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Shri N. Jaganathan who is in charge of PR and Publicity wing of my beloved organization SEVALAYA (seen above) about which I have posted a poem on 3rd August 2016 and a Sunday story under the title TEMPLE OF SERVICE (SEVALAYA) on 7th August 2016 in this Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS.
Mr. Jagannathan has become so fond of ENVIUS THOUGHTS that he not only regularly views them but also makes his comments often. I am sure they are quite interesting and hence they form this week’s SUNDAY story; I am confident that you will enjoy them.
Part V was posted on 26th May 2019. Here is Part VI for the delightful reading of my esteemed readers.



, your to-day’s post is informative, illustrative and inspiring. All are new information (to me). Once again thank you for your consistent contributions in dissemination of facts, many of which people seldom know.


Sir, this is another great saint-preceptor-philosopher you have given and made your many viewers know. Thank you Sir. From your blog, I could understand that the saint was a positive philosopher served people. We are reminded Anusuyadevi, lived with our Rama Sita Devi, who had direct blessings of our Matha. She had the great honour of listening when Sita Devi described her marriage. This great privilege Anusuyadevi had, our epic Ramayana says. How great! So also Anusuyadevi of Bapatla, an holy pilgrimage place. What more can we say! We are blessed to be born in such a great land, Bharath.


Adi Shankara was a beacon light to the society, for, he extricated ignorant from the muddle during 8th century. The masterpiece to his contributions was his great exegeses to our tenets and rituals through Mimamsa. It used to be said in our tharpanas that we owe our ancestors. It is great saints like Adi Shankara, who showed the meaningful path of life to generations. Yes, generations owe him.


Let us love and live in each other’s heart as long as we live. Thank you for a beautiful post.


Saradha Peetam was adorned by great of great in all respects. Of them Shri Chandrasekara Bharathi, served the humanity, by mid 19th century was an incandescent figure among large number of pontiffs. A genius, even an authority in scriptures, tenets. More than a preceptor, the pontiff was also a social scientist, at a time when Mutt heads used to confine with just serving as preceptors. The Nation’s core strength is that she had great, like Chandrasekara Swamiji. We pay our homage. Thanks for giving an opportunity Sir.


Yes Sir, a large number of saints, scholars, persons served and risen to aesthetic order contributed to Saivism. That include Bhakthi literature (Bhakthi ilakkiyam) which serve as inspiring treatise to the followers. I concede it is an information to me, your write up on Kashmiri Saint. We should thank for this rare but important information.


Great Sir for your blog today. Mother Bharath has produced galaxy of great men to serve this great land in all spheres. Frankly, i did not know about the great who has served this great land. The concluding line is an inspiring and true statement. Yes, miracles happen in the lives of such true devotees. Again it is people are the beneficiaries out of such persons’ penance.


I endorse and supplement Einsten’s: “If we don’t act or react on the matters, history will condemn us as abettors of tolerating such inhuman things! We wish and pray that this trend should end.


Dear Sir, All we viewers should thank you for paying a tribute to Kakkan ji, a man, who stood as a striking example for all in public life. Unfortunately, seldom we would have come across in the contemporary persons (politicians). All that you have reminisced in today’s blog are natural things in him. No surprise to any body. Why this is mentioned to recall is to-day we have to search such persons. No doubt, in our midst also, today we have good persons, committed to the causes, sans personal considerations. To-day nation is in dire need to have such great leaders for construction and re-construction of the country in all spheres. One day, He will grant us such a situation!


There is parallel to Vanchinathan’s sacrifice. In our days of freedom movement, which was surcharged by Jalianwalabagh massacre perpetrated by Dyer mercilessly, cruelly, he sacrificed his life after achieving. Nation owes him for his grit, courage, determination and a great sacrifice at the altar of motherland. Even for millennia, his sacrifice to our Mother Bharat will not be forgotten. To-day nation, with its 1.3. billiion people, pay its homage and salute the great. He joins the great patriots Lala Lajapathi Rai. Madanlal Dingra, Veer Savarkar, and many like.


Read the poem of the great Crazy Mohan in Tamil n ur translation in English is great. This is the first time I come to know that Crazy is also a Devotee of Sairam n also a poet. Let him be under the Lotus feet of Sairam for ever.


Yes, it is cruel on the part of a small, illiterate people criminally -by a section of people. The reasons are bigotry attitude, false economic reasons and under-estimation of women force and their contribution to the society. The is gainsaying fact that women contribute to the society and country at large more than their men-counterpart, as is evident from the contemporary history even (Madam Indiraji, for example). More than this, can we deny that daughters are more affectionate to their parents than the indifferent sons, in many a case.
In any case this should be condemned in the strongest possible terms. This should go lock-lock-barrel.


The concluding line, let us green the blue” is an excellent message. The need of the hour too. Ocean occupies major portion in the world. It is a great wealth for all economic activities. For vessels transporting people and serve as a global carrier for goods. Seas have enormous wealth. It is our duty to protect, preserve and use. In our mythology, scriptures, ocean occupies respectable places. Our Yajur Veda declares saying “Samudhrame namadhu bandhu” What more can we say on the greatness of Oceans!


Before admiring the important points on your post to-day, please permit me to express my view: “…let me a blogger, not a …..” I am afraid the latter is not a relevant for the very reason, your lacs of viewers read, enjoy and consume valuable everyday. What you have written is not relevant, except it suits for coining rhyme, Am I right Sir, I have taken liberty to say this due to my genuine respect and regard to you sir. Your wide knowledge acquired by your vast experiences, natural talents, command over language, knowledge in the matters particularly about the nation at large, are great asset for you, blessed by Him, and they are effectively used for lacs of viewers. I think it is a french word, a derivative.

Thus comes to an end this week’s Sunday Story and I am confident that learned Jagannathan’s feed back are always quite interesting and all my esteemed viewers would have enjoyed the same. Till we meet as usual tomorrow GOOD BYE!


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    ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 2,03,000 views.
    I am glad to share with you that with the 135th view at 17.00 hrs yesterday viz Saturday  the Thirteenth  July 2019, total views of the BLOG crossed    TWO LAKHS AND THREE THOUSAND (2,03,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1616th day and 1657th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.











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Shri N. Jaganathan who is in charge of PR and Publicity wing of my beloved organization SEVALAYA (seen above) about which I have posted a poem on 3rd August 2016 and a Sunday story under the title TEMPLE OF SERVICE (SEVALAYA) on 7th August 2016 in this Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS.
Mr. Jagannathan has become so fond of ENVIUS THOUGHTS that he not only regularly views them but also makes his comments often. I am sure they are quite interesting and hence they form this week’s SUNDAY story; I am confident that you will enjoy them.
Part IV was posted on 5th August 2018. Here is Part V for the delightful reading of my esteemed readers.
Yes, the doctrine ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ was founded and practised by our culture. Our country has given this value to the entire world! We will continue to nourish, come what may, regardless of narrow considerations of some segment of people amongst us.
Yes, camera is only an irreplaceable also an indispensable one in the world of communication and its industry at large. It a great gift of Science given by Eastman!

Thank you Sir, for mentioning Sevalaya in the context of advising people having surplus over their requirements. Yes, I have seen in many families, for generations, that a portion or a certain fixed percentage of their income to go to charities, It is even today practiced and followed. You have rightly mentioned Gandhiji’s view on this. Which human aspect remain untouched by Gandhiji. As Indians it is our pride to have born in Gandhi’s land.
I take a legitimate right to express, he it is not only your LIC Colleague’s liked lines and words on your various posts. His views represent majority of viewers’. The reason is simple. All have come out with conviction that is common in all. Kudos to Mr. Venkata Krishna. Thanks.
We Indians are very much eligible to celebrate ‘siblings day’, for the very reason, Institution of family is very well regarded. Siblings are part of the family. More than that it is India gives the world the concept of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” – “universal brotherhood” . (when we say this, it does not mean other parts of the world lack this sentiment, they may have different philosophies).

Oh! Great! How beautifully you have glorified men engaged in such a novel soothsaying method! It is unfortunate that this is seen or observed for amusement. They are not recognised, nor appreciated. At least, on seeing your today’s post, people should watch with seriousness and even contribute.

Sir, to-day’s post is timely. People hold diametrically opposite views on vital matters concerning on the return to organic farming. But it is an undeniable fact that the nutrient character of the precious soil suffers once and for all by the extensive use of synthetic pesticides, genetically engineered seeds, among other reasons. In any case it is not without challenge, to mention a few, cost factor, shortage of seeds, lack of understanding and awareness among farmers. In the midst of all these, awareness on this on the increase in the country, particularly in the Agri-hubs of Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, the states blessed with perennial river water sources. Let us be optimistic. I recall, Nehruji gave a clarion call for “Grow more food campaign” which happened to be a core reason for our to-day’s achieving self-sufficiency. We can’t forget the days of famine!
Oh! bunch of information on Penguin. Many of them, many, may not know. Thanks a lot for your today’s informative post.
Yes it has been our custom in our hoary culture, to perform Celestial Weddings. It is in our great faith and a matter of extreme delight. This apart, many among in our midst legitimately believe that if Their wedding is performed, the impediments of performing marriage to the children will be removed, I was told by a genius-discourser. This was the answer given by persons asking why so much celestial weddings are performed everyday. Anusuyadevi heard describing the wedding of Sitamahalakshmi, by herself. This is also interpreted as Thirukkalyanam. How blessed Anusuyadevi.
May I supplement what I remember to have read some decades back? Sir Walter Scott, in his famous poem (a sonnet) “Patriotism” chides, rebukes by saying those do not have the sense of pride of his own land, will go unnoticed to the vile of dust unwept, unhonoured and unsung, however he possessed limitless wealth, power and pelf. Our Bharathi had triggered patriotic spirit in his great poems. Every citizen of every land should learn this and have uncompromising patriotism to his own land.
Oh, what a great achievement! What to say, several factors would have contributed to this. Your half-century plus experiences, your non stop reading, your serving in a leading public sector undertaking, your friendly viewers across globe and others, and above all Her unlimited grace, among other attributes. You have been contributing every day on valuable topics, many are new to the intended viewers, with a sense of seriousness and missionary zeal. I am afraid, I am less competent to praise you, I concede. I am only a beneficiary. To sum up, I repeat, contents are big and so the container and vice versa. Looking forward to your valuable postings!

A new and useful one to-day. Humours apart, it is necessary all should choose to walk in every opportunity, and benefit. Abundant availability of facilities has made man lazy at the cost of his own health soundness. Your ‘confession’ that you also provided transports to your children, lest they undergo physical strain, – is an interesting ‘confession’. Besides exclusive walking as a habit in the morning hours, everyone should walk, try public transports and save money and protect health, I think. Though I also err on this, I follow this procedure whenever possible (subject to time constraint).
Dear Sir, With my poor knowledge and vocabulary, I was under the impression that the meaning for ‘goof’ is fool or foolish. But your today’s blog interprets differently. On the one hand I should thank you and request you on the other hand whether my understanding is right or needs to be changed. My acknowledgement/reaction today is different than the rest Sir.
Holy festival bears several significance. It is a harbinger of beginning of Spring, destruction of evil for ever, i.e. celebration of victory over evil demons, and many more. It has cultural significance too. In western parts of India, on the streets, young boys and girls make human pyramids to reach a pot on the high place and “steal”. This is to reminiscent krishna’s playful deeds and to say if Krishna steals butter, it wipes out human sins. This was the mythological significance of ‘butter stealing’. All these are demonstrated on this day, in western parts of India. I think this is what I have heard.
Oh! this is a converse one to yesterday’s. This is more convincing in terms of the contents. But eerything is due to His grace.
Dear Sir, Satyamoorthy was a great patriot, writer, orator par excellent. Kamaraj and all the national leaders had very high respects for his contributions in the freedom struggle. I had occasion to associate with his daughter Lakshmi Krishnamoorthy, who was also a good orator and patriot. When I used to visit her and her husband (Indian Express), she used to narrate and recall Satyamoorthy’s remarkable talents, memory, and unparalleled public speaking, which was essential during freedom struggle. He was fondly called by his admirers “Silver-tongued-Satyamoorthy”
Sir, it is altogether a new subject you have chosen today. In my understanding, ‘multiple personality’ and split personality are synonyms. While psychiatrists analyse the cause, many have opined that it is attributed to Childhood trauma, one underwent. Often symptoms used to be such persons may have inflated ego in everything to the detriment of cordial association with others.

This much is for this Sunday Story. We shall continue as usual tomorrow. Till then GOOD BYE!


N V Subbaraman presenting his Tamil poem in the POETS MEET organized by KAVI OVIYA on 25th May when he was honored with the Award “NEYACH CHUDAROLI”




Blogger with the latest Bharathi award

THANK YOU VERY mUCH  MY DEAR and ESTEEMED VIEWERS for being vocal in appreciating a or suggesting, criticising or praising my posts in this Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS

Here we have some as samples from my respected and esteemed viewers.

Great Information about world malaria day. Keep posting
We are at Healing Touristry an ISO Certified 9001:2015 Indian healthcare service provider that offers medical treatment to foreign nationals, seeking affordable and safe medical tourism facilities… Click here https://www.healingtouristry.com/
Sunith commented on HOLY SATURDAY IS TODAY!

What a happy world is this for the religious minded to enjoy? God has created the world and given me ideas to be at peace And …

Great feat Sir


Sunith commented on TO DAY IS TAMIL NEW YEAR DAY!

One of the oldest and ancient languages with a hoary culture and leading civilization -TAMIL-THE TAMILS- observe their NEW YEAR …

Happy New Year



One of my cousin brothers, working as an officer in the Defense Engineering Services  in Pune, Bombay  and other places was a …

Great post on Swamiji, Sir!


Leannecommented on March 22nd. National Goof Off Day

Is it a funny day? No it is a serious day to think of and follow We work , work, work and get tired-tired to the …

Appreciating the time and effort you put into your blog
and in depth information you offer. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a
while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed information. Excellent read!
I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.


G.Krishna Prasad commented on March 16th. Everything You Do is Right Day

Right or wrong depends on the time, persons and the objectives A thief using a knife and a Surgeon using the …

Even the most depraved persons amongst us may have lurking in their minds a bit of conscience which may guide their actions to say confidently ‘what I have done is right’. Observance of days like the 16h March may bring out such redeeming qualities in most of us.


12th March PLANT A FLOWER DAY – Envius Thoughts commented on      HAIKU ON “SUNSHINE”!

1          Sunshine   brings us light             Lest the world gropes in darkness             Nature makes life …



12th March PLANT A FLOWER DAY – Envius Thoughts commented on WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DAY (26/4/16)

Days unknown to commoner are many-this day is one World Intellectual Property Day is today-won The hearts of the …



12th March PLANT A FLOWER DAY – Envius Thoughts commented on TALE OF A BLOGGER 28

Time and tide waits for none! Yet another Sunday Story – TALE 28! Tale 27 appeared as a Non-Sunday story on 19th …

[…] TALE OF A BLOGGER 28 […]



A great soul he was- my beloved father- a school master till his sixty Sweetly Loved, regularly respected, rigorously regarded …

A leader begets another leader, and the great soul has been bequeathed by another great soul.
May he rest on the heavenly abode.


G.Krishna Prasad commented on PANIC DAY!

Oh! My God why should I panic when I believe  in you! You are my creator and protector and there is no place And need to …

One must have a nerve of steel not to fall a prey to this syndrome. While fear is a natural and essential defense mechanism, panic can be averted only by faith-faith in God to take care of forces over which we have no control.


H.K. Chaudhary commented on TAGORE IN TAMIL Poem 30

POEM 30 IN THE SILENT DARK! I came out alone on my way to my tryst. But who is this that follows me in the silent …

Excellent piece of quintessential Tagore. No one can approach the exalted precincts of God with the shadow of ego. Thanks Sir for giving us a peek into sublime poetry


you should hire me letter commented on 28th February-Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti

Our HOLY MOTHERLAND India that is Bharath is a blessed land Whose many children are Saints and Seers, Scientists and writers …

This piece of writing is in fact a good one
it assists new internet visitors, who are wishing in favor of blogging


MVS Narayanana ommented on UNIQUE NELLORE

STPM GOVERNMENT IASE B Ed COLLEGE NELLORE-Photo Perugu Ramakrishna My literary bonds are getting stronger of late with great …

I think that everything published made a lot of sense. However, what about this?
what if you wrote a catchier post title? I am not saying your content is not
solid, however suppose you added something that makes people want
more? I mean UNIQUE NELLORE – Envius Thoughts is a little plain. You should glance at Yahoo’s home page and note how they create
news titles to get people to click. You might try adding a video or a picture
or two to get readers excited about everything’ve written. In my opinion, it could bring your
posts a little bit more interesting. https://bahastopikgosip2.blogspot.com/2018/09/kakak-syahrini-lakukan-hal-tak-biasa.html



DEV BHARADWAJ of Chandigarh India that is Bharath my motherland indeed is a holy land that has produced men of great …

Great Ayya.


Nageswararao.abbavaram@gmail.com commented on VALENTINE’S DAY 14th February.

Days and days are there all over the world- important days Very important days, very very important days Religiously, …

Vulgarity has become order of the day…..without knowing the sanctity of ST.VALANTINE.
Thanks for giving knowledge.



Days and days are there all over the world- important days Very important days, very very important days Religiously, …

“Lo! Such a holy day has become a day of vulgarity
Boys and girls in mid twenty and thirty roam about
On the roads behaving indecently much to the chagrin
Of elders great, good and noble! The practice to be condemned!”
Rightly said Sir!


SGV Krishna Murthy commented on POETS WITH /ON FLAMINGOS!

Of the million creations of the Almighty-Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent – Flamingo is one nice and beautiful bird! …

Sir! Namate! Thank you for the beautiful account of FLEMINGO Poetry festival.




Young adults using their smartphones individually at a party Yes; I am able to see your shock and surprise at the heading of …

à quelle période ont été introduits ces mots et quelle est leur origine ?



India our great Motherland deems Music and Dance as Divine and means to purify the selves and the society. Throughout the year …

“our various forms of music and dance are indeed Divine and a great boon to humanity. Let us enjoy the season’s music and dance wherever we are .” WELL SAID SIR!!!



“UZHAVAR THIRU NAAL”-Farmers’ Day is today the seventeenth January To think and be grateful to the great FARMERS who feed the …

TRUE SIR! “If the farmers refuse to work and keep quiet, even the saints and sages cannot continue with their prayers and penance.”

But it is unfortunate that the farmer is not getting his due share in the crop he produces. Only the middlemen are making money out of his toil.

It is a pity that still he is the victim of vagaries of nature particularly the rain God Varun…. ativrishti and annavrishti.

The week passsed by witnessed my getting  Bharathi Award in an impressive function. Enjoy two pictures:

Thus comes to an end this week’s SUNDAY STORY. Till we meet tomorrow MAY GOD BE WITH YOU!

Blogger with the organizer of Bharathi Award Madam Gnani

Photoed by S.Nivetha.

Blogger presenting his paper on “திருக்குறளில் தனி மனித ஆளுமைப் பண்புகள்” in the Thirukkural Conference  in Valluvar Kottam , Chennai on 4th May.


This Sunday Story brings out the views of our known viewers for long in a simple and comprehensive manner, which I am sure will be interesting to all our readers::

1.Venkata Krishna Good morning sir
Let us live in faith, hope and confidence=panic never helps!

  1. Vijayakumar ChelliahReligious tolerance is a virtue.We want a Prime Minister, who open his mouth against religious intolerance.

3.OKR SIvagnanam: Happy to note that Nellore has become another destination for you to prove your mettle as a guest of honour while delivering your address on the Mother Language Day!
Happy to note your dealing at length fittingly of Tamil as a classical and ancient language!

Your reference to the poem by Mahakavi Bharathi, who failed not to pay encomiums on Kambar, Elango, and Valluvar was befitting to the occasion in view of their stellar contribution to Tamil language!

Evolution of language is nothing but evolution of mankind in the proper expression of culture and traditions we were home to!

It may not be out of place to remind ourselves of the need to have the mother tongue as the medium of instruction at least up to the school level to attain perfect understanding!

This is however not to underestimate the role of English as the true connector of world people!

A language is a language, and no one language is inferior to the other, which calls for a full stop to indifferences, if any, we may entertain!

4.Venkata Krishna: May the world enjoy peace and prosperity sans violence and vendetta!

5.Ramamurthy Thupakula: Nice of you sir for reminding C V Raman effect day. The importance of having scientific temper in our daily life is to make the educated really educated. Still I am fascinated by Phillips companies motto let us make our lives better.

6.KVVS Prasad: ational Science Day is to make the people develop every activity
With great dedication and idea to perform well for our better future
This day marks the discovery of the Raman effect ninety one years ago

Thank you sir for the information.

We are also under a different Raman effect for a quarter century Sir !!!

  1. OKR Sivanganam: He’s none other than Dr.NVS Sir!.

8.Gurunathan TK: Top of Form

  • rA befitting occasion for SIR C V RAMAN A great scientist from Tamilnadu


  1. OKR Sivanganam:

National Science Day – a nice day being observed befitting to the great physicist Sir C V Raman who was associated with the popular RAMAN EFFECT!

Contribution of Science to the humanity is immense, resulting in improvement after improvement in the daily lives of people!

Scientific temper must be inculcated in children right from their early stage on so that they can involve themselves in introducing newer concepts in launching new inventions that’s useful to people in their daily life!

A nation cannot be static and its growth and development needs to be a continuous one that it can keep its head high among the comity of nations across the globe!
The role of Science and Technology is an essential aspect in taking the history of a nation to newer heights, and raising the standard of living of its people gradually!

More of our inventions can only be the greatest tribute that we can offer to the physicist on this National Science Day!

  1. Venkata Krishna: Good morning sir
    Knowledge and education must make one humble

11.Ramamurthy Thupakula: Nice of you for thoughts to cherish.


  1. Ramamurthy Thupakula: The real significance of Valentine’s day conveyed to young. Nice of you Sir.
  2. Chandrasekara Reddy: “Lo! Such a holy day has become a day of vulgarity
    Boys and girls in mid twenty and thirty roam about
    On the roads behaving indecently much to the chagrin
    Of elders great, good and noble! The practice to be condemned!”
    Rightly said Sir!

14:K. Boopathy: I love my wife

15.Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Nice messagesir

16.KVVS Prasad:

INDIA -my holy Motherland is the home of great women poets
Thirteenth February today is a great day in the poetry world
Birthday of India’s freedom fighter and poet Sarojini Naidu
In Eighteen Hundred Seventy Nine-National Women Day -kudos!

Great day. Sir! Great to remember Sarojini Naidu and her patriotism.

  1. Ramamurthy Thupakula: Welcome Darwin Day. He revolutionized the way we think in understanding the world we are in. Man evolved to this stage by his thinking and analytical brain than other species. Nice of you Sir for presenting a beautiful picture and poem.
  2. Aravamudan Srinivasan:
  • By February end u will cross 2 lakhs! Gd night sir!

19: Lalitha Sapre:  Congrats sir

  1. Bhagyanath Ezuvath: Very good going, Sir. Congratulations.


  1. Krishnanandam G V:

Top of Form

  • Congratulations,sir,👏

22.Ansuya Devi:.

  • Bottom of Form

Congratulations, sir.

  1. Aravamudan Srinivasan: By February end u will cross 2 lakhs! Gd night sir!

24.Lalitha Bai Sapare: Congrats sir

25   V M Muthu  My Hearty Congratulations& Felicitations for your hard Endeavours,.

26.Sreenivasulu Manchikanti: Congratulations sir

27.Krishnaswamy Krishna Congratulations

28.Gargee Goswami:Congratulations.

  1. Ramamurthy Thupakula:  Let all the humanity try its best for the eradication of cancer. Thanks sir for timely message.
  2. Venkata Krishna. Good morning sir
    Gently looks for food majestically with its eyes
    In deep water, takes food like forest hen nice!
  3. Oh! My God why should I panic when I believe  in you! You are my creator and protector and there is no place And need to …

    One must have a nerve of steel not to fall a prey to this syndrome.While fear is a natural and essential defense mechanism, panic can be averted only by faith-faith in God to take care of forces over which we have no control.

    Thus comes to an end this weeks Sunday Story and we shall meet as usual tomorrow. Till then GOOD BYE!








Normally no-but as a special case, I asked -here is the hero of the day whose views on ENVIUS THOUGHTS I am presenting to my esteemed viewers!
I am M.Ravindranath Reddy, born on 18.11.1964, a regular follower of the blog. I am presently working as Administrative officer in CRM department in Kadapa Divisional Office of mighty Organization LIC of India.

I have worked in various capacities in Kadapa Division From Sep, 1984 to Oct, 2001 and presently since June,2012. In between Oct, 2001 and June, 2012, I worked in Audit(Hyderabad), Wanaparthy, NagarKurnool and Ballary. I joined the corporation with Intermediate qualification. Subsequently, I completed my post graduation in `Public Administration’ and I am an Associate of Insurance Institute of India.

Good morning Sir. I am really in a pleasant surprise. I never thought that my responses will be one of your posts, because of my normal English. Really it’s an honor for me. I am blessed and overjoyed. When I viewed my responses in this post, I was thinking whether all this was written by me. I want to write so much but unable to express my feelings. Wishing you a sumptuous Sunday Sir

Congratulations Sir. Tremendous pace. Just 4 posts. Wishing to cross 158000 with 1290th post.

Good morning Sir. We had a nice read about South African anti apartheid revolutionary, philanthropist and political leader Nelson Mandela. It is very apt to remember him on his birth day, born exactly 100 years ago. His quotes are very popular throughout the world. “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head if you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart”.

Good morning Sir. Today’s post has taken me back to my childhood movie watching days. In some old Telugu movies, people are shown going to Burma for livelihood and the hero is hailed as returned from Rangoon, the earlier Capital. In fact there is a movie titled” Rangoon Rowdy”. If my memory goes right, Burma is famous for its rubber industry.

Good morning Sir. Please check 10 th line of 1st para. For will it is typed as ill. Please correct it. I will be back Sir. Going for a walk with my wife.

Sir, Had a nice read. Happy to hear that your mother tongue is ‘ Telugu’ and also you are graduated in mathematics. I too have flair for Mathematics(Arithmetic). ” I know no God ….

Be kind, be friendly”.
All this shows your true self. You are a perfect humanist. I too believe in humanism. No God for me. Whether you like it or not, I am an atheist. I want to share with you. Long back (30 yrs back) some homam was performed in Kadapa. Everybody gave donations . After this incident during that time only, floods created havoc in Kavali. Donations are raised by our union. Most were reluctant to donate citing one reason or other. For homam — readily came forward, For helping—– reluctant. After going through the post, I say that you are everything- a poet, a humanist, a mathematician. You are in a single word
” what not”. I will not further bore you. .

Good morning Sir. Congratulations on a mention about your blog-post on 06.07.18,health is wealth by EricMWalk. We LICians will treasure you as our wealth.
Good morning Sir. Today is 28 th and not 29 th. Please change today as tomorrow
Sir, finished walking etc. By seeing the post,I recollected story on tigers by Jim Corbett- British author. In the beginning, he hunted large number of man-eating tigers in India. He wrote many books recollecting his hunts & experiences. Later in life he spoke out for the need to protect India’s wildlife and was instrumental in creating National reserve park for the endangered Bengal tiger, named Jim Corbett National Park in his honor.

Congratulations Sir . The paper cuttings posted now and then are not clear Sir. We could read the information with some difficulty. Congratulations once again Sir on going to receive the award at the hands of Union minister


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Good morning Sir. Thank you for making me know about the great festival of Nagaland. Unlike most of the festivals where roads and streets are made garbage after the festivals, this festival is committed towards cleaning; repairing and clearing .A leaf might have been taken from this festival towards Swatch Bharat

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Good morning Sir. What a ghastly day! Hiroshima was chosen as a target because of its military importance.
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Good morning Sir. Best wishes to this great senior citizen who teaches and makes us know many things. When someone asks me whether my parents are with me, I proudly say that I am with them. My wife is not a daughter-in-law, she is a daughter to them. She takes Care of them better than me. Sorry Sir, I could not resist praising my wife even at slightest opportunity.
Good morning Sir. Today somehow you have sent wrong link. In press, ‘p’ is replaced by symbol ‘[‘. Hence site could not be reached. Viewed today’s post through link sent by you yesterday. I am resending the WhatsApp message for your ready reference.

Good morning Sir. Youth is the biggest asset of any country. It is for any country to utilize this asset in a proper way.

Yes Sir, the team would have been a formidable one. The other way round, who knows we might not have seen Gavaskar, Miandad, Sachin

Good morning Sir. True, Mahatma Gandhiji has shown the world the power of truth and non violence.
Good morning Sir. Congratulations Sir on crossing 165000 views. My eldest son Rohan was born on this Parsi newyear day

Good morning sir. Yes Sir, We are struggling. They got immune to all. How to overcome the mosquito menace?

Good morning sir. Had a nice read. People in Namakkal are lucky enough to experience this day.
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Good morning sir. Had a nice read. You are never a toothless person. Just a small aberration for just 1 month- 9 days+21 days. Wishing a perfect denture Sir and sumptuous Sunday

Good morning sir. Our tributes to the great legend Dhyan chand. There is no better person to get this honor.
Sir, correction in first line. Hocky to Hockey.
Good morning sir. Passionate people like you made LIC more purposeful. Wishing you sir happy LIC formation day and great weekend

Good morning sir. Wishing you happy Krishnashtami. Please check Sir. The post is repeated twice.{(total 3 posts).

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Born on 17 th. Thank you once again Sir. It is time to wish my wife. Presently out of station( Hyderabad).

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ood morning sir. It’s nice to know that a day is earmarked for Animals. Those people leading a stressful life should have these pet animals as they are the real stress busters

Good morning sir. Definitely we will Pay our respects. One is in my home, my father, a retired lecturer.
Good morning sir. No surprise that you are the only person to present poems in 3 languages. You have presented the translation/ transliteration of ” Geyaniki Rekkalu” in English/ Tamil .It would have been better had the original in Telugu is also posted. Please check Sir, the entire post is repeated (duplication).
Good morning sir. Wastage of food is nothing but snatching of food of others. This is more in marriages, unnecessary parties, dinners etc. I read somewhere that in China for any functions/ meetings there shouldn’t be gathering of more than 100.Me on my part avoid parties arranged for no genuine reason.
Good morning sir. Great reminisces of 58 yrs back. Wishing you Sir a wonderful Wednesday

Why Sir no post till now

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Good morning sir. Nice post Sir. I like people who have financial discipline and also encourage people to have financial discipline.
May we expect a second post today on the inauguration is Statue of Unity.
I can comment(in a negative sense) only on spelling mistakes but not on content. For that matter you will not give any scope to comment.
Really Sir, it is a very nice post. It has everything on Unity. It is not at all a matter for you even it is an urgent presentation.
Sorry Sir, I have stolen my office time. I couldn’t resist.

Good morning Sir. Had a nice read. Small correction sir. Not in content.
“Vegans, f it is eel issue of ethics and health.”
eel missing from feel .Get eel after f and remove eel after it is.
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Good morning sir. Yes Sir it will be very demanding on mind to blog day in and day out. Your passion should not affect your health.
Please check the figures posted (days/posts). Discrepancies observed. Starting line- 1400 th post on 1279 th day on 4.11.18.But it is shown as 1298 th day on 19.9.18. Also in the links sent by you, discrepancies observed. Being sent as screen shots. Please check. After all I am your ardent fan though I am a novice in literature

10.11.1 8
Good morning sir.
At least on this day we should follow with real and true spirit.
11. 11.18
Good morning sir. While going through the post, I was thinking that I had a point to inform you but you have not given me a chance to do so as it
It has appeared under point no.6.Yes sir, I am talking about play grounds in schools which have now become a rarity.
I take pride and feel my profession as very Noble. Yogakshemam Vahamyaham.
Good morning sir. Now a days, kindness is fast disappearing. To some extent, technology is killing our inner qualities. Addicted to smart phones! When some untoward incident occurs, instead of taking a rescue act, many people are engrossed in taking videos of the incident.
In this context, whether apt or not,I would like to share the Kevin Carter incident.
Carter shot in Sudan a photograph of a little girl starved and hunger stuck lying on ground while a vulture lurked on the nearby ground. A few minutes later he left the place. The photograph won Pulitzer prize. When he was basking in glory someone commented that there was another vulture at that place, that is Carter himself as he hasn’t cared about the girl. Carter could not withstand his act and committed suicide at young age of 33 in 1994.

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The Blogger in his Kadapa LIC office cabin where Mr. Ravindranath was a colleague.



Image result for Images of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS

Born on twenty fifth February two thousand fifteen-
Time flies faster than the wind!!!-astonishingly keen!

These days memorable seen one thousand three hundred
And sixty two posts earning more than lakh and seventy
Four thousand views- and friends known and unknown, seen and
Unseen, heard and unheard from countries near and far!

Brought a place in the Asia Pacific Records
Promo from National Book of Records- paving road
For global recognition- Viewers’ Views and Visitors’
Views in plenty-inspiring me to continue for ever!

Wonderful WORD PRESS- marvelous statistics, scheduling
All boons for one who yearns for the same ever thinking
Brain power provided by the Goddess of Learning
Physical and mental strength-sans a day’s break posting!
What all I need is the tonic-tonic of views increasing
Day by day -as the days go bye -higher peak scaling! –


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Today it is 12-8-18 carrying the Part 19 of the Viewers View on Envius Thoughts!
On this day here is the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivaganam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India, which I proudly served for four decades and more.
Shri Sivagnanam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sharing with a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy. Here we have covered his Reviews in from 1st June to 31st 31st July 2018..
An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.
Part 18 covered up to 30th April 18. Here this Part 19 covers up to 31st July 2018
A nice read is your post on International Day of Friendship!
Opinions differ, we’re told!
The friction that develops as a result does harm to the otherwise smooth- going relationship!
We lose the opportunity of finding mental solace in desperate occasions in a state of strained relationship!
The evil of inflated ego renders the atmosphere grim and tough to deal with!
And it’s the right mental make-up in action that avoids this situation and helps in keeping the bond created the hard way in tact!
The arm of friendship that extends to entertain and accommodate differences helps in easing the situation for the better!
If friendship as between two intimate individuals cannot be maintained without hiccups, what will be the fate of friendly ties between two neighbourhood countries that’s very much essential for perennial peace and economic co-operation leading to mutual development, not to speak of peace pacts across the globe?
“To love and be loved”, is the singular and best win-win option we’re fortunately credited with to shake even the mountains and come out victorious unharmed!
Happy International Day of Friendship!
Your post yesterday on International Tiger Day today is a nice read!
Tiger is our national animal and stands for magnificence, courage and ferocity!
The fact that wild animals like tigers depend on herbivores for their survival is a pointer to the restriction on grasslands being overgrazed, thus resulting in ecosystem being well maintained!
The fact that tiger population is dwindling by the day is a pointer to the loss of their habitat due to poaching for man’s material gains!
This is not to discount its gradual extinction due to climate conditions too!
The fact that India is home to the largest tiger-population places a higher responsibility on our part to conserve the species from extinction!

A nice post on Buddha/Guru Poornima Day!
Teachers are a great pride of our society, and this day we remember those selfless souls who are actively moulding the people through their wise teachings!
That’s what the great gurus like Vyasa, the author of great epic Mahabharata and Goutama Buddha the renouncer of all his worldly pleasures, did to impart values in life!
Of importance is the role of teachers to the students in equipping them with necessary guidelines that help to navigate through the challenging phases of life later!
Rightly they are an inspiration to future leaders in the making!
And it’s incumbent on us to revere and accept them as indispensable part of our life!

A nice post on Subramania Siva Day!
The British atrocities were to the core, and our freedom fighters had to suffer a lot before we got our independence!
In the long list that targeted also included Subramania Siva who had to walk home because he was not allowed to travel in the train due to leprosy he was afflicted with while being a prisoner!
And the greatness of our leaders lies in their courage and determination in challenging the ways of the British who were out to scuttle the efforts of selfless souls in all possible ways!

Steadfastness marked every move of their mission called the freedom movement, and no stone remained unturned in their serious pursuit for the singular cause of the freedom-starved people of our nation!
Glory of saints nicely brought out!
Saints, including Thiruvalluvar, live to eternity the way their words of wisdom continue to influence us positively, transcending all barriers!
The impact they create on the society is powerful enough to shape it rightly and guide through all the challenges posed to it!
The influence with which the wisdom words come out of the heart and soul of the saints is enormous and forceful that they cannot go irrelevant at any point of time!
The truth that their wise sayings hit the nail on the head is total and beyond questionable on one pretext or the other!
The couplets by Thiruvalluvar are so crisp and to the point that interpretations by others fail to reflect to its exactitude!
Glory to the saints and their stellar contribution to the humanity!

A nice Online Interview as Sunday Story from you this week!
The inputs provided herein are highlights on your consistent literary activities especially through your famous blog, of course, apart from your books, original and translated, including!
Reference to Thirukkural is the crown that beautifies the story splendidly, for this great work of Thiruvalluvar has got universal application through its verses!
You’ve nicely brought out the importance of translation in bridging the gap reportedly created due to regionalism!
Youth power essentially of this era is determinant of what future is going to be like!
And literature of various nations, when translated in common language will provide the right setting in this respect!
You’ve shown how inspiration works better in one’s life journey, with the triumvirate Thiruvalluvar, Bharathiyar, and Mahatma Gandhi, accompanying and guiding your way of life and living!
And your call to the youngsters to read and read is a nice message worth broader sharing!
Wishing you a happy Sunday!

Burmese Martyrs Day – 19th July – a revelation of the historic incident to the readers!
We have anti-nationals everywhere to disrupt peace among the people!
The selfish motive of a few individuals makes humanity pay a heavy price, resulting in untold miseries to the legitimate rulers and the common citizens!
Sometimes motives may be just right, in that lies the responsibility of the people in power to address appropriately and provide the remedy needed!
Even then, the approach of the fighters for their cause needs to be cautious and peaceful, in the larger interest of all concerned!
Nice quotes by Mandela for refreshing us on his day!
Thoughts of great souls like those of Nelson Mandela are for the humanity to survive in an atmosphere of peace and brotherhood!
Leading life without losing dignity is a fundamental right of one and all!
Anyone who’s out to deny this to others can feel the pinch only when they encounter with such an eventuality in life!
Children to become responsible should be treated by the elders the way they should be, lest we have to repent later for not doing justice to the young minds!
Freedom air we must get to breathe, and in its absence, our tied hands will falter, and fail to better the lives!
His quote, ” It always seem impossible until it’s done “, can drive everyone of us to give in our best in whatever we attempt at, and to succeed in the end!
And his call to ‘ brave ‘ fear and act courageously will provide the force required to attain the set goals!
A happy day to remember his nice ideas for betterment of society!
It’s great of your efforts behind your THOUGHTS reaching the view-score of 157000 yesterday!
Voice of Valluvar- a nice come – back through your ENVIUS THOUGHTS!
We’re just instruments in the hands of God, and what we’re doing is just execution of HIS commandments, exactly the way he directs!
We cannot transgress the path shown by HIM!
Rather we are mesmerized into doing as dictated by HIM – however hard we may try, it’s not within our reach to change course- it’s just like an involuntary task!
HE is our true companion throughout our journey on this earth, and let us heartily welcome what’s dealt with by HIM!
Learn to accept and lead life peacefully!
Yet another beautiful poem by Tagore, followed by your nice comments and translation!
The doors of the Almighty are ever open to all!
Rather we’re unwilling and hesitant to let HIS compassion fall on us!
Closed are our ears that never let us hear the merciful words of the Lord, chanting nonstop for the humanity!
Closed are our eyes that never perceive and imagine the benevolence that’s reserved in HIM for our benefit!
Our feelings and emotions are numb as not to feel the the God’s real concern for all of HIS creations on Earth!
Let us all wake up from the ‘ pretending ‘ stupor, and accept the helping hand of the Almighty, for our own sake!
What a nice poem from Gitanjali by Tagore, and your views and translation!
Time and tide wait for none, and we must do right what we must, and at the opportune time, not to worry later!
What’s ordained is bound to happen irrespective of what we imagined or liked!
For, crying over spilt milk is of no avail!
Our responsibility is to give our best in whatever we do, and needless it’s to entertain anxiety or curiosity as to the results that follow!
Nature’s way is unique, and our wisdom lies in dancing appropriately to its set tunes, with sufficient care not to deviating to satisfy our whims and fancies!
Life’s a combination of good and bad, and we must adapt to the situations with the hope that everything will pass to make us feel ever at ease!
After darkness comes light, it’s for sure, and what’s expected of us is our patience which alone can provide the driving force to move ahead with total confidence!
This we must continue till we inevitably become one like the ‘faded faulty flower’, so that our purpose of life will get served to the commandment of NATURE, that’s nothing but the ALMIGHTY GOD , residing with us!

Okr Sivagnanam
8 July ·
A nice Sunday Story!
A nice press coverage of your Envius Thoughts!
Appreciation through the print media – seen in black and white – is indeed an inspiration for the best to follow!
And you’ll justify it by proving your mettle as is your wont – no doubt about it!
And what else can be more encouraging than such reports reaching tens of thousands of readers at their doorsteps!
Arise and achieve!
A nice post on American Independence Day
( July 4th )!
America, a pioneer among the democracies in the world!
Like us, America too came out of the clutches of the British Colony, and now breathing an air of freedom!
And showing the world the positive occurences born out of independence!
The unfettered freedom defeats the purpose of earning independence from the autocratic power for the benefit of the Motherland, for too much of anything is a curse!
There’s an increased amount of responsibility to exhibit by a free nation and educate their citizens on the value and limitations of democracy!
America is welcoming one and all wholeheartedly to its fold, and through facilitating fulfilment of their dreams, also get their nation’s agendas met!
One should keep in mind the effectiveness of doing something in an atmosphere of
non-intervention from external sources!
And it’s also incumbent on them not to cross the limits, and exert undue influence on others to the extent freedom is abhorred!
Let there be no country and no people in the midst of Slavery, and peace and prosperity be around for the enjoyment of all!
Stay positive and expect the results to follow to your liking!
Nice of your post on Canada day!
Each country in this world is unique in their own way, and I join with everyone in wishing a happy Canada Day to each one of those living there!
With more people relocating from their own places to countries many, culture of one country is spreading to other nations, with local culture allowed to be remaining in tact at the same time!
This broad-mindedness is at the centre of the economic development of the countries concerned, and also the mutual interaction between nationals of various countries that make everyone at ease in an alien setting!
Nice comments from Mr. Jagan on your nice blog that’s making rounds around the globe with increasing viewership by the day!
As your endnote of this Sunday Story suggests, the stamp of his scholarship is quite evidrnt in all of his valuable views!
My hearty appreciation to Mr. Jagan!
New score – new blood – new inspiration – acceleration and fast pick- up – and new milestones!
A nice post on Insurance Awareness Day!
Our lives are invaluable, and the monetary value we attach may not justify it!
Yet, considering the ‘ uncertainty factor ‘ that goes with a human life, we cannot brush it aside, but in stead, take care to insure it when we’re in perfect health, for our request for insurance will not be considered when our health fails!
This is where the question of ‘awareness’ arises, and more the awareness, the better it’s for us to keep our lives sufficiently insured to take care of the financial needs of dependents in our absence!
It may take some time to reconcile to the sudden loss of the breadwinner of a family, but afterwards everything will have to go as usual, and the wheel of life has to move on as before for the rest of the family members!
This requies financial support that’s well taken care of by INSURANCE!
Hence before it becomes too late, it’s prudent for the eligible ones to go in for sufficient insurance and remain peaceful in the remaining years with the thought of having successfully ensured the comforts of the family unit!
What a nice post on United Nations Public Service Day!
Public Service is a great pillar on which thrives the entire gamut of administration that’s at the back of the welfare of the citizens of the world nations!
Selfless attitude is an integral aspect of public service, playing dominant role in appropriately serving the people’s needs to their satisfaction!
Not allowing corruption to raise its ugly head ensures timely service to the intended, and the recipient goes with a happy mind, appreciating the work done by the people in charge of management of the affairs of a department concerned!
For, appreciation does the true magic of providing value-added service to the approaching customers in future!
It’s the true reward and motivation an employee gets in the course of his employment /profession to further improve upon his performance!
The higher-ups patting the workers then and there for the nice work done by them invariably make for an efficient and smooth administration!
Happy Public Service Day to all those involved in serving the humanity in one way or the other!

A peep into the freedom journey then and there can strenthen our will not to misuse the liberal thoughts against the interest of the nation!
Nice to read your post on International Yoga Day!
We are home to yoga, and it’s a perfect gift to the world!
It’s a much -talked about subject, and to be aware of its benefits, physical and mental, and practicing it regularly will yield the favourable results!
Religious colouring being applied, of late, to yoga seems to be a deterrent for all others to practice it!
Different forms of yoga in vogue cater to the specific needs of the practitioners!
As with other habits we are getting accustomed to, yoga too will become our routine, once we start doing it!
Your post on World Productivity Day is a good read!
Humankind is capable of fantastic performance!
We’re endowed with various talents, and go on increasing the skill-sets necessary to apply in life and work as well!
This comes in handy to achieve maximum productivity!
But the question is whether we’re putting them to use in full!
Society’s needs are increasing by the day, and in the course of our profession/employment, we need not relate productivity with monetary value we receive, but in stead, we should make it a practice to give our best, and offer something extra towards the welfare of the nation, in all possible ways!
This way our productivity goes up that helps in maximising the economic development of the country/world!
A Nice post on International Panic Day!
Life today is full of stress and strain!
Problems are many that we keep the panic button ever on!
But we should never allow this to continue all the time, and find alternatives to ease the situation by refreshing ourselves by going out quite often!
Lest we’ll get immersed in monotony and tension, affecting the quality of life!
Say no to panic and peace be ours all the time!
Your post All Because of Allah on the day of Ramzan is a nice read!
Culmination of a month-long fasting today marks the celebration of Ramzan festival by all the Muslims!
It’s an occasion to seek the pardon of the Allah for the wrongs commited by them!
It’s love that spreads peace and harmony around, and no religion seeks to embrace feelings of hatred among those following the teachings of other religions!
Happy Ramzan Day to the Muslim brethren!
A nice post on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day!
Ageing population is on the rise, and continues to be a problem across the globe!
It becomes a burden on the family and society as well, the cause being an indifferent attitude of people towards this segment of the population!
It’s the lack of consideration for the aged who were very much active and useful to society in more ways than one during their prime age, that’s responsible for their unfortunate neglect!
Not only that, they are abused physically, emotionally, and financially by those who are very much close to them!
Old age is rather seen as a commitment by the society, forgetting that one day everyone is going to enter that vulnerable age, and remain dependent on their close relatives for their survival!
It’s for the care – givers in charge of the aged not to neglect their duty towards them, and diligently take care of their needs, and ensure their satisfaction and happiness in the evening of their life!
Only a proper awareness of the need to keep them in good spirits that can ensure a healthy society!

Your post on World Blood Donors Day is a nice read!
Yes, blood donation helps in saving the lives of many who are suffering from blood loss due to fatal accidents, and physical ailments as well!
It’s a honour on the blood donors who are life-givers to the needy!
It’s harmless for the healthy donors to make available their blood to others once in every six months!
It’s a valuable gift to the recipient in the form of new lease of life!
It’s an opportunity for the donor to be a responsible citizen, and render service to the humanity!
A life lost is lost forever, but the blood donated is sufficiently compensated with new blood!
The donor and the recipient get themselves well connected through this grand process, no matter they are separated by, say, the distance!
Let the eligible come forward on their own, and be of use to the people in a special way!

A nice poem from Tagore!
There will be –
Lull after storm,
Happiness after sadness,
Hope after failure,
Union after separation,
Strength after desperation,
Briskness after idleness,
Peace after confusion,
Determination after wavering,
Positivism after negativism,
Riches after poverty,
Health after illness, and so on……..
Life is thus a combination of ups and downs, and we need to learn to remain neutral to occurrences we are encountered with!
With the grace of Lord, and our will to extricate ourselves from the clutches that restrain routine activities, our shift to peace and happiness is assured!
Nice to listen to the poetic lines of Tagore’s Gitanjali and your thoughts!
Everyone coming in to this world experiences good and bad!
The incidents that occur in life contribute to our feelings good bad!
Many a time what’s happening on its own inside of us determines our moods good and bad!
Unexplained is the cause of shifting mental journey leaving one hilarious sometimes, and dejected oftentimes!
In the God’s scheme, everything is predetermined!
What’s keeping us dark about this fact is the crucial aspect that generates anxiety and suspence, leaving us wondering what next in line is going to be encountered with!
What’s expected of us is our strength to be responsible in performing the duties without setting our mind on the end result!
Strength and grace must flow naturally from the courteous Almighty on us the mortals to execute the purposes for which we have been allowed this valuable birth!
For, we’re just the tools in the hands of the Lord to execute HIS will meticulously!

A nice post on National Donald Duck Day!
Cartoon, a nice tool to express things subtly, and the Donald Duck is one of the characters with the characteristic comic element being presented to the various tastes of young and old alike!
There’s nothing like comedy that drives the monotony away, refreshing the mind!
This fast-faced world has produced in its wake what’s frequently referred to as stress that contributes to many of the physical ailments humanity suffer from!
A break now and then from this avoidable situation is the remedy we are fortunately blessed with!
The choice is ours to make use of this option of seeking the comic players like Donald Duck and Micky Mouse to make us lively and pleasant!
Your post on World Environment Day is informative and timely!
A great honour indeed it’s for India to host this year’s World Environment Day today!
Yes, no denying, with it goes our commitment to the issue, and our constructive action in fixing the problems connected with it!
And the theme, ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, is apt for the reason that nowadays plastic has its presence in anything and everything we use!
The amount of waste being dumped in the ocean is a pointer to the enormity of the problem we face, and a clear direction to each one of us to be cautious about the consequences we must experience, and remain sensitive to the menace!
Let us remind ourselves that the quality of our life is directly proportional to the care and attention we bestow to keep our environment neat and tidy!
Let us not ourselves be the cause of our own destruction!
A nice post on Monday Day!
There may never be one without an experience of what’s called ‘ morning blues ‘, at one time or the other!
It’s about the need to get up from the otherwise a deep slumber with the characteristic reluctance, and face the day ahead!
‘ Monday blues ‘ is similar to this feeling of sadness that envelops one with the mere thought of starting the first day of the week, leave alone accomplishing it to our heart’s content!
If we delve deep into the concept, we will realize the folly of this ‘perception’, and go ahead with energy and enthusiasm to successfully execute the tasks planned!
A positive mental preparedness will take care of this negative influence, and will not only make our day a significant one, but also that of others around us!
A well thought – out plan the day before will make this day eventful!
For the retired people, as you mentioned, there’s no question of this ‘dreadful feeling’, as everyone of the 365/366 days is a SUNDAY with more time to stand and stare!

Only a passionate spirit can make one indulge in the monumental works of Shakespeare!
Many a time I would think on these lines- but then the spirit lacks unfortunately!
Am I alone im this venture?
Awareness created through your nice post on World No Tobacco Day today!
It’s good that heart disease is focussed this year to educate the tobacco users!
Reasons may be many for the ailments connected with heart, but the part being played by tobacco in its various forms cannot be overlooked, and hence the need for propagating the negative effects that go with it!
It’s not that they are not aware of its consequences, but that they find it difficult to give the practice a go-by due to their addiction over a period of time!
A mental preparation on their part can make them slowly drift from the habit, and save themselves from worst results in future!
The smokers must understand the fact of passive smokers being put in more trouble due to their unmindful act, and save the society too in the process!
Awareness is better directed at the people who get themselves addicted to this habit quite recently, for it’s easy to make them alive to the seriousness, compared to those on a long
‘ innings!’

Thus comes this SUNDAY STORY to a conclusion! We shall meet tomorrow-till then GOOD BYE!



Envius Thoughts crosses 1 64 000 views.

I am  glad to share with  you all that with the 18th view at 08.00 hours today-Sunday, the 12th August  in its 1314th post on 1261st day,  Envius Thoughts has crossed overall view score of 1 64, 000 (ONE LAKH SIXTY FOUR THOUSAND)  thanks to your encouragement and support . Kindly continue. Thanks