Beyond the grills of my beautiful window
A lovely sight I get as the gift of wind!
A plant of two years with height of ten feet
Bows with respect to the God of wind quite neat!

East to West and West to East, South to North and
North to South –gentle movement supporting wind
Adding to the great pleasure of breeze sitting
On this good side of the grill and enjoying!

A beautiful crow just glides and lands on the
Tender green plant- plant obliging the crow
A space to perch and moving along wit the
Plant’s branches- the great creation of God!



“Many things are wrought by prayer than the world dreams of”
So said Lord Tennyson; Prayer to whom looms large to think of
To the humans or Gods-prayer to the Judge in the Bench
Or to the Masters in our profession; or ones we search!

Theists who worship idols in the temple regular
Atheist who decry idol worship in temple
Worship idols-peculiar the busts kept in street corner
Paradoxical is the behavior of humans-simple!

Idol worship is ideal worship for a devotee
Of God – calm and peaceful temple sanctum sanctorum
Mother Mary in a noble and great Church pious
Insha Allah-Masha Allah in a mosque virtuous!

Indian National Postal day – 10th October

Man in his primitive days had his own communication;
Meeting in person, sending through the dove’s feet
To think of those methods today appears funny but sweet
Evolution and revolution have tken place all through!

In the era of information technology these times
Communication has become swift and smart very fine!
The postmen delivering letters to those in remote!

The Village Post Master playing the role of all mentors
Teacher, Doctor, Lawer and Judge- a person respected
Much by all for his services selfless- people expecting
Daily with something that will give them comfort,peace and joy!



In the creation of the Lord Almighty FLOWERS indeed
Are the wonderful most- in different colors, shapes and hues,
All over the world and all over the seasons and parts
Of the year filling the hearts with Heavenly feelings!


Morning times with the cool breeze pervading give all the bliss!
In the ozone layer to enjoy that bliss one should be blessed!

Chrysanthemum asked me: Can you humans be one like us?
Half dumb replied I: yes we do try but fail often and miss.

Daffodil aked me:  can you dance like me to my trumpet’s tune?
Shameful replied I: Not the way in which you do I fret and fume!

Daisy asked with a pride: Can you lead a forest life like me?

Fearful replied I: Sorry I can’t withstand enemy!

Forget-me-not questioned me: I never forget. Can you be
Said I with a frown: I do forgive but not forget like thee!



Holly with a smile asked me: Can you be a bunch like us?
With an unholy face said I: We do, yet fight and make fuss!




Jasmine with joy asked of me: Can you create scent like mine?
Replied I with a concern: Sorry my chemicals do harm!




Lilac with its purity asked: can thy mind be pure as mine?
Admitted I:  can’t be as pure white as you are –quite fine!


Lily asked me: Can you be as peaceful as I in water?
Said I in a low voice: I can’t stand in for an hour!



Lotus with a beam in face asked: Do you need my Goddess grace?
Modestly replied I: Where do I stand sans her grace in full?



Magnolia asked me:Are you  as magnificent as me?
Admitted I: Your creation is wonderful; I can’t be!



Marigold in marked pride asked me: Are you valuable?
Said I in sad tone: I can never be invaluable!




Mistletoe in shame asked me:    Why humans derisively refer me?
Siad I in pride: Some depend on others for ever- not welcome!  



Orchid proudly asked: How great I look – can you be ever?
Said I satisfied: Though I am,  know- I will ask never!




Rose in   respectful tone asked: Do you enjoy my color and scent?
With pleasure said I: We had a leader great who loved you so much!




Shamrock asked in low voice: Are you aware of me sir?
Said I : Many of His children stand in silence  in air!




Tulip proud of its shape asked: How do you enjoy my shape?
Answered I: Your shape of a bell is pious and kept with God!



Violet with the name of color said: Name, color the same
Replied I: Precisely that is the reason for thy fame!



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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,10,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 13th view at 05.00 hours today viz Monday  the 9th October 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND TEN THOUSAND (1,10,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 934th day and 1001st post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.




Blog author during his Cuddapah days

It is with deepest reverence to the God Almighty –GODDESS OF      LEARNING SARASWATHY- and unbounded pleasure and pride, joy and happiness that today I am presenting my “TALE OF A BLOGGER PART TWENTY”  as this week’s Sunday Story in ENVIUS THOUGHTS  as this is my THOUSANDTH POST (1000th) on the 924th day in my life as a Blogger.

At this point I recollect my Blogger’s Prayer:

Oh! My Lord, Omniscient-Omnipotent God!
In Thy million creations “blog” gets Thy nod!
Let me be a blogger and sure not a blaggard
Pen is mightier than sword not to go wayward!

Freedom of expression never to be misused
Blogger’s honest followers not to be mislead
I write what I want and know- none to edit sure
No censor; my blogging must be noble and pure!

Matters in millions; subjects are aplenty
Great knowledge and nice language are in my kitty
To be used with sense of responsibility
Goddess of knowledge! Bless me with ability!

Bless me with that control, – thoughts not to run riots
Thoughts meant to make noble, inspire and elevate
The society of which I am part and parcel
May my Blog bring peace, joy, food for thought a morsel!

Yes, that indeed is my prayer as a blogger; I am going with my blog work in a very truthful manner.

God has been very, very kind and compassionate that till this 924th day, without missing EVEN A SINGLE DAY I have been able to make a post daily and many of my followers, I learn through their feedback over phone and mail, that they look for my post in the early morning and one of them stated that he has become an addict to the ENVIUS THOUGHTS!


Blog’s popularity is seen through the number of views –the statistics provided by the great WORDPRESS indeed is an adequate proof!

Since Tale 19 was posted on 20th August, the progressive 1000s are shared below:

20/8/2017 884th day-       950th post-    1, 03,000

28/8/2017 892nd day        958th post-     1, 04,000

04/9/2017 899th day         965th post –    1, 05,000               

11/9/2017 906th day         972nd post-     1, 06,000                   

17/9/2017 912th day        978th post       1, 07,000

24/9/2017   919th day       985th post       1,08,000

02/10/2017 927thday        994th post       1,09,000

We write, write and write for our own satisfaction- not expecting anything from readers except their feedback. Feedback I believe is  a strong tonic for the writer- whether it is adverse criticism in the normally accepted sense or inspiring compliments.

By HIS/HER grace I have been getting regular feedback/comments/responses/reviews for each and every one of my posts- all these 1000!  I feel inspired that I consolidate the same and publish as Sunday stories in the Blog.

.1.Uthaya’s Views on ENVIUS THOUGHTS

(Shri PH Uthayamurthy’s )

  1. LICsian’s Views

(Shri TCS Reddy’s of Cudappa)

  1. A Journalist’s Views in 2 parts

(Shri Muthu Aiyer from Hyderabad)

  1. Visitor’s Voice in 5 parts

(Shri Rajeev Jha’s from Bilaspur)

  1. Jagan’s Views in 2 parts.

(Sevalaya PRO SAhri N Jagannathan’s)

  1. Prasad ‘s Views in 4 parts.

(Shri KVVS Prasad’s from Vishakapatnam)

  1. Viewer’s View in 14 parts.

(Shri OKR Sivanganam’s from Perundurai, Erode)

  1. Vasudevan’s Views in 2 parts.

(Shri G. Vasudevan’s from Toranto, Canada)

  1. Ramamurthi’s Views in 4 parts.

(Shri Ramamurthi ‘s from Bangalore)

10 Comments consolidated

(Casual Views of different viewers in the earlier days)

In that way 36 Sunday Stories of VIEWS ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS have been published so for till this 1000th POST!

Local neighborhood news papers like Anna Nagar Times and Mogappair Times play their own noble role in encouraging my Blog work periodically publishing land marks in the Blog’s pleasant journey.


Though I am a proud Indian first and Hindu second, I am a Universalist.

My avowed thought in this regard oft quoted is:

I know no God
no religion
no philosophy!

I know no Bible
no Quoran
no Dhammapada
no Mahabharatha
no Ramayana!

I follow and practice
Help ever, hurt never
Love all, Serve all
Be kind, be friendly!

That is all what I know and
That is all I need to practice!


In that way I post in ENVIUS THOUGHTS on every possible occasion on all religions.In fact one of our viewers from Hyderabad Poet Madam Elizabeth Monaliza has expressed her positive observation on this aspect.




This is the million dollar question looming very large over me. I could manage my Blog effectively according to my own assessment and those of my esteemed viewers from more than 210 countries nd more than 130 followers

Some of my Blog followers are here:



Fernando Ortiz Jr.


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Plant Electrician


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SINCE MAR 27, 2015


Age has its own constraints!

Physically, mentally and intellectually most are affected due to old age as senility sets in. I am not an exemption. That is the reason for the million dollar question looming large over! To find a subject for each day, presenting in an interesting manner, anxiously looking for the views every half an hour- (more frequently too?)- saps my energy! I do admit that one need not be so sensitive but I am unable to contain!

Strong believer in the Divine Dispensation, God’s grace will help for any good work. As the Blog work has its own positive impact on all concerned and I should be getting the guidance and help from the Goddess of Learning –Saraswathi in Hindu pantheon- to go beyond the THOUSAND – much beyond 1000!



An ezine from Delhi with the learned Editor Siddharth Sehgal has been for the past one year and more publishing my articles-translated ones regularly every week, After the great Magnum Opus THIRUKKURAL, the great National Poet from Tamilnadu injected patriotism in the society,  Manakavi Bharathiyar’s songs are published  and they get not less than a hundred readers every week. I take pride in the fact that Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s patriotic and devotional songs are reaching the outside world thanks to this magazine.


INDIAN POETRY CIRCLE and Chennai Poetry Circle:

I am happy to be a part of the above two Organizations and participate in their poetry reading Sessions; a great intellectual and literary feast indeed!

I give an extract of what I wrote some time back as it is quite relevant at this point of time.

“A very interesting observation by a great scientist reads: ‘Art and literature of the highest order cannot flourish in a world which is increasingly becoming mechanical and society a rocket!’.

How true it has been proved! There are no eyes to enjoy the magnificent mountains and veritable valleys, beautiful night sky and ever bright stars, fantastic fauna and fanciful flora, dancing daffodils and revealing roses! There are no ears to listen to the melodies of nature, ennobling music and roaring sound of the waves along the coast of Bay of Bengal or Atlantic Ocean! No time to enjoy the reverberating flow of Ganges waters in the Himalayas and stirring verses from the Vedas and Upanishads, Quran and Bible!

Fast moving vehicles, fast food, fast life- everything fast- no time to stand and stare!

Notwithstanding the above scenario, there are silver lining in the literary world where we see the poetry lovers play viewers and prose gluttons  do go in search of journals and books, Meets and Seminars.

Here is one lovely organization called CHENNAI POETRY CIRCLE where the members meet every month to present poems, analyze and discuss, organize annual Seminars where anthology is released, poems and papers on poetry are presented.

In the last CPC  Meet held on 22nd July, I had the pleasure of participation along with Ms. S. Nivetha, youngest poet to present her poem.

Here is news coverage in the neighborhood newspaper ANNA NAGAR TIMES dated July 30th-August 5th 2017:

“17 year old S. Nivetha, resident of 12/1045, Jeevan Bima Nagar, Anna Nagar Western Extension presented her poem –‘WINGS OF FRIENDS’- at the Chennai Poetry Circle in their Meet held on 22nd July 2017, in Defence Officers’ Colony Ekkattuththangal.

She was the youngest poet at the Meet.

Mr.  N V Subbaraman also presented his poem ‘Freedom He Resented’ at the Meet.

Nivetha is pursuing her graduate course in Ethiraj College, Chennai. Contact number is 2654 4950.


In that way poetry lovers do have the occasions and opportunities to enjoy literary feast- may be prose and verse, plays and films!


I honestly believe sufficient is this TALE TWENTY and God willing going beyond ONE HOUSAND we shall have the TALE TWENTY ONE fifty posts hence.

Thanking the Indian Goddess of Learning Saraswathy and Roman Goddess of wisdom MINERVA for having passionately leading me to this level in my Blogging world, I take leave at present to meet tomorrow morning at 4.00 hrs.




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N V Subbaraman


Indian Air Force Day Celebrations 2017

Peace loving nations are there many in the world
Right as it should be- world needs peace and harmony
Sure our Motherland India that is Bharath
Practices peace though our efforts were put to test!

Yet the country needs strong forces to keep security
And rightly we have all the three quite valiant
Army, Navy and Air Force with dedicated men
Ready to plunge into action with acumen!

October eighth is INDIAN AIR FORCE DAY nice
Eighty fifth annual day – great day for the Force
Action successful in wars five lends color to them
Let us salute the forces wishing them SUCCESS PLUM!


Rose Flower Speaks…………..

How do you plant foxglove seeds?

How many varieties of flowers in the world do you know?
They are in thousands all over the world varieties known!
Unknown may be in further thousands awesome colors and scent
They have their own meanings spiritual, mystical and magical!

But we the roses are the kings and queens in the kingdom of flowers
Hundreds of varieties we are and love and affection we shower
Pink rose, prim rose, white rose, rosy rose in colors different
We are loved by you all as we do all over the world sufficient!

National flower of Americas we are, loved by Chacha Nehru
Children and seniors, Gods and men all love keeping us through
Among us, many who spread aroma lovely around us
Our color carries you all everywhere in our wings!

No rose without thorns philosophically you say and preach
Yes; no pains no gains you must also know how we grow and reach!
We give peace and pleasure who see and wear, taste and enjoy
Please make your world peaceful and prosperous, happy and healthy!

Varieties of roses in scores!!1


It was on 7th October 1986, ROSE flower was designated as U S National Flower and today’s post is to commemorate the occasion!