார் மனம்

PadaikoNdaar nenjampoal nandru ookkaadhu ondran

Udalsuvai uNdaar maNam

The one who takes flesh

Sees not the grace of life great

Killer minds his knife!

The one, who is having a knife in hand to kill, will hve no sympathy for others. Similarly the one who takes meat, will have no  compassion.         (253)

  1. அருள் அல்லது யாது எனில்கொல்லாமை கோறல்;

பொருள் அல்லது அவ்வூன் தினல்.

AruL alladhu yaadhu enilkollaamai koaral

PoruL alladhu avvoon thinal.

Non-killing is grace

Killing graceless; eating meat

Sure a sin – disgrace!


Non killing is grace and virtue. Killing an animal and eating its meat is neither a grace nor a virtue.-in fact it is a disgrace.              (254)

5. உண்ணாமை உள்ளது உயிர்நிலை; ஊன் உண்ண

அண்ணாத்தல் செய்தல் அளறு.

UNNaamai uLLadhu uyirnilai; oon uNNa

ANNaaththal seythal nanru.

Bye to meat! Lives saved!

Hell welcomes the meat eaters

Path to hell well laid!

When meat is not taken, the animal beings will live in and are saved. Hell will swallow the meat eaters without letting them go.                            (255)

6. தினல் பொருட்டால் கொல்லாது உலகுஎனின் யாரும்

விலைப்பொருட்டால் ஊன் தருவார் இல்.

Thinal poruttaalkollaadhu ulaguenin yaarum

Vilaipporuttaal oontharuvaar il.

Killing life for meat

Selling flesh for money – sin

No more flesh to eat!

When the animals are not killed for meat eating, there will be none in the world to sell meat.         (256)

7. உண்ணாமை வேண்டும் புலாஅல்; பிறிது ஒன்றன்

புண் அது உணர்வார்ப் பெறின்.

UNNaamai vaeNdumpulaaal; piridhu onrin

PuNadhu uNarvaarp perin.

Flesh – another’s sore

Realized one avoids meat

The world can’t ask for more!

If we analyze, meat is a sore of the animal; hence meat eating must be totally stopped.                          (257)


  1. செயிரின் தலைப்பிரிந்த காட்சியார் உண்ணார்

உயிரின் தலைப்பிரிந்த ஊன்.

Seyirin thalaippirindha kaatchiyaar uNNaar

Uyirin thalaippirindha oon.

Free from ignorance

Will abstain from meat eating

Meat – another’s life!

Those flawless sensible persons never will take meat, the lifeless another living being.                                                 (258)


  1. அவி சொரிந்து ஆயிரம் வேட்டலின் ஒன்றன்

உயிர்செகுத்து உண்ணாமை நன்று.

Avisorindhu aayiram vaettalin onran

Uyirsorindhu uNNaamai wanru.

Better than penance

Is giving up meat – a life

Killed for our pleasure!

It is better not to take meat than doing penance hundred times.           (259)


  1. கொல்லான் புலாலை மறுத்தானைக் கைகூப்பி

எல்லா உயிரும் தொழும்.

Kollaanpulaalai maruththaanaik kaikooppi

Ellaa uyirum thozhum

Who abstain from meat

The world salutes with respect

They kill not and greet!

Those who kill not  the animals and take meat will be respected and revered by the whole world with folded hands.           (260)





International Fisherman’s’ day is today

Eulogize, sympathize, empathize on this day!

Put to risks of far reaching consequences poor

What for to a set of people all over the world pure?

Fishing in deep sea and shore,  lake and  tank to kill

The God’s creation for quenching the man’s hunger!

Fish or beef, chicken or mutton all killing HIS children!

Why not the man kill his children to feed his hunger?

Beans or brinjal  a thousand rupees a kilo!

Bindi and cabbage a few thousands a kilo?

They are also HIS creation -do not weep when culled

Poor animals and birds when killed by the stronger

Pity they weep and cry! My Lord save them all!