Young or old, healthy or sick everyone likes cake- tasty cakes
Cake days many-Twenty Sixth November American National Cake Day
National Chocolate Cake day is Twenty Seventh January-
Another one Sponge Cake day- twenty third August this year-
National Carrot cake day February third this year!
Thus goes the cake days many in all over the year and world!

Christmas Cake, New Year Cake, Birth day cake- cakes are made almost
All the days in  a year as one or the other has birth day every day-most!
Bakeries come to our mind the moment we think of cakes!
Apple cake, eggless cake, eggy cake-all types all like!

Look at the cakes home made by Sharada our daughter in law
Developed as a hobby but friends throng to her to get cakes with awe
That made her a specialist cake maker at home in Bangalore
Very delicious to look at and taste- all will concur sure and pure!


28th February- Kasthurba Gandhi Day

Our Homeland India that is Bharath firmly believes in family bonds
Brother and sister or parents and children or husband and wife-strongly bonded
With love and affection, respect and regards-more with husband-wife relationship
A divine bond it is considered to sail in the ocean of life with strong ship!

One such divine couple- husband and wife pair was Mahatmaji and his spouse Kastur Bha
Kasturbai “Kasturba” Mohandas Gandhi born Kasturbai Makhanji Kapadia
An Indian political activist and the wife of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
In association with her husband, she was involved in the Indian independence
Movement in British-ruled India. Adar-sh couple were they who need to be emulated
Today is Kasthurba’s memorial day and we salute her on this day!

Kasturbai Gandhi

January 24th-National Girl Child Day

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In the wonderful creation of Great God-My Lord Omniscient
All HIS creations-humans, animals, plants are all significant
Each to supplement and compliment others for harmony and
Peace, Joy and happiness-no discrimination! What so ever!

Alas! Within the humans due to male chauvinism girl child
Is looked at with dismay-cruel. Continues till her death quite unfair.
January twenty fourth today observed as National Girl Child Day
Ministry of Women and Child Development, India initiated this Day!

With the objective of highlighting the inequalities
Faced by girls in the country, promoting awareness about the rights
Of a girl child, generating awareness on importance of
Girls’ Education, health and nutrition! Let us raise them in our society!

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,90,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 86th view at 14.15 hrs today viz Thurs day  the Twenty Fourth (24th) January 2019 , total views of the BLOG crossed the  HISTORIC ONE LAKH AND NINETY THOUSAND (1,90,000) from more than 210 countries around the world on the 1427th day and 1482nd post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue




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Nineteenth November is today one of the holy days of India
Day the first woman Prime Minister of India was born-Indira
Great daughter of Bharathamatha laid down her life for unity
Observed as National Integration Day every year rightly!

Encouraging people towards unity, peace, love and brotherhood
Promoting harmony among our people despite diversity
Of the society in culture, languages, religions, geographical.
Bringing together the youths and others of religious back ground,
Social, cultural, economical and education to mix
Up with each other, understand and work as one group.

Developing better understanding among youths about diverse
Perceptions, faiths and life styles to strengthen the unity of people.
Indeed a fitting method to pay respects and gratitude to great lady
Brutally killed by a fellow citizen- atrocious. Jai Hind!

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In the creation of the Lord Almighty-the Omnipotent
All living beings are same-with their soul in common-and in tact
To play their own roles complementing and supplementing each
Men or women, lakes or tanks, birds or animals, trees or plants!

Unfortunate that the human beings have a bias towards
Girl child all over the world-necessitating this day.
International Day of Girl Child declared by the United Nations
Supporting steps against gender inequality. Girl child is God!

Unfair, faced by Girls worldwide inequality such as access
To education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, and
Protection from discrimination, violence against women,
Have to be freed from child marriage-equal they are to men!

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SEWA Founder’s Birth Day 7th September




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Women lib is not very new concept in our holy land
This is MOTHERLAND where women are revered as Devi grand!
Born to a lawyer father and women’s Right Activist mother!

ELA BHATT born on this day years Eighty Five ago in Ahamedabad
Turned into a Lawyer, Activist and founder of SEWA!
Rightly honored with awards several:
Ramon Magsaysay Award,Rights Livelihood Award
Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Indhira Gandhi Award for
Peace, Disarmament and Development and many , many more!

Let us thank the lady who fought for the rights of women
In the male dominated society- to show equality with men
Let us treat Women with dignity and decency-no girl
Child abuse nor the young and aged- Jai Bharatha MATHA!

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Women’s Equality Day-26th August

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Mahakavi Bharathiyar-one of the greatest patriotic poets from Tamilnadu-(1882-1921) was one of the effective champions of “WOMAN’S LIB”. Today’s post is one out of his many poems on the subject in original, its English transliteration and translation for my esteemed viewers. I am sure you will enjoy.

பெண் விடுதலை
விடுத லைக்கு மகளிரெல் லோரும்
வேட்கை கொண்டனம்; வெல்லுவம் என்றே
திடம னத்தின் மதுக்கிண்ண மீது
சேர்ந்து நாம்பிர திக்கினை செய்வோம்
உடைய வள்சக்தி ஆண்பெண் ணிரண்டும்
ஓருநி கர்செய் துரிமை சமைத்தாள்
இடையிலேபட்ட கீழ்நிலை கண்டீர்,
இதற்கு நாமொருப் பட்டிருப் போமோ? (1)

திறமை யால்இங்கு மேநிலை சேர்வோம்,
தீய பண்டை இகழ்ச்சிகள் தேய்ப்போம்;
குறைவி லாது முழுநிகர் நம்மைக்
கொள்வ ராண்க ளெனிலவ ரோடும்
சிறுமை தீர நந் தாய்த்திரு நாட்டைத்
திரும்ப வெல்வதில் சேர்ந்திங் குழைப்போம்
அறிவி ழன்தது பணடை வழக்கம்
ஆணுக் குப்பெண் விலங்கெனும் அஃதே. (2)

விடியும் நல்லொளி காணுதி நின்றே,
மேவு நாக ரிகம்புதி தொன்றே;
கோடியர் நம்மை அடிமைகள் என்றே
கொண்டு, தாம் முதல் என்றன ரன்றே,
அடியொ டந்த வழக்கத்தைக் கொன்றே,
அறிவு யாவும் பயிற்சியில் வென்றே
கடமை செய்வீர், நந்தேசத்து வீரக்
காரிகைக் கணத்தீர், துணி வுற்றே.


(விடுதலைக்கு மகளிர் எல்லோரும்
வேட்கை கொண்டனம்; வெல்லுவம் என்றே
திடமனத்தின் மதுக் கிண்ணமீது
சேர்ந்து நாம் பிரதிக்கினை செய்வோம்
உடையவள் சக்தி ஆண்பெண் இரண்டும்
ஒருநிகர் செய்து உரிமை சமைத்தாள்
இடையிலே பட்ட கீழ்நிலை கண்டீர்
இதற்குநாம் ஒருப்பட்டு இருப்போமோ? (1)

திறமையால் இங்கு மேனிலை சேர்வோம்,
தீய பண்டை இகழ்ச்சிகள் தேய்ப்போம்;
குறைவிலாது முழுநிகர் நம்மைக்
கொள்வர் ஆண்கள் எனில் அவரோடும்
சிறுமை தீர நம் தாய்த்திரு நாட்டைத்
திரும்ப வெல்வதில் சேர்ந்து இங்கு உழைப்போம்
அறிவு இழந்தது பண்டை வழக்கம்
ஆணுக்குப் பெண் விலங்கு எனும் அஃதே. (2)

விடியும் நல்லொளி காணுதி நின்றே,
மேவு நாகரிகம் புதிது ஒன்றே;
கொடியர் நம்மை அடிமைகள் என்றே
கொண்டு, தாம் முதல் என்றனர் அன்றே
அடியொடு இந்த வழக்கத்தைக் கொன்றே
அறிவு யாவும் பயிற்சியில் வென்றே
கடமை செய்வீர், நம் தேசத்து வீரக்
காரிகைக் கணத்தீர், துணிவுற்றே.) (3)

Here is Transliteration in English:
Vidudhalaikku makaLir ellOrum
Vetkai koNdanam; velluvam enRE
Dhida manaththin madhkkiNNameedhu
Serndhu nAm pirathignai seyvOm
UdayavaL sakthi aaN peN iraNdum
Oru nigar seythu urimai samaiththAan
Idainilai patta keeznilai kaNdeer
Idharkku naam oruppattu iruppomo? (1)

Thiramaiyaal ingu melnilai servoam
Theeya paNdai nigazssikaL theyppoam
Kuraivilaadhu muzunigar nammaik
Kolvar aaNkaL enil avarodum
Sirumai theera nam thaayth thirunaattaith
Thirumba velvadhil serndhu ingu uzaippoam
Arivu izandhadhu paNdai vazakkam
AANukkup peN vilangenum ahudhae! (2)

Vidiyum nalloLi kaaNudhi ninrae
Mevu naagarigam pudhidhonrae
Kodiyar nammai adimaigaL enrae
KoNdu thaam mudhalenranar anrae
Adiyodu andha vazakkaththaik konrae,
Arivu yaavum payirchchiyil venrae
Kadamai seyveer, nam dhesaththu veerak
kArigai kaNaththeer, thuNivu utrae. (3)


All we women foster longing
For liberation; come let us
Take the oath on the tea cup
Of resolute mind to gain success.
Sakthi in sooth is the grand Creatrix;
She created men and women equal.
Our plight at subjection is not ancient.
Would we, aye, suffer this any longer? (1)

We will go lofty by dint of merit;
We will rub off the the old stigmas;
If men take us fully as their equals
Attributing nought of defects to us
We will join them and labor in the fight
To win back our nation and grace the retrieve.
Total is the fall of the custom old
Which held women s beasts of burden. (2)

Stand firm to behold the star of morning,
The wondrous culture new is one for all,
Evil ones deeming all of us as slaves
Acclaimed themselves alone as the greater.
Totally annihilating that custom,
Gaining all wisdom in proper training,
Do your duty, heroic women-hosts
Of our nation, endowed with courage firm. (3)

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