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THANK YOU VERY mUCH  MY DEAR and ESTEEMED VIEWERS for being vocal in appreciating a or suggesting, criticising or praising my posts in this Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS

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Great Information about world malaria day. Keep posting
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Sunith commented on HOLY SATURDAY IS TODAY!

What a happy world is this for the religious minded to enjoy? God has created the world and given me ideas to be at peace And …

Great feat Sir


Sunith commented on TO DAY IS TAMIL NEW YEAR DAY!

One of the oldest and ancient languages with a hoary culture and leading civilization -TAMIL-THE TAMILS- observe their NEW YEAR …

Happy New Year



One of my cousin brothers, working as an officer in the Defense Engineering Services  in Pune, Bombay  and other places was a …

Great post on Swamiji, Sir!


Leannecommented on March 22nd. National Goof Off Day

Is it a funny day? No it is a serious day to think of and follow We work , work, work and get tired-tired to the …

Appreciating the time and effort you put into your blog
and in depth information you offer. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a
while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed information. Excellent read!
I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.


G.Krishna Prasad commented on March 16th. Everything You Do is Right Day

Right or wrong depends on the time, persons and the objectives A thief using a knife and a Surgeon using the …

Even the most depraved persons amongst us may have lurking in their minds a bit of conscience which may guide their actions to say confidently ‘what I have done is right’. Observance of days like the 16h March may bring out such redeeming qualities in most of us.


12th March PLANT A FLOWER DAY – Envius Thoughts commented on      HAIKU ON “SUNSHINE”!

1          Sunshine   brings us light             Lest the world gropes in darkness             Nature makes life …



12th March PLANT A FLOWER DAY – Envius Thoughts commented on WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DAY (26/4/16)

Days unknown to commoner are many-this day is one World Intellectual Property Day is today-won The hearts of the …



12th March PLANT A FLOWER DAY – Envius Thoughts commented on TALE OF A BLOGGER 28

Time and tide waits for none! Yet another Sunday Story – TALE 28! Tale 27 appeared as a Non-Sunday story on 19th …

[…] TALE OF A BLOGGER 28 […]



A great soul he was- my beloved father- a school master till his sixty Sweetly Loved, regularly respected, rigorously regarded …

A leader begets another leader, and the great soul has been bequeathed by another great soul.
May he rest on the heavenly abode.


G.Krishna Prasad commented on PANIC DAY!

Oh! My God why should I panic when I believe  in you! You are my creator and protector and there is no place And need to …

One must have a nerve of steel not to fall a prey to this syndrome. While fear is a natural and essential defense mechanism, panic can be averted only by faith-faith in God to take care of forces over which we have no control.


H.K. Chaudhary commented on TAGORE IN TAMIL Poem 30

POEM 30 IN THE SILENT DARK! I came out alone on my way to my tryst. But who is this that follows me in the silent …

Excellent piece of quintessential Tagore. No one can approach the exalted precincts of God with the shadow of ego. Thanks Sir for giving us a peek into sublime poetry


you should hire me letter commented on 28th February-Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti

Our HOLY MOTHERLAND India that is Bharath is a blessed land Whose many children are Saints and Seers, Scientists and writers …

This piece of writing is in fact a good one
it assists new internet visitors, who are wishing in favor of blogging


MVS Narayanana ommented on UNIQUE NELLORE

STPM GOVERNMENT IASE B Ed COLLEGE NELLORE-Photo Perugu Ramakrishna My literary bonds are getting stronger of late with great …

I think that everything published made a lot of sense. However, what about this?
what if you wrote a catchier post title? I am not saying your content is not
solid, however suppose you added something that makes people want
more? I mean UNIQUE NELLORE – Envius Thoughts is a little plain. You should glance at Yahoo’s home page and note how they create
news titles to get people to click. You might try adding a video or a picture
or two to get readers excited about everything’ve written. In my opinion, it could bring your
posts a little bit more interesting.



DEV BHARADWAJ of Chandigarh India that is Bharath my motherland indeed is a holy land that has produced men of great …

Great Ayya.

16 commented on VALENTINE’S DAY 14th February.

Days and days are there all over the world- important days Very important days, very very important days Religiously, …

Vulgarity has become order of the day…..without knowing the sanctity of ST.VALANTINE.
Thanks for giving knowledge.



Days and days are there all over the world- important days Very important days, very very important days Religiously, …

“Lo! Such a holy day has become a day of vulgarity
Boys and girls in mid twenty and thirty roam about
On the roads behaving indecently much to the chagrin
Of elders great, good and noble! The practice to be condemned!”
Rightly said Sir!


SGV Krishna Murthy commented on POETS WITH /ON FLAMINGOS!

Of the million creations of the Almighty-Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent – Flamingo is one nice and beautiful bird! …

Sir! Namate! Thank you for the beautiful account of FLEMINGO Poetry festival.




Young adults using their smartphones individually at a party Yes; I am able to see your shock and surprise at the heading of …

à quelle période ont été introduits ces mots et quelle est leur origine ?



India our great Motherland deems Music and Dance as Divine and means to purify the selves and the society. Throughout the year …

“our various forms of music and dance are indeed Divine and a great boon to humanity. Let us enjoy the season’s music and dance wherever we are .” WELL SAID SIR!!!



“UZHAVAR THIRU NAAL”-Farmers’ Day is today the seventeenth January To think and be grateful to the great FARMERS who feed the …

TRUE SIR! “If the farmers refuse to work and keep quiet, even the saints and sages cannot continue with their prayers and penance.”

But it is unfortunate that the farmer is not getting his due share in the crop he produces. Only the middlemen are making money out of his toil.

It is a pity that still he is the victim of vagaries of nature particularly the rain God Varun…. ativrishti and annavrishti.

The week passsed by witnessed my getting  Bharathi Award in an impressive function. Enjoy two pictures:

Thus comes to an end this week’s SUNDAY STORY. Till we meet tomorrow MAY GOD BE WITH YOU!

Blogger with the organizer of Bharathi Award Madam Gnani

Photoed by S.Nivetha.

Blogger presenting his paper on “திருக்குறளில் தனி மனித ஆளுமைப் பண்புகள்” in the Thirukkural Conference  in Valluvar Kottam , Chennai on 4th May.

April 10th-1500th!

Not a particle of dust can move sans HIS grace is my firm conviction
Physical or mental or intellectual whatever be the compulsion
Still more difficult and HIS grace is a MUST which I have in full quite pure
Lest the Blog could not be in its ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDREDTH DAY sure!

April Tenth  the Blog is ONE THOUSAND HIVE HUNDRED DAYS old-quite proud
And immensely grateful to the Goddess of Learning Sri Saraswathi-
Not a day’s break since February twenty fifth two thousand fifteen
Day the Blog was born!Posts exceed by SIXTY ONE! Views swell by God’s grace!

Overall views from countries two hundred and ten and more have gone to
Give joy and satisfaction! Supporting viewers deserve all thanks and praise!
How we wish it continues to grow from strength to strength in the years to come!

Image result for Images of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS


This week’s Sunday story in Envius Thoughts carriess the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnanam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India, which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivagnanam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sharing with a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy this Part 23. Here we have covered his Reviews upto  date.

An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.
A nice post for the day!
Nothing or none can be as effective a companion as a book to the lonely!
There are many busy people who find their time insufficient to read and enjoy the books they like!
And there are people who find it difficult to while away the precious time at their disposal!
May be they didn’t learn the habit of reading books – unfortunate that they are ‘poor’, though rich financially!
Now we have the e-books on whatever  subject we would like to refer to, but it cannot in any way provide us the level of comfort we derive by reading a book, physical, right under our nose!
We’re told, if we continue to do a task for a continuous period of 21 days, it’s certain we’ll form a habit incapabe of being discontinued!
If this aspect is made aware of to the children, they can very well start reading books much earlier in life and get benefitted!
Nice to hear of your April Cool Day in the place of April Fool Day, when everyone is sought to be made fools for fun though!
We make ourselves fools by trying to befool Nature by our inconsiderate over exploitation!
We’re responsible for making the environment unfit for a healthy living!
And to make nature cool, let us plant as much saplings as possible to make good for the destruction committed so far!
Nice to read the post NATIONAL PUPPY DAY
Barking dogs never bite, we’re told, nevertheless we need to be careful about dogs unfamiliar with us!
Yet, our pretentious act in a threatening way can create fear in a dog and make it retract as you’ve mentioned in the concluding part of the post dedicated to the puppy!
For the pet owners, it’s satisfaction and relaxation that really matters – for them, it’s a true companion too!
For the pets, it’s something more than that, and it means a comforting life that ensures fulfillment of all its needs!
But not everyone is comfortable with rearing the pets including dogs – it requires the mindset to co-exist with them happily!

Full of information on spinach and its health benefits!
Nice that various ailments are taken care of by the leafy spinach!
Almost all well-known diseases bend their knees to spinach that we may not miss it in our daily food!
Not a wise thing to avoid, very well knowing its favourable qualities endowed with it!
Nice awareness created!


We are dancing to the magical tunes of Nature – best illustrated by the magician’s wand, making real untrue, and untrue real!
Everything is real and at the same time unreal too!
We take everything for granted, and presume everything is permanent!
It takes long to realize this folly in this otherwise illusory world which is full of make-believe things!
Let us become a little practical and decide to act with a purpose in life and exit this world with marks of footsteps that may benefit the progeny!

A nice description of the health benefits of watermelons!
Sufficiently taken during the summer days, watermelon provides relief from the effects of scorching sun!
We feel refreshed and full as well with watermelons dominating our food preferences!
Everything on earth has the blessings of nature, and whatever fruits available in abundance in respective seasons have the impact of positive health benefits to humankind!
Can watermelons escape our attention this season when our whole body feels dehydrated, looking for respite from the summer rays emitting its unbearable heat waves?
A comprehensive definition for WEED!
I suppose, you mean to say what’s of no use to me is weed for me, but definitely  not for you because of its usefulness in one way or the other!
And you rightly emphasize that weeds should be taken care of in the same way the main crop is nourished and nurtured!
What’s inconsequential to one is very much important to another – we need to put ourselves in other’s shoes before concluding anything for or against it!
A WEED too is having its day, and we are called upon to value it for whatever it’s worth!
A nice treatment for a weed from your side!

What a nice poem on CROW!
A day’s journey of the wise crow nicely elaborated!
A nice sharing of your experience with the crow!
As you’ve done, it the crow is followed just for a solitary day, we’ll find a lot to be learnt from it!
What’s in a colour, so long as the attributes a crow possesses are a thing of envy?
Sans sharing, the world cannot carry on with the pleasures we experience on a day-to-day basis!
Nothing but a crow can do this job meticulously!
Analysing an issue, no matter it’s big or small, for its greatness or meanness is an aspect inseparable in one’s life – who can but the crow enlighten us on this?
Taking food at the appointed time everyday is a healthy way that extends our qualitative life – a valuable lesson none but a crow can effectively teach us, through its habitual wait for us to serve its food the same time each day!
Small is always beautiful, and the CROW proves it in its day’s routine!

A nice day to enjoy but in a different fashion!
It’s monotonous to do the routine things, necessary though, continuously!
But if we try to attempt something different, we’ll be surprised to find that  monotony is gone, and that a sort of recharge has occurred within to energize!
It amounts to more than the rest we do require to create energy for the tasks we need to undertake later!
Have a different day to enjoy!

On Thu 21 Mar, 2019,Subbaraman NV wrote:
Thanks aplenty OKRS. This has been  my theme in thousands of my official  meetings for 40 years – May be Agents, DOs staff of all classes. Thanks again.
On Thu, 21 Mar 2019,  OKR SIVAGNANAM,  wrote:
What a nice poem from Robert Browning on Grammarian’s Funeral, and its nice reference to your post today to emphasize on Aim High and Achieve High and follow it in life, as you’re just doing that!
A different perception it’s that centers around a lofty ideal that’s pursued to its logical conclusion no matter it’s achieved or not!
It’s ideal because it tends to exert us to the maximum, which in the natural course would see the result in the positive!
It’s great of the grammarian in the poem to have embarked on the pursuit of learning before the actual living!
Despite of its futility, the hero in the poem had been very serious about his goal – which can exhort one to think big before doing something!
None wants to die ordinary death, and everyone wishes to achieve something great and that not tried by others as yet!
It’s in itself a great idea worth a serious try!
And you have taken this leaf much earlier in life, and succeeding by executing the plans in letter and spirit!
Thanks for inspiring the youngsters in particular to make their life different and special!

On Thu 21 Mar, 2019, Subbaraman NV wrote:
Good morning. It is ” March 21st-A DIFFERENT ‘Earth’ HERE TODAY” in Envius Thoughts today  for your kind read and response. Thanks.

A nice post on Holy Holi!


A festival of colours appealing to the eyes of the onlookers!

A festival of enjoyment to the participants with lavish sprinkling of colours over them not only by their relatives and friends, but by strangers too oftentimes!

The celebration mood doesn’t stop with this, but extends to nicely dressing and visiting their near and dear ones with sweets and other eatables to share the joyful occasion!

Does a festival denote only celebration and nothing else?

Definitely no, but it also marks the eradication of evils in our midst to keep us happy and safe, for it cannot be denied that everyone of us likes to be as secure as a baby in the mother’s womb!

A happy HOLI!


Happy to view the Viewer’s View of Part 22 as your Sunday Story this week!

And happy to see that the first and the last of the Sunday Story of the Year 2018, coming to an end, happens to be the Viewer’s View!

And like you elate at the ‘numbers’ of increasing periodical view scores for your daily posts,  I too get that feeling through the way you choose to post my comments in different parts!

Coincidence is always a happy thing to remember and cherish – and this can’t be different from person to person!

And through this, I’m extending my sincere WISHES to you and your viewers for a Peaceful, Prosperous, and Promising YEAR ahead!

With this shall we end this week’s Sunday sdtory? Normally my intention is not to make it too long . I prefer a story around 1500 words..

We shall meet for the next working week commencing tomorrow the Monday! Till then Good Luck and Good Bye !

Image result for Photos of OKR Sivanganam

Viewer Mr OKR Sivaganam  in his home!



This Sunday Story brings out the views of our known viewers for long in a simple and comprehensive manner, which I am sure will be interesting to all our readers::

1.Venkata Krishna Good morning sir
Let us live in faith, hope and confidence=panic never helps!

  1. Vijayakumar ChelliahReligious tolerance is a virtue.We want a Prime Minister, who open his mouth against religious intolerance.

3.OKR SIvagnanam: Happy to note that Nellore has become another destination for you to prove your mettle as a guest of honour while delivering your address on the Mother Language Day!
Happy to note your dealing at length fittingly of Tamil as a classical and ancient language!

Your reference to the poem by Mahakavi Bharathi, who failed not to pay encomiums on Kambar, Elango, and Valluvar was befitting to the occasion in view of their stellar contribution to Tamil language!

Evolution of language is nothing but evolution of mankind in the proper expression of culture and traditions we were home to!

It may not be out of place to remind ourselves of the need to have the mother tongue as the medium of instruction at least up to the school level to attain perfect understanding!

This is however not to underestimate the role of English as the true connector of world people!

A language is a language, and no one language is inferior to the other, which calls for a full stop to indifferences, if any, we may entertain!

4.Venkata Krishna: May the world enjoy peace and prosperity sans violence and vendetta!

5.Ramamurthy Thupakula: Nice of you sir for reminding C V Raman effect day. The importance of having scientific temper in our daily life is to make the educated really educated. Still I am fascinated by Phillips companies motto let us make our lives better.

6.KVVS Prasad: ational Science Day is to make the people develop every activity
With great dedication and idea to perform well for our better future
This day marks the discovery of the Raman effect ninety one years ago

Thank you sir for the information.

We are also under a different Raman effect for a quarter century Sir !!!

  1. OKR Sivanganam: He’s none other than Dr.NVS Sir!.

8.Gurunathan TK: Top of Form

  • rA befitting occasion for SIR C V RAMAN A great scientist from Tamilnadu


  1. OKR Sivanganam:

National Science Day – a nice day being observed befitting to the great physicist Sir C V Raman who was associated with the popular RAMAN EFFECT!

Contribution of Science to the humanity is immense, resulting in improvement after improvement in the daily lives of people!

Scientific temper must be inculcated in children right from their early stage on so that they can involve themselves in introducing newer concepts in launching new inventions that’s useful to people in their daily life!

A nation cannot be static and its growth and development needs to be a continuous one that it can keep its head high among the comity of nations across the globe!
The role of Science and Technology is an essential aspect in taking the history of a nation to newer heights, and raising the standard of living of its people gradually!

More of our inventions can only be the greatest tribute that we can offer to the physicist on this National Science Day!

  1. Venkata Krishna: Good morning sir
    Knowledge and education must make one humble

11.Ramamurthy Thupakula: Nice of you for thoughts to cherish.


  1. Ramamurthy Thupakula: The real significance of Valentine’s day conveyed to young. Nice of you Sir.
  2. Chandrasekara Reddy: “Lo! Such a holy day has become a day of vulgarity
    Boys and girls in mid twenty and thirty roam about
    On the roads behaving indecently much to the chagrin
    Of elders great, good and noble! The practice to be condemned!”
    Rightly said Sir!

14:K. Boopathy: I love my wife

15.Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Nice messagesir

16.KVVS Prasad:

INDIA -my holy Motherland is the home of great women poets
Thirteenth February today is a great day in the poetry world
Birthday of India’s freedom fighter and poet Sarojini Naidu
In Eighteen Hundred Seventy Nine-National Women Day -kudos!

Great day. Sir! Great to remember Sarojini Naidu and her patriotism.

  1. Ramamurthy Thupakula: Welcome Darwin Day. He revolutionized the way we think in understanding the world we are in. Man evolved to this stage by his thinking and analytical brain than other species. Nice of you Sir for presenting a beautiful picture and poem.
  2. Aravamudan Srinivasan:
  • By February end u will cross 2 lakhs! Gd night sir!

19: Lalitha Sapre:  Congrats sir

  1. Bhagyanath Ezuvath: Very good going, Sir. Congratulations.


  1. Krishnanandam G V:

Top of Form

  • Congratulations,sir,👏

22.Ansuya Devi:.

  • Bottom of Form

Congratulations, sir.

  1. Aravamudan Srinivasan: By February end u will cross 2 lakhs! Gd night sir!

24.Lalitha Bai Sapare: Congrats sir

25   V M Muthu  My Hearty Congratulations& Felicitations for your hard Endeavours,.

26.Sreenivasulu Manchikanti: Congratulations sir

27.Krishnaswamy Krishna Congratulations

28.Gargee Goswami:Congratulations.

  1. Ramamurthy Thupakula:  Let all the humanity try its best for the eradication of cancer. Thanks sir for timely message.
  2. Venkata Krishna. Good morning sir
    Gently looks for food majestically with its eyes
    In deep water, takes food like forest hen nice!
  3. Oh! My God why should I panic when I believe  in you! You are my creator and protector and there is no place And need to …

    One must have a nerve of steel not to fall a prey to this syndrome.While fear is a natural and essential defense mechanism, panic can be averted only by faith-faith in God to take care of forces over which we have no control.

    Thus comes to an end this weeks Sunday Story and we shall meet as usual tomorrow. Till then GOOD BYE!









Image result for Cell phones- bad effects of constant use

Young adults using their smartphones individually at a party

Yes; I am able to see your shock and surprise at the heading of this week’s Sunday Story! Culture and civilization are matters of deep study and research over the decades. This CELL CULTURE has not been a part of such discussion.

Some time ago my esteemed readers would have read the following post in this Blog:



Image result for Images cell phone in a baby's hand as a feeding bottle


On their noble journey to freedom great leaders were in the cell
Undergoing sufferings at the aliens hand -hard to tell
Cells and cellars beneath the ground in the jails all over including Andaman jail.
Freedom at midnight we got years seventy earlier!

In the CELL WORLD we are today with no hope of getting relieved
Unfortunate in the society all are slaves-slaves of the cellphones
What, why, when, to whom and where questions difficult to answer-pity
Age, sex, position, work-the cell phones know not- variety! Plenty!

Speaking from a room to room under the same roof of the home
On the road, in the running bus and train quite crowded, on roam
At the office or school- young or old, men or women- no hand sans cell
To laugh or weep-mad craziness- in the cell world we are -foolish look-well!

“Cellphone addicts” all over the society most distressing
Any medicines to get out of the addiction- ‘tablets’help not
In fact added addiction- a bigger version of cell phone
And smaller edition of laptop-desk top- God help us to come away!

Image result for Images cell phone a chain in man's hand



Day after day this culture is menacingly getting deep rooted in the society causing a deep concern in the right thinking members of the society.

None in senses can deny the advantages of the CELL PHONES. Distance abolished, time saved, easy to carry gadget, not very costly, speaking from one room to another in my 350 square feet flat or speaking to my son at Atlanta from Chennai   and so on. But then…………………..What causes concern is the” cell addiction”- men and women, aged and the young, rich and poor, working population and non-working, office goers and street beautifiers, students and teachers…… none is spared by the spoiling cell culture!

As if he has no time, a person driving a motor bike, controls the vehicle with one hand as the other hand is holding the cell phone! It is a common sight that one comes across, while riding in a pillion he or she  on  cell-speaking, receiving or playing a video game!!!

Recently in my Blog Envius Thoughts I posted a message like this through Whats app, Face book etc.:

அண்மையில் விரைவாகப் பரவிவரும் ‘செல்” நோய்க்கு அருள்கூர்ந்து மருத்துவம் சொல்லுங்களேன்.

In English: Kindly suggest a medicine for the fast spreading cell disease

I received a number of responses. One from Mr.Kumar of Chennai goes like this:

Kumar: Yes.  Government should order cell phone company to give option of discount: to disconnect connection daily 1 hour to start with. Later that 1 hour could be individual need based (daily). For not giving 4 hours non usage, daily during day time, can be given extra usage bill-more discount.

For those who avail more than 4 hrs. a day  can be given  attractive bonus.

Yes very reasonable to wean away the people from this disease!

As the police have a right to

One Mr. Chentur Pandian through Whats App and my response:

+91 94440 88089: “கைபேசி” _ “தேவை”     _மெய்யா?”    – பொய்யா?” – பட்டி மன்றம் நடத்தி முனை வரை நடுவராக்கி ரசிக்கலாம்!*

Subbaraman NV: இரசிப்பது நோயைத் தீர்க்காது.

His response: இடுக்கண் வருங்கால் நகுக என வள்ளுவர்,,

(in English) One can have a debate “Whether the Cell phone need is real or fictitious” and Doctor can be the Judge and we all can enjoy.

Enjoying does not end the disease.

Thiru valluvar says: Smile when you are in troubles.

Another viewer:

[12:22, 1/2/2019] Subbaraman NV: அண்மையில் விரைவாகப் பரவிவரும் ‘செல்” நோய்க்கு அருள்கூர்ந்து மருத்துவம் சொல்லுங்களேன்.

[12:38, 1/2/2019] +91 99447 58909: நெகிழிப் போல இதுவும் அதி விரைவில் மாறும்.

[13:04, 1/2/2019] Subbaraman NV: மாறினால் கோடி நன்மை ஏற்படும்!!!!

Response: Just as Plastic this will also change early

My reply: If it changes it will bring a crore of good things!

Shri Muruganandam: மருந்தா விலகிச்  ‘ செல் ‘

Shri Chandrasekaran: [12:21, 1/2/2019] Chandrasekaran R : I trust you would have read Edgar Allen  Poe “Doctor Tarr and Professor Feathers”.   In similar way those trying to cure cell addiction are bound to become cell addicts.

[12:14, 1/2/2019] +91 99406 86060: அது என்ன செல் நோய்

[15:19, 1/2/2019] Subbaraman NV: ”செல்” கைப்பேசியை கையை, வாயை, காதை விட்டு அகற்ற முடியாத நோய்.!

In English: What is that Cell disease?

Reply: “Disease in which the Cell phone cannot be taken away from the hand, lips and ears “

Google Guru would say:

“Mobile phone overuse (smartphone addictionmobile-phone addiction, problem mobile phone use, or mobile phone dependency) is a dependence syndrome seen among mobile phone users. Some mobile phone users exhibit problematic behaviors related to substance use disorders. These behaviors can include preoccupation with mobile communication, excessive money or time spent on mobile phones, use of mobile phones in socially or physically inappropriate situations such as driving an automobile. Increased use can also lead to increased time on mobile communication, adverse effects on relationships, and anxiety if separated from a mobile phone or sufficient signal.



There is some evidence supporting the claim that excessive mobile phone use can cause or worsen health problems.

Germs are everywhere, and considering the number of times people interact with their cellphone under different circumstances and places, germs are very likely to transfer from one place to another. Research from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine at Queen Mary in 2011 indicated that one in six cell phones is contaminated with fecal matter. Under further inspection, some of the phones with the fecal matter were also harboring lethal bacteria such as E. coli, which can result in fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.

According to the article Mobile Phones and Nosocomial Infections, written by researchers at Mansoura University of Egypt, it states that the risk of transmitting the bacteria by the medical staff (who carry their cellphones during their shift) is much higher because cellphones act as a reservoir where the bacteria can thrive.

Cancer, specifically brain cancer, and its correlation with phone use, is under ongoing investigation. Many variables affect the likelihood of hosting cancerous cells, including how long and how frequently people use their phones. There has been no definitive evidence linking cancer and phone use if used moderately, but the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization said in 2011 that radio frequency is a possible human carcinogen, based on heavy usage increasing the risk of developing glioma tumors. Although a relationship has not been fully established, research is continuing based on leads from changing patterns of mobile phone use over time and habits of phone users. Low level radio frequency radiation has also been confirmed as a promoter of tumors in mice. Minor acute immediate effects of radio frequency exposure have long been known such as the Microwave auditory effect which was discovered in 1962.

Studies show that users often associate using a mobile phone with headaches, impaired memory and concentration, fatigue, dizziness and disturbed sleep. There are also concerns that some people may develop electrosensitivity from excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields, although these symptoms may be primarily psychological in origin due to the nocebo effect.

Using a cell phone before bed can cause insomnia, according to a study by scientists from the Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University in Sweden and from Wayne State University in Michigan. The study[32] showed that this is due to the radiation received by the user as stated, “The study indicates that during laboratory exposure to 884 MHz wireless signals, components of sleep believed to be important for recovery from daily wear and tear are adversely affected.” Additional adverse health effects attributable to smartphone usage include a diminished quantity and quality of sleep due to an inhibited secretion of melatonin.

In 2014, 58% of World Health Organization states advised the general population to reduce radio frequency exposure below heating guidelines. The most common advice is to use hands-free kits (69%), to reduce call time (44%), use text messaging (36%), avoid calling with low signals (24%) or use phones with low specific absorption rate (SAR) (22%). In 2015 Taiwan banned toddlers under the age of two from using mobile phones or any similar electronic devices, and France banned WiFi from toddlers’ nurseries.

As the market increases to grow, more light is being shed upon the accompanying behavioral health issues and how mobile phones can be problematic. Mobile phones continue to become increasingly multifunctional and sophisticated, which this in turn worsens the problem.

According to optician Andy Hepworth, blue violet light, a light that is transmitted from the cell phone into the eye is potentially hazardous and can be “toxic” to the back of the eye. He states that an over exposure to blue violet light can lead to a greater risk of macular degeneration which is a leading cause of blindness.


There are concerns that some mobile phone users incur considerable debt, and that mobile phones are being used to violate privacy and harass others.[39] In particular, there is increasing evidence that mobile phones are being used as a tool by children to bully other children.

There is a large amount of research on mobile phone use, and its positive and negative influence on the human’s psychological mind and social communication. Mobile phone users may encounter stress, sleep disturbances and symptoms of depression, especially young adults.[41] Consistent phone use can cause a chain reaction, affecting one aspect of a user’s life and expanding to contaminate the rest. It usually starts with social disorders, which can lead to depression and stress and ultimately affect lifestyle habits such as sleeping right and eating right.

According to research done by Jean M. Twenge, a professor of psychology at San Diego State University, there is a correlation between mobile phone overuse and depression. According to Twenge and her colleagues, at the same time that smartphones were on the rise, there was also an increase seen in depressive symptoms and even suicides among adolescents in 2010. The theory behind this research is that adolescents who are being raised as a generation of avid smartphone users are spending so much time on these devices that they forgo actual human interaction which is seen as essential to mental health, “The more time teens spend looking at screens, the more likely they are to report symptoms of depression.”  While children used to spend their free time outdoors with others, with the advancement of technology, this free time is seemingly now being spent more on mobile devices.

Psychologist Nancy Colier makes the point that we all have lost sight of what is truly important to us in life. She says that people have become “disconnected from what really matters, from what makes us feel nourished and grounded as human beings.”  Our addiction to technology has deterred neurological and relationship development because tech is being introduced to people at a very young age. People have become so addicted to their phones that they are almost dependent on them. Our bodies are not meant to be constantly staring at a screen as we need time to relax our eyes and more importantly our minds. Colier states, “Without open spaces and downtime, the nervous system never shuts down — it’s in constant fight-or-flight mode. “We’re wired and tired all the time. Even computers reboot, but we’re not doing it.”

The amount of time spent on screens appears to have a correlation with happiness levels. A nationally-representative study of American 12th graders funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse titled Monitoring the Future Survey found that “teens who spent more time than average on screen activities are more likely to be unhappy, and those who spend more time than average on non screen activities are more likely to be happy. One of the most important findings of this study is how the amount of time spent on non-screen activities versus on screen activities affects the happiness levels of teenagers.

However, while it is easy to see a correlation between cell phone overuse and these symptoms of depression, anxiety, and isolation, it is much harder to prove that cell phones themselves cause these issues. Studies of correlations cannot prove causation because there are multiple other factors that increase depression in people today. Although parents and other figures share these concerns, according to Peter Etchells, a psychologist at Bath Spa University in England, other possible variables must be reviewed as well. Etchells proposes two possible alternative theories: depression could cause teens to use iphones more or teens could be more open to discussing the topic of depression in this day and age.

A survey done by a group of independent opticians reviled that 43% of people under the age of 25 experienced anxiety or even irritation when they were not able to access their phone whenever they wanted. This survey shows the psychological effect that cell phones have on people, specifically young people. Checking a cell phone has become a normal daily event for many people over the years just as getting dressed in the morning is, people don’t feel right when they don’t do it.

Distracted driving

Mobile phone overuse can be especially dangerous in certain situations such as texting and driving or talking on the phone while driving. Over 8 people are killed and 1,161 are injured daily because of distracted driving. At any given daylight moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or electronic devices while driving. The significant number of injuries and accidents from distracted driving can be contributed at least partially to mobile phone overuse. There is currently no national ban on texting while driving, but many states have implemented laws to try to prevent these accidents.


My dear esteemed viewers! What I intended to be on this Sunday story was more on a lighter vein! But so much is there on this subject that I had taken it to very long with 2350 words!

Please do read and let me have your feedback

Till we meet tomorrow GOOD BYE!




Penultimate day of the year 2018! An important day! No more Sundays in the year and naturally no more Sunday story in Envius Thoughts! Hence this assumes significance

This is 52nd Sunday story last for the outgoing 2018!! First Sunday story this year was on 7th January 2018-1045th day of the Blog and 1046th post! It is indeed a rare coincidence that the first Sunday Story of the year was VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS Part 16- and the last of the year is again VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS Part 22! Thanks OKR Sivagnanam!

On this unique day here is the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnanam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India, which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivagnanam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sharing with a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy this Part 22. Here we have covered his Reviews in from 18th October 2018..
An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.
Part 21 covered up to 18th October 2018. Here it is up to ………….


A nice poem from Tagore and your translation!

Yes, we’re raising huge walls around us and remain cut-off from reality that’s the manifestation of external world around us!

In the process, we’re losing the true identity we’re supposed to maintain and promote!

We lose our own selves and forget to realize the presence of REAL SELF residing dormant but otherwise potent to release the energy needed to prove our worth beyond material manifestations to be worthwhile to the society of which we are a minuscule part, but capable of splendid performance towards the larger goal of life humans must embrace and achieve!


The entire globe as a single family – what an adorable concept!

Practiced religiously, peace and prosperity we can attain for sure!

Oneness of mind is certainly utopian, but we can inch towards it with efforts!

With solidarity being the keyword, dreams come true, and imagination becomes reality!

World citizens unite!


One Thousand Four Hundred and Fifty Posts – and not just a miracle – that has earned you the honorary doctorate from the university in UK!

Not a fun, but your dedication and passion to your Blog that has taken you along the long journey revealed in twenty nine parts so far!

There’s ripen wisdom behind your seeming innocence that your face reflects – i am referring to your picture taken during the King of Poets Meet – நிறை குடம் தழும்புமா,
Dr. NVS Sir?

Role of SOCIAL MEDIA is superb, taking the contents worldwide with instant feedback – positive and negative, and favourable and unfavourable as well – but for it, reformation is not possible!

An enviable FEAT so far, and a sure precursor to many more of your repetitive feats in the days to come!


A nice poem on Christmas Day!

Whatever man possess will be meaningless if he lacks love towards his brethren!

All material pursuits lose its sheen if love is absent in activity man pursues!

Sans love, peace evades mankind, and prosperity means nothing in reality!


May this CHRISTMAS bestow all that HUMANITY needs!

  • 18/12/18

Nice of your post today on International Migrants Day!

Migrants – their plight is pathetic, with losing all their belongings in the country of their dwelling!
Reasons may be many, including the unscrupulous attitude of their own countrymen acting against their welfare!

Eviction by the government itself in the name of economic development sometimes leaves the people stranded, forcing them to go elsewhere in search of basic necessities of life!

Whatever be the reason, welcoming the migrants of any kind, with open hand and rendering them all possible service will go a long way in mitigating their sufferings to the minimum!

Going one step further, providing them with right opportunities will offer suitable avocation so that a decent and secured living is assured, removing all fears about the future!


None has the authority to stop the UNIVERSE and its non-stop movement!
Power and energy to make this a possibility is inherent in it, and the Universe draws strength therefrom in its eternal journey!
And whatever is its appended organ, does so, following their commander-in-chief, who’s none other than Universe itself!
Universe is its own charioteer and adopts the strategies conceived by it!

Part 47, in the series ‘A chariot on the move’ is yet another nice work from you!


Great indeed is the role of volunteers in social development and economic development of the whole world!

Contribution of volunteers supplements the working of the arm of a government in a large measure!
Expecting the government to intervene for anything and everything may not be able to mitigate all the sufferings of people, and especially so in times of crisis of a large magnitude!
Work volunteered during crisis management is the determining factor that spells success to the initiative of the powers-that-be!

You’ve beautifully brought out the nuances of voluntary action to the attention of the viewers!


Nice to read your post on Human Rights Day on December 10th!

May be, human rights violation across the globe prompted the United Nations Organization to observe a day to reinforce human rights everywhere!

Alas, while defending our rights, we fail to recognize those of others!
Where does the principle of equality go?
Oppression has come to stay, and is speading its tentacles all around to crush the legitimate expectations of the less privileged in particular!

Overdrive of the powerful is a menace to the society, and scuttles their right to a decent living they are entitled to!

Let us be humane to qualify as real human beings, and be within the limits to exert control over others in the name of discipline!


Nice to read your post on King of Poets Birthday on 11th!

Nationalism and Divinity no doubt makes Subramani Bharathi really a King of Poets!

Messengers of peace – a nice description of poets in general!

Messages Bharathi conveyed to the nation and society are immense, and through them, he lives to eternity!

Patriotism was his life-breath, and people of his motherland drew spirited inspiration to fight the British, with independence of the nation being the single agenda before them!

Through poetry, literature of any language gets developed along dimensions different and taken to the highest level only to spread its roots further and further!
Not to mention of Bharathi’s contribution to the language of Tamil, which has no downslide ever!

Long live Bharathi’s name in our midst, and let his works inspire our leaders to work for the masses and their causes!


A MOVEMENT can definitely make us care for the MOUNTAINS!

The list of benefits flowing out of mountains, small and big alike, is endless as you step in to elaborate them in your post on International Mountain Day on 11th!

Manifestations of NATURE, indeed, are many and varied – it’s all created for the co-existsnce of all living beings together!

I very much like your usages – ‘ OCEAN OF COMPASSION, while referring to the Almighty, and ‘ WORLD’S TOWER ‘, meaning the mountains, that offer water the elixir of life!

Let us save the mountains for all that it matters to us on this earth!


Surely POETS are the PETS of the world whether or not ‘O’ in them is removed!

Remarkable is the power of remembrance of pets of any kind, as is revealed by the lion that was a pet in its ypunger days to the lady years back!

A great lesson we learn invariably from all pets- that of ‘being thankful’ to all!

They are ‘true’ companions to the pet owners in times of loneliness – something, especially many elderly miss it due to valid circumstances or otherwise!

A beautiful correlation you made between POETS and PETS in your post today!


A nice post on World Energy Day!

And a nice call to save ENERGY, the propelling force that moves the humanity!

Only in its absence we’ll feel the difference it makes in our daily life!

Our life made easy and comfortable, thanks to the sources of energy we’re endowed with!

Saving is as good as earning – the concept equally applies to the energy we’re using!

Abundance doesn’t mean we can use it without ever giving a thought to!

Better it’s used when in need, and spare it untouched – a habit one must imbibe to effectively deal with anything that’s scarce in particular!


A right topic you’ve chosen for this Sunday Story, and is set to create an awareness of the killer-corruption widely!

A beautiful distinction you made between Integrity and Honesty, with the latter proving to be a powerful option to erase this deception of corruption from our midst!

Had we desisted from the deadly corruption, we would have become a nation, setting an example for others to follow!

An understanding of the corruptible scourge would have brought us to enjoy the enviable position of a great SUPERPOWER in the comity of nations!

We’ve lost the bus, yet we’ll be having the buses one after another, and let us not miss them too!

Let us shun the takers of bribe, and not accept it too in the course of our job, and render the services as if an opportunity bestowed, to use it to serve the people, for, we are sufficiently paid for our work by the government!


A nice post on National Flag day!

Our serving GUARDS on the border deserve the best under the sky for their selfless service for the cause of the nation!

Not to speak of the HEROES left to the heavenly abode after having fought and died for their motherland!

And again, not to speak of their widows and other family members left behind due to the sacrifice of their husband/father/son/daughter, etc., in the warfront for the security of the nation that was heart and soul to them!

And amply donating on the Flag Day for their welfare is our bounden duty to fulfill!


Nice to read yours on Ravindranath on Envius Thoughts – Part 2!

On a perusal of his comments, I understand he is very much straightforward in expressing his opinions – a rare attribute we may witness in people!

It may hurt people, but a welcome quality!

My applause and regards to Sri. Ravindranath!


Nice posts from you on the series – TREE TALKS – five in number so far!

What a humble pleading from the trees put before the mankind!

How great is the benevolence showered by the selfless trees for the life of man on this earth!

How pure is the air supplied by the trees – we’re enjoying and continue to rely on it for our healthy survival!

How great it’s of the trees, preaching the six-sense human beings on the wisdom of going in for reusable products in stead of rooting them out from existence!

How selfless the trees are in removing the loads and loads of ‘impurities’ we scrupulously make in the course of our life and facilitating our life with abundant supply of oxygen!

All this is possible due to the ‘innocence’ of trees that never go for schooling and take lessons from the teachers!

But unfortunately, our education taught us not the courtesy of looking after the trees, which goes to suggest that we imitate what the trees are endowed with – the innocence – and change our selfish track to heed to their appeal and nurture them for us and our generations to come!


A nice post on J C Bose, the multifaceted personality who has contributed a lot to the humanity!

Remembering the likes of Bose is justified by taking a lead thereon and make further improvements in the concept to make it useful for the society in many ways than one!

They must have burnt the midnight oil before inventing something in their mind, with indomitable will and passion to carry on with the mission to its logical end!

A leaf we may take out of their lives, and try to emulate them in pursuits we’re passionate about!
This way one can make himself /herself useful to the society in one field or the other!


Nice to read your yesterday’s post on International Day of Disabled People!

Empathy with the disabled will make us humans really humane!

The specially- abled need our positive intervention to make their life good!

They are gifted with talents and a little push on our part will see those talents getting translated in the form of achievements in the areas they choose!

Let us be cautious to remain silent on their disabilities but lend our support wholeheartedly for their upward movement of life!



A nice post on World Wild Life Conservation Day!

We’ve that bad instinct to disturb and harm others including wild animals!
We seek satisfaction at the cost of others and other living beings!
We need to mend our ways to allow them as they are unaffected!
Let us make them our friends and try to co-exist with them to allow for their preservation in tact!



Your Sunday Story nicely echoed the Voice from the Heaven!

Our love for
Your love of Poetry
You can see
From everyday feedback
Of your Viewers!

And now
Through reserving this Sunday
To report the release of
A book on ragas
You exhibit
your love of Music too!

Union of Poetry and Music
Does create unity
Between mind and the heart
That’s everlasting!

A happy Sunday! This much is for  the present Sunday Story today. We shall continue with our regular feature tomorrow. Till then good bye!!


Image result for Photos of OKR Sivanganam

He is the VIEWER Mr.OKR Sivanganam of Perundurai, Periyar Dt.





Next will be THIRTIETH- TALE- in  February 2019!!!
Here is  29th Tale –!

in several ways GOD has been so kind and compassionate to me in helping me to continue this Blog that has earned me a place of honor in the Asian Book of Records which in turn has earned me a Hon. Doctorate from the World Records University UK.
Since the Tale Part 28 on 4th November, much water has flown under the Ganges and mostly happy happenings.


During this period a number of Poets Meets were held and I had the fortune of attending a few. Noteworthy was the one attended on the Mahakavi Barathiyaar’s Birth day on eleventh December- I had already on 11th December made a post in this Blog and also a detailed Sunday Story titled King of Poets Birth day . Vanavil Panpattu Maiyam- RAINBOW CULTURAL CENTER-who have been organizing this day for the last 25 years, conducted a poetry competition on the top[ic “VEERA SUTHANTHIRAM” for which they received more than 500 entries out of which they selected 30 poems in the first round and they were to present their poems in the Meet at Barathiyar’s Memorial in Triplicane, Chennai after the JATHI PALLKKU –Royal Palanquin carrying Barathi’s statue in a procession from Parjhasarathy temple reached. Nothing gave me can give mr greater pleasure than presenting poem on Barathy’s words in the very place where he lived for some years and finally taken to the heavenly abode.
Two more Meets were conducted on Barathy by two organizations in Chennai on 16th December one by Kavi Oviya and the other by Ilkakiyach cholai. I presented my poems in Tamil “THEENGIZAIKKUM THEEYAVARAI” and “BARATHY ENADHU PERAASAAN”.

WRU’s Doctorate

It is nothing but God’ s grace that made me launch this Blog “ENVIUS THOUGHTS” on 25th February 2015 and it appears as my PASSION and MISSION to make posts on a daily basis-Mondays to Saturdays poems in English and on Sundays ‘Sunday Story’ articles and this is 1450th post in 1395th day! This has brought me a place of honor in the Asia Pacific Book of Records and the UK based WORLD RECORDS UNIVERSITY has offered me an Honorary Doctorate. Thus your versatile Blogger N V Subbaraman has become Versatile Blogger DR. N V Subbaraman!!!!!!!! To me at least it looks funny!


In Hindu calendar this month of MARGAZHI is deemed to be a very sacred month. Lord Krishna declared that HE stands tall as MARGAZHI in the 12 months! That this is the first month in winter, and the devotees get up at as early as 4.00 am and go to the temples which increases the will power and spiritual power. Devotees of Lord Ayyappa take their annual pilgrimage to Sabarimala in Kerala where Ayyappa is, in thousands from all parts of India.
Andal a great devotee of Lord Vishnu wrote her 30 songs in Tamil –THIRUPPAVAI- in the early part of KALIYUGA- about 3100 years ago! Kaliyuga is reported to come to an end in another 20 years.
Great and learned scholars are invited to give month long discourses on Thiruppaavai in the nights. Thirumala-Thirupathi Devasthanam have arranged for discourses in 52 temples in Tamilnadu and more than 500 centers in the entire country in different languages.
16th of December this year happened to be the first of Margazhi month and in a local temple month long discourses were to be delivered by one authority in Tamil literature Dr. Kaliyan Sampath . I was given the honor of inaugurating the series by the temple management.

As usual let us see the progress of ENVIUS thoughts since the last TALE 28 was published on 4th November 2018 in terms of views. .
50 posts are over in 50 days heralding TALE29 on the 1395th day for the 1450th Post!

04/11/2018 1348th day- 1400th post- 1,80,292.
12/11/2018 1356th day 1409th post- 1,81,,000
23/11/2018 1367th day 1420th post– 1,82,000
02/12/2018 1376th day 1429th post- 1,83,000
10/12/2018 1384th day 1437th post 1,84,000
25/12/2018 1395th day 1449th post 1,84

In this way number of views is progressing in its own speed of course giving a sense of achievement. I take pride and pleasure to communicate the crossing of every 1000 views to all my well-wishers through all possible methods- What’s-app, Face book two Accounts, Bloggers’ Meet-Up, Gmail and so on!

I used to wonder and admire modern modes of communication of which a nice part is WHAT APP device IS! I spent quite some time in a day on sending the messages through What ‘Sapp , receiving and responding.
First work in the morning is to communicate my Good morning message with the day’s Blog post to about 140 friends seen and unseen. A typical message that I send every day is as follows:
“Good morning. Today it is “INTERNATIONAL HUMAN SOLIDARITY DAY- December 20th.” in Envius Thoughts in for your kind read and response. Thanks”. .
In those days all the messages will be sent easily; now there is a restriction on the number that it can be sent at a time NOT MORE THAN FIVE. As a result I have to repeat the process 28 times to send to 140 ! As and when I receive a message through this mode I get an auto-signal and I immediately turn to, read and respond! Great indeed is the experience!


Our esteemed readers are aware that the Tale Of the Blogger appears every 50th post. This way the year 2018 had the following Tales:
Tale 22 on 14/1/2018.
Tale 23 on 03/3/2018
Tale 24 on 21/4/2018.
Tale 25 on 08/6/2018
Tale 26 on 29/7/2018
Tale 27 on 19/9/2018
Tale 28 on 04/11/2018.
This way, this Tale of the Blogger is 29th today 26th December 2018 and the last one EIGHTH for the year 2018.
Next one will be the landmark THIRTIETH Tale on the 1500th post and the first for 2019! I do earnestly hope with HIS grace and your support the Tales will continue. With this we end this Sunday Story and till we meet tomorrow MAY GOD BE WITH YOU! Bye for the present.

.Blogger  as a part of the audience on the King of Poets Birth day on 11/12/18 in Triplicane, Chennai.