Having been a TROUP LEADER for about years five in school, I should
Have joined the NATIONAL CADET CORPS in my college days-I missed !
May be reasons adduced now- walking to college up and down miles sixteen
Where is the time and health needed for N C C cadet- natural NO!

The National Cadet Corps  the youth wing of Armed Forces – Headquarters
At New Delhi open to school and college students on voluntary basis.
A Tri-Services Organisation, comprising the Army, Navy and Air Wing,
To groom the youth  into disciplined and patriotic citizens.

A voluntary organisation recruiting cadets from high schools,
Colleges and universities. given basic military training in  arms and parades.
No liability for active military service once they complete their course.
The  uniformed youth organization. with motto  ‘Unity and Discipline’.

Though for long in existence in forms and names different from time to time
The current format came into being on Fifteenth July Nineteen Forty Eight!
Girls Division raised  to for equal opportunities to school and college  girls.
NCC curriculum  extended to  community development and social service
As a part of the NCC syllabus since Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru for its growth.

During Indo-Pakistani war and Bangladesh-Pakistani war
NCC cadets were the second line of defense.  organised camps to assist
Ordnance factories, supplying arms and ammunition to the front and also as
Patrol parties to capture enemy paratroopers. They also worked with
Civil Defence authorities and  took part in rescue works and traffic control.
NCC syllabus revised. laid greater stress on developing
Qualities of leadership andOfficer like qualities.   importance
Given to social service and youth Management.

NCC Motto and Aim “Unity and Discipline”  In living up to its motto,
One of the greatest cohesive forces  Bringing together
The youth hailing from different parts of the country and made them
Into united, secular and disciplined citizens of the nation!

N C C Girl


N C C Boy

P S This post is at the instance of my great friend and former colleague Mr. Clifford Martis retired Executive Director, Life Insurance Corporation of India and now settled in Bangalore.  LIC in fact is my Alma mater where I learnt the art of life and living.


April 22nd-DYNGUS DAY!

India and Hinduism  declare: VASUDEYVA KUTUMBAKAM
The whole world is one family! What a noble philosophy!
The whole world is the creation of the Almighty God-our Lord
Yet the countries are in thousands following their own culture and tradition!

The world  appreciates and I as a universalist blog
On all regions and religions-today the twenty second April
DYNGUS DAY Polish”  “Wet Monday” in Polish held on “Easter Monday” in “Poland”
In Czech Republic” Slovakia” Hungary” and parts of western “Ukraine”

For a whole day observed by Polish diaspora communities, particularly among “Polish Americans”
Boys throw water over girls and spank them with “Pussy willow” branches on Easter Monday,
And girls do the same to boys. accompanied by other rituals, making verse declarations
And holding door-to-door processions, boys dressed as bears.


My esteemed viewers  would have easily guessed from the topic that this week\s Sunday Story  should be a continuation of the subject that was dealt with on 18th of this month-“THREE D’s DAY IS TODAY”!

Yes, DEMOCRACY’s DEMAND is that every eligible voter must vote whether it is local elections or for the State Legislature or our Parliament.

It is really unfortunate that we do not take it us our sacred duty and democratic right to exercise our franchise.
Otherwise how can we justify just 67% voting in Tamilnadu?
Well  many eligible voters are  refused to vote as they do not find a place in the Electoral roll- is a different tale of woe!
There are many paradoxes in the voters’attitude I could witness though I complied with the DEMOCRACY’S DEMAND!
On the one hand I see a man aged 103 voting with pride  and on the other youth not preferring to!!

103 year old Sri D. Seetharaman proudly shows his inked real finger after voting.

You find a couple at the top showing their inked fingers with pride after voting and they are in the same colony where I am.
On the other hand I came across  a few couples  having gone all the way to the correct voting booth had to return disappointed that their names are not found in the electoral roll! In those days parties as well as government will issue booth slips in advance and we used to go and vote without any hassles. This year the Government has banned the issue by the parties and in many many ares the Government has also NOT ISSUED resulting in a lot of hardships to the voters  who were desirous of voting.

My experience I shared with my whatsapp friends on return:
“Started waiting in the que first at 6.30 am and successfully voted as the nth Person in the Meenakshi Mat. School and thus discharged my democratic duty and availed my democratic right!”

My inked finger photoed by Nivetha.

Voting percentage is a poor 71% to my expectation as a pure democrat This could have been improved with greater cohessive activities by the Government such as issuing the booth slips to all the votersw in all the areas in advance, better management of booths in the sense-I had to go from one to the other as my name was not in the list maintained at the one though the board outside indicated that is where I had to vote  polling officials were better better trained and involved and so on. This is not to point out an accusing finger but earnest appeal of an interested patriotic citizen.

A good intentioned person in one of the party help desks near the voting station, asked me “whether I have voted in any of the previous elections?” I told him “yes friend I have been voting from my 22nd year of age in 1963 to this day 79th  year of age without fail  whether it is local body, state legislature or parliament “.

I do fully realize and appreciate the himalayan task involved in conducting the LOk sabha elections  in our country so vast-from East to West and North to South. But we have enormous man and machine power  to successfully accomplish this stupendous work periodically.

Today I am supposed two awards  for my supposed literary work one at Kandaswamy College , Chennai in the morning where I present my poem in கொளுத்தும் வெய்யிலில் “சில்”லென ஒரு கவியரங்கத்தில் “நீர் மோர்” -In the Evening I am getting my Bharathi Award in Triplicane after presenting my Tamil poem on Bharathiyar.

On 5th may I am supposed to get my KAPILAR AWARD after presenting my poem on the NEW WORLD in Tamil.

Well  thus we wind up our Sunday story and we shall continue our thoughts tomorrow. Till then GOOD BYE!

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Image result for international youth day 2018 theme

The youth of today are the largest in history
Young people comprise the majority in countries
Marked by armed conflict or unrest, it is important
To inject in them the spirit of peace and security!

The theme for current year is “Safe Spaces for Youth”.
Youth need safe spaces to engage in activities warmth
For their diverse needs and interests, decision making
And to freely express themselves. Safe spaces ensuring
Their dignity and safety.Civic spaces enable
Youth to engage in governance issues; public spaces
Afford youth to participate in sports and other leisure’s-
Activities in the community; digital spaces help
Interact virtually across borders with everyone;-self
Well planned physical spaces accommodate the needs
Of diverse youth especially those vulnerable
To marginalization or violence. Great day possible!

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Image result for Images for National Youth day 2017.

India that is Bharath- my Motherland holy
Bharath matha – my great, beloved Mother truly
Gave birth to many people noble in all her land
Making the nation a proud and happy band!

A saffron clad noble soul attracted the attention
Through his “sisters and brothers of America” address
First disciple of Bhagwan Ramakrishna was born
To uphold the greatness of Hinduism tall and smart.

Swami Vivekananda’s Day is today – holy day
Rightly declared and observed as NATIONAL YOUTH DAY
For the youth to be inspired by his ideals noble
Live to his expectations of the great Indians able!


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“Young Readers Day” is today! (second Tuesday of month)

Image result for Young Readers Day 2016.

Reading makes a man knowledgeable and gives him a place of pride
To be developed as a habit right from the young age as tide
Regular and early habit lasts from the cradle to the grave
Reading habit sure an example of this dictum great and brave!

Weeks come and weeks go, months come and months go every year sure
November comes and Second Tuesday dawns-this year today is day pure
Observed as “YOUNG READERS DAY”-reading process requires good practice
Activity personal-yet read aloud- others benefit!

Present a new book to youngsters, spend time with them-read, make them read
A sacred day to cherish and nourish for the year as a whole-plead
Make the young ones to continue each day along with school study
Extra reading -fiction or non fiction, prose or verse make them steady!


Image result for Young Readers Day 2016

Young Readers Day second tTuesdayof november



                                             The 2016 Olympic gold medal

‘GOLDS’ AWAIT YOU, our darling sports daughters of India
Next Olympics not far away nor you are from the GOLD
Arise, awake, go on with the practice till you reach the gold
Prayers of millions bound to get what you cherish bold!

God has made HIS sons and daughters never alike quite sure
With differences distinct to achieve with efforts pure
You are made to perform great and bound to bring laurels great
Sindhu and Sakshi- worthy warriors in sports- a treat!

Be happy and content with the outcome in twenty sixteen
Twenty twenty is just years four away to fly fast- keen
Keep the body and mind- mind more than body- spic and span
God of success sure to embrace you with her golden hands!

                            Sakshi and Sindhu to get GOLD in 2020


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Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) 2016. August 18, 2016

In the wonderful creation of God, the Almighty
Sure Religion is one aimed at life noble and mighty
Many in number, country to country, followers large
Having culture and tradition of their own for quite long!

‘Hinduism’ not a religion but a way of life
Has its practices ennobling, spreading joy all around
In the name of festivals and rituals-harmony
As its goal and bringing all together-testimony!

Raksha bandhan day is today-brotherhood promoted
Tying RAKHI as its symbol-‘brothers and sisters’
Call of Vivekananda abroad recollected fine
For the society to feel the fragrance of unity nice!


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August 12th International Youth Day.


In the growth of the human beings every stage is great
Sure never to be got back stages indeed are they –a treat
Of all, youth is the stage that makes or mars the society
To be carefully nursed and nurtured by the elders with piety!

Youth power indeed is the great wealth of the home and the world
Today is the International Youth Day- a day to mold
As envisioned by Vivekananda who wanted youth force
To make India a great heaven and work-sure not a farce!

Need to be guided on values and virtues of life by elders
No preaching but by practicing- role models to be leaders
Inspiring and motivating they should be at homes and schools
That will make youth at the impressionable age grow noble!

Youth force not for future-it is our present-our planet
Is indeed youngest today with two billion youth-magnet
The most connected, outspoken, open-minded generation
To be guided on the lines right by all with admiration!


Happy International Youth day Posters



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Please visit  Person of the Week at Indian Periodical Glad to share with you all my dear viewers  that this interview has been viewed by more than 1000 readers since it was posted on 31/7/16 and occupies the second slot in the most viewed articles in the Indian Periodicals established in April 2004.It has got 36 comments beneath the article itself. Thanks for your support. 



Image result for Images of Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda and BharatImage result for Images of Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda and Bharat

Inspiration from these three noble souls

In God’s wonderful creation, we have wonderful men
With great mission and noble vision that makes a heaven
Serving the poor and the needy – silent revolution
Society ever thankful to the great Institution!

Many men, many missions- some are unique and great sure
Here is one SEVALAYA in a village remote pure
Serving the orphaned children and elders with all their hearts
Named after the great guides, nobles, mentors from many parts!

Inspiration – Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda
And Mahakavi Bharathi- lifts Sevalaya
To Scale heights great- dedication and devotion tall
Of all connected with the aim noble-LOVE ALL SERVE ALL!

God’s grace aplenty, noble efforts of all enormous,
Help of the noble minds hectic and heartwarming- joyous
Inmates made to be disciplined and cultured by role-model
Teachers, workers , volunteers from A to Z –heads level!


                                     Sevalaya’s HALLS  OF LEARNING


(A full Sunday story on the activities of SEVALAYA will appear shortly)



Person of the Week: N V Subbaraman

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