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Nature indeed is nice and kind,-God’s manifestation quite sure
All living beings-humans and animals, hills and dales, seas and lakes
Meant for providing well being and safe living simple and pure
Yet when humans stray into wrong ways and means-nature punishes!

Sea waves are pleasant to see and play for the young and old in world
But when turn ferocious – oh! my Lord! eat away many on the shore.
Giant waves assume the name TSUNAMI and causes havoc absolute,
Today November Fifth was World Tsunami Day; Tsunamis though rare
Can be extremely deadly. In the past one hundred years, more than
Two lakhs sixty thousand people have perished in fifty eight tsunamis.
Four Thousand six hundred deaths a disaster, worst in any natural hazard.
Tsunamis know no borders, international cooperation needed for reduction.

Fifth November World Tsunami Awareness Day;  chosen from a true story
From Japan: “Inamura-no-hi”,  means the “burning of the rice sheaves”.
During earthquake more than a century and half ago, a farmer saw the tide
Receding, a sign of a looming tsunami. He set fire to his harvested rice
To warn villagers, who fled to high ground. later, he helped his community
Build back better to withstand future shocks, constructing an embankment
And planting trees as a tsunami buffer. Yes hence today it is !



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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 2,21,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 64th view at 10.30 hrs today viz Tuesday   the Fifth November 2019, (05/11/2019) , total views of the BLOG crossed    TWO LAKHS AND TWENTY  ONE THOUSAND (2,21,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1740th day and 1773rd post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.



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Hearty WELCOME to JUNE forms the content for this week’s Sunday Story in Envius Thoughts! Children and elders were enjoying a nice vacation in the last two months! School holidays mean children can enjoy a larger sleep, no need to get up early, prepare themselves for the school/college, get up as they liker, have frood as they wish, play as they feel in the hot sun notwithstanding! Naturally when the children are not in a hurry, parents too feel a little leisurely! Visiting friends and relatives, kith and kin, local and away-in fact a great time in a year to enjoy- no matter Sun is at his worst in May! Parks and play grounds, private and public full of activities all through the summer vacation! Cool drink shops- ever the people in que- requesting cold Apple juice, Banana milk shake, carrot juice, grape juice, ice cream of any flavor, jack fruit juice, keerani juice,lemon juice, mango milk shake, mulaampaza juice, orange juice, pomo juice,rose milk, sweet lemon juice, water melon juice and what not!
Coconut water, sugar cane juice and palmyra tree gifted NUNGU will do enormous good to our health during summer.

Sommer coming happily water scarcity scaring at the society! Very hard to believe that a tanker of water normally available for Rs 800 or so, shot up to 3000 rupees-horrible indeed! When the Government says there is no water for supplying, where do these thousands of private water tankers get water uninterruptedly- a million dollar question! Government’s apathy, insensitivity, in efficiency?????????????????????.
Summer season travel horrible again-notwithstanding extra fleet of buses, long distance bus standing travel! In spite of advanced train bookings, non availability for those who have to make urgent journeys! People standing in the toilets in the second class compartment! Not imaginasry but the actual experience of this blogger!!!

When children go out for play under the hot sun, on the one side parents feel relieved that the children are not making life horrible sitting at home- on the other worried that playing in hot sun may affect the health of the children!
But look at the pitiable condition of the sweepers, cleaners -street beautifiers who have to work in hot sun or otherwise! There are similarly placed workers everywhere.
There is a period called AGNI NATCHATHIRAM -this year it was from May 3rd to 29thy during which period sun rays will be at the worst and no fan, Ac etc can be of much help!When the sea breeze sets in the coastal areas, evenings may a little pleasant. I use to enjoy for a few minutes intermittently when I go for my morning walk between three and four and evening 5 and 6 in our Youth World in Jeevan Bima Nagar , Chennai where I live.

This June has a special significance for all of us-  the residents of JEEVAN BIMA NAGAR which is celebrating SILVER JUBILEE on 15th and 16th in a magnificent manner- bringing out the talents within the colony and from outside to provide wholesome joy to the inmates of the colony.

A rare and happy occasion for all of us especially the seniors like me as  we can enjoy GOLDEN JUBILEE only from our HEAVENLY ABODE!
I recollect my Haiku poems on SUMMER which I give below though a repeat of long back:

Among the seasons Four
Summer has its own charm
Here are some Haiku nice
Enjoy/suffer along with summer!

Summer and winter
Part of Nature – God made sure
Accept with heart pure!
Summer is pleasant
To write “Mid summer night’s dream”
Sky throws a crescent!
Summer and winter
Brings out the great truth of life
Hot and cold glitter!
Sure the world needs both
Hot summer and cold winter
Ensure peoples’ growth!
Hot summer brings joy
To my children, the schools close
Nice time to enjoy!
Summer has glory
For all of us to enjoy
Can make a story!
Summer is pleasant
To all those who have a mind
To taste the crescent!
Summer can be cold
As cold as Himalayas
Mind to be quite bold!
Great summer showers
Bring mice relief, joy and cheers
Nature’s strong powers!
Summer gets flowers
Exotic and excellent
People in great cheers!

Summer knows no discrimination. It is equally harsh for all-big or small, rich or poor, men or women, employed or unemployed, well read or ill read!
Well June has just arrived bringing cheers and responsibilities, activities and attendant duties. Monsoon is expected to arrive shortly. Schools and colleges are to be opened for yet another onset of academic year. Payment of heavy fees, purchase of loads of books and notebooks for children. For my entire studies from Class one to University course, I would not have spent a lakh! Today a school nearby is collecting a couple of lakhs of rupees for PRE KG/LKG.! Is it education has become so costly and quality proportionately increased! Parents paying capacity increased!
I remember in late fifties I walked 16 miles a day for to-fro college in Karaikudi for want of 2+2 = 4 annas for college bus! Today boys and girls of elementary and high school classes go by school bus for a school that is just 500 meters from home in my colony! Naturally we find 4th or 6th standard boys and girls awkwardly OBESE!
One thing I have to admit is that the present day students in all ages are much more intelligent and better general knowledgeable than what I was at that stage!
Well wishing a happy and successful new academic year, we end this sunday story at this stage. Till we meet tomorrow as usual may GOD BE WITH YOU!

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Greatest manifestation of nature the great wind
But for which people in the globe cannot sure find
Their life and living smooth and healthy, with joy and peace
Let us thank the Almighty for blessing us to live in ease.

Global Wind Day is today fifteenth of June each year
A day for discovering wind, its power enormous
Ways to find out how to reshape the world’s energy system
The day to decarbonise our economies with wisdom!

Wind power and its energy exhaustive when hydel
Energy evades us, nuclear energy has its
Limitations, solar energy unpredictable
On this day let us think and help in improving wind energy!


Dear all,
Kindly click one of the following links- in particular the second link, choose the article on Bharathiyar “WANTED FREEDOM” and kindly spare time to read and make your comment on the pace provided below the article for the benefit of other readers. Thanks.

Yours N V Subbaraman


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Seasons, the creation of Nature designed by God- Almighty
Winter, spring, Autumn and summer seasons four named by the mighty
People enjoy, suffer, happy, sad all depending on comforts
None can help but put up as it is great Nature’s making efforts!

Man tries to master the Nature- right or wrong unable to mend
Meddles with environment merciless –cuts trees for selfish ends
Jocularly said of the three bad seasons-hot hotter hottest
Angered Nature takes revenge- no use fretting and fuming at best!

Today is World Meteorological Day with the year’s theme
“Understanding clouds”- to make us aware of the enormous
Importance of clouds for weather, climate and water all over
Let us respect God and his creations of nature forever!

Clouds indeed   are central to weather observations and forecasts
One of the key uncertainties that defies study of climate change
To understand clouds affecting climate and the vice versa suree
Great day to think, brood over and manage the science of climate pure!

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Moving clouds move on like a ship in the water
It is a beautiful sight to watch in the Blue sky
Bundles of black and white carrying rains for us
God’s great creation is of course wonderful thus.

Great Poet carried his message through the clouds
‘Megha sandesha’ of Kalidasa in Sanskrit a great epic.
Clouds indeed provide inspiration to the poets
One of the wonders of Nature’s bounty to us!

Sorrows and sufferings are never static sure
They move away like the bundle of clouds quite pure
Rain bearing clouds bring rains and cheer to all in the world
Clouds of miseries move away and bring us peace and joy.

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A group photo taken in the Seminar.


Yes, I mean a great day I had “AMIDST THE AMBASSADORS OF PEACE”-lovely poets and members of the scholarly CHENNAI POETS’ CIRCLE in their ANNUAL SEMINAR on English Poetry in India and the release of EFFLORESCENCE 2016-An Anthology of Poetry at the World University Service Center in Chennai on Sunday the 29th January.

It all to me and Nivetha started with an email communication of December 5th, 2016 from Ms.Hema Ravi soliciting poems to the forthcoming Anthology EFFLORESCENCE. I had in my stock “DANCE OF WIND” but poor Nivetha sat right earnest on her return from the school and created her “SISTER OH, SISTER”. She was indeed delighted that her poem was accepted for the Anthology and our wait for the day 29th January 2017 started! And then the day dawned to be ‘AMIDST AMBASSADORS OF PEACE.’


A few years ago, I was a part of Chennai Poets’ Circle and due to several personal reasons, I could not attend and I was delighted to meet my old friends after I long time in the Seminar. My mind went back to the days of our contacts with Poet Dr. Srinivasa Rangaswamy an active member of the CPC who is no more and Dr. Krishna Srinivas of the POET who was Bhishma Pithamaha for many, many poets –seniors and in the making. His more than half a decade poetic journal “POET” inspired me to launch my “YOUNG POET” as a millennium gift to the young poets –by definition less than 25 years of age-. It was in the year 2000 and now it is 2017 and gets published as an e-zine!

I was particularly happy to meet respected Poet Madam Padmaja Aiyengar who created a history in November 2016 by wonderfully organizing an INTERNATIONAL MULTILINGUAL POETS’ MEET in Vijayawada and releasing the India Book of Records recognized Anthology AMARAVATI PRISM with 527 poems in 53 languages ! I could also meet a few of the poets who attended that Meet on November 13th and 14th. Mrs.Hema Ravi told me earlier that Madam Padmaja Aiyengar was indeed an inspiration to them!


Well, a good number of poets assembled in the hall on time with Invocation followed by a nice Welcome address by Dr. M Thirumeni, Chairman of the CPC- who retired as the HOD and the Principal of Rajah Serfoji College, Thanjavur. His short and sweet address brought certain points for deliberations later based on the discussions in a convention in Nagpur recently.

CPC President Dr. S. Kannan in his presidential address after introducing the Chief Guests gave a clue on the matters to crop up in the Seminar.

Then came the Chief Guest’ address delivered by the sweet voiced Dr. T. Sriraman, formerly Professor of the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. He discussed a wide spectrum of English language, evolution of Poetry etc. I enjoyed his words “I am not a poet but I taught poetry”! Some of the points he described in an interesting way to the ordinary listeners like me: Defamiliarization, Stylistics, Language-standard and poetic, Foregrounding as a dominant literary device, Deviant syntax, Deviant Collocation- quoting examples from John Milton, John Dryden, Kamala das, K. Pankajam, Dilip Mohapatra and others.

His explanation for “Literary language is an aesthetically purposeful distortion of standard language” indeed was quite interesting.

“Style as an exploitation of all the resources of the language” was very informative.

He also dealt with a few other literary points that were well received.

Dr. K. Ganesh, HOD, Department of English, Madras Christian College in his resounding, scintillating voice gave the history of the evolution of English poetry at the global and our national level.

After release of the anthology “EFFLORESCENCE 2016” by Dr. Sriraman, a few other books were released.

EFFLORESCENCE 2016 is a very qualitative anthology of English poems-with beautiful lay out and a good quality of printing comprising 97 poems by 57 poets from different parts of India.

Joint Secretary Mr. Jayaram Seshadri presented the Annual Report.

The CD of Nursery Poems by Mrs. Hema Ravi was also released.

With a pleasant Vote of Thanks by Treasurer B. Jayaraman, the first session came to a glorious end.


After tea, Second Session started. It was the reading of poems coordinated by Dr. S. Radhamani, Vice-President of the CPC. First to present the poem was the youngest poet delegate- as rightly described by Ms. Hema Ravi- STAR of THE MEET 17 year old 12th standard student of local Velammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School Miss. S.  Nivetha, who presented her poem titled SISTER OH, SISTER which was well received and appreciated by other poet delegates from Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Kerala.


After lunch, there was the next session on the presentation of papers by Prof. Rasupathy, Central University, Prof. Sharmila of Loyolo College, Pushpalatha of Presidency College, Dr. Padma Priya from Karnataka under the Chairpersonship of Dr. Reddy.

Dr. Reddy fondly remembered the Bishma Pithamaha Dr. Krishna Srinivas who edited the monthly poetic journal POET for more than five decades. He was responsible to bring out the poetic talents of the young and old all over the globe as the Editor of Poet and the Anthologies, Founder President of World Poetry Society Intercontinental and the Co founder of the World Congress of poets.


After the papers were presented on the evolution of Poetry- as Indian Writing English- English Indian poetry, second session of poetry reading started under the coordination of the Poet Shri RM Shanmugam Chettiar.

The poets in alphabetical order of names presented their creations in an attractive manner.

After vote of thanks and National Anthem, the Seminar came to a grand finale.

Yes, it was indeed a great day in the midst of Ambassadors of Peace-viz poets from the East and west, north and South of my Motherland India that is Bharath.


In this story, I have tried to present a fair picture of the proceedings of the CPC Annual Seminar and Release of EFFLORESCENCE 2016 on my own that is unasked and unsolicited by any. Quite possible that due to age, I might have failed to present a more clear and comprehensive report of the Seminar that will remain ever green in the minds of the poet delegates and others who had the fortune of attending!


A personal point: as I have already referred to earlier, I was an active member of the CPC till a few years ago. I hope I will continue that association now on wards.

I must thank Shri B. Jayaraman, the Treasurer of the CPC who expecting my presence brought and handed over to my great delight and surprise two of the photographs taken quite a few years ago – one my presentation of  poem in a similar Meet organized and the other one when I offered a shawl to Dr. Krishna Srinivas.

Displaying 20170129_195428.jpg

 Subbaraman offering a shawl to Dr. Krishna Srinivas..


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Hence now
Time with lesser heat
Temperature in turn –hot and cold
Winter turns up and down
Roles by, lies down,
Gets up, looks up
All the planets, sub planets
Short planets, pole-stars,
Star world, Sun, milky ways
All galaxies, giant red stars
Outer Universe
Islands in the universe
Star groups
Came into being!
All were seen and felt!
Dangerous gases
Semi solid gases
Safe air, water, their offspring
High offspring, all were delivered
Gradually by the Universe!
Water and air-skillfully delivered!
Universe as a Mother
Delivered the earth, heat, light-
Basic needs of all living beings
Continues to deliver!
Strong delivery,
Life giving delivery,
Powerful particles
Virulently shattered and
Vehemently spilled all over the
Magnificent space!
Gases though different from each other
Coexists with each other
Cohabitates with each other!
Having a meaningful existence
Till today goes around
In this powerful universe
Traverses in the universe
Measuring the Universe
Changing selves and the Universe!


All these and more
As of this day
Attract each other
Embrace each other
Goes on in families
Expanding, going around!
They run together
They go together
They traverse together!
In this Universe
To some extent
There are planets, sub planets
Suns, stars sans fire
Stars of fire
Earths, Earthen balls
As common things
As normal beings!
In a fourth,
Are objects, zones of objects
Zones of dust, space
Rocks of ice
Shining battalions of stars
Heaps of stars not shining!
In three fourths
Power and energy
Occupies the space
Omnipresent Energy
Fills up the space!
In today’s Universe
There is no vacuum
And that is the fact we see!
We bow to the Scientists’ view
View that is energy and objects
Intertwined they are
Intermingled they are
And that indeed is the truth
Truth about the universe
Its laws and rules supreme!
Bow our heads in esteem!
Yet the
Depth of depths
Distance of the distances
Breath of the breaths
Length of the lengths
Height of the heights
Of the Universe
Remains mystery
Mystery to the man
His efforts, his thoughts
Beyond and beyond
Unknown and unseen
Unreachable and


In this regard
We are made to
Raise our hands in devotion
Sing in praise of that Unknown
Bow our heads with respect
Beyond our will and wish
Towards that Space
Powerful space
Part of the
Energized Universe!
Of physics
Within the bound of physics
That energy
That power
Dwelling within and
Dwelling without and beyond
Named the Almighty
The Omnipotent
The Omnipresent
The Omniscient
Hail to thee for Eternity!
In this earth
Caught up in the slushy ground
The chariot
That could not move an inch
Was made to come out
Move fast by
That great Saint Sendhan
Through his devotional hymns
Was indeed a great physicist
Scientist- Physical Scientist!
Spiritual Scientist!
Lay men are
Not interested in knowing
The Universe-its origin
Source of authority!
Nor they search and research!
With their third eye
Of the thought sphere
Their Scientific eye
Analyze the Universe
Research the Universe
Determine the rule of Science
Mathematical Science
Sharpen the rules
Plan the course of science
Research, devise
Divide, multiply
Add, subtract
Make all “mathematics”
Within the limits of Mathematics
Science of Numbers
Rules of Numbers
Bind all objects
All powers
All energies
All activities
Sow the seeds of Science
Into the sands of Universe!
Approach of the Scientists!

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( *This is the translated version of my friend Kavingar Narana. Manivannan’s  work in Tamil).



I am happy to share with you that today’s 133rd view of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr. at 19.30 hours over all view score is 62001` in the Blog’s 626th post on 591st day. I thank all my esteemed viewers and solicit their continued support in the days to come also.