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World Population Day is today-the eleventh July
Tremendous interest generated by the Day in
Eighty Seven led to the establishment of this day
As World Population Day each year-an important day!

United Nations prescribes a theme each year regular
Theme of this year “Family Planning is a Human Right”.
Though ‘Family Planning is a Human Right’that right
Has to be exercised in the interest of self and society!

The world and the society knows well the population
Explosion causes havoc for all. apreciation
A must on this WORLD POPULATION DAY and resolve
To ensure an equitable population for better life!

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World Productivity Day 2018 க்கான பட முடிவு

All that the employees in service know about
How that productivity is assessed is mysterious
But the word has a lot of significance to know!

The Creator of the world has given skills and talents
Sufficient to utilize maximum productivity
To meet the needs of the world to be at peace and plenty
Alas! what happens the world knows productivity far below!

World Productivity Day is today the twentieth June
Organizing space, food, mechanism, attitude-soon
Will have an impact great to increase in tune with needs
Let us on this day resolve to improve with our own deeds!

World Productivity Day




Is it a pity no, it is an atrocity very sure
Arising out of humans’ utter selfishness simple and pure!
Vehicle population racing with human population
May be a sign of prosperity but causing deprivation!

Agricultural lands being converted into nasty flats
For the growing population depriving lands which deflate
Food and air!, on all the colonies existing expanding
For greater comforts and conveniences selfish Encroaching!

Roads and streets get shrunken thanks to encroachments unauthorized
Court orders and Government laws and rules not withstanding- disobeyed
Managed with the power of money and muscle here and there
Atrocity! But none can escape the powerful arms of God sure!


July 11World Population Day

Irony it is that human power-greatest indeed
Posing a problem-warrantying a control –a need
Today is “World Population Day”-observed all over
With the theme”Family Planning Summit” – to remember!

On the one side families need the support of children
On the other family control measures are on!
To make people aware of global population issues
And problems the day is organized-propagate virtues!

Self control the best solution- people know the problems
Of big families- physical, financial, mental
And what not to manage difficult for all-more for poor
To discuss Summit at London today-for all to adhere.









Right it is to get social justice for all in the world

One’s right it is to receive from the world-get the bold.

United Nation’s WORLD SOCIAL JUSTICE DAY is today

Has its own goal and focus of social justice this day!


To focus on the goal to achieve employment for all

Ensuring social integration all over- quite tall!

This day, awareness of the noble goal sought to be spread

A day will dawn when all corners of the world will have –bread!


‘Social justice’ – a great and noble concept not for sure

Political exploitation-nor for election pure

Indeed it is a faith and service to the people poor

To go all out to ensure equality and fair play !


Social justice and decent life for all rich and well read,

Poor and unread not to be let down for their butter-bread

Approach common, action concerted, sincerity great

Bound to bring results desired indeed abundant treat!







Children to learn and be in good health-objectives of UNICEF


Wisdom of the world elders gave birth to the United Nations

To unite, integrate, help, nurse, nourish the Nations with patience

Running to the succor of the sufferings in the member nations

Endeavoring to stop the strife and struggles in the world with caution!


“U N International Children Emergency Funds”

“United Nations International Children’s Education Fund”

A wing of UNO rendering great services in abundance

A boon and blessing indeed for the children of the world

Better education and health care expected to develop bold!


Member nations to avail for the humanity to prosper

Children indeed the future citizens of the world to grow sure

Both culturally and educationally quite strong and pure

All to keep it as our goal and resolve today to ensure!

In India, almost 20 million adolescent girls (14- 17 years) are still out of school.

(From distributing lifesaving aid to children in the aftermath of World War II to fighting Ebola, UNICEF has been working for children for almost 70 years now..

UNICEF works to promote the rights and improve the lives of every child, in every situation.)


International Fisherman’s’ day is today

Eulogize, sympathize, empathize on this day!

Put to risks of far reaching consequences poor

What for to a set of people all over the world pure?

Fishing in deep sea and shore,  lake and  tank to kill

The God’s creation for quenching the man’s hunger!

Fish or beef, chicken or mutton all killing HIS children!

Why not the man kill his children to feed his hunger?

Beans or brinjal  a thousand rupees a kilo!

Bindi and cabbage a few thousands a kilo?

They are also HIS creation -do not weep when culled

Poor animals and birds when killed by the stronger

Pity they weep and cry! My Lord save them all!