17th March Saint Patrick Day


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World without religion is dead wood and religion without the world is soul-less!

What is Religion?

While religion is hard to define, one standard model of religion, used in religious studies courses, was proposed by Clifford Geertz, who defined it as a

“system of symbols which acts to establish powerful, pervasive, and long-lasting moods and motivations in men by formulating conceptions of a general order of existence and clothing these conceptions with such an aura of factuality that the moods and motivations seem uniquely realistic.”

A critique categorized religion as “an anthropological category.” Many religions have  narratives, symbols,traditions      to give meaning to life  or to explain the       origin of life or the universe. They tend to derive morality, ethics,religious laws , or a preferred  life style from their ideas about the cosmos  and human nature. According to some estimates, there are about 4,200 religions in the world.

Major Religions in the World:

There are twelve classical world religions—those religions most often included in history of world religion surveys and studied in world religions classes: Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, and Zoroastrianism.

Adi Shankara was an early 8th century Indian philosopher and theologian who consolidated the doctrine of  Advaita Vedanta. He is credited with unifying and establishing the main currents of thought in    Hinduism.

His works in    Sanskrit discuss the unity of the ātman and Nirguna  Brahman  “brahman without attributes”. He wrote copious commentaries on the Vedic canon (  Brahma Sutras  , principal  Upanishads  and  Bagwat Geeta ) in support of his thesis. His works elaborate on ideas found in the Upanishads. Shankara’s publications criticised the ritually-oriented Mīmāṃsā school of Hinduism. He also explained the key difference between Hinduism and Buddhism, stating that Hinduism asserts “Atman (Soul, Self) exists”, while Buddhism asserts that there is “no Soul, no Self”.

Shankara travelled across the Indian subcontinent to propagate his philosophy through discourses and debates with other thinkers. He established the importance of monastic life as sanctioned in the Upanishads and Brahma Sutra, in a time when the Mīmāṃsā school established strict ritualism and ridiculed monasticism. He is reputed to have founded four mathas (“monasteries”), which helped in the historical development, revival and spread of Advaita Vedanta of which he is known as the greatest revivalist. Adi Shankara is believed to be the organizer of the Dashanami monastic order and unified the Shanmata tradition of worship. He is also known as Adi Shankaracharya, Shankara Bhagavatpada.

Likewise every religion major or minor has its own Saints and Seers and 17th March being St.Patricks today’s Sunday Story is on him.

It’s 17th March  one of the most celebrated festivals in Ireland – St. Patrick’s Day. The St. Patrick’s Day is also known as a three-leaved festival because St. Patrick used to explain Holy Trinity to pagan Irish with the help of three leaves.

Patrick was a 5th-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. His father was a deacon and his grandfather was a priest in the Christian church. According to tradition, Patrick returned to Ireland to convert the pagan Irish to Christianity.

How do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day…?

India is a festive country. It has a festival of colors, festival of lamps and firecrackers, festival of kites, festival of dance, a festival of the boat race, etc. but  it is always  open to foreign festivals. We always love to adopt new cultures and celebrate life as much as we can.

For many years, we have been celebrating Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving as well as St. Patrick.

Wearing something green: As per tradition, people wear something green. All the corporate offices, who are known to this festival, wear green, especially companies dealing with Canada, USA and Ireland. The one who does not wear green gets pinched.


Click pictures: Click pictures: Clicking pictures and uploading them on social media is a must activity in India. No matter what is celebrated, clicking photos, taking videos, etc is a must.

The decoration of workplace: The workplace is decorated with green. It is decorated with green balloons, ribbons, and other decoration which makes the office look beautiful and green. People also keep something green on their desk like leaves or petals or paper cuts.

A parade like dancing: Here actual parade is not done but instead, people sing and dance and enjoy like parade. Some offices also have DJ parties which relaxed people from hectic schedule and participate in co-curricular activities. Also, some offices take their employees to church to pray to celebrate this fest in a religious way.

Food: Different offices have different ways with their food. Some believe in having green food and juices while some go out for lunch or dinner. The Indians are quite a foodie and St. Patrick is a perfect celebration and excuse to eat healthy and yummy food. Some also drink green drinks which range from Green smoothies to bottle-guard juice to honey-mint cocktails.

We are enthusiasts and eager and curious souls. These festivals allow us to pour ourr enthusiasm out during this period. So St. Patrick is not limited to Ireland or Canada or USA, it’s for India too.


Saint Patrick

Patrick was a 5th-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. Much of what is known about Saint Patrick comes from the Declaration, which was allegedly written by Patrick himself. It is believed that he was born in Roman Britain in the fourth century, into a wealthy Romano-British family. His father was a deacon and his grandfather was a priest in the Christian church. According to the Declaration, at the age of sixteen, he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and taken as a slave to Gaelic Ireland. It says that he spent six years there working as a shepherd and that during this time he “found God”. The Declaration says that God told Patrick to flee to the coast, where a ship would be waiting to take him home. After making his way home, Patrick went on to become a priest.

According to tradition, Patrick returned to Ireland to convert the pagan Irish to Christianity. The Declaration says that he spent many years evangelizing in the northern half of Ireland and converted “thousands”. Patrick’s efforts against the druids were eventually turned into an allegory in which he drove “snakes” out of Ireland (Ireland never had any snakes).

Tradition holds that he died on 17 March and was buried at Downpatrick.

Today it is March 17th Saint Patrics Day and I am sure , my esteemed viewers would have found this post quite interesting and informative. Let us invoke the grace and blessings of St. Patrick  for universal welfare.  I am  proud to be an UNIVERSALIST and I use to tell my good friends that I am for Andavar, Palani Andavar and Nagore Andavar!

We shall meet tomorrow with our usual post.Till then GOOD BYE!

(Lot of inputs from my revered GOOGLE GURU)

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March 16th. Everything You Do is Right Day

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Right or wrong depends on the time, persons and the objectives
A thief using a knife and a Surgeon using the knife-different!
In thoughts, words and deeds we have to be fair and noble at all times
The day that is spent thus is sure “Everything You Do is Right Day”!

Thoughts positive lead to words and deeds positive in one’s life sure
Very much essential to be positive in our entire outlook pure
That will make us say with pride “Everything that I do is Right”
To be in tune with today March Sixteenth- theme great and bright!

Today is March Sixteenth-Everything You Do is Right Day”
It remains my aim and endeavor to stand up to this all through
Sure solicit His grace and blessings not to swerve from the right path
May be hurdles on the way to be resisted with will power strong!

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March 15th- “Everything You Think is Wrong Day”


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Human mind is a bundle of paradoxes-very peculiar indeed
Rightly mind  is compared to a monkey jumping from branch of  tree to another
There is no reason why it should! Yet it does –its mind commands to be followed
Human mind is no different it jumps from thought to thought- uncontrolled!

Mind is so imperfect and It prompts us to accept that there are a lot of things
The world around is complex. There are things that we don’t know
And there are things that we think are right, but are in fact wrong.
Our attitude towards others or our moral outlook that are obiously wrong!.

Today Fifteenth March is “Everything You Think is Wrong Day”
Perfect day to accept that not everything you know or do is right
And that you have a lot to learn about things around you.
Let us accept this day many things we think are wrong and correct ourselves.

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What a wonderful world is God’s creation!Plenty to write and plenty to read
Plenty to eat and plenty to make innovatively to cater to the taste buds!
America’s Number One snack is Potato Chip and today this snack will be enjoyed
By millions of people across the country-look at its history narrated!

On August Twenty Fourth Eighteen Fifty Three an unhappy restaurant customer
Complained that his potatoes were too thick and soggy, kept sending them back.
Chef George Crum sliced as thin as possible, frying them until crisp and added
Extra salt. To great surprise, the customer loved them, and became a regular
Item on the restaurant’s menu under the name of “Saratoga Chips.”

Then widely used menu item on train cars, hotel restaurants, and street carts!
The Dayton, Ohio-based Mike-sell’s Potato Chip Company,started in Nineteen Ten 1910,
Is the “oldest potato chip company in the United States.” Flavored chips were introduced .
Potato Chip revenues are over Fifteen billion dollars a year worldwide!

Though our home made chips are tastier and cheaper children go in for
Pringles,Uncle Chipps, LAY’S,Haldiram’s, Ruffles and what not to go for
Funny world, funny habits but of course popular among young and old
Advancing world with modern means of publicity, potato chips nice people say bold!

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Jewels are indeed priced possession of the individuals in the Society
Of any metal may be silver, gold, diamond, Ruby what not beauty
By means fair or foul, man accumulates to be counted by the others as great
What a pity he fails to possess his behavior and character as jewels as a treat!

March thirteenth today is the National Jewel Day being observed all over
A day to give jewels or receive jewelry and recognize jewelers for their making power
Goldsmiths are great creators of beautiful jewels out of raw gold-as silver smiths
Creative hands and minds they have to think innovative and with intelligence!

Let us have a look at the birth stones by month to buy or wear if already one has:

Birthstones by Month

  • January – Garnet
  • February – Amethyst
  • March – Aquamarine
  • April – Diamond
  • May – Emerald
  • June – Pearl
  • July – Ruby
  • August – Peridot
  • September – Sapphire
  • October – Opal
  • November – Yellow Topaz, Citrine
  • December – Tanzanite, Zircon, Blue Topaz

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National Plant a Flower Day - March 12


In the creation of God Almighty, all are pretty and beautiful
All living beings, forests and valleys, trees and plants all are wonderful!
Beautiful Flowers provide a treat to eyes and sweetness of fruits to taste buds
God’s creations for the peace and harmony of the society and joy of the world!

Total number of colors we can see is about TEN MILLIONS it is said
May be as many colored flowers are there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!probably right!
Not difficult to plant a flower every day if only space is there!!
Let us make this world a great FLOWER GARDEN everywhere!

PLUCK NOT THE FLOWERS we see the warning in the gardens;
God will be unhappy with us for being ungrateful as not to pluck
The flowers given by HIM to decorate HIS potraits with flowers!
Let us not disrespect GOD’S wishes by not plucking and decorating!

Haiku on FLOWERS




Flowers God’s great gift
Peace and poise, joy sure one gets
Nature moves quite swift!                                (1)

God alone designs
Flowers of great shapes and hues
Divinity reigns!                                                     (2)

Smooth and soft as cheeks
Of the new born babes in arms
Flowers on the plants!                                      (3)

Medicines they are
Flowers in His creation
Cure ones pains for sure!                                 (4)

God creates flowers
In gratitude adorn Him
His grace to shower!                                   (5)

Attractive colors
Divine artist alone can
Sure in His powers!                                     (7)

Planet among stars
Flowers amidst the leaves green
Good among evils!                                             (8)

Natural flowers
Nothing equals in color
Nor in aroma
Nature‘s showers
Divine powers!                                                   (9)

Lotus and jasmine
Fine creations of nature
None to undermine!                                       (10)

Beautiful peacock in flowers.





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A great soul he was- my beloved father- a school master till his sixty
Sweetly Loved, regularly respected, rigorously regarded by students
And colleagues! Handling English and Mathematics at different levels
Indeed was a God to all his students till their life time!

I owe my skill in languages out and out to him, and as a father
The way in which he brought up, I owe my piety, discipline and all good
Habits-getting up early morning and fast walk,going to temple
Twice a day, morning Yogasanas till my sixty five-all his and his!

Words of wisdom of my noble father almost daily
“Rouges and fools must be punished-fools first” great saying mildly
Failed to realize for long but today at seventy eight
I feel I deserve to be punished and I am punished!

Things big or small, carelessness out of foolishness arise,
Extracting painful actions a lot- leak from the loft tank
Sans stopper- unnoticed floods the whole house requiring drain
Energy gone, pains in the joints increase- fool punished first!

Beloved father from his heavenly abode from his
Eighty seventh year- thirty two years since- I hear
His voice of wisdom-“Rouges and Fools must be punished Fools first”
I feel I deserve to be punished and I am punished!

Today is his annual death anniversary day
We pray for his grace and blessings for all of us
He is sure to shower from his heavenly abode pure
We will continue to follow the path shown by him sure!

Photo by Nivetha.