World Standards Day is today to honor the efforts of experts
Who set the standards in areas different for all to explore
Follow and standardize the Global economy to benefit
For the society to be safe and prosperous and be in profit!

Standardization is needed today more of humans than goods
Things and services as what the society sees today is in woods
Thanks to degradation in moral standards, fall in ethical values
Demonetization of principles noble unfortunate!

Let all of us on this day pledge to keep up the standardsin all
The areas affecting peace and poise, health and happiness tall
And within the selves keeping great values as our standards
That is bound to bring heaven on this earth with God’s grace- branded!


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Book reading








Joyful mood








Respect for all


Time consciousness







Will make life on earth heavenly!



After Death what? None knows sure on earth
Fear and pain, Death brings to all in mirth
All earned out of tears of others
Journeys never with the Death with feathers!

Then why dishonesty and villainy
In earning wealth that comes not certainly
Be honest and be truthful while earning
Help all in making a happy living!

Sinners prosper never in the long run
Others glitter ever like a strong Sun!
Mother Nature never discriminates
Even the bad, Mother Earth tolerates

Man to learn a lot from Mother Nature
And follow her laws for brighter future!


Sure I know I came from my mother’s womb
And equally sure I will be interned in tomb
When and how is only the question
About which I don’t worry now is certain!

During this life what I do is important
How I behave and serve my kith is pertinent
Before birth and after death, Hell or Heaven
None can tell me in valid pattern
Mystery it is that none from Hell or Heaven
Chose to brief me on how are matters! !

Hell, one says, is nothing but torture and agony
Heaven, other admits, is full of joy and nectar
Hell, one says, is reserved for the wicked and sinners
Heaven, other admits, is meant for the kind and sacred!

To me Hell or Heaven is here and now

Well in the manner I think, speak and vow
To do things in style that will bring joy
To think of things that will bring cheers
To speak of words that emit sweetness
To one and all my brothers in distress!

Why think of unseen Hell or unknown Heaven
While Hell or Heaven is made by you and me seven!

Resolve to provide Heavenly joy and nectar
And give best you can to every sector!


“SRI RAMA NAVAMI” was yesterday! (15/4/16)/ DAY OF A LEGEND today (16/4/16)

Among the world religions, Hinduism is great
Aiming at world harmony and peace, indeed a treat!
God, Lord Almighty, Creator of the Universe
Religion makes them descend to the earth in forms diverse!


Named ‘avatars’- incarnations- great ten in number
One is RAMAVATAR the world ever to remember
In human form to demonstrate what DIVINITY is
Born in Chaitra Navami as Dasaratha’s son!


Failure and success, pain and pleasure,  sorrow and joy
Part of human life- Rama’s life taught the humans strong
Success ultimate for the nobles in thoughts, words and deeds
His life all to emulate and prove religious faith is right!


Obedience to parents’ commands, sincerity
Devotion, dedication to cause, and loyalty,
Forgiveness, sacrifice- all divine virtues for sure
Humans can imbibe with devotion to Rama pure!



Kindly look for my FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTIETH post in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in tomorrow 17th April titled TALE OF A BLOGGER PART 9.


N V Subbaraman

  “DAY OF A LEGEND”   is today!(16/4/16)

What is this world full of sound and dust signifying nothing
Disgusted is the human race unable to stand and stare!
Life has got to be lived-joy or sorrow, rich or poor-no go
A legend was there to make the humans laugh- laugh sans ego!

Poor start was his career- none and nothing to fall back upon
God made him a great legend,  gave him all in his compassion
To make the weak and wearied laugh- laugh with great pleasure quite pure
Great Charlie Chaplin born this day in eighteen eighty nine- sure!

Great quotes of the legend English comic actor, filmmaker
And composer, rose to fame in those  silent era-thinker!
Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but  in long-shot.
A comedy to be enjoyed by all in the world-great thought!

A day without laughter is a day wasted.-it is tonic
We think too much and feel too little-words of wisdom!


A saint poet of world renown from India

Gave his magnum opus Thirukkural kindly

Two thousand years ago quite relevant now

On his birth day today in reverence we bow!


Think of great couplets thirteen hundred and thirty

In ancient language Tamil with all beauty

All subjects under the sun one can think of sure

Dealt with in wonderful words of wisdom quite pure!


Poet Bharathi’s was not an exaggeration

When with joy, proclaimed in all appreciation:

“Giving Valluvan to this wonderful world

Great Tamilnadu attained sky high fame quite bold”!


Universal message Thirukkural gives nice

For the people over the world to follow wise.

Translated in all world languages respected

Next only to Bible and Quoran quite sacred!


Born in the family of weavers in Chennai

Made Tamilnadu and India proud with his

Words of wisdom of eternal truth in the world

Stand tall to help and guide the people in the globe bold!


“Valluvar Kottam” in Chennai put up in memory of the Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar.





Chapter Thirty

அதிகாரம் 30



  1. வாய்மை எனப்படுவது யாதுஎனின்? யாது ஒன்றும்

தீமை இலாத சொலல்.

Vaaymai enappaduvadhu yaadhu enin yaadhu onrum

Theemai ilaadha solal.

Veracity – what?

Those words which harm not others

Speak truth with forethought!

Wht is veracity? It is not speaking anything tht hurts others.             (291)

2. பொய்ம்மையும் வாய்மை இடத்த; புரைதீர்த்த

நன்மை பயக்கும் எனின்.

Poymaiyum vaaymaiidaththa;puraitheertha

Nanmai payakku enil.

Falsehood too also truth

If it does good to others

Sure go after truth!

Even falsehood will be deemed to be truth if the words spoken do good to others.                        (292)

  1. தன்நெஞ்சு அறிவது பொய்யற்க;பொய்த்தபின்

தன்நெஞ்சே தன்னைச் சுடும்.

Than nenju arivadhu poyyarkka; poyththyapin

Than nenjae thannaich chudum.

Truth indeed is pure

Knowingly speak not untruth

When done scorches sure!

Knowilngly let us not speak untruth-falsehood; if spoken, our conscience itself will scorch us.                      (293)

4. உள்ளத்தால் பொய்யாது ஒழுகின் உலகத்தார்

உள்ளத்துள் எல்லாம் உளன்.

ULLaththaal poyyaadhu ozugin ulakaththaar

ULLaththuL ellaam uLan.

Pure in heart and soul

Speaks truth, lives he in all hearts

Salutes the world whole!

The one, who is pure and speaks only truth, remains and lives in the hearts of all in the world.                            (294)

5 மனத்தொடு வாய்மை மொழியின் தவத்தொடு

தானம்செய் வாரின் தலை.

Manaththodu vaaymai moziyin thavaththotu

Thaanam seyvaarin thalai.

Sure greater than him

Who gives and leads life austere

When speaks truth with grit!

When a person speaks only truth, is indeed greater than the one who gives and leads an austere life.                (295)

6. பொய்யாமை அன்ன புகழ்இல்லை; எய்யாமை

எல்லா அறமும் தரும்.

Poyyaamai anna pugaz illai; eyyaamai

Ellaa aramum tharum.

Nothing brings more praise

Than speaking truth all in life

Makes Divine precise!

There is no greater praise in life than what one gets when he speaks only truth. That indeed makes himnoble and virtuous.             (296)

7. பொய்யாமை பொய்யாமை ஆற்றின் அறம் பிற

செய்யாமை செய்யாமை நன்று.

Poyyaamai poyyaamai aatrin aram pira

Seyyaamai seyyaamai nanru.

Sans lies, speaking truth

Virtue of virtues, brings all

Good and joy on earth!

When one follows the principle of never speaking untruth, there is no need for him to do other virtuous acts.                 (297)

8. புறம்தூய்மை நீரான் அமையும்; அகம் தூய்மை

வாய்மையால் காணப்படும்.

Puramthooymai neeraan amaiyum agam thooymai

Vaaymaiyaal kaaNappadum.

Water makes one clean

Truth makes his mind and soul pure

Truth one must be keen!

External cleanliness is achieved by taking bath in water; internal- mind and soul by speaking truth.           (298)

9. எல்லா விளக்கும் விளக்கல்ல; சான்றோர்க்குப்

பொய்யா விளக்கே விளக்கு.

Ellaa viLakkum viLakkalla; saandroarkkup

Poyyaa viLakkae viLakku.

All lights bring not light

For the noble, life of truth

Brings light that is bright!

All lights that dispel darkness are indeed not lights; for the noble light is really life of truth.                               (299)

10.யாம் மெய்யாக் கண்டவற்றுள் இல்லை எனைத்தொன்றும்

வாய்மையின் நல்ல பிற.

Yaam meyyaak kaNdavatruL illai enaththonrum

Vaaymaiyin nalla pira.

No virtue is great

As great as speaking truth

As seen on earth sweet!

In what we have seen indeed in life, there is no virtue greater than speaking truth.                                                      (300)



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