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His views form the Sunday story today. Mr. G Vasudevan now in Toranto, Canada.

I very strongly believe that I draw strength from the immense Grace of the Lord Almighty and inspiration from my esteemed viewers and their responses. With 134 followers from more than 210 countries, very satisfying progress of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS is the overall view score is about to cross ONE LAKH in a couple of days. By the grace of Goddess of Learning and the enthusiasm of the viewers, today’s post is 928th   in the 863 day life of the Blog!

Well, one of my new admiring viewer is Shri Vasudevan  my erstwhile colleague in the Life Insurance Corporation of India and presently with his daughter in Toranto, Canada. He daily views the post and makes his comments regularly and here is a compendium of the same for the reading of my esteemed viewers as this week’s Sunday story. I hope you will enjoy reading.

I like your words “EVERYTHING IS CREATED FOR A PURPOSE ” I came to know that tiger belongs to cat family. Tiger is beautiful in sight. Though we are afraid of Tigers, they too have love towards their kith and kin as shown. The picture shows the mother’s love towards its baby. It is known that “LORD AYYAPPA” is a friend to the tigers and could get milk from them ! If we show love and affection to anyone, NO HATRED will be present in GOD’S creations. Thanking you Sir for having given me a chance to express my thoughts also.

I went through the words of Saint Alphonsa. There is rich meaning in her saying about not harming anyone even while talking. She is always fond of sweet talking. She says that she will never complain of anything.
She is always interested to show love to others. For every failure she asks pardon. Her life should make us learn her holy spreading’s. Let this FEAST DAY give “ALWAYS FEAST” to our EYES, SPEECH AND THOUGHTS. Thanking you sir for showing light on HUMAN VALUE and UNDERSTANDING


What a strange leader! Holiday was declared as against his will! I am not thinking about your two ill-lucks, but I am proud that you have 1,00,000 followers as of now. I hope the numbers will grow at a greater speed. Your thought on DEATH brings confidence in us . Very nicely I have through the entire article and thanking you sir for a well-read article.

I have gone through this article. Excellent to read! Finally it is a surprise to me that the translator is the AUTHOR himself. Very soon I will be listening to your TAMIL TRANSLATION. Thanking you sir for knowing you more and more!!

Great Abdul KalamJi, Great Pandit NehruJi. Both of them are known for their peace-loving nature. Though KalamJi was a scientist he had been teaching till his last breath. Nehru Ji also delivered a peace-talk at UNO. When I was in 9th Standard, his speech” The world has become advanced in Science. War at the present time will mean an end to the world”was in English lesson. This has touched my heart and I found love is the only key to open all the doors of darkness. About KalamJi, we are proud enough that he led a simple life. It is great that he was attracted to TYAGARAJA PANCHARATNA KIRTIS. Your noble touch in the lines of your poem would keep their memories ALIVE in our lives.

A peace loving nation is ours. It is a known fact that we won the freedom without any arms. But if war is forced we will not watch and forgo our mother’s space. All the wars so far fought have been won. We think of Major Saravanan (whose statue in Trichy Cantonment Area) who has sacrificed his life for the sake of our nation. We LOVE OUR NATION with peace and pride. Thanking you sir for making us remember our KARGIL HEROS.

The child has a confident face and showing a victory sign. Only thing is that we have to be eye openers!
By opening eyes how many things do happen! The wonderful world is bright. Changes are being accepted and adapted. All the day dreams have been fulfilled with wishful thinking and wise actions. Let us make our children realize the reality and show them the path full of wisdom and courage. Thanking you Sir, for waking up at the right moment to make our children great in thoughts and actions.

This is a chance to know that our great poet has praised “TILAK JI” with love and affection. To drive the meanness away is a catchy term in your translation. As Saivites repeat the Lord’s name, we use to chant his glory. Again our Bharath Matha wears Tilak by remembering our “TILAK JI”. Thanking you Sir for driving our emotional national spirit by adoring TILAK JI.

Sir, Went through the two finest incidents of helping nature of the SUPREME LORD! Our kavi Bharathi was also confident of meeting KALA and his Tamil poem is excellent to read. He would drive KALA 4000 miles away. He challenges YAMA in a straight forward contest! Dr. Hayim enjoyed your translation. I praise HIM for his noble understanding of our Great Kavi and his feelings.

Final advice says that our lives should challenge the little problems which come and go and should not be taken to heart. No about your emotions will surely help us to have courage at odd moments. Thanking you Sir, for bringing this article to have STUBBORN MIND in us.

A good poem by Great Bharathi! And a great translation by you Sir and it says a lot about our flag and its protectors. The words expressed show the high esteem of your thought. Not only KAMBAM is tall, your description also is high in national SPIRITS. The words expressed are so strong that I could see
REBORN BHARATHIAR in you. I have no words for description further. I am immensely HAPPY and PROUD that your words should keep our FREEDOM intact. Thanking you Sir again for the creation of awareness of our PRESENT INDEPENDENT INDIA.

Sir, again you have made this day as a MONKEY DAY. We saw two monkeys show the togetherness and attachment. As you rightly told, they know their GOAL and helped Lord Rama heart and soul. Sita is brought back. I see the author’s feeling in the poem that he is not able fix the goal yet. Oh! GOD, help us to have clear VISION and WITHSTANDING power as per the prayer song to the LORD HANUMAN. Thank you Sir, for bringing this note to us and making a feeling that monkeys are superior to us in all respect.

Never thought that this day is a “lolly pop” day, a jolly day. We have come down to the level of children enjoying lolly pop. We are very young if our thoughts are childlike.  Yes, we should also be free from all other loads of everyday life. Thanking you Sir, for making us children at times.

I am happy Sir; your books have been published!
I will read those books and enjoy.
I am proud of being a friend of HIGH SCHOLAR, HARD WORKING, and KIND HEARTED.

The history of the growth of communication is interesting .We Humans are unique in communicating. As stated we can lead a noble life by this noble gift. Your last para shows your feelings about the communication in the present days and the unmatched actions. Your feelings are well expressed in the last para and beautifully worded with musical words. I pray God to gift the society with noble thoughts so as to deliver sweet communication followed by kind deeds. Thank you Sir, for creating awareness.

Oh ! Narayana ! Oh ! Namasivaya ! You are able to save elephant and you are able to grant life to Markandeyan. Could you not save our great poet Kavi?! I request you to grant REBIRTH to our great poet!

Sir, Your translation is very nice to read and it showed your WITHSTANDING WILLPOWER!
I ALSO PRAY THE Lord to grant MOKSHA to all the above three HOLY SOULS!

We are motivated to live stronger with boldness in mind!

Thanking you sir for bringing this finest article.

Simple, Brave, and courageous leader! He was leader to the poor. He was the king of Education! He earned name and fame! He was the CM in the glorious era.. His HISTORY cannot be forgotten. Thanking you sir.

Sir, wonderful description of noble virtues of PATIENCE. It brings us VICTORIES. It lightens the anger of others during each and every communication. It gives us the ability to think first and then act. It is a wonderful GIFT in customer servicing. It earns respect from elders. Patient hearing helps to build the confidence in the minds of Old-Age people. It gives beauty to our face and handling of any situation becomes easier and lighter.

As you rightly said” MOTHER EARTH” has more patience to have all of us in HER lap.
Thank you, sir, for bringing this GIFT ARTICLE. We thank our MOTHER EARTH also.

Sir, Population issue is rightly discussed. Global Vision is now required to carry out the mission..

Went through the Sunday special.  My praises to Sri Ramamurthy for appreciating your noble noting.
I thank the LORD for having given the senses to understand and realize the ENORMOUS POTENTIAL

Simple shiny Words of Wisdom!


I am sure you would have enjoyed the views of Vasudevan on Envius Thoughts. Thanks.

We shall meet tomorrow.



I am glad to share with you that INDIAN PERIODICAL a leading E magazine has published my English article titled MAHAKAVI BHARATHIYAR “LIES OR TRUTH”. Kindly click the following link, select from the contents MAHAKAVI BHARATHIYAR read and place your kind comment in the space provided under the article to enable the other readers the benefit of your comment. Thanks.

“Your submission has been posted in our latest issue, twitter and Facebook page. Check links below.



Editor, Indian Periodical”.


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Shri Ramamurthi Thupakula my former colleague in his happy abode at Bangalore!

I am ever grateful to the Lord Almighty-the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent- who directs me in all my activities and in particular who guided me to WordPress and with HIS grace I picked up, launched my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in, on 25/2/2015, gradually built up the viewership and I am indeed proud of my esteemed viewers from more than 200 countries. As of now total views have exceeded 96000 and one of my regular viewers is Shri Ramamurthi Thupakula my former colleague in the great Life Insurance Corporation of India of which I was a part and parcel for more than four decades. In fact LIC continues to be our HOME. He lives in Bangalore and regularly sends his responses on my posts. Here is a compendium of his responses as Part III as my Sunday story this week. I am sure my friends will enjoy the same as they did his part I and II published earlier. II on 17/1/17.
Day and night are in our minds. Day is dark if we shut our minds and night is bright if we open our inner minds. The great poet Milton remarked the mind is in its own place can make a heaven out of hell and hell out of heaven. Worthy message !
International year of cooperation a high landmark. Life is a competition. Is lt so. Life is cooperation. Assume a person is on a journey. If he goes smoothly along with the road in his car allowing others to go he can enjoy the journey. On the other hand if he wants to be ahead of others he will be rash and causing hurt. To enjoy the journey one must be cooperative and not competitive.
Never, never, not for ever leave the mantra of santhi i.e. peace at any cost. The circumstances may not be favourable and persons may be unjust, even then maintain calmness and stablity within and proceed. Happiness and real success will be yours and gift to the people around.
Luxury took the place of simplicity. In appearance and in health simplicity is inthe backyard. Luxury is in front place. The real values are not visible in the din and roar of modernity. Let’s strive for inculcating the real values!
In the place of painful luxury, free simplicity should take place. Let’s be up and doing in that direction.
Thanks for blogger part 18. I am reminded of H W Longfellow’s poem “Be not like dumb and driven cattle. Be a hero in the strife.” By your every minute sincere effort you are enthusing us to be on the right direction. Your introduction of young poetic bud Niveta is positive with informative photos. With regards!
Special poem on Canada with unique presentation of first letter in every line presenting the caption vertically is nice. Excellent skill sir!
Sometimes this relief should be available. A nice and brief video!
The Olympic day spirit to play well whether you win or loose is important. Nice words.
Value of any particular person or thing is only felt when we are suddenly deprived of. We take it for granted the advice and guidance of father in a casual way. True scenario dawns on us only after father is no more. Worthy father’s day!
Nice message regarding ego. It is essential. The more of lt is edging God overhead out. One who conquers himself is greater than one who vanquishes a multitude in the battle. With thanks sir!
Man is born free but is in chains. Thoughts are important. Gradually they form into habits. The advertising agencies and old movies make smoking as a greatness of hero. Now the positive aspect is by the good campaigning of govts. and punitive measures smoking have been reduced drastically. Thanks sir.
Thank you sir for catching cold so aptly!. One of our Hindi professors used to comment that he used to get cold in a year twice only and each one will remain for six months only. Very nice cold journey!
Thanks for reminding the achievement of Tensing and Hillary in scaling the Everest. During our 3 rd and 4th classes we used to climb the nearby hillocks as if Everest. Happy rememberences!
Congrats marathon runner!
Very very happy to view Rajeev Jhajis views. The very first thing I am attracted by his v i r t u e of being regular in whatever he responds in an orderly and informative manner. Without his analysis the envius thoughts will be half read. Thanks with respects!
Nehru, the great thinker, in his parliament address “Yesterday, today and tomorrow” placed a beautiful vision of India. This was in our graduation English text. This provided scientific vision blended with happy sketch of India he aspired. Thanks sir for a good reminder!
Mahakavi Sri Sri , Telugu poet, revolutionary remarked kukka pilla, sabbu billa and pencil mukka kadedhi kavitha ki anarham. It means who said puppy is dog, soap piece and pencil piece not eligible for poetry. In your haiku poems you are touching crow tortoise and donkey etc., today the song of dog. Very nice of you sir!
Informative and objective appraisal Rajeev jha ji !

It is our misfortune. Rajeev Gandhi was enthusiastic in what he preached. He never minced words and deeds. At formative days he left us by the cruel. We have to bear it!
It is always pleasant to have glimpse of views of Kvvs Prasad garus views. Still he is young to us. His views provide new gusto. He deserves special appreciations.

hupakula ramamurthi commented on SONG OF THE CROW.
In God’s creation all the living beings humans and animals Have been blessed with the art of communication-in their …
Song of the crow very nicely presented. It represents the art of communication. Our minds have to be properly tuned. Nvs sir very happily took us to mothers’ efforts to eat with the song of crow. At those times we need not go to zoo. In our backyards it easily welcomes us. Worthy imagination!. True poet can churn out beautiful ideas from any objects or creatures.

Haiku on crow was very pleasing and worthy. The crow is distinct by color. Perhaps the first birds we are introduced by our mothers are crow only by its peculiar kaka sounds only. To its intelligence we are familiar with the Childhood stories of water in the pot. During death ceremonies we see the soul of the people who departed. But unfortunately due to fast urbanization we are missing crows which are the torchbearers.
Really an astonishing revolution in the field of communication! In my childhood I used to fear telephone is only to convey sad news like death. The phone was available at postoffice only. Now the time changed. Communication becomes as fast as mind thinks. The irony is we have no mind to think aptly.
In this peak summer flowers are just like being drenched in showers of perfume. Really flowers are Gods greatest gifr. Soft, pious and smooth. Sir, with flowers!.
Tale of a blogger part 17 is feast to witness and enjoy. The statistics gave full authentication of your record of achievements. One of the facts I am amazed is translation of thyagaraja kritis in tamil and appreciated by grear soul Abdul Kalam. Really a great example of your noble humility!. The way you are spending summer is constructively relaxing. With special admirations sir!
Sir, your haiku poems in this hot summer brings pleasant and elated breezes. In simple and straight way your poems reflect the principles governing life. The summer and winter are two aspects of life which we have to accept gracefully. With admiration!
Thupakula ramamurthi commented on MY HAIKU POEMS ON ” Summer”
Among the seasons Four Summers has its own charm here are some Haiku nice Enjoy along with summer! 1 Summer and …
Haiku poems on summer are as pleasant as breezes brought by rains. Life is a mixture of pleasure and pain. We have to enjoy both. In simple and effective vocabulary the noble meaning is conveyed. Thank you sir!
Only 10000 left. Soon you’ll achieve that target. With greetings! My grandson’s birthday also is on 31 July. My second daughter is at Richmond, u s a.
Sir, I lack clarity in following the poem. I will approach my Tamil friend Perumal, a retired army officer and senior officer.
Sir, a fine compliment for nursing fraternity! They attend with or without prescription. Their services can’t be undermined performing thankless job many times.
A wonderful message may be living, might have lived now in exit or appearing with the light in front of us the chariot on wheels take us to new horizons. We have to dwell deep and deep. Thank you sir, for igniting our thinking pattern.
Journey to freedom was unique. Just like a river flowing through all odds like thorny bushes and small hills the journey was towards freedom. For the first time all religious forces, small kingdoms unite and fought which was also known as sepoy mutiny 1857. Jhansi lakshmi bai who fought with her baby in lap and other great leaders were a source of inspiration and committed in the days that followed. Thanks sir for taking us further and further
Very enlightening to go on with freedom journey! This time you made us to travel with Gokhale who was synonymous with self rule. He was not able to reap the benefits of fruits of freedom but he sowed the seeds. Thanks sir for your journey towards freedom.
Thank you very much for the noble and practical message on the occasion of mother’s day. Mother is the first person we came in contact in physical and mental world. During her days we took her affection, advice taken for granted. But after her bidding farewell to this physical world we particularly senior citizens yearn for her presence more. As you rightly pointed out, we have to seek her wishes and guidance from heaven. Maatrudevobhava. Ohm santhi.


It is really great of you sir to trace from the period of susrutha till the people of Rabindranath Tagore the growth of Indian culture which offered the philosophy of calm equanimity. Tagore offered unique gift of Geethanjali to the world as a package from India. His poetic flavour made dew drops on the leaf into memorable poem. With regards.
Journey to Sabarmati ashram in journey to freedom 10 is worth pondering. Very momentous decisions were taken and implemented effectively. Gandhi’s physique was fragile. But the will power behind that body worked wonders. Sabarmarhi ashram reflected his sincerity. Dandi satyagraha emerged from that asram. Indira Gandhi as a kid along with Gandhi in the asram during one of the satyagrahas is still fresh in our memories. Thank you sir once again for synopsis of Sabarmathi ashram.
In journey to freedom nobody can skip the pages of history without the glimpse of cellular jail Aandaman. It is the fortadel of many freedom fighters known and unknown. Many stories associated with andaman still revibrate. Thanks sir for rewinding history.

Worthy message. Sir on international firefighter’s day. As accepted prevention is better than cure. Salutes to firefighters for their presence of mind and instant action.

Thupakula ramamurthi commented on INTERNATIONAL FIREFIGHTERS DAY.
“FIRE FIGHTING” what a fine expression- quite inspiring Not simple fighting the fire physical = motivating Each and all to …
Worthy. Message on international firefighter’s day. Fight with fire from the stage of preventing at the bud itself. Salutes to firefighters.
March on march on bouquets on your on ward journey!
Sir, very nice of you for reminding press freedom. Still the memories of emergency days haunt us. Frank morase put up blank and black editorial as a protest. Such is the amazing morale. Anyhow let’s fight together for keeping the values of free press.
Thupakula ramamurthi commented on PRESS FREEDOM DAY
Democracy thrives on four pillars as we know Legislature, Judiciary, Bureaucracy And the fourth one called Fourth Estate the …
Press freedom day is unique gift. Still we remember in our youth while Indira gandhi declared emergency the great editor Frank Morase kept the editorial column blank and black. Such is the morale which we lack today. Greetings.

International labor day has to be celebrated with true spirit. Rich and poor, literate and illiterate there is no distinction for real labor force.
It is very nice of you to lead us towards the great soul Ramanujacharya . His contribution of 1000 years turned a new leaf in our lives. As a social reformer he guided us inspite of limitations during his era. Thank you for providing us good information.
Yes sir, champaran satyagraha is a great milestone in the long and prolonged struggle of freedom. It also transformed Mohandas to Mahatma. This is centenary of champaran.
World malaria day is a reminder for us to be clean and keep our surroundings neat and tidy. Be and make. A worthy message to be spread and to be implemented.

World penguin day is very attractive day. It is a feast for eyes. For me viewing penguin is like seeing a man in a dignified suit. In print media the big and costly books are supplied at common mans range as penguin series. Thanks sir for a hearty reminder of penguin’s day.

I do hope that this Sunday Story would have been quite enjoyable. Thanks aplenty.
We shall meet tomorrow.



Blogger N V Subbarman while in service in his office cabin .

Here is the Part XIV of the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India,  which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivanganam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sending a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy. Here we have covered his Reviews in the current year.

An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.

Part XIII covered upto 1/4/17. Here it is uptodate.

A nice definition of a POEM in your Rhyme and Rhythm or Theme and Content today!
The lyric of a poem loses its lustre and goes hiding from the eyes – physical and mental – of a reader hungry for its content and flow, if it is bereft of the requirements set forth for the purpose!
We reach the ecstatic heights when our heart and soul are sought to be elevated with the powerful aid of fertile imagination flowing graciously as they are from the careful creation of the poet!
The Rhyme and Rhythm and, Theme and Content, referred to in your post are the heart and soul of a poem worth its name, and quite indispensable to perform its function effectively!
The Lord will only be happy to see His devotees’ prayers in words right, playing music to His ears sharp!
Happy to hear the figure 93000- CONGRATS.
Your post today on Cancer Survivor Day ( 4th June) is a nice note to create an awareness on the disease!
A most deadly and destructive condition it’s that the word cancer by itself sends shrill down one’s spine!
The shift in food habits from the one traditionally followed may be one of the main causes that contributed to the enormity of the problem we face today!
What we consume happily is palatable to our taste buds, but not at all taken kindly by our body system, which in turn results in unhealthy physical conditions such as cancer we’re dealing with!
The disservice we render to the original environment compounds the problem to unimaginable proportions!
We’re in a commercial mode that whatever we do invariably consists of the element of returns in financial terms!
What’s ideal for our healthy living is ignored to our peril!
Once cancer enters into our homes uninvited, we become panic, and everything under the sun becomes a thing of dismay, and we begin to lose the purpose of life altogether;
But then, we need to reconcile ourselves to the situation, and face it boldly with its attending inconveniences in order that we may tolerate wholeheartedly and aid in lessening the adverse impacts to the extent possible!
Such a survivor can extend the hope needed by the cancer-suffering people, and be of helpful to them in perceiving the condition as less painful and therefore manageable!
Nice reviews of Prasad on Envius Thoughts -Part 4 on 21/5/17!
I thank him for his appreciation, referring to my comments!
It’s fine that he’s shifting to daily reviewing and reporting on your blogs- from weekly basis earlier!
I’m afraid I’m drifting from my daily sharing- must turn to him for regularity!
His reviews are total and complete in themselves, and can well be followed close to your daily posts for full clarity!
I’m of the humble opinion that he shares your wavelength, as found in his feedback to yours!
God bless him!

Nicely presented is the voice of Rajeev Jha under the series VISITOR’S VOICE-Part 6!
Kudos to Rajeev!
A voice powerful enough to wake us from the deep slumber, and make us enjoy his comments coming afresh straight, with the early morning nice-to-enjoy breeze!
Commenting on his comments may be simply superfluous , for his observation and expression are complete in themselves!
I heard you commented on the effectiveness of sharing and commenting on your daily posts!
Now I fully understand the truth behind your opinion that is as valuable as your posts themselves!
Your post on Young Rajiv the Great appeared on 22/5/17 is a good read!
Leaders are for sure a great boon to a country!
They are a guide to our future leaders in the making!
An exemplary leader represents his / her country, spreads the culture overseas, and brings accolades to his/her motherland!
India can really boast of such leaders to our credit!
We’ve had Mahatma Gandhi who stood for values in life, and spearheaded our war of independence!
Who can forget Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was the long-serving and successful Prime Minister of our country?
And Rajiv, the youngest Prime Minister of India, and the architect of modern India, remains a living example for our youngsters today!
We’ve inherited leaders of such calibre and fail not to follow their dictates for building a cleaner India, and show the way to other nations of the world!


Your International Family Day post on 15th instant is a nice read!
The small family norm we’ve adopted with the sole aim of making our life self-sustaining has turned out to be a folly, given our pathetic situation, wondering as what to do in our challenging times, often groping in the dark, on the look-out for the right solutions, which otherwise would have been readily available due to the presence of our elders around us!
Realization dawned on us to conclude that our wrong attempt was born out of sheer financial expediency that could only fulfill our wants as and when they occured, losing in the process the all-important peace and mental well-being!
Let us therefore revert to the good old joint family system, and adore our elders by fulfilling their needs in their old age, thereby keeping the family values in tact!

Much more refreshing is your Haiku on Summer on 13/5/17!
Summer may be the hottest season of the year, nevertheless, most welcome for reasons obvious!
For the old and the sick, it’s most unwelcome due to the inconvenience that goes with the scorching sun that is characteristic of heat during the season!
But, for children and adults too, summer promises amusement, fun, and frolic during its presence!
Notwithstanding the aversion due to the heat produced, it brings showers pleasant and presents greenery most appealing to the humans and other living beings!
In winter, we expect to enjoy summer with all its paraphernalia ;
Alternately, we expect summer to exit soon to prevent ourselves from the ill effects of summer- which is mostly to do with the heat and, of course, nothing more than that!
Nature has its own way of treating its creations, and there’s no escape from its impact, favorable or unfavorable!
May we enjoy all seasons whatever they are worth for, and remain thankful to Nature for all the gifts we’re endowed with!

Part 12 of your Journey to Freedom that appeared on 10/5/17 emphasizes the impact of Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 on the successful execution of the strategies adopted for attaining our freedom from the foreign yoke!
The coming together of all sections of people added strength to our war of independence, making the British government dwell on the proposition of slowly yielding to the designs of our freedom fighters, and think in terms of their exit once and for all from India!
The grit and determination, and the perseverance shown by our leaders was really challenging to the invader, who could no longer pursue their cruel rule on the foreign soil!

Part 10 of your Journey to Freedom shows how our patriotic leaders and followers had viewed their sacrifices an enjoyment in their mission towards freedom for our Motherland!

On return from South Africa, Mahatma made Sabarmati Ashram his home, and also the home to many important decisions concerning our Freedom Struggle!

Dandi March was one among the many programmes launched by M K Gandhi to make unity among the people the cornerstone behind the movements that was baffling and irritating to the British raj!

Considering the goal of independence, the sacrifices made were not an issue at all for the fighting band of truthful soldiers!
And this exactly acted as a morale booster for the leader, who was none other than Mahatmaji,to go ahead with the fight relentlessly!
Your Journey to Freedom (Part 9) is a nice read!
The name that comes before us when a reference is made to Andaman& Nicobar in connexion with our freedom struggle is Sarvarkar and his role in the mission towards independence!
How cruel was the torture meted out to our freedom fighters, can be seen in the special shows being exhibited in the Andaman cells!
To understand the sacrifices, and to revere them, the youngsters must visit Andaman and know for themselves what could be the nature of atrocities undergone by the fighters on the field!
This is one instance that stands as the proof for the activities of our patriotic people under the leadership of M K Gandhi, in arriving at the goal of independence for our Motherland!

A nice post on Press Freedom Day!
A tied press never helps in adoration of democratic principles!
Freedom of speech and expression is a constitutional requirement that must never be defied!
Indifference to this aspect is otherwise a death knell to democracy!
Nowadays political interference in press freedom kills the spirit behind a free and fair press!
Paid news has become the order of the day, and the famously called fourth pillar of democracy has lost its power to the political class – a worse trend indeed!
People have the right to true news, and this should never be sought to be crushed in the name of dancing to the tunes of powers that be!
Let the press be instrumental in creating a harmonious society, putting an end to sensationalism in news reporting!

World Penguin Day post on 25/4/17 is a nice read!
Whatever created in this world has a definite purpose to fulfill for the humanity to prosper with love, peace, and harmony nicely embracing it!
We must be happy about it for its sheer power of making co-existence with all other living beings, a definite possibility!
All the 18 species of penguins are found in the southern hemisphere , and according to the scientists, their population and well being are the indicators of Antarctica, the earth’s most frozen continent in the world.
Like us the humans, penguins too get threatened due to the erratic climate!
And again, it’s a social being like us, and would like to live and swim in groups!
Its power of recognition is great to the extent that it can easily recognise its mate and young ones, say in a large group!
It’s reported that most of the penguins practice monogamy, and stick to one partner even in situations where they are separated and living thousands of miles away – a lesson for us to practice diligently!

Your World Malaria Day post on 25/4/17 serves to create an awareness on the deadly malaria and how to avoid it for a healthy living!
Health is wealth – so goes the adage to remember and get benefited!
We must be healthy to enjoy the fruits of life;
But little we do care about our surroundings, and as a result, render it unhygienic to live!
And our careless attitude becomes the cause of many diseases we suffer from!
We’re responsible for the stagnant water, a breeding ground for the mosquitos to attack us with malaria ;
25th April being the Malaria Day observed through the length and breadth of the world , is a day for us to be aware of the healthy way of living and endeavor to make the theme of the year” End Malaria for Good “, a reality and live happily for ever!

Journey to Freedom( Part 8 ) on 27/4/17 is a good read!
History of our freedom struggle against the British has a lot to convey especially to the youngsters!
An awareness on the sacrifices behind our freedom will make one realize the need for love of the nation to be able to take responsibilities in right earnest for the common cause of our Motherland!
Good governance is the need of the hour and so it’s pertinent that our leaders do not forget the integrity -factor while running the affairs of the State!
M K Gandhi through his selfless activities, rose and successfully fought against the invader, and in this long process , launched the Satyagraha movement in Champaran to support the cause of farmers when confronted with poverty due to the indigo plantation issue!
The examples of the likes of Mahatma Gandhi must boost the spirit of of our leaders, current and future, in ensuring the right governance for the common weal of the people!

I enjoyed your post on MOUNTAINS on 28/4/17!
We cannot and should not blame the Nature’s creations!
Everyone of them contributes to the wellness of all living things !
Mountains for that matter, are a calm destination that ensures a peaceful mind , with no deviations to disturb the serene state!
Living in and around a mountain is a gift bestowed on the humankind by the great Almighty!
Environmental degradation is the prime cause of many problems we face today ;
It’s therefore our responsibility to guard against all sorts of exploitation to keep it as it’s, for all of us to enjoy the beauty of mountains, otherwise known as the natural borders!
Our encroachment in nature’s ways is bound to backfire and leave us wondering how to get out of the situation and lead a peaceful life!
Let us therefore think it over and mend ourselves for the better!

Your post on Rivers on 29/4/17 explains how they are a gift to all living beings!
Can we imagine our life sans water?
Obviously we cannot, and also according to Thiruvalluvar, the saintly poet of Tamil Nadu!
Rivers are a great source of our sustenance through their supply of abundant water- of course, in anticipation of nothing in return from the beneficiaries!
In the absence of sufficient water, getting our daily quota of food will remain a dream never to be fulfilled!
It’s for the mankind to ensure the sacredness of rivers through non-interference in their course of flow!
May we not obstruct its journey, by dumping garbages in rivers, as often resorted to unscrupulously by us in the name of keeping our own homes neat and tidy!
This much is for this Sunday story.

We shall meet on Monday as usual, till then all the best.

Okr Sivagnanam's profile photo, Image may contain: 2 people, sunglasses and close-up

Shri OKR Sivanganam whose views on ENVIUS THOUGHTS, the esteemed readers have above.



Image result for Images and pictures on the Blog ENVIUS THOUGFHTS in WORDPRESS

Mr. O K R Sivagnanam in front of a holy temple in Tamilnadu

Here is the Part XIII of the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India, which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivanganam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sending a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy. Here we have covered his Reviews in the current year.
An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.
Part XII covered upto 15/2/17. Here it is upto 30/04/17date.
A nice post on Earth Day to remind us of our duty to the Mother Earth!
It’s all because of our indifferent attitude towards our divine earth, that we’ve all landed in troubles more and more!
Global warming is one such issue that needs our focus to enjoy a climate, nice and beautiful!
It’s not that we’re all illiterates to the extent of neglecting the environment ;
Rather, we utterly lack the will to keep it properly!
A change for the better is the need of the hour.
Let us resolve this EARTH DAY to make friendly with NATURE, and avoid its wrath to better our lives on this earth!

An amusingly nice post you wrote about on National Pigs -in-a-Blanket Day!
Everything we do in the course of our mundane life may ensure a society, both interesting and peaceful!
A world sans FUN is not an ideal place to live in!
Fun in its various ways and forms is a major contributor in enrichment of our daily life, and ‘National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day’, serves to remind us and make an otherwise dull and monotonous life, a spicy and enjoyable one!
The various dishes partaken in countries like USA and Canada on the occasion lend to an element of amusement that qualifies what’s called fun!

What a nice poem it’s on Universe- a chariot on the move under Part 35!
The earth we live in is illuminated by the bright rays of the powerful LIGHT!
The fact that even the all-powerful light has learnt the art of obedience (due to the force of gravitation, of course), may be the reminder for us to practice obedience without fail!
Does the LIGHT stop with light alone? – no indeed!
LIGHT also provides us with heat, the energy needed for sustaining our life!
LIGHT helps in CREATION, PROTECTION, and DESTRUCTION- the ordained functions of God, the Almighty- to keep the Universe going nice!

Nice to read your poem on World Innovation and Creativity Day that’s observed across the globe today!
Man proves his inherent potential in many ways than one creatively and differently to benefit the society of which he’s an inseparable part!
In stead of following the routine path , man finds it a thrill to find a way entirely new, at the same time serving the purpose of reaching the destination safely in time!
The power of innovation, he’s credited with is sought to be put in practical use by the people for their benefit;
For, anything new and different should not be for the sake of change or whatever it’s!
Creativity has its application in life to a great extent by clearly facilitating solutions for various problems encountered by the mankind!
The God-granted imagination is readily with the man to accomplish what he has planned to do effectively!
On this special occasion, may we make it a point to think out of the box and land in innovations aplenty for the society as a whole to prosper!

A beautiful poem on Universe-Part 34!
The role of LIGHT to the Universe is crucial indeed that we cannot imagine a world bereft of light!
The whole of our life depends on the power of light that dances to the tunes of Universe!
Light makes us wonder through the journey it undertakes uninterruptedly!
Not to speak of the awe-inspiring rainbow that presents itself as an arch mammoth across the sky!
And we witness the Universe that dances beautifully, and it’s bright, thanks to the shining light!

Your World Heritage Day Post today reminds one of the importance of maintaining the symbols of heritage for all the days to come!
Keeping tourism and its development in mind, the UNO has rightly come out with the theme :
‘Cultural heritage and Sustainable Tourism’.
Heritage speaks volumes on the history of a nation and the world ;
It seeks to serve the purposes sought to be achieved by culture and civilization!
And our country can boast of such monuments in Mahabalipuram, near chennai, Big Temple of Thanhavur, and Taj Mahal, to name a few!
The architectural extravaganza of these sites and others treats to the aesthetic sense of the viewers, and remain ever green in their minds!
The workmanship involved in such creations is quite unparalleled, and it’s all the more essential to keep them in tact for the posterity!

Nice to go through your Happy Tamil New Year Day post on 14/4/17.
Whether we fulfill our New Year ‘resolutions’ or not, we wish to run a peaceful life throughout!
A decision taken in a state of emotions does not carry the weight it deserves, and hence most likely it meets with failure!
To make our life meaningful, we ought to be instrumental in rendering the lives of others nearby joyous and peaceful in one way or the other!
This should be our tasks routine, and not limited to special occasions like Tamil New Year Day or Good Friday!
Of course festivals are the times for a nice and memorable get-together of people divided by time and distance!
May nobility beautify our social interactions and help remain righteous on all occasions without waiting for special days to direct us to be so!

On your Journey to Freedom – Part 2 on 4/4/17:
We were a nation known for its beauty and abundance, and no wonder, many foreign countries wanted to plunder the riches available!
The last in line to invade us was the East India Company of Britain ;
The war of independence was really a long drawn process, and yet it was possible for us to get relieved of its clutches successfully at the end!
The hardships otherwise faced by our leaders didn’t deter them from pursuing the cause of freedom!
It turned out to be an one-point agenda, and the focus was total, as there was nothing else to distract our freedom fighters!
The journey of our freedom thus was well on its track, hopeful of surely reaching the destination!
A beautiful poem from you on Sri Rama Navami on 5/4/17!
Many of us unfortunately forget the purpose of our living on this earth;
Making others happy and peaceful should be our mission, and whatever we perform in the course of our life should aim to fulfill this singular task successfully!
Self-centred activities make us animals that in general do not care about the harms perpetuated by them out of sheer ignorance!
Lack of righteousness on our part takes away the good attributes that make a man’s life meaningful, and the very purpose for which we are created is not served, thereby not justifying our presence at all!
And it’s right to recall Lord Rama and His noble qualities that stand the test of time, guiding the humans in leading a life that’s of use to others!
On your Journey to Freedom – Part 2 on 4/4/17:
We were a nation known for its beauty and abundance, and no wonder, many foreign countries wanted to plunder the riches available!
The last in line to invade us was the East India Company of Britain ;
The war of independence was really a long drawn process, and yet it was possible for us to get relieved of its clutches successfully at the end!
The hardships otherwise faced by our leaders didn’t deter them from pursuing the cause of freedom!
It turned out to be an one-point agenda, and the focus was total, as there was nothing else to distract our freedom fighters!
The journey of our freedom thus was well on its track, hopeful of surely reaching the destination!
86000 scores- a great news!
Very nice and thoughtful of you for having launched the new series with the title: Journey to Indian Freedom from 3/4/17, particularly for circulation among the youngsters who may not be aware of the struggle that culminated in the freedom for our nation!
The size of the country coupled with diversity made it highly difficult to keep the flocks together for a harmonious living of all the people!
We have a culture and civilization that we can rightly boast of, and your efforts now to make it known to the present generation through a description of the fight we’ve had with the British Empire will go a long way in understanding the sacrifices and sufferings undergone by our freedom fighters under the able leadership of Mahatma Gandhi!
Children today must be aware of the various stages of the process of independence, to make themselves ready not only to guard the hard- won freedom, but to conduct/participate in the affairs of the nation in a proper way!
A right endeavor on your part to spread the knowledge needed on this score!

Part 16 of your Tale as a Blogger, dated 26/3/17 carried nicely your recollections of the viewers to Part. 15 appeared earlier, as also a nice story shared by your journalist son on the demise of Ashoka Mitran, the versatile writer and novelist recently!

To Mr. Prasad, your poetic journey is a non-stop feat!
For Mr. Muthu Ayyar, the review was not less than a documentary!
Mr. Uthayamurthi opined, given the determination, age was not a criterion to make any achievement!
And now, my submission too does not deviate from the above observations!

Your son’s encounter with the writer Ashoka Mitran is an interesting read, particularly his reference to the calmness exhibited by the latter, during his ‘bike ride!
And a nice recalling of what the writer had said of a good writing!
Creating harmony is a great virtue of a writer, who is conscious of his/her duty to the society!

As you were in the top managerial position before retirement, you are as an editor, definitely going to create an impact on the readers of IMPACT, an e-magazine!

All the best in your endeavors!
Nice of you having crossed a score of 85000 for your valuable THOUGHTS!
You are what you are- very special- not having anything to do with ALL FOOLS DAY!
I am referring to your Post made on 18/3/17 to mark the First Walk in Space Day!

We are part of this magnificent Universe, and as if not content with its original original creation, humans with their wisdom come out with new theories useful and effective on various counts!
The discoveries and inventions greatly contribute to the well being of all living beings!

Man has made very many great strides towards growth and development in all fields of activity that concerns our everyday life!
One such achievement was the setting the foot on the space by Alexy Leonor, the Soviet cosmonaut for the first time in the space history!
On the face of it such breakthroughs may not appear significant, but their application proves its importance in future!

Scientific advancements are hence very much necessary to evolve further and farther in matters connected with the Universe!

Government must on its part encourage, and facilitate the scientists in a big way by allocating sufficient funds for the projects floated by them in the interest of humanity as a whole!

Student community should also enhance their scientific temper right from their school days, and make themselves sufficiently equipped to be of useful to the common man!


A nice post, titled World Meteorological Day you have made on 23/3/17!

We have to learn to be SLAVES of NATURE, if we’re really revering the God Almighty!
The different seasons of the year are to be seen, and experienced for what they are!
There’s no enjoyment without the corresponding hardships!

May we enjoy the comforts when we’re blessed with them, and may we also prepare ourselves to face boldly if hardships encounter us in the way!

We have no right to intervene in the ways of NATURE, but rather to guard the environment in all possible ways!
May we not lose our sense to the extent of welcoming our nature to play tit for tat, thereby revenging on our senseless actions!

Clouds play an important role in weather and climate forecasts ;
The uncertainty that goes with climate change drives us to be well aware of everything about clouds, and hence the theme:


This is about your post on WORLD WATER DAY, made on 22/3/17!

Despite the fact that our earth is made up of more water, we suffer from its insufficiency!
That not all of us are ensured of potable water is most ironic in the light of this truth!

Water is so scarce that we need to use it judiciously, making it available for those in need of it!
We feel its usefulness only when we are not fortunate enough to have our daily quota of water, the ELIXIR of life!

Harvesting of rain water will go a long way in catering to our needs when we are rendered hapless due to its non-availability!

To make the current year’s theme workable, first of all, may we not waste water unnecessarily, and also may we learn to recycle the wasted water to serve various other purposes easily!

For this Sunday Story only this much!!!!!

We shall meet as usual on Monday morning Thanks

N V Subbaraman in front of famous church in Goa.



Dear all,
Kindly click one of the following links- in particular the second link, choose the article on Bharathiyar “WANTED FREEDOM” and kindly spare time to read and make your comment on the pace provided below the article for the benefit of other readers. Thanks.


N V Subbaraman


Image result for Images of ENVIUS blog.

ENVIUS THOUGHTS author in his work table

Out of more than 85000 views from more than a couple of hundreds of countries of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in many are by Shri N. Jaganathan who is in charge of PR and Publicity wing of my beloved organization SEVALAYA about which I have posted a poem on 3rd August 2016 and a Sunday story under the title TEMPLE OF SERVICE (SEVALAYA) on 7th August 2016 in this Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS.
Mr. Jagannathan has become so fond of ENVIUS THOUGHTS that he not only regularly views them but also makes his comments often. I am sure they are quite interesting and hence they form this week’s SUNDAY story; I am confident that you will enjoy them. Part I was posted on 8th January 2017 covering his views upto 7/1/2017.


Jainism’s Karma theory is considered to be a scorecard of one’s life. Lord Mahaveera, the 24th and the last Tirthambara. His great sermons are considered not only just holy but also considered to be sacred by the followers and the whole world as well. Rather than viewing them in a narrow religions connotations, they should be seen as a way of life in real term

The great epic Ramayana, is a perpetual pride of India, its culture and ethos. Avatharapurush Rama’s life is a teaching to the whole world, on how a human being should lead his life. Sage Valmiki, once asked Narad, to tell him who possesses all the 16 Gunas, that our scriptures stipulate m(as he did not know). Pat he replies it is only Rama. What more, we Bharathiyans want?
Yes. It is a great initiative that the present generation and the youth to be are to be re-told our glorious freedom movement. The uniqueness of the struggle, resistance, defy the ruler’s atrocities, valiant struggle, untold miseries our freedom fighters underwent at the hands of Britishers, an unparalleled sacrifice, and above all the great leadership of our Mahatma, who spearheaded the movement across the length and breadth of our great land, – which only had resulted in the orderly withdrawal of the British. Unfortunately all are now confined to text books, which are read, and forgotten with their examinations! So I repeat that your initiative will go a long way in remembering our great history.
The very introduction to the series is fine. India, which had suffered at the hands of invaders, has been told. The viewers must be waiting its continuations. I wish the youth, particularly the students should start viewing.
Yes, it is not just associated with Telugu language, although this marks the beginning of the year. I supplement that this is also celebrated by Pandits of Kashmir with great enthusiasm and fervor. There is an official custom in Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam to read Panchangam on this day for the benefit of all.
The Draconian Rawlatt Act, was, in our history, regarded as height of Britisher’s atrocities against Indians. Our Mahatma resisted, and on the day along with our Mahatma, Dr. Satyapal and Dr. Saifudin were arrested and added to that there taken to unknown places. Due to Our freedom fighters’ consistent resistence, confronting their oppression, the British regime repealed the law in the year 1922. Generations should remember the great sacrifices made by our freedom fighters, under the leadership of our Mahatma Gandhi, which only got independence to us.
Yes, the Nobel Laureate Albert Einstein’s contributions to the Science world are spectacular. Prominent of them is his theory of special relatively. One interesting parallel, our Swamy Vivekananda also was developing his theories on E=mc2 and by the time he announces to the world, he passed away. I remember to have read this in a popular daily, as told by a speaker in a function, addressing the students. Persons like Mr. Subbaraman should throw light on this.
Yes, women were (not are) suppressed, even subjugated by the by their men-counterparts, to the detriment of exploring their potential. In the preceding few decades, particularly Israel’s PM and our Indira Gandhi at the help and asserting, world started recognizing the potential in women. The inspiration for all these, needless to say, is our Mahakavi Bharathi. At the time when our women were suppressed, he categorically declared that they are capable of attaining great degrees and legislating, etc (pattangal aalwadhum, sattangal seivathum…..) . So, with our poet’s assertion, the present theme given is considered to be relevant.
Our Mahatma gave clarion call to his fellow countrymen to satisfy themselves in every action, particularly his advice to them in the matter of their being a true citizen of the nation. Just as Rama is revered for His uprightness, seeker of Dharma, an avathara to teach all virtues to the world, our Mahatma, in his every action, in every speech and every sermon he served, we see our Mahatma as Avathara Purush to save our nation and its people. He not only preached “path of duty is way to glory. Mother Bharath is proud to have such a son!
It is a fitting tribute. Yes, The Father is an important institution, for the very reason that one derives Gnana from him. No manthra could be bigger than that of father.
How interesting! Let me also supplement a couple of things to Mr. Subbaraman’s great thinking. In our great epic Ramayana, FOUR siblings, represent and signify the FOUR Purusharthas, the great Rishis aver and interpret. The directions are FOUR. Regarding our contributions to the Mathematics, Ramanujan gave hundreds of solutions on his own. An anecdote to explain his innate genius: “As he saw Registration number in the number plate of a car, instantly he commented that number is the highest when added”. It never struck to anybody.
Mr. Subbaraman’s blog viewers are delighted to note it shares with people over 200 countries across globe. A great achievement! It has crossed stupendous milestone, and everyday it is refreshing, inspiring, informative and thought provoking. The author has stated certain things as ‘weakness’. Not at all!, I am afraid, I have to totally disagree. A septuagenarian, with lifelong experiences, commands a great knowledge, skilled to apply in an apt manner, known for humility, deserve praises from all quarters. I am too small, a less competent person, even to give him encomiums. All that I pray Him is to grant him a long, healthy life.

Yes Sir, Mother tongue plays a dominant role in the lives of the people – across globe. Contemporary history tells how battle for his/her language got twists in political or national life. One glaring example is that people of East Pakistan waged a relentless battle for over 30 years for their glorified mother tongue – Bangla, against the ruling party’s (the then) Pakistan’s assertion over Urdu. The struggle witnessed twists and resulted in the birth of a nation – Bangladesh. In India, we have seen Linguistic states, which saw majority of people’s languages were the local language. However, the Eastern part of India, where more than one language is spoken the decision was different. Thus a situation of imbroglio was seen and it was handled by our Government in a sagacious manner. The message all these convey is that one’s attachment and love to his mother’s tongue is sensitive. Everyone has his/her legitimate pride over his/her language. One should know to respect the sentiments.

Our nation has produced a galaxy of great people – spiritual, national, social – at all times of need. One such great soul was our Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, revered by the entire world. I take a legitimate pride to say that I am a product of Ramakrishna Order. His contributions in the fields of Social, educational medical, spiritual and many more are immense. The mission, though founded by him, commanding a perpetual succession to serve the nation in all spheres. Sainthood in its hierarchy is an hallmark in its successful functioning. The nation should recognize Ramakrishna Order for its immense contributions with impact in high order.
Oh ! How many facts, which many do not know? Yes, knowledge seekers should definitely know these important astronomical marvels. Kudos to Mr. Subbaraman, the author, for bringing these rare facts. Viewers stand to benefit.

Mr. Gautham Karmakar’s interview with you gives almost a full account of your long drawn inspiring, well-meaning life. Several information contained is really news to us (at least to me). The magnitude of your knowledge, which is the direct blessing of our Godess Saraswathi, your philosophies and principles and the inspiration you have drawn from many, galaxy of great lived in this great land – are all
ever inspiring

No way, I am a competent person even to praise, but immensely proud of associating with you and personally I stand gained.

You have chosen to mention Sevalaya for which I should thank you.

I wish to read the excerpts more times to understand and keep several things in mind.

Saint Ramanujan lived for 120 years, as Vedas bless us. Paramacharya lived in our midst, lived exactly for a century to bless us all. No doubt, He rejoices persons like you who possess great thoughts and imbibe great qualities. I pray He should grant you a longer life to serve all.
It is yet another inspiring poetic write-up captioned, “Song of a Serpent” May I supplement that He, on the plea and prayer from Serpent Karkotaka, dwelled on him in Namakkal Kshetra?

Our inspiring mythology goes to say that the Serpent remains not only to be His bed, and also an umbrella and thus serves (Kainkaryam) Him all round and at all times.

Those who, out of sheer ignorance think that the serpent is just poisonous, should know that it is a creature with umpteen philosophies, and in fact meant to serve sermons to the human beings only. Kudos to Mr. Subbaraman’s well meaning choice of the theme.
Oh! What a song on squirrel!
The episode in our epic Ramayana, seeks to teach us morals and lessons.
The tiny creature’s contribution is a symbolic one that everyone should think in terms of what they can contribute, however small it may be. Several drops thus collected can make an ocean.
Like this wherever we touch our epic, it is only Dharma, and nothing else. All the 24 K convey us. We are rich on this and so we are proud.
Mr. Subbaraman’s write ups are information to me. It is excellent and useful that everyone should know. I learn from the blog posted, that several firsts are there to her credit. Again it is true and to be conceded that British’s contribution to the Science world is spectacular and the whole world owe them and even indebted to them.
Alas, what a loss that our nation suffered in snatching away the precious life! The world mourns on the tragic death of 7 young. In Kalpana’s achievement, it was proved again that there is no dearth of talents. On this day, let the youth, particularly the knowledge industry in India resolve to rise, achieve and prove the world that India is a a land of talents. This should be a fitting remembrance to the astronaut.
Yes, the nation has lost a leader, a great leader, and friend-philosopher-guide and above all as fondly and aptly called Father of the Nation. But for the assassination, the nation would have further benefited at least for a couple of decades, by his sagacious prescription of counseling, cautioning in every single matter that assumes importance in the national life and character. Alas! Fate had snatched the pious soul forcibly. Instead of weeping, it will be desirable that all the 1.21 billion people take pledge to follow his ideals and contribute for the construction and reconstruction of our holy motherland. This only will be a fitting tribute than other mere rhetoric talks. As Shakespeare had said, if we have tears, shed it.

Shri Subbaraman deserves all praises from all quarters for his consistent initiative on the matters of national importance and pride.
Yes, Nation celebrated its 68th Republic Day yesterday. True, under the stewardship of our Mahatma got liberated from Britisher’s yoke and on 26th January 1950 the nation gave its valuable Constitution. On this great day, every Indian should remember Tilak, the man, who’s every word, action, deed, was only national integration, sans any differences amongst them on any consideration of Caste, colour, creed, religion, faith, language, etc. It is also equally important, that several lakhs of unsung heroes, sacrificed everything at the altar of Mother Bharath.
Yes, born as our 18th State, it commands its legitimate prestige. Pleasantly a chill state, apple is the mainstay agricultural economy. Beauty is its uniqueness. It is a jewel and crown on our Bharath Matha.
Subhash’s velour and sacrifice have been captured in a capsule. History records his great deeds, notwithstanding the fact some differ on his path. Nation will remember forever. Zillion salutes!
Our Indian Army has been rated 4th best in the world in several parameters, viz. valor, grit, patriotic fervor, zeal, commitment to the nation, accomplishing with responsibility dedication, and above all sacrifice. They displayed all the qualities of highest order in all the wars imposed on us. Yes, India has got a history that it never invaded any country. So we had to defend and face the wars to protect our sacred land, people and sovereignty While we hail all the victories in the wars, the greatest one to recall, remember and to be pride should be the 1971 war, spearheaded by our then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. Nation remembers and gives its zillion salutes to her for taking the entire nation to win the war, which had raised the eyebrows of the world. It is evident that the then opposition leader Vajpayee, piloted praising slogans on Indiraji, as she entered Parliament after the war was over. He hailed her saying, Makali, Durga and saviour. A political comment on this: Indiraji returned to Parliament with two third majorities in the elections held after the war. This was the prize given by the people on her victory.
Anything is just habits cultivated. It is nothing to do with body system. Even without Coffee or Tea one can be active and in fact more active. It is an unwise myth without coffee the does not start. No doubt there are people addict to it. They can gradually give up in the best interest of their health and pure blood system. It may not be as bad as other intoxicants. However there should be strong opinion to be led that milk habit should replace this. There could be large number of benefits one can derive,
health, savings, etc. If people can’t give up at least they can reduce the number.
In Mr. Subbaraman’s initiatives, no good thing would be left untouched. His sharing his views are either new information to the persons do not know or triggers their enthusiasm to those knows the details to some extent. In case of Vaikunda Ekadhasi, it seeks to give large information from our glorious mythology. None can afford to miss. Those who prostrate before Him on this great day, derive immense benefits, like peace, plenty, prosperity in copious measure and in abundance.


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Image result for Images of ENVIUS blog.


Our esteemed Viewer Shri Rajeev Jha-unseen and unheard to the physical body.


This week’s Sunday story carries the VISITOR”S VOICE PART V on ENVIUS THOUGHTS-the voice of my great unseen friend and unheard voice to my physical body(!) Shri RAJEEV JHA of Bilaspur who has been a regular viewer of the Blog and sends his view through Face Book almost every day. His part IV was published 11/12/2016 covering his voice up to 30/6/2016.Here is Part IV covering upto a period. The esteemed viewers of these four parts so far would have easily enjoyed the scholarship, deep knowledge of Sanskrit and the great religion of Hinduism- a way of life and living. I am sure this part will also be found to be as great as earlier ones.

The sun rises in the east, and in the east is the place for the Worshipful Master. As the sun is the source of all light and warmth, so should the Worshipful Master enliven and warm the brethren to their work. The sun, as supreme among the celestial bodies visible to the astronomers of antiquity, is assigned to the highest of the gods and became symbolic of the supreme authority of the Creator Himself. From a deep philosophic consideration of the powers and principles of the sun has come the concept of the Trinity as it is understood in the world today. Consciousness, intelligence, and force are fittingly symbolized by the power of light emitted by God Sun. Nice note, Sir. Regards.
Raman effect, change in the wavelength of light that occurs when a light beam is deflected by molecules.” Every year national science day is celebrated today to honour our Nobel laureate Sir CV Raman for his invention of Raman Effect on this day through this experiment on scattering of light. Sir Raman was the first Asian and first non-white to get any Nobel Prize in science
The physical world, is simply the condensation of primordial Light. God emitted Light and used that Light as the raw material out of which he created the universe. The universe, therefore, is God’s very own substance; it came from him, it has become exterior to him, and yet it is still him. Light is a living Spirit, created by God, and which establishes a direct relationship with our own spirit.
The symbolic meaning of number four deals with stability and invokes the grounded nature of all things. Consider the four seasons, four directions, four elements all these amazingly powerful essences wrapped up in the nice square package of Four. Fours represent solidity, calmness, and home. A recurrence of four in our life may signify the need to get back to our roots, center ourself, or even “plant” ourself. Fours also indicate a need for persistence and endurance. According to Pythagoras, Number 4 is representing a solid foundation, good support, that’s why it is one of the most substantial and significant numbers
Congratulations on our 2 years of gaining thoughts; I hope the next years bring just as much joy and knowledge ; We can follow our dream with you ; Or reach for the star, Wherever you go ; Just follow your heart and enlighten us more ; Wish you many more to come .
The earliest Hindu Vedic Scriptures state Tat Tvam Asi, “That Thou Art.” Accordingly, humans exist to realize/awaken their inner connection with God/Existence, and share this embodiment. According to Eastern thought, all energies recycle/reincarnate to realize alignments of karma/dharma with embodiments of God/Existence. Nice note on milky way,
Nature of our galaxy and especially its magnetic field, we know that streams of energy from stars travel in specific directions, either up or down the galactic arm in which they are embedded. Stars are polarized to other stars, either negative and positive, some receiving energy, some sending it out, all of which travels on the path of the magnetic field lines. All beautiful creation of God.
The day is celebrated to appreciate the help and guidance of brothers and sisters around the world. It is a day to think about fellow brothers and sisters around the world, address their concerns and understand the true meaning of guiding.
Languages are the most powerful instruments of preserving and developing our tangible and intangible heritage. International Mother Language Day has been observed to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism
Chatrapati Shivaji’s name will forever be remembered in folklore and history as the great king whose rule is considered as a golden era, which showed the light of freedom, paving the way for India’s Independence later
Glad to go through the nicely tailored comments of Shri OKR Shivanganam. His high class remarks are very enriching, knowledgeable and with good feelings
“Ramakrishna was devoted to Maa Kaali and Kaali was his only interest. When he was high on her, he would be bursting with ecstasy and dancing and singing. Ramakrishna’s consciousness was so crystallized that whatever form he wished became a reality for him. It is such a beautiful state for a human being to be in
“A day to celebrate kindness and the whole pay it forward mentality” Nice topic,
Miranda, a moon of Uranus, was named for the daughter of Prospero in William Shakespeare’s play, “The Tempest.” Moons of Uranus are named for characters in Shakespeare’s plays and from Alexander Pope’s “Rape of the Lock.”
As of others, the National Flag of Canada, though simple with its red and white colours and a single maple leaf, symbolizes pride and strength throughout Canadian history
Valentine day is commonly associated with “courtly love.” Now-a-day St. Valentine is the Patron Saint of affianced couples, bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, happy marriages, love, lovers, plague, travellers, and young people
Sarojini Naidu, the ‘Nightingale of India’ (Bharatiya Kokila) is known as a poet, activist, politician and freedom fighter. She was the second Indian woman to become the president of the Indian National Congress and the first woman to become the Governor of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Really, She is an inspiration icon for girl children.
I am very excited and happy to read the interview. People from all around will feel monumentally grateful and fruitful from the contents
Shesha is also depicted as floating in the ocean of the changing world, forming the bed of Maha Vishnu. Since he is known as Adishesha (the foremost of snakes) and because he is Anantashesha or simply Ananta (endless, as he is known to remain in existence even after the end of the Kalpa, when the whole universe is destroyed). He is said to have descended to Earth in two human forms or avatars: Lakshmana, brother of Rama; Balarama, brother of Krishna.
Saints and monks are persons who decided to dedicate their lives to serving all other living beings, or to be an ascetic who voluntarily chooses to leave mainstream society and live their lives in prayer and contemplation.
God doesn’t forget a single bird like sparrow. God’s creation is valuable to Him. God really does care about us. The Lord bless all of us. He is looking upon all of us including a little sparrow with graciousness and favor. Regards.
“He is God, Seeker of the lost And forever father to the fatherless He’s the Hope of the world, For every boy every girl He’s the Answer, of all questions, This is God, This is God”
The LORD God made all sorts of saplings resulted into trees grow up from the ground–trees that were beautiful and that produced delicious fruit. In the middle of the garden he placed the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Nice song,


“I wish to be like the little squirrel, which so spontaneously dipped in the water; With its wet fur it rolled on the sand, And ran back into the waves of the sea, Concentrating only on building the bridge. So is my heart desire to serve the lord Shri Ram.”


Congratulations, Sir.


World Cancer Day is very significant for us as we convey to the world our message of Commitment, Love, Strength and Hope to prevent and cure cancer, and relieve the pain when the battle is lost not before fighting it very hard. Research shows that people who regularly consume tulsi are less likely to be immune-compromised and less susceptible to developing cancer cells. Just as cancer affects everyone in different ways, all people have the power to take various actions to reduce the impact that cancer has on individuals, families and communities.


February 3 is an influential day in the healthcare industry. Elizabeth Blackwell, born on this day 195 years ago, was the first woman to receive a medical degree in America. Medical licenses used to be very inaccessible to women but with the initiative of Elizabeth many have pursued a career in medicine. Even though we still have sexism in the workplace, gender roles are less of a factor now. Elizabeth’s courage to go against the stereotypical doctor has transformed the healthcare industry with the result of many other women stepping forward.

Wetlands play an important role in helping to provide communities with resilience to natural hazards such as flooding caused by storms, cyclones, storm surges and tsunamis. Under projected climate change scenarios, extreme climatic events, including floods, droughts and storms are expected to increase in frequency and intensity. Nice note, Sir. Regards.


The first Indian woman in space, was one of the seven astronauts who lost their lives in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster on February 1, 2003. A role model for many young women in India and around the world, Kalpana Chawla will always be remembered for her incredible journey from Karnal, where she was born, to NASA, where she fulfilled her dream of reaching the starts


he Martyrdom Day of the great person Gandhi Ji, is celebrated every year as the Anti Leprosy Day all over the India in order to re-memorize his selfless efforts and care for the people affected by the infectious disease leprosy (also known as the Hansen’s disease). It is celebrated to understand the real need to fight against the leprosy


A day to remember when India’s constitution came into force on January 26, 1950, completing the country’s transition toward becoming an independent republic. Freedom in the mind, Faith in the words.. Pride in our souls.. Lets salute the nation on 67th Republic Day!

Himachal Pradesh has been inhabited by human beings since the dawn of civilization. It has a rich and varied history

It is celebrated to promote the girls position in the society to make their living better among society people. It is very necessary to remove different types of social discrimination and exploitation that girls generally face in their life. It is very necessary for the girls to get full potential, safe and enabling environment. They should be aware of all their legal rights and the facts of life. They should be aware that they have the good education, nutrition and health care rights.


We must salute Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose on his birth anniversary. His valour played a major role in freeing India from colonialism. Nice remembrance.


Glad to read the collective thought of Shri Ramamurthy Thupakula, the person who is very knowledgeable, well-informed and well-knowing. He is well conversant in every area with full understanding.

Normally our star, like Earth, has a north and a south magnetic pole but, for reasons unknown, a new cosmic directive was enacted. Eventually, there will be a point of stabilisation where everything that exists, will operate at a higher level of consciousness, designated by Universal Intelligence. The arrival of Space Weather is the evolutionary stimulus that will eventually bring a better future for mankind.
As we learn more about the nature of our galaxy and especially its magnetic field, we know that streams of energy from stars travel in specific directions, either up or down the galactic arm in which they are embedded. They are polarized to other stars, either negative and positive, some receiving energy, some sending it out, all of which travels on the path of the magnetic field lines. These amazing characteristics are gifts of God. Nice note, Sir. Regards.


“Greetings, Salutations and Celebration of grit, courage and professionalism” We musr salute the courage and invaluable service of the soldiers and officers, including the veterans on the Army Day. We must Proud of Indian Army and its valiant members. “Happy Army day”

“O Rama, the Supreme Master, Grant me a position for me in Your Court as a guard. Lust, Pride and their cohorts; Let me as Your guard, apprehend them all And smash them. O Rama, the Supreme Master, Grant me a position for me in Your Court.” Jai Shred Rama


In Tirukkural, the great saint mentioned the important role of farmer in supporting the society in beautiful verses

Celebrating Thiruvalluvar day emanates from the contributions, the great saint Thiruvalluvar had made in the form of Thirukkural, which is an embodiment of knowledge, which is termed ‘Veda’ in Sanskrit and ‘marai’ in Tamil. If Rig Veda said ‘ Satyam Vada, Dharmam Charah’ meaning speak the truth and walk the ritual path, Thiruvalluvar stated it in a few chapters of 10 verses for ‘truth’ referred as ‘Vaimai’ in Tamil, a number of chapters are speaking about different aspects of ‘Dharma’ under the term ‘aram’. Nice note, Sir. Regards.
“Oh God! Thou art the Giver of Life, Remover of pain and sorrow, The Bestower of happiness, Oh! Creator of the Universe, May we receive thy supreme sin-destroying light, May Thou guide our intellect in the right direction.” Happy Makar Sankranti and Pongal

Excess of everything is bad. So is the case of coffee , so we should say goodbye to excess coffee habits for – no more stomach pains, no heartburn and little to no chronic systemic intestinal inflammation.

Tiruppur Kumaran is famous personality who struggled for the freedom of India and he gave his breath and life for the freedom.

The aim of this celebration is to emphasize and accentuate people about the need of safe roads travel by applying just simple rules. People are encouraged about how to drive on road by organizing variety of programmes related to the road safety.

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is celebrated every year to mark the contribution of Overseas Indian community in the development of India. January 9 was chosen as the day to celebrate this occasion since it was on this day in 1915 that Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest Pravasi, returned to India from South Africa, led India’s freedom struggle and changed the lives of Indians forever..

Dhyaan of Lord Vishnu on Vaikuntha Ekadashi :: “शान्ताकारं भुजगशयनं पद्मनाभं सुरेशं विश्वाधारं गगनसदृशं मेघवर्ण शुभाङ्गम् । लक्ष्मीकान्तं कमलनयनं योगिभिर्ध्यानगम्यम् वन्दे विष्णुं भवभयहरं सर्वलोकैकनाथम् ॥” “Shaanta-Aakaaram Bhujaga-Shayanam Padma-Naabham Sura-Iisham Vishva-Aadhaaram Gagana-Sadrsham Megha-Varnna Shubha-Anggam| Lakshmii-Kaantam Kamala-Nayanam Yogibhir-Dhyaana-Gamyam Vande Vishnnum Bhava-Bhaya-Haram Sarva-Loka-Eka-Naatham ||” “Salutations to Sri Vishnu, Who has a Serene Appearance, Who Rests on a Serpent (Adisesha), Who has a Lotus on His Navel and Who is the Lord of the Devas, Who Sustains the Universe, Who is Boundless and Infinite like the Sky, Whose Colour is like the Cloud (Bluish) and Who has a Beautiful and Auspicious Body, Who is the Husband of Devi Lakshmi, Whose Eyes are like Lotus and Who is Attainable to the Yogis by Meditation, Salutations to That Vishnu Who Removes the Fear of Worldly Existence and Who is the Lord of All the Lokas.”


For Bharati, love is the all-pervading force that unites all lives – the animate and inanimate – and the poet is blessed with the capacity to experience this fundamental principle of life. And his poetry is the expression of his vision of this great truth, love.

In these lines, the poet encountered what was “romantic” in the true sense of the word. They were “new, unique, captivating and wonderful” – the divine descended to earth to participate in the poet’s life, and to fulfill the aspirations of his heart and mind. The deities who would normally be on a pedestal to be worshipped by men became the beloveds of the poet who enriched his life, enabling him to perceive the Truth and Beauty of creation before his very eyes.


Kattabomman was the most valiant early freedom fighter of 18th-century and he boldly rebelled against the British and their oppressive rule. He was the most prominent one and his saga of heroic exploits, sacrifice and courage will remain etched in the pages of history of early Indian freedom fighters till the end of this world

“O, divine Land, blessed by the gods! O, ancient Mother of Culture and Art! Thy children today are spineless hordes.”


The Corps has come a long way from its modest beginning as the Bengal Medical Service on January 1, 1764, to become a comprehensive medical service in the country providing health services to the servicemen, veterans and their dependents.


Delighted to visit the world of poets, Sir. May The Year 2017 Bring for You…. Happiness,Success and filled with Peace, Hope & Togetherness of your Family & Friends…. Wishing You a…*’*HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017*’
For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning. Hope Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering ‘it will be happier’.




Kindly click the second link, select OBEISANCE TO GODDESS OF LEARNING from the contents. read and make your comments on the space below the article for the benefit of other readers. Thanks.



The blogger receiving an award in Chennai.

Here is the Part XII of the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India,  which I proudly served for four decades and more, and has since returned from US where his daughter is. Whether in India or abroad Shri Sivanganam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sending a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy. Here we have covered his Reviews in the current year.

An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.

(1) 15/02/17.
It’s nice of you that with seriousness you are following the pattern of posting your series ‘Tale as a Blogger’ as Sunday Story at the end of every 50 Posts you make!
Part 15 appeared on 5/2/17 gives more statistical data supporting your experience gained between the current and the previous one!
You’ve very nicely covered the proceedings of the Annual Seminar on English Poetry, conducted by the prestigious Chennai Poets Circle on 29th Jan, 2017!
You’ve duly lauded Dr. Krishna Srinivas of the ‘ Poet Journal ‘ as the inspiration for the launching of your ‘ Young Poet ‘, intended rightly as a gift and platform to the young poets to bring in their poetic prowess to the lovers of verse as distinct from prose!
You’ve referred to the definition of literary language penned suitably by Dr. T Sriraman, formerly the Professor of English and Foreign Languages University, Hydrabad!
Yes, a distortion from the normal pattern enhances for sure the aesthetic sense in the readers of a literature of this sort!
And careful and judicious introduction of varied styles through extensive exploitation of resources of a language lends fresh angles for enjoyment!
Everything under this great Universe evolves stage by stage, and English Poetry is no exception, as reportedly revealed by Dr. Ganesh!
That the seminar had seen the anthology of 97 poems in the Efflorescence 2016 must have been its highest achievement!
And the poets do not mind going the extra mile to present their poems that are capable of easily reaching the heart of a poetry reader!
And the Chennai Poets Circle is going to be beautified with one more entity through your renewed association!

(2) 15/2/17.
Your Feast of Saint Valentine gives a new dimension to the Valentine’s Day!
That the Saint Valentine was executed by the Roman Emperor for his noble act of uniting two minds in a wedlock, isn’t a reasonable proposition by any stretch of imagination!
We are ever indebted to the saints for the words of wisdom intended for the humanity!
Love towards all is powerful enough to usher in peace all around !
It’s unconditional love that qualifies to be the harbinger of great joy to one and all!
Any demeaning value sought to be attached to the concept of love fails to serve its purpose of keeping hatred away from our view without any of its trace!
May love be the guiding principle in raising the edifice of life for the society to prosper!

A nice read it’s – your Song of a Seeker!
We the humans are always in the pursuit of seeking one or the other, after happiness!
In this materialistic world, we seek pleasure out of everything we seek and own!
Alas, without exception, they all turn ephemeral and we continue our journey seeking another material object with our characteristic urge of PLEASURE!
If it’s possible for us to distinguish between ‘mere happiness’ and ‘great joy’, then we may be able to stop our infatuation with everything that’s material which never can guarantee BLISS!
Having become a part of this vast Universe, it’s only good on our part to align with it and be of use to its creations, and serve them to our capacity and ability and enjoy pleasure out of it, as you sing in this SONG!
May we seek truth in everything and be guided!

(4) 13/2/17.

Nice qualities revealed through your Song of a Saint!
Saints are always noble souls sprinkling their wisdom for the humanity to prosper ethically, morally, and spiritually!
Their experience out of introspection is the real gift to the mankind that’s readily available for application in life situations!
Their single mantra is Service to Society!
Their lives are the Golden Treatise upon which we can raise our edifice of life, capable of serving the needy!
As you told, saints and monks never preach us, but practice meticulously to create conviction in our minds as to their efficacy!
They are continuous learners and never attain saturation, setting examples to others in the process!

(5) 13/2/17.

/Your Song of a Serpent is a nice read!
The serpents too are the creation of the Almighty, just as we are!
The very mention of the word ‘serpent’ sends shivers down our spines!
Its mere mention can conveniently shake even the powerful army out of fear for it!
That fear per se tends immediately to activate our adrenaline hormone forcing us to fight it out or flight against it depending on our mindset then!
Just as we try to guard us against the perceived danger of getting bitten, the snakes too try its best to escape from the harm that may be inflicted by us!
This is to be considered strictly as self defense, from the point of view of both!
This instinct mechanism is voluntary and instant- common to both us and the snakes!
Co-existence of living beings as between themselves, and with other plants and trees as the gifts of God, must drive us to think twice before we try to attack and crush our ‘perceived’ foes!
Bringing in PEACE in this Universe be our avowed, first and foremost goal to attain, leaving everything else secondary!
(6) 13/2/17.
A beautiful poem on Sarojini Naidu, the Nightingale of India!
A prolific poet she was, that charming poetry on various themes, had been added to her credit!
Being active in politics had seen her as the first woman President of the Indian National Congress!
Her role in Indian freedom struggle was eventful, and she was behind the bars many a time, revealing her enthusiasm and anxiety for our independence!
Her inter-caste marriage with a non-brahmin those days lent support to her revolutionary ways in the empowerment of women!
She had also earned the distinction of being the first woman Governor of an Indian State!
May her life be an inspiration for the women to excel in their chosen fields!
Happy to hear that your THOUGHTS stand attracted to 79000 views so far- CONGRATS.
The song you sung on the SPARROW is a nice treat to our ears!
The happiness it gets at the nuts it eats is for us to feel so for whatever we are blessed with!
That it wants to thank us for the home we provide our home for its happy dwelling is a reminder for us to thank our people for the privileges we take to ourselves and enjoy!
The Universe deserves our appreciation and thanks for its meticulous creation of everything and everyone on this earth to make our short sojourn here so joyful!
Let us hear the song and keep the sparrow undisturbed!
Yesterday you’ve introduced us to the
” Wonderful World of Cartoons “.
A definition you gave for ‘ Cartoon ‘, and evolution of cartoons traced right from the Middle Ages on to the Modern Age.
When a reference is made about cartoon, what passes before our mind’s eyes is none other than R K Lakshman, one of the greatest cartoonists of our times and you have made a detailed case on him very beautifully.
And you’ve made a reference to your Journalist son drawing his own cartoons for his stories.
And cartoons and posters of school – going students on topics current too attracted you rightly.
Unlike prose, understanding what a cartoon is an art, just as a cartoon by itself is an art.
It’s an expression of thought in words and drawings or paintings in a humorous way and intended to serve as a constructive criticism on issues concerning our everyday life and those relating to matters pertaining to all walks of life in general and political and scientific events in particular.
You’ve concluded the post with your right observation that the world of cartoons is a wonderful world.
That the viewers have the right mind to understand and appreciate them is a good trend indeed.
That cartoons have come to stay tall and firm is an indication that its importance in journalism is not ruled out!
A nice poem in the form of an autobiography by a squirrel!

Small is always beautiful and effective.
May be because of its size, a squirrel is forced to face many predators!
And it’s the design of the Almighty that allows the color of the squirrel serve as a camouflage to save itself from the dangers posed!

In spite of many concerns to deal with, its protective nature enables the species to comfortably co-exist with the humans leading to its amenable domestication!

Many lessons we learn from the lives of squirrels.

In these days, when changes are permanent, man needs to adapt himself to the emerging situations so as to pull on in his life;
On this score, we take a leaf out of the life of a squirrel in that it adapts to changes, specific to summer or winter as the case may be!

Squirrels are habitual to go early for sleep and rise early thereafter – an art man has to learn from it, and have more time at his disposal!

Squirrels teach us on thrift and saving for the future by their habit of hoarding foods like nuts for the winter needs!

At times, they fail to recollect the hoarding places as a result of which, the nuts so hoarded begin to grow from plants to trees, thus contributing to the growth of nature for the benefit of humanity too!

It’s told that squirrels are in the know of its imperfection- this is comparable to lack of love, for we are not reciprocated with love from all, and this is a limitation we are required to deal with!

In view of the above, let us treat squirrels as our friends and cherish and nurture that relationship for the better!

Your post on Song of a SAPLING appeared in the autobiography series is a nice read!
It reminds one to be flexible in life!

Like a sapling that readily weathers to seasons, we as children enjoyed happiness in full, not knowing the implications of being sad and sorrowful;
In the same vein, when we grow we are forced to encounter with innumerable challenges, the way the saplings when grown to trees lose their flexibility, thereby succumb to, say, the impact of natural phenomenon like storm!

A sapling during its entire lifetime serves human needs in various ways making us realize the importance of being useful to society!

A sapling thus symbolizes SERVICE, and may we follow suit by rendering our part, not only to our fellow beings,but other living beings like birds and animals, and plants and trees too, and guard the NATURE!
Your journey with “Voice of Valluvar” on Araththuppal has been smooth and purposeful.
And your next journey with “Voice of Ramana” is going to be a stupendous one with philosophical and spiritual sprinkles.
And the genres you are going to adopt are Haiku and Tanka of Japanese origin.
And your effort,
“Fragrant Garland of Letters”, is going to spread the fragrance and the sprint of flowers as bestowed by Sri Ramana
Even though a number of translations have been made, I’m sure, your English translation will more effectively cater to the English devotees of Bhagwan Maharishi.
And as you are known for meticulous execution , this work will definitely turn out to be as beautiful and as sweet as the original by Maharishi.
And with the blessings of the Bhagwan and the wishes of your viewers, the sailing is going to be without hurdles whatever!!!
I wish you all the best on your new venture, proving your mettle again!
Under Part 2 of ” Voice of Ramana “, you have posted Justice S Mohan’s preface to your creation:
” Fragrant Garland of Alphabets of Bhagwan Ramana “.
Writing on Bhagwan, Justce Mohan pointed to His wisdom of the hollowness of Ego acting against the man to attain Divinity.
And about your literary passion too, leading to your English translation of Sri Ramana Maharishi’s work.
The sample of your translation quoted by him reveals, in terms of his own words, your poetic talent!
You are, for sure, going to weave more fragrant garlands as wished by Justice Mohan!
The glory is lost; It was paradise that we had lost; Will paradise be regained? Youth power we have is enormous, and the strength shown in the protest for Jallikattu is repeated, we can witness the ray of light!
Your “Rainbow in Haiku “, is a treat to the eyes and the aesthetic sense.
We have conveniently learnt to destroy Nature’s creations.
Can we make what Nature creates?
Magnificent are the creations of Nature!
Rainbow is one such marvel that occurs at nature’s will.
The colors that make the rainbow, by their very sight, relieve our worries.
The beautiful message it offers to the onlooker is that pain and joy pertaining to our life never lasts long, but occurs alternately.
It’s like the disappearance of the delightful colors after a while.
Enjoyment apart, we need to bow before the rainbow, for it brings in the rain that makes the earth fertile and green, and our mind at peace and poise.
Let us hail the rainbow for its wondrous nature and the ecstasy it carries along!!!
What ‘ Destiny ‘, is well defined through your Voice of Valluvar.
Whether our efforts are effective enough to create wealth or not lies entirely with destiny, the definite dispenser.
Destiny is capable of making one just an ordinary person, irrespective of whether he’s learned or not.
And it’s the same destiny that makes one wise and the other wealthy.
Good becoming bad or bad becoming good is the handiwork of fate.
Possessing other’s belongings or losing one’s own possessions is not in our hands but left with destiny.
We are at the sheer mercy of destiny to enjoy whatever we’ve earned.
The poor will be at ease if destiny makes him woe- free.
We have to necessarily face whatever hurdles coming our way if we are destined to be so.
We must be mature enough to take happiness and sorrow alike.
Being aware of destiny and its impact on us is welcome, but it’s in our own interest to effectively perform our duty without anticipating the results to our liking!!!

Your post on World Cancer Day well serves the purpose of creating awareness on this deadly disease taking a heavy toll on the valuable life!
The problem with this serious physical condition is that it becomes too late to take remedial measures when the disease is diagnosed!
The exact cause still remains a riddle that makes it impossible to cure it subsequently thereafter!
It’s often told that proper lifestyle determines the way people are in the pink of their health!
There are circumstances many, when those not caring about good ways of life, go unaffected fortunately!
We cannot say for certain who is going to be a victim of this villain!
The agony that envelopes the whole family members of the individual affected is something that gives the pricks unbearable!
But its onset with its attendant pain and sufferings we must reconcile to and go ahead with the treatment with hope and faith on the Almighty!
As you wished rightly, let there be no sufferers of cancer, and may we lead a healthy life throughout!

In recollecting the Elizabeth Blackwell Day, we do appreciate the selfless services being rendered by the medical fraternity the world over!
We are all ordained here to be a minuscule part of the larger and magnificent Universe, not without a purpose!
And so too with all other creations!
Being the first woman physician in the world is the uniqueness attached with Elizabeth Blackwell!
In general, our achievements are the results of getting inspired by someone or something, of course, unsurprisingly, followed with by total devotion and dedication!
Medical profession is considered one of the many noble ones, for quite the obvious reasons, but choosing the same by choice rather than chance, carries more meaning!
It’s existence for purpose with a difference – giving their best to see the happy faces that exhibit their thankfulness for being the recipients of healthy life and happy living throughout!
May we shower our appreciation, with no conditions attached, on this special class of creations by the Almighty!
Your post on Kalpana Chawla Day takes us back to the day she lost her life due to the space shuttle disaster in the year 2003!
She had earned the distinction of being the first Indian woman to have undertaken a journey to the space!
Indeed her feat is a pride for our Motherland!
Behind every achievement is an ambition and the unfailing urge to achieve it with efforts on the part of the individual or the group concerned!
How meticulously you follow up with the idea conceived at inception ensures your successful end-result!
Obstacles that may show up in the process must be removed then and there to move ahead uninterruptedly!
An achiever should pay heed to the feedback, both positive and negative, to see his/her mission achieved!
May achievements in various fields inspire the young and the old alike to make a mark in the field they are in, adding luster to their profession!
Through “Understanding Real Truth “, Valluvar wants us to realize Truth to bid adieu to ignorance, the real cause of all our woes, and find consequent salvation.
And your meanings make understanding of this Chapter very clear.
A sense of truth is bliss, but if we believe the truth as false and vice versa, we are bound to lose the greatness of this birth.
Outward appearances are always misleading, and sway our wisdom and so be known that only a proper understanding is capable of clearing our doubts and leading us to heaven.
If we are able to give up our wants and realize the truth of God , we are well on our way to get rid of lust, anger, and ignorance and drive away our sufferings characteristic of our birth.
Sans truth, even our control over our senses five is of no value, and so sees for real truth and ignore truth- likes!!!
Your Envius Thoughts is now the ENVY of all with 78000 Views to its credit!
Congrats to you.
Your special post today:
“Candle Mass Day “, signifying the holy day with celebration of three occasions, viz., the presentation of the Child Jesus, Jesus first entry into the temple, and the Virgin Mary’s Purification, is a good read.
A joyful and sacred occasion for all the Christian brothers and sisters across the world!
It’s customary for them to cook the pancake, holding coin in their hands with the belief that this action assures wealth and happiness to them.
For that matter, these two aspects are among the most important requirements for all the people irrespective of the religion they are attached to.
Jesus shows the right way for his followers, just as light removes darkness for the Hindus!
Let them celebrate the special day with gaiety and religious fervor, and be joyful!!!

You must have been at home while Amidst Ambassadors of Peace in the seminar under the auspices of the Chennai Poets Circle on 29th January!
The way you presented the proceedings therein makes me feel my physical presence at the venue on the occasion!
I am quite happy that you are going to renew your association with the CPC of which you were a part a few years back!
That the POET JOURNAL was behind your launching of YOUNG POET in 2000 indicates your love for poetry!
Poets are truly Ambassadors of Peace and Truth;
To enable them bring out the truth in its entirety, they should be given the free hand by the readers.
A creation to be great and effective, the total involvement of the artist is important, and he/she must be prepared to put in efforts even beyond his/her capacity!
A poetry may be subtle in its content;
In matters of substance, it may be noble, and serve the purpose intended towards the society!
And you the Ambassadors are very much known for deep dedication to produce poetry of quality,
and justify what Mathew Arnold had to say on the subject :
” Poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive, and widely effective mode of saying things, and hence its importance “.

A nice poem on World Wetlands Day to show how important the wetlands are!
First and foremost, wetlands act as a safeguard against natural disasters:
More than that, it makes recovery from disasters faster!
They help us effectively tide over weather fluctuations due to global warming!
The presence of abundant wetlands brings solace to humans and animals during acute drought conditions, and sustains them!
In view of the above, we must not only clear the rubbish, including toxic substances, from the existing wetlands periodically, but also to restore the already degraded wetlands to augment the Water supply!
We should learn to use water sparingly so that coping with short supply may not be difficult for us, when it’s warranted!
We must grow mangroves and other shrubs and trees near the wetlands, as their roots are strong enough to protect the shores from destruction, apart from minimizing the impact of natural calamities like cyclones, hurricanes, and tsunamis!
As Coral reefs act as effective wave barriers, and also helps in lowering the loss as a result of storm, we should maintain them properly!
May we take these measures in right earnest, and protect the wetlands in our own interest and in the interest of NATURE!


In your Random Thoughts on Post Republic Day, you’ve nicely brought out your anguish over the not-so-good happenings enveloping our Motherland!
We’ve stepped into the 68th year after we became a Republic in the year 1950;
A moment of celebration and joy indeed!
Except being ritual, we are flooded with memories of frustration that goes with how we’re administered!
It’s a grave mistake on our part to have allowed the weapon of non-violence, preached and practiced by M K Gandhi, to rust and be of no application!
We are the proud owners of the Indian Constitution;
Do we guard it as our true belongings?
The answer unfortunately is not in the affirmative!
Our freedom movement was a single point agenda then, that we made it possible with our concerted efforts;
We were successful in extricating us from the clutches of foreign domination, and got the enviable political freedom ;
We lack that spirit now, rendering us incapable of sorting out the problems to get at the nice remedies in service to society!
Poverty is still a menacing proposition ;
Terrorism has become an everyday activity ;
We allow inequalities to prevail, resulting in a chasm between haves and have-nots;
Corruption has become an indispensable part of the affairs of our administration, making the elites, the privileged class in our country, leaving the poor behind to fend for themselves even for their hand-to-mouth sustenance ;
Disparities led to widespread violence and loss of peace and harmony among the different strata of society!
The prevailing situation that doesn’t ensure happiness makes our hard-won freedom insignificant and irrelevant;
This requires our government to have a rethinking on the policies they pursue, and bring in equality to all!
It’s quite unfortunate that our system has permitted a selected few to enjoy the fruits of our economic development to the exclusion of those behind this reality!
In keeping with your oft- repeated, ‘ Help Ever and Hurt Never ‘, we need to inject humanism in dealing with the poor and the underprivileged, and raise their standard of living!
We’re a nation with large tracts of unused land, and our sincere efforts will provide sufficient food to meet the ever-rising population growth!
Our nuclear capability may stand testimony to our might, but then, peace demands its non application!
Change is permanent, and it’s incumbent on us to alter the strategy to bring in prosperity!
Whatever obstacles that threateningly stare at us will become naught if we drain all the negatives out of our system, and respond positively to the right aspirations of the common man!
Poets like you are the real ambassadors of peace and may the noble voice be heard to make pleasure ours!
Honesty is the best policy and let us build our tomorrow’s prosperous society with all of our determination, devotion, and dedication!!!!!
Long live our REPUBLIC!!!
I am referring here to your post titled :
‘Anti-Leprosy Day was 30th January’.
Man cannot claim to be free from physical ailment ;
We are visited by it in one form or the other at intervals!
Whether we ourselves are responsible, or something unknown remains the cause, doesn’t matter;
what concerns most is the pain and sufferings associated with the condition;
Not only the afflicted, but also their family members and other well-wishers who in reality face the impact of the disease!
And so goes the saying: ‘Health is Wealth’.
Serious diseases like leprosy in fact haunt the patients and their relatives enormously.
And as for the leprosy, people tend to ignore those patients totally mainly for the ‘inconvenience’ associated with it!
Only those really service-minded can come to their rescue, and help in their proper cure and rehabilitation!
Rightly our Father of the Nation is called so, for the extraordinary services rendered by him for the cause of the people and the leprosy patients too!
May this special day create the right awareness in the minds of the people to contribute their part in the lives of leprosy patients, and bring them out of the ruts once and for all!

This much from Shri OKR Sivaganam  for Part 12.


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