March 25th, Ugadi Day

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God created time and man made seconds, minutes, hours and days!
Auspicious days, weeks, months and years! To be at joy and happiness!
Years fixed scientifically based on astrology, astronomy!
Each religion and faith has its own for their followers to enjoy!

March Twenty Fifth today is the New Year Day  Ugadi in
Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and  Maharashtra!
Festively on the first day of the Hindu lunisolar calendar
Month of Chaitra.falling in March or April of  calendar.

They draw colorful patterns on floor called kolamulus, Rangoli
Telugu-Muggulu. mango leaf decorations on doors called torana.
Buy and give gifts – new clothes, give charity to the poor,
Special bath followed by oil treatment, prepare and share pachadi,
And visit temples.pachadi has all flavors – sweet, sour, Salty,
Bitter, astringent and spicy hot- a symbolic reminder that one must
Expect all flavors of experiences in the coming new year.


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One of the oldest and ancient languages with a hoary culture and leading civilization -TAMIL-THE TAMILS- observe their NEW YEAR DAY TODAY which forms this week’s Sunday Story in Envius Thoughts for the information, kind read and response of my esteemed viewers from all over the Globe.

The Tamils have devised a calendar of SIXTY years and hence each year will repeat once in every SIXTY years. In that way this year is called VIKARI 33rd in the sixty. .

These are the SIXTY years:

  1. Prabhava
    03. Sukla
    04. Pramodhoodha
    05. Prachorpaththi
    06. Aangirasa
    07. Srimukha
    08. Bhava
    09. Yuva
    10. Thaadhu
    11. Eesvara
    12. Vehudhanya
    13. Pramathi
    14. Vikrama
    15. Vishu
    16. Chitrabaanu
    17. Subaanu
    18. Thaarana
    19. Paarthiba
    20. Viya
    21. Sarvajith
    22. Sarvadhari
    23. Virodhi
    24. Vikruthi
    25. Kara
    26. Nandhana
    27. Vijaya
    28. Jaya
    29. Manmatha
    30. Dhunmuki
    31. Hevilambi
    32. Vilambi
    33. Vikari
    34. Sarvari
    35. Plava
    36. Subakrith
    37. Sobakrith
    38. Krodhi
    39. Visuvaasuva
    40. Parabhaava
    41. Plavanga
    42. Keelaka
    43. Saumya
    44. Sadharana
    45. Virodhikrithu
    46. Paridhaabi
    47. Pramaadhisa
    48. Aanandha
    49. Rakshasa
    50. Nala
    51. Pingala
    52. Kalayukthi
    53. Siddharthi
    54. Raudhri
    55. Thunmathi
    56. Dhundubhi
    57. Rudhrodhgaari
    58. Raktakshi
    59. Krodhana
    60. Akshaya


Every year is a mixture of good and bad happenings and they can be predicted in advance  very accurately and that is the scientific  India. Almanacs will give the same correctly.   Almanacs are not superstitious beliefs. Astrology is astronomy a pure branch of Science and Technology!

It is said this year will bring cheers for all in all spheres of activities.

விகாரி ஆண்டு விருந்தாய் வருகுது
புகார் இல்லாத ஆண்டாய் மலருது!
முப்பத்து மூன்றாம் ஆண்டு இது
முத்து முத்தான ஆண்டு இது!

முழுமையாக மகிழ்விருக்கும்
எழுந்து நம்மை விரையச்செய்யும்
பழுத்த கருத்துக்களைப் பரவச் செய்யும்
அழுத்தமான வாழ்வு நம்மை அலங்கரிக்கும்!

விகாரி ஆண்டு விகார எண்ணங்களை
விரட்டி அடிக்கும்!
பலகால நட்பதனை நாடச் செய்யும்
வருங்காலச் சிறப்பதனைக் கூட்டுவிக்கும்!
விகாரி ஆண்டதனைக் கை கூப்பி
வரவேற்போம்! வாய் நிறைய வாழ்த்திடுவோம்!

வண்ண வண்ணக் கோலமிட்டு
வாயிலிலே காத்திருப்போம்!
விகாரியே வருக! விருந்தாக அமைந்திடுக!

“VIKARI” year comes as a feast
Blossoms like a year sans complaint
Thirty Third year is this
Pearls like year is this
Will be full of joy
Will make us hasten in life
Will make matured thoughts spread
Will make Emphatic life beautify us!

“VIKARI” year will drive away uncouth thoughts
Will make us contact our old and faithful friends
Will add greatness in our lives

Let us welcome the VIKARI year with folded hands
Greet the year with fullness of mind

Drawing beautiful arts at the door step

We wait to welcome!

VIKARI please come and become our feast!


Wishing a happy TAMIL NEW YEAR “VIKARI” to all the Tamils living in different parts of the globe, we end this Sunday Story. We shall go ahead. Good bye for the present.

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Ugadi  lunar New Year’s Day for the Telugus and Kannadigas
On this day Lord Brahma created the universe and has written our fate.
The festival marks the beginning of Telugu new year.
Great  day in the lives of a big section of the society!

 Festival begins on the first new moon after the Spring Equinox and
celebrated the next morning as day starts from sunrise.
Wake up before sunrise, take oil baths and decorate  houses.
We have prayers and social calls to kith and kin to wish them well!

Special dish  is Bevu Bella, a paste made from jaggery , neem buds, tamarind juice and raw mango. to signify the life- sweet, bitter, sour what not!
The festival holiday in Karnataka, Andhra , Tamil Nadu, Telangana,
In Mahharashtra it is Gudiipadawa. We clean the houses and buy new clothes.
Happy new year to you, happy ugadhi to all my Telugu and Kannada friends
May the new year bring all cheers, peace and plenty, joy and harmony!

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Minutes and hours, days and weeks, months and years come and go
None to delay or hasten! That is the law of nature!so
We have to make the best use- advantageously quite sure
To develop fraternity and prosperity to all pure!

New year resolution can be” LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL” sacred
“HELP EVER, HURT NEVER” universally applicable- truth naked
Joy and happiness of the society rests on strong foundation
Let us keep, nurture, develop and enjoy! No hesitation!

Greet in chorus “HEARTY WELCOME TO Two Thousand Nineteen”
Be confident all good things are bound to visit us by HIS grace
Possible if each is honest, devoted and dedicated
To a noble cause keeping unity of the mankind in mind!



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Here enters the New Year
Expecting hearty welcome clear!
All over the world sure
Radiating with joy pure!
Totally to be in peace and harmony
Youngsters to follow the elders -testimony!

Welcome to twenty eighteen
Extending bye to Seventeen!
L earning constant from all sources
C alm and quiet at all situations
O vercoming problems with courage
Mediocracy none to encourage!
Ever lasting and permanent

The whole world to have plenty and prosperity
Old retaining their individuality

Towards divinity constant endeavors
Women to be well respected not as favors
Every day to progress in all respects
Never bowing head to violence
Thinking and acting with nobility around
Youth power fully utilized for forward movement

Ever in readiness to help all serve all
In depth knowledge in all work situations tall
Gratitude to become a part of the habits
Himalayan heights to be scaled in all positives
Thank the year gone by for its graceful exit
Expecting all good things in twenty eighteen
Every one contributing one’s mite quite tall
NEW YEAR TWENTY EIGHTEEN to shower its best on all!


MUHARRAM on October First


Muharram the first month of the Islamic year is great
Second holiest month after Ramadan month- a treat
Muharam not a festival but a month long fasting
Almost mourning over Immam Hussain’s valiant death.

On Ashura, Muhammad’s grandson, Imman Hussain,
Died fighting in the Battle of Karbala almost fourteen
Centuries ago naturally a sad event mourned by all
Fasting , praying and mourning the day is spent all over.

Day differs among Shias and Sunnis in principle
All pious and devoted Muslims Allah’s disciples
And ofcourse on the sighting of the moon in the month
But a day sacred and holy all observing with faith.



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This indeed is an occasion to take stock of the activities and make a SWOT analysis.

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Notwithstanding these weaknesses and threats, as I used to tell my students in those days of my service, I am making all out efforts to convert all my weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities!. Let us see how far I am able to pull on …… sorry no, push on!

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Most of my esteemed followers are not personally known to me! I do not know whether at any time in my life, I will be able to meet them in parson and enjoy their company. Any how I pray the Lord Almighty to bless them all with long and peaceful, pleasant and prosperous, happy and healthy life to continue viewing the ENVIUS THOUGHTS.

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Ring out the sixteen
In a happy and pleasant way
New experiences it gave
Giving hopes and confidence for future.

On to the New Year we have to go
Universe to grant and with the grace of God
Thousands of unfulfilled desires to see through!

The year is gone like a whiff of air
Hours and hours gone as seconds and seconds
Experiences gained worth a life!

Sixteen of two thousand let us ring out
In joy and peace abound all about
Xcellent year we have to say good bye
Things are never permanent in the world-die
Ever changing for the better or for the worse
Everywhere changing- changes wished for the better course!
New things blossoming taking the place of the old!

Await the New Year with hope and confidence
New experiences quite positive
Diamond year is bound to be the incoming.

Resolve to make the incoming year an excellent one
In the New Year let us love all serve all-their hearts to be won.
New friends, relationships- all with harmony and peace
Good and peaceful developments day after day with ease.

International peace and harmony the world needs
New Year to bring greater love and peace as feeds.

Thee, My Lord, make this year a happy year throughout
Harmony may prevail all over the world well thought-out
Eternal peace may prevail from this New Year.

Several areas need to be improved
Ever to remain in green well developed
Veterans in various fields to be recognized
Enthusiasm eternal be the gift of the New Year planned.
Never submit ourselves to injustice and jealousy.
Taking care of the have-nots and depressed be our aim piously.
Every hour and every day let us help others possible.
Every creation of God Almighty is great and has a purpose positive.
New Year may bring all peace and prosperity in the world..


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P. S: Reading of the first letter of each line reads as


“HAPPY UGADI DAY” is today!

Happy UGADI Day is today-New Year Day for many many lakhs

Andhra, Telengana – Ugadi, Karnataka YUGADHI, takes

The name GUDI PADWA in Maharashtra,  THAPNA for Marwari


In Manipur,  the Hindus in BALI and INDONESIA as NYEPI!.

Great New Year Day in their lives heralding joy and happiness and peace

Which they celebrate with all festivities, thank the Almighty  with ease

New apparels worn, jewels on women, meeting and greeting  all with joy!


Feast at homes, congregation at temples great day for the young and old

Thank Mother Nature for her bounty-neem and jaggery, mango, tamarind

Different tastes six combined- sweet, sour, spice, salt, tanginess and bitter

Symbolizing happiness, disgust, anger, fear, surprise and sadness better!

UGADI PACHCHADI special! Human  to take as challenge, not to fear

Come out victorious in all our endeavors with HIS grace and love clear!



புத்தாண்டே புனிதமுடன் வருக வருக!
முத்தான ’மன்மத’ ஆண்டே வருக! வருக!

தித்திக்கும் வாழ்வதனைத் தருக தருக
எத்திக்கும் புகழ் விளங்க அருள்க! அருள்க!

வறுமையும் தொல்லையும் எம்மைவிட்டு ஓடட்டும்
சிறுமையும் பொறாமையும் உலகைவிட்டு நீங்கட்டும்

வெறுமையும் வெருப்பும் மனதைவிட்டுப் போகட்டும்
பெருமையும் பொறுமையும் எம்மை வந்து சேரட்டும்!

அன்பும் அறமும் அழகாகப் பெருகட்டும்
பண்பும் பணிவும் பழக்கமாக மாறட்டும்

எண்ணும் எழுத்தும் கண்களாகத் திகழட்டும்
பண்ணிய பாபம் எல்லாம் பனிபோல விலகட்டும்!

கல்வி பெருகட்டும், களைப்பு தீரட்டும்
அல்லவை அழியட்டும் நல்லவை நிற்கட்டும்

செல்வம் உயரட்டும் செழித்து ஓங்கட்டும்
நல்லவர் வாழட்டும் நாடு சிறக்கட்டும்!