Chapter  Nineteen

அதிகாரம் 19



1 அறம்கூறான் அல்ல செயினும் ஒருவன்

புறம்கூறல் என்றல் இனிது.

Aram kooraan alla seyinum oruvan

Puramkooral enral inithu.

Though speaks not virtues

Good not to back- bite others

That brings him tributes!

Even though one is not very virtuous and being accused of, it will be great and he will be praised if he does not indulge in backbiting. (181)

  1. அறன் அழீஇ அல்லவை செய்தலின் தீதே

புறன் அழீஇப் பொய்த்து நகை.

Aran azhee alavai seydhalin theethae

Puran azheep poyththu nagai.

It is worse than sin

To backbite and in ones front

Talk nice and smile thin!

It is worse than non-virtuous, when in the absence of the ‘other’ indulges in back biting the ‘other’.          (182)

  1. புறம்கூறிப் பொய்த்துயிர் வாழ்தலின் சாதல்

அறம்கூறும் ஆக்கம் தரும்.

Puramkoorip poyththuyir vaazdhalin saadhal

Aramkoorum aakkam tharum.

Death is sure better

Than backbiting and deceit

God bestows glitter!

Scriptures will say that it is ideal to suffer poverty and penury and die instead of living with ignominy of backbiting.                            (183)

  1. கண்நின்று கண்அறச் சொல்லினும் சொல்லற்க

முன்இன்று பின்நோக்காச் சொல்.

kaN ninru kaNarach sollinum sollarka

Mun inru pinnoakkaach chol.

Speak with compassion

Or not in front; back biting

Be shunned with passion!

Whether we speak kindly and with compassion on the face of one or not, we are not to indulge in back biting and speak ill of others in their absence. (184)

5 அறம்சொல்லும் நெஞ்சத்தான் அன்மை புறம்சொல்லும்

புன்மையால் காணப் படும்

Aram sollum nenjaththaan anmai puramsollum

Punmaiyaal kaaNappadum.

Speaking wise and nice

With deceit in mind is seen

Through backbiting vice!

One can understand the hollowness of a person who speaks of virtues without ant intension of following by the way in which he speaks ill of others in their back a cruel vice.                     (185)

6  பிறன் பழி கூறுவான் தன்பழி யுள்ளும்

திறந்தெரிந்து கூறப் படும்..

Piranpazi kooruvaan thanpazhi yuLLum

Thirantherindhu koorap padum.

Back biting begets

Back biting sure from others

Shun the vice – target!

The one who speaks ill of the other in his back must be prepared to accept and analyse what is being spoken about him in his back. (186)

  1. பகச்சொல்லிக் கேளிர்ப் பிரிப்பர் நகச்சொல்லி

நட்பாடல் தேற்றா தவர்.

Pagachchchollik kaeLirp pirippar nagachcholli

Natpaadal thaetraa dhavar.

Divide by backbite

Unite not with pleasing words

Sure to hell they ride!

The one who does not know how to speak kind and earn friendship is likely to lose his other friends by speaking ill of them in their back. (187)

  1. துன்னியார் குற்றமும் தூற்றும் மரபினார்

என்னைகொல் ஏதிலார் மாட்டு.

Thunniyaar kutramum thootrum marabinaar

Ennaikkol aedhilaar maattu.

Who tom-toms friends’ fault

Sure to back bite the others

A joy to him smart!

If those who speak ill of their own friends in their absence,  how much they will backbite those who are not their friends and that indeed will be a joy for them.  (188)

  1. அறன்நோக்கி ஆற்றுங்கொல் வையம் புறம்நோக்கிப்

புன்சொல் உரைப்பான் பொறை.?

Aran noakki aatrungkol vaiyam puramnoakkip

Puncol uraippaan porai?

May be earth feels sad

To hold the sinner on hand

The backbiter bad!

Probably Mother earth feels it is her duty to hold even the sinners who speak ill of others in their absence and yet the Earth may feel sad. (189)

10.ஏதிலார் குற்றம்போல் தன்குற்றம் காண்பிற்கின்

தீதுஉண்டோ மன்னும் உயிர்க்கு.

Aedhilaar kutrampoal thankutram kaaNpirkin

Theedhu uNdoa mannum uyirkku.


If one deems faults find

In others his, shuns backbite

No harm to mankind!


How nice it will be if the one who finds fault of others and backbite, to find out their own and give up backbiting?                            (190)







“Train accident”……………………………..

“Rape of the physiotherapy student”……………….

“Rape of a five year old child”………………………………

“Bomb blast in Bangalore”…………………………………………

“A chief minister being attacked in a far off place”………………………………

“Income tax raid in a politician’s house”………

“A Principal being murdered by his own students for the disciplinary action being taken against the three who were running a kangaroo court for the happenings in the hostel!”

Blame it on the Government, mobilize the people, disrupt the transport, block the parliamentary proceedings, ghero the police, burn the busses and cars, make great stories in the electronic media day in and day out, make pages and pages in the print media till the next incident takes place, politicians especially the opposition capitalizing on the unfortunate happening making a big issue out of it…………………!

Oh, my beloved friends and citizens! Where do we go, what do we seek to achieve and how do we come out of this nasty approach?

In a society where values of life have been grossly degraded and heavily demonetized, where the individual members of the society have become irresponsible and increasingly selfish no better state of affairs can be expected and experienced. No doubt it is most unfortunate in a country which kept humanism, nobility, truthfulness, compassion, kindness, responsibility etc as its core values, a time has come when we have to keep our heads in shame and seriously consider the steps to set right the society.

‘Set right the society’- What is setting right the ‘society’? What is society and who can set it right? What is that so called ‘society’?

After all the ‘Society’ is made up of the ‘individuals’ in thousands. If ‘the society is to be set right’, “individuals are to be set right”.

“Individuals” cannot be set right by governmental rules and regulations, police and the courts. INDIVIDUAL alone can set right himself and parents and teachers, religious leaders and social activists, social service organizations and educational institutions have a great role to play and on them lies building up of the society through the youngsters.   Those who are to build up have to turn as role models and they must possess in abundance strong will power, conviction and social consciousness.

Schools, as in those days, should seriously consider introducing “moral instruction’ classes at all levels and “civics” as a subject to build the individuals ‘civic conscious’.

Let us hope a better tomorrow dawns at the earliest and the ‘society’ becomes a community of responsible and informed INDIVIDUALs.


With that the Bodhisattva changed from an ordinary man into a noble individual, into a Perfectly Enlightened One Sammasambuddha.












Chapter Fourteen

அதிகாரம் 14



  1. ஒழுக்கம் விழுப்பம் தரலான் ஒழுக்கம்

உயிரினும் ஓம்பப் படும்.

Ozukkam vizhuppam tharalaan ozukkam

Uyirinum oambap patum.

Character exalts

Sure to be nursed more than life

Decorum promotes!

Character gives greatness to all; hence character is to be deemed to be more valuable than life and taken care of.                               (131)

  1. பரிந்து ஓம்பிக் காக்க ஒழுக்கம்; தெரிந்து ஓம்பித்

தேரினும் அஃதே துணை.

Parindhu oambik kaakka ozukkam therindhu oambith

Thaerinum ahudhe thuNai

Good conduct the best.

Among all virtues observed

It’ indeed a test!

Good conduct and character have got to be kept high at any cost; that indeed will  stand in good stead at any time without fail.           (132)

  1. ஒழுக்கம் உடைமை குடிமை; இழுக்கம்

இழிந்த பிறப்பாய் விடும்

,Ozukkam udaimai kudimai; izukkam

Izindha pirappaay vidum.

Conduct takes him high

Sans worse than the sinners low

To be nurtured tight!

Good character and conduct is the indication of one’s nobility of birth. The one who is not comes of a bad family.                                (133)

  1. மறப்பினும் ஒத்துக் கொளலாகும்; பார்ப்பான்

பிறப்பொழுக்கம் குன்றக் கெடும்.

Marappinum oththuk koLalaagum paarppaan

Pirappozukkam kunrak kedum.

Lost the learnt, recall

The learned lose character

Never to regain!

Even if one forgets all the great things he has learnt, he can re-read and recollect. If charecter is lost it cannot be regained.                     (134)

  1. அழுக்காறு உடையான்கண் ஆக்கம்போன்று இல்லை

ஒழுக்கம் இலான்கண் உயர்வு.

Azukkaaru udaiyaankaN aakam poanru illai

Ozukkam ilaankaN uyarvu.

The jealous loses

All that he amassed – he sans

Good conduct, faces!

Wealth will not approach the jealous; similarly greatness will not approach the characterless persons.                              (135)

  1. ஒழுக்கத்தின் ஒல்கார் உரவோர்; இழுக்கத்தின்

ஏதம் படுபாக்கு அறிந்து.

Ozukkaththin olkaar uravoar izukkaththin

Aedham padupaakku il.

Those who know it great

Strays not from good character

Tigers eat not grass!

People with good character never stray from the path of good conduct and character. Though hungry, tigers do not take grass.                            (136)


  1. ஒழுக்கத்தின் எய்துவர் மேன்மை; இழுக்கத்தின்

எய்துவர் எய்தாப் பழி

Ozukkaththin eythuvar maenmai; izukkaththin

Eydhuvar eydhaap pazi.

Character abound

He prospers now and later

Lest, he falls aground!

With good conduct and character one attains greatness sure for ever; otherwise he earns disgrace.                       (137)

  1. நன்றிக்கு வித்தாகும் நல்லொழுக்கம்; தீயொழுக்கம்

என்றும் இடும்பை தரும்.

Nanrikku viththaagum nallozukkam; theeyozukkam

Endrum idumbai tharum.

Men with right conduct

Sow the seeds for life noble

Bad ones breed evils!

Good character sows the seeds for happy and noble life; bad character leads to misery and disgrace.                          (138)

  1. ஒழுக்க முடையவர்க்கு ஒல்லாவே தீய

வழுக்கியும் வாயால் சொலல்.


Ozukka mudaiyavarkku ollaavae theeya

Vazukkiyum vaayaal solal.

Men with decorum

Even by slip, speak not bad

In any forum!

People with decency and decorum that is of good conduct and character, even by slip do not talk bad.                               (139)

  1. உலகத்தோடு ஒட்ட ஒழுகல் பலகற்றும்

கல்லார் அறிவிலா தார்.

Ulagaththoadu otta ozugal pala katrum

Kallaar arivilaadhaar.

Learning, no avail

When the learned learns not how

With the world to prevail!

One’s learning is of no avail, if he does not know how to move with the people in the society.                         (140)





International Day on Violence against Women. (25/11)

God has created every one equal-man or woman

Where is “MAN” without “WOMAN” to be taken care of!

How does the masculine pride lead him to brutality?

To be dealt with all over the Globe in all severity!


Weaker sex is weak- not that they cannot be strong

Their role and duty is confined to play a part never wrong

Man and his brutal sensuality cause of miseries

Needs intervention at the international level!


Oh! My Lord no rule and law can enforce discipline

You and Your Grace can alone mend the crooked!

Parents, schools, leaders- spiritual and political

Have a great role to play in nursing a society right!


In this connection a poem titled “RAPE NOT! TORTURE NOT! KILL NOT!”


My dear child of five

Sure you don’t deserve

A rape, a torture

Nor a kill – failure

Of the society.

A mind so filthy!

My dear Mother Earth

Millions you’re worth

Deserve not torture

Loss for bright future!

Neither rape nor kill

Mankind to fall ill!

Guilty be punished

Punished and buried!

May this mighty world

And sure to be bold

To save the Mother

Earth and its children!





In India womanhood is revered as Gods yet……………..???????













Chapter Twelve

அதிகாரம் 12.



  1. தகுதி எனஒன்று நன்றே பகுதியால்

பாற்பட்டு ஒழுகப் பெரின்.

Thaguthi enaonru nanrae pagudhiyaal

Paarpattu ozukap perin.

It brings all the good

When one shows equity nice

To everyone you should!

That indeed is a virtue when an individual keeps equity towards all irrespective of any factor such as friend- foe, known- unknown, big- small, educated- uneducated, men- women and so on                           (111)

2. செப்பம் உடையவன் ஆக்கம் சிதைவுஇன்றி

எச்சத்திற்கு ஏமாப்பு உடைத்து.

Seppam udaiyavan aakkam sidhaivuinri

Echchaththirkku aemaappu udaiththu.

The wealth that he earns

Will last ever for his heirs

Sure equity turns!

The assets of the man who follows the virtue of equity will never get diminished and be intact for his successive generations.               (112)

3. நன்றே தரினும் நடுவுஇகந்துஆம் ஆக்கத்தை

அன்றே அழிய விடல்.


Nanrae tharinum naduvuigandhuaam aakkaththai

Andrae ariya vidal.

To be shunned at once

The wealth through inequity

Though turns you prince!

Even the wealth that may come to one at the cost of following the virtue of EQUITY is to be shunned and discarded.                                    (113)

4. தக்கார் தகவிலர் என்பது அவரவர்

எச்சத்தால் காணப் படும்.

Thakkaar thagaviar enbadhu avaravar

Echchaththaal kaaNap padum.

You know who is or

Who is not – through his offspring

Good, kind, nice and more!

Who indeed follows the virtue of equity and who is not can be seen through the greatness and nobility they leave after death/ through the offspring of the person.                        (114)

5. கேடும் பெருக்கமும் இல்லல்ல; நெஞ்சத்துக்

கோடாமை சான்றோர்க்கு அணி.

Kaedum perukkamum illalla nenjaththu

Koadaamai saandroarkku aNi.

The noble know well

Good or bad destiny made

Equity their jewel!

One cannot really say what poverty is and what prosperity is. But real jewel and ornament is the virtue of equity one possesses.                (115)

6. கெடுவல்யான் என்பதுஅறிகதன் நெஞ்சம்

நடுஒரீஇ அல்ல செயின்.

Keduvalyaan enbadhuarikathan nenjam

Naduoree alla seyin.


Let him realize

Once he strays from rectitude

Doom will patronize!

When one is about to swerve from equity, he should remember that he is inching towards his doom.                                             (116)

7. கெடுவாக வையாது உலகம் நடுவாக

நன்றிக்கண் தங்கியான் தாழ்வு.

Keduvaaga vaiyaadhu ulagam naduvaaga

NanrikkaN thangiyaan thaazhvu.

World will not abuse

The one who faces penury

Equity he has!

Even the penury suffered by a person with the virtue of equity, will not be a subject for abuse by the world.                                                     (117)

8. சமன்செய்து சீர்தூக்கும் கோல்போல் அமைந்துஒருபால்

கோடாமை சான்றோர்க்கு அணி.

Samanseydhu seerthookkum koalpoal amaindhuorupaal

Koadaamai saanroarkku aNi.


It’s the noble’s jewel

For him who owns rectitude

Acts as a balance!

Keeping to the virtue of equity at all costs like a balance is indeed a great jewel on the noble.                                               (118)

9. சொற்கோட்டம் இல்லது செப்பம் ஒருதலையா

உள்கோட்டம் இன்மை பெரின்.


sorkoattam illadhu seppam orythalaiyaa

ULkoattam inmai perin.

Rectitude is seen

In thoughts, words and deeds in life

That one should be keen!


Equity insists that there be no twisting and turning of words spoken and that comes of the virtue of equity in mind.                             (119)

10. வாணிகம் செய்வார்க்கு வாணிகம் பேணிப்

பிறவும் தமபோல் செயின்.

vaaNigam seyvaarkku vaaNigam paeNip

Piravum thamapoal seyin.

Trader prospers sure

When equity taken care

And that is trade fair!

Fairness of a business man lies in the virtue of equity that he practices in all his dealings.                                 (120)



Showering divine love by Sathya Sai Baba on HIS devotees from all over the globe..

Chapter Eight

அதிகாரம் 8



1.அன்பிற்கும் உண்டோ அடைக்கும் தாழ்? ஆர்வலர்

புன்கண்நீர் பூசல் தரும்.


Anbirkkum uNdoa adaikkumthAzh aarvalar

PunkaNneer  poosal tharum.


Love knows not a shield

When sees the loved ones suffer

Tears betray neat!


There is no key that can keep one’s love locked; even the tears of the people with abundant love for others will show them open.                (71)


2  அன்பிலார் எல்லாம் தமக்குரியர்; அன்புடையார்

என்பும் உரியர் பிறர்க்கு.


Anbilaar ellaam thamakkuriyar anbudaiyaar

Enbum uriyar pirarkku.


Men sans love keep all;

Those with love give even bone

To others, stand tall!


People without love take everything into their personal possession wheres the peole with intense love give everything including their body(bones) to others.                                         (72)


3     அன்போடு இயைந்த வழக்கென்ப ஆருயிர்க்கு

என்போடு இயைந்த தொடர்பு.


Anboadu iyaindha vazhakkenba aaruyirkku

Enboadu iyaindha thodarbu.


God gives bone and soul

To men to show love to all

Say the wise – nice goal!


Perfect match between the life and body is the outcome of one’s intense love for others.                                    (73)


4 அன்புஈனும் ஆர்வம் உடைமை; அது ஈனும்

நண்புஎன்னும் நாடாச் சிறப்பு.


Anbu eenum aarvam udaikai adhu eenum

NaNbu ennum naadaach chirappu


Love provides concern

And that in turn yields friendship

Pure friendship is bliss!


Love gives care and concern for others which in turn leads to friendship that yields joy, grace and greatness.                                          (74)


5 அன்புற்று அமர்ந்த வழக்குஎன்ப வையகத்து

இன்புற்றார் எய்தும் சிறப்பு.


Anbutru amarndha vazhakkuenba vaiyagaththu

Inbutraar eydhum sirappu.


Showing love to all

Life’s fulfillment- the wise say

They live with joy tall!


The cause of one’s greatness and happiness is the love such people show it to others in abundance. That  is one’s life’s fulfillment. (75)


6 அறத்திற்கே அன்புசார்பு என்ப அறியார்

மறத்திற்கும் அஃதே துணை.


Araththirkkae anbusaarbuenba ariyaar

Maraththirkkum ahudhae thuNai.


Love, the corner stone

Not for virtues alone but

Sure for valor too!

Only those who know not will say that love supports virtue; the fact is it is the support for courage and valor too.                                 (76)


7 என்பு இல்அதனை வெயில்போலக் காயுமே

அன்பு இல்அதனை அறம்.


Enbuil adhanai veyilpoalakkaayumae

Anbuil adhanai aram.


Sun blazes the boneless

As justice burns the loveless

Sure as the daylight!


Just the heat of the sun burns the boneless living beings; virtue will burn the loveless people.                                   (77)


8  அன்பகத்து இல்லா உயிர்வாழ்க்கை வன்பாற்கண்

வற்றல் மனம்தளிர்த் தற்று.

Anbagaththu illaa uyirvaazhkkai vanbaarkaN

Vatral maram thaLirththatru.


Life sans love can’t bloom

As the dead trees in desert

Can’t yield leaves and fruits!


Life of a person without love cannot blossom just as a tree in a desert cannot yield leaves and fruit.                              (78)


9 புறத்துறுப்பு எல்லாம் எவன்செய்யும் யாக்கை

அகத்துறுப்பு அன்பி லவர்க்கு.

Puraththuruppu ellaam evanseyyum yaakkai

Agaththuruppu anbilavarkku.


For men without love

External organs don’t help.

Supreme value love!

When the inner organs of a person has no love in it, the external organs can do no good to him.                                    (79)

10 அன்பின் வழியது உயிர்நிலை; அஃதுஇலார்க்கு

என்புதோல் போர்த்த உடம்பு.

Anbinvazhiyadhu uyirnilai; ahudhu ilaarkku

Enbuthoal poarththa udambu.


Man’s soul rests in love

Sans love, human body is

But bone wrapped in skin!


The life that is guided by love in fact is the life as otherwise it is just bones wrapped with skin.                                (80)




Chapter Seven

அதிகாரம் 7



  1. பெறுமவற்றுள் யாம் அறிவது இல்லை அறிவு அறிந்த

மக்கட்பேறு அல்ல பிற.

PerumavatruL yaamarivadhu illai arivu arindha

Makkatpaeru alla pira.

Of what we beget

None above noble offspring

None better as yet!

The best of wealth one can get is begetting children with knowledge and wisdom.                                                         (61)

2. எழுபிறப்பும் தீயவை தீண்டா! பழியிறங்காப்

பண்புடை மக்கள் பெறின்.

Ezupirappum theeyavai theeNdaa paziyirangkaap

PaNbudai makkaL perin.

Blemish less offspring

Make their parents sorrow less

For seven births sure!

Parents who beget blemish-less children will be happy and peaceful for their next seven births.                            (62)

3       தம்பொருள் என்பதம் மக்கள் அவர்பொருள்

தம்தம் வினையான் வரும்.

ThamporuL enbatham makkaL avarporuL

Thamtham vinaiyaan varum.

One’s offspring his wealth

Noble and lovely children

His destiny’s strength!

All will adore their children as wealth. Their becoming great and noble is a matter of destiny.                                            (63)

4. அமிழ்தினும் ஆற்ற இனிதேதம் மக்கள்

சிறுகை அளாவிய கூழ்.

Amizdhinum aatra inidhaetham makkaL

Sirukai aLaaviya koozh.

Nothing is sweeter

Than the food dabbled by child

Makes parents taller!

Parents who eat the food dabbled in the hands of their children will deem it more than a nectar.                        (64)

5.  மக்கள்மெய் தீண்டல் உடற்கு இன்பம் மற்று அவர்

சொல்கேட்டல் இன்பம் செவிக்கு.

MakkaL meytheeNdal udarkku inbam matru avar

Solkaettal inbam sevikku.

Touch of child great bliss

Sound – a melodious song

That parent can’t miss!

When the parents touch their children they get delight; when they hear their voice it is a song and treat to their ears.                                    (65)

6. குழலினிது யாழ்இனிது என்பதம் மக்கள்

மழலைச் சொல் கேளாதவர்

Kuzal inidhu yaazh inidhu enbatham makkaL

Mazhalaich chol kaeLAdhavar.

For those not heard child

Its prattle – pipe and flute sweet

Making music sound!

For those who have not heard the melodious voice of their children will feel the sound from pipe and flute as music.                           (66)

7. தந்தை மகற்கு ஆற்றும் நன்றி அவையத்து

முந்தி யிருப்பச் செயல்.

Thandhai aatrum nandri avaiyaththu

Mundhiyiruppach cheyal.

To make son noble

And stand taller than others

Father’s work stable!

The great help that a father can extend to his son is to give him nice education and make him sit tall and erect in an assembly of the learned.                                                   (67)

  1. தம்மின்தம் மக்கள் அறிவுடைமைமாநிலத்து

மன்னுயிர்க்கு எல்லாம் இனிது.

Thammintham makkaL arivudaimai maanilaththu

Mannuyirkku ellaam inidhu.

Children sharp and great

Parents’ joy, pride and honor

The society’s treat!

The offspring great and noble in the society is the greatest joy and honor parents derive in the world.                                              (68)

9. ஈன்ற பொழுதின் பெரிதுஉவக்கும் தன்மகனைச்

சான்றோன் எனக்கேட்ட தாய்.

Eendra pozhudhin peridhu uvakkum thanmaganaich

ChaandrOn enakkEtta thaay.

Son praised and adored

Brings mother more joy on earth

Than when she delivered!

A mother will be happier when she hears from others that her son is great and noble, than when she delivered the boy.                              (69)

10      மகன்தந்தைக்கு ஆற்றும் உதவி இவந்தந்தை

என்னோற்றான் கொல் என்னும் சொல்.

Magam thandhaikku aatrum udhavi ivan thandhai

Ennoatraan kol enum sol.

Son in turn pays well

By making others speak proud

Of parents and tell!

The help that a  son can extend to his father is to conduct himself in such a manner that the society wonders what penance the father should have performed to beget a son like him.                        (70)

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Chapter Six

அதிகாரம் 6


வாழ்க்கைத் துணைநலம்

  1. மனைத்தக்க மாண்பு உடையள் ஆகித்தற் கொண்டான்

வளத்தக்காள் வாழ்க்கைத் துணை

Manaiththakka maaNbuudaiyaL aakiththar koNdaan

VaLaththakkaaL vAzkkaith thuNai.

She indeed is wife

Noble and spends within means

Adds glory to life!

A good housewife is she who has the domestic virtues and who is able to maintain the household expenses well within her husband’s income.(51)

  1. மனைமாட்சி இல்லாள்கண் இல்லாயின் வாழ்க்கை

எனைமாட்சித்து ஆயினும் இல்.

Manaimaatchi illaaLkaN illaayin vaazkkai

Enaimaatchiththu aayinum il.

Sans nobility

Wife worthless in life – her wealth


If the housewife is not having the virtues of needed, all the greatness of the husband is of no avail.                                                          (52)

3 இல்லதுஎன் இல்லவள் மாண்பானால் உள்ளது என்

இல்லவள் மாணாக் கடை.

Illadhu en illavaL maaNbaanaal uLLadhu en

IllavaL maaNaak kadai.

With great thoughts and deeds

Wife worth the world –otherwise

Life zero indeed!

There is nothing not in the house if only the housewife has all the domestic virtues; whatever other things are there in the house of great value it has no meaning if that lady is not having virtues.              (53)

4. பெண்ணின் பெருந்தக்க யாவுள? கற்புஎன்னும்

திண்மைஉண் டாகப் பெறின்.

PeNNim perundhakka yaavuLa karpuennum

ThiNmai uNdaakap perin.

Chastity great wealth

In nothing else wife’s worth lies

Indeed is her worth!

When the lady is having unassailable chastity in her, there is nothing else greater to possess in life.                                     (54)

5. தெய்வம் தொழாஅள் கொழுநன் தொழுதுஎழுவாள்

பெய்யெனப் பெய்யும் மழை.

Dheivam thozaaL kozunan thozudhu ezuvaaL

Peyyenap peyyum mazai.

Worships not the God

Wife serves and worships her Lord

It rains on command!

When a housewife serves and worships her husband more than God, will fetch rain at her command.                                             (55)

6. தற்காத்துத் தற்கொண்டான் பேணித் தகைசான்ற

சொல்காத்துச் சோர்விலாள் பெண்.

Tharkaaththuth  tharkoNdaan paeNi thagaisaanra

Sol kaaththuch choarvilaaL peN.

Indeed she is wife

Caring self, spouse and honor

Is chaste all in life!

She indeed is a woman, who serves, saves, and cares for herself, her husband and children indeed can be called a woman.                      (56)

7.    சிறைகாக்கும் காப்புஎவன் செய்யும்? மகளிர்

நிறைகாக்குங் காப்பே தலை.

Siraikaakkum kaappu evan seyyum magaLir

Niraikaakkung kaappae thalai.

Control external

What avail in keeping chaste

Self control eternal!

Chastity is a virtue that is inborn and arises from self discipline; it cannot come by force from external sources.                       (57)

8. பெற்றால் பெறின்பெறுவர் பெண்டிர் பெருஞ்சிறப்புப்

புத்தேளிர் வாழும் உலகு

Petraal perinperuvar peNdir perunchirappup

PuththaeLir vaazum ulaku.

Wife with chastity

Extending all help to spouse

Finds heaven’s glory!

Housewife who takes care of her husband with all her virtues, is sure to get all glories and will have a place in heaven sure.                  (58)

9. புகழ்புரிந்த இல்இலோர்க்கு இல்லை இகழ்வார்முன்

ஏறுபோல் பீடு நடை.

Pugaz purindhail iloarkku illai igazvaarmun

Aeru poal peedunadai.

Spouse with faithless wife

Walks on earth heads down in shame

Suffers hell in life!

The husband who is not blessed with a nice housewife with all virtues, cannot walk with his head erect before those who abuse him.    (59)

10.மங்கலம் என்ப மனைமாட்சி மற்றுஅதன்

நன்கலம் நன்மக்கட்பேறு.

Manggalam enba manaimaatchi matruadhan

Nankalam nan makkatpaeru.

Noble wife adorns

The family with children

Keep them all atop!

Greatness of a family lies in the grace of an ideal housewife who takes care of home and keeps her off springs at the top.                         (60)










Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar

Chapter Four

அதிகாரம் 4


அறன் வலியுறுத்தல்

1சிறப்புஈனும்,செல்வமும் ஈனும், அறத்தின் ஊஉங்கு

ஆக்கம் எவனோ உயிர்க்கு

Sirappueenum, selvamum eenum, araththin uuungu

Aakkam evano uyirkku.

What else one requires

Other than heaven and wealth

That virtue provides?

Virtue gives recognition and wealth; hence for the human beings what else other than virtuous deeds are required? Nothing indeed!         (31)

2.அறத்தினூஉங்கு ஆக்கமும் இல்லை; அதனை

மறத்தலின் இல்லை கேடு.

Araththinuungu aakamum illai adhanai

Maraththalin illai kaedu.

None beyond virtue

That sure brings one all glory

One has to pursue!

Nothing else gives greater good than virtuous deeds. Similarly no greater harm can come without good and virtuous deeds and forgetting the same.                  (32)

3,ஒல்லும் வகையான் அறவினை ஓவாதே

செல்லும்வாய் எல்லாம் செயல்.

Ollum vagaiyaan aravinai oavaadhae

Sellum vaay ellaam seyal.

Great virtuous deeds

One has to try for ever

To help the world’s needs!

Virtuous deeds are to be done wherever, whenever, to whomsoever it is possible to extend and thus help the needy in the world.                 (33)

4. மனத்துக்கண் மாசிலன் ஆதல்; அனைத்துஅறன்

   ஆகுல நீர பிற.

ManaththukkaN maasilan aadhal anaiththu aran

Aakula neera pira.

A blemish less mind

Pillar of life virtuous

The rest useless kind!

One must have a blemish less mind; that indeed is a virtue. All actions without a blemish less heart can only be a hollow sound.                 (34)

5. அழுக்காறு அவாவெகுளி இன்னாச்சொல் நான்கும்

இழுக்கா இயன்றது அறம்.

Azukkaaru  avaa vekuLi innaacchol naangum

Izukkaa iyanradhu aram.

Virtue is an act

Sans envy, greed, wrath, harsh words

Sure is noble tract!

Virtuous life is the one where there is no envy, desires, anger and harsh/abusive words.                                                 (35)

6. அன்றுஅறிவாம் என்னாது அறஞ்செய்க! மற்று அது

பொன்றும்கால் பொன்றாத் துணை.

Anru arivaam ennaadhu aram seyka! Matru adhu

Ponrumkaal ponraath thuNai.

Wait not till old age

To perform deeds of virtue

That will help as sage!

Virtuous deeds are to be done from the young age without postponing to the later years of life. That in fact will stand in good stead at the moment of our exit from this world.                                     (36)

7. அறத்தாறு இதுஎன வேண்டா சிவிகை

பொறுத்தானோடு ஊர்ந்தான் இடை.

Araththaaru idhu ena vENdaa civigai

Poruththaanoadu uurndhaan idai.

Virtue makes one great

He sits in the palanquin

The rest carry neat!

Virtuous life has its own rewards. One need not assess ones deeds by the fact that one sits inside the palanquin and the other is carrying him on his shoulders.                                 (37)

8. வீழ்நாள் படாஅமை நன்றுஆற்றின் அஃதொருவன்

வாழ்நாள் வழியடைக்கும் கல்.

VeeznaaL padaamai nanru aatrin ahudhoruvan

VaaznaaL vaziyadaikkum kal.

Doing good all days

Keep as a goal for ever

Free the soul – it pays!

There should not be any let up in doing the virtuous deeds; and indeed that will stand as a guard over avoiding rebirth on this earth.                  (38)

9. அறத்தான் வருவதே இன்பம் மற்றுஎல்லாம்

புறத்த புகழும் இல.

Araththaan varuvadhae inbam matru ellaam

Puraththa pugazum ila.

Noble deeds bring joy

That is pure and last ever

Ignoble brings shame!

Real happiness is that arises out of noble and virtuous deeds. Other happiness though seems to be will lead to sorrow; the glory of the past will also be gone.                                           (39)

10. செயற்பாலது ஓரும் அறனே ஒருவற்கு

உயற்பால தோரும் பழி.

Seyarpaaladhu oarum aranae oruvarkku

Uyarpaala thoarum pazi.

Deeds of virtue – goal

That brings you peace and glory

Vice indeed a mole!

Worth doing in life is leading a life of noble and virtuous deeds that will bring peace and glory; otherwise the life is not only a waste but also a shame.           (40)


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