In the creation of the Omnipotent Lord Almighty
All have a purpose and clear role to serve the society
Animals and birds, river and seas, tanks and lakes all quite great
The animal kingdom an integral part of HIS creation – a treat!

Of HIS creations the majestic looking TIGER is nice
The largest cat species on earth.It needs to be conserved fine
Over the decades, has become an endangered species
God’s creations must be helped to survive – we be gracious.

Today it is Global Tigers Dayeo focus on promoting
Protecting of the natural habitats of tigers,raising
Public awareness of tiger conservation issues
Let us all do our bit atleast on thoughts and words.

Oct 6 World Wildlife Day,


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In the wonderful creation of God wildlife an important limb
Humans and animals, plants and trees all integral limbs of body
universe- will of God is peaceful coexistence of all in joy
Alas! Conflict arises among all leading to disharmony.

“Live and let live” be the watchword for all HIS creations more for men
Unfortunate the man superior wants to control each and all
Here is the “WORLD WILDLIFE DAY” a holy day declared by the UN
To be followed by all for a greater harmony and peace for all.

Environmental protection, no deforestation all for sure
To be kept on priority high and tall among all for quite pure
“The Future of Wildlife is in our hands”- the theme for the current year
Let us keep it deep in our minds and work to realize all over!


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World Wildlife Day is an opportunity to celebrate the many beautiful and varied forms of wild fauna and flora and to raise awareness!

Oct 4 World Animal Day


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Animals are the great creation of the Lord Almighty
To play co living beings with the humans lovely mighty.
Trees and plants, fruits and leaves to be of food to all in HIS scheme
Water, air supplement for the health and joy of all- a theme!

Animals mild and wild, have their hearths and homes here and their nice
Living with men in their homes and making their homes exclusive-
In forests dense- the men have to ensure their comfort and peace
Today is WORLD ANIMAL DAY- men to resolve to take care!

Voiceless and dumb the poor animals are- God’s creation great
They have a right for living decent and we have to help- neat
But alas man superior shoots, traps and kills for food and skin
Condemned by great Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar in verses many-kin!


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July 29-International Tiger Day.

Stamp of Love  to be released today-July 29-International Tiger Day- Tigress Maya and her cub at the Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra.

This wonderful world of living beings the creation of God
For the mutual benefit of all created by the Lord!
Alas! Survival of the fittest is the order of the day
Instead of peace and harmony, terror and horror is the way!

Today is the International Tiger Day-day with a goal
The goal is to promote and  protect the wild tigers as a whole
Their  habitats to be conserved for the wonderful creation
To survive, saving from the poachers leading to conservation.

A majestic look and movement God has blessed the tiger quite nice
WE can see only the tiger caged in a circus theatre- a spice
But to view it in its natural surroundings reward indeed
Let us protect nature, God’s all creations, live in peace- great need!


Wear a Save Tiger Tee and tell the world you don’t want this animal to go extinct.