Young or old, healthy or sick everyone likes cake- tasty cakes
Cake days many-Twenty Sixth November American National Cake Day
National Chocolate Cake day is Twenty Seventh January-
Another one Sponge Cake day- twenty third August this year-
National Carrot cake day February third this year!
Thus goes the cake days many in all over the year and world!

Christmas Cake, New Year Cake, Birth day cake- cakes are made almost
All the days in  a year as one or the other has birth day every day-most!
Bakeries come to our mind the moment we think of cakes!
Apple cake, eggless cake, eggy cake-all types all like!

Look at the cakes home made by Sharada our daughter in law
Developed as a hobby but friends throng to her to get cakes with awe
That made her a specialist cake maker at home in Bangalore
Very delicious to look at and taste- all will concur sure and pure!



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“World Chocolate Day” is thirteenth September-children feel awesome
Chocolate sweet of their heart-birth day, success in exams fulsome
Every occasion to take and distribute to friends and all
Much to the chagrin of parents and elders afraid of teeth fall!

Chocolate a great expression of love and affection in all
Young and old,men and women enjoy this all through life in forms all
Black chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate drinks packed nice
Available in shops small to big easily-not costly a spice!

Happy occasion goes on for hundreds of years all over the world
With newer and newer flavors and colors-never becomes old
Spreads joy in the giver and receiver, harmony ensured
Let us enjoy the day distributing chocolate-friendship assured!


Image result for world chocolate day 2016-Children distributing chocolates-images

                                   Children enjoying Chocolate drink.



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