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Ugadi  lunar New Year’s Day for the Telugus and Kannadigas
On this day Lord Brahma created the universe and has written our fate.
The festival marks the beginning of Telugu new year.
Great  day in the lives of a big section of the society!

 Festival begins on the first new moon after the Spring Equinox and
celebrated the next morning as day starts from sunrise.
Wake up before sunrise, take oil baths and decorate  houses.
We have prayers and social calls to kith and kin to wish them well!

Special dish  is Bevu Bella, a paste made from jaggery , neem buds, tamarind juice and raw mango. to signify the life- sweet, bitter, sour what not!
The festival holiday in Karnataka, Andhra , Tamil Nadu, Telangana,
In Mahharashtra it is Gudiipadawa. We clean the houses and buy new clothes.
Happy new year to you, happy ugadhi to all my Telugu and Kannada friends
May the new year bring all cheers, peace and plenty, joy and harmony!

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Walking is the best physical exercise one can think of
For maintaining health spick and span!Walking a must-one must be proud of
Alas! What I walked sixteen miles a day from home to college in sixties
I allow not my children walk a kilometer-give them scooter and car!

School just three hundred meters away near my colony
Rent in the colony soars because of the proximity
Alas! Children sent by school van paying heavy each month!
No wonder boys and girls in teens are obese and look ugly!

Today April fifth -“National Walk to Work Day”- to awaken
The public to the need for walk and to show its significance
At least let us cycle if our work place is a little far
Health and money are equally important to all in the world!

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WORLD RAT DAY-April 4th.

Fourth month, fourth day, four in the morning released the Blog on the rat
For which a great temple exists in Rajasthan- rats wearing hat
Deshnok Rat Temple is very popular and famous- rats in hundreds
Going and running round and round, drinking milk kept in bowl in tens!

Rat is black not always right-white rats you will see there in number
Indeed a sight to see-I recollect on this WORLD RAT DAY-wonder
Days I spent in Rajasthan twenty eight years ago with joy
Ever green in memory for life possibly and that I ill enjoy!

Rats aren’t dirty,  World Rat Day is to avail the joys of fancy rats.
Anyone  keeping rats as pets or companions is  on the secret:
These pet rats  are friendly, loyal, intelligent, and very endearing.

Unfortunately connected with the Black Death, Bubonic Plague
Once we know rats on a one-to-one basis, then all their finer qualities are seen!

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Rats in Karnimatha Temple-Deshnok, Rajasthan

SHAB E MIRAJ 3rd April.

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Islam one of the biggest and old religions preaches noble qualities in all
No matter what is happening in the world as we see, religion as such is noble
Prophet Mohamed its founder truly one of the noblest souls the world has seen
Third April today a holy day for Islam all over the world to be observed keen!

“Shab E Miraj” is the nocturnal journey of Prophet Muhammad from the Great
Mosque of Mecca to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and then to the heaven,
On the same night. The journey Prophet took is both physical and spiritual
Journey, completed his journey mounted on a magical horse Al Buraq!

The night is “Isra and Miraj”, “Lailat al Miraj” and today is that holy day
Let us join to pray for the world peace and harmony, plenty and joy this day
It is going to bring in a heaven on earth very soon for sure
If only all our thoughts , words and deeds are made noble very pure!

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Books indeed are our companions great making us knowledgeable
Our assets and treasures by all means till our life time available
Great habit of book reading is noble lasts from cradle to the grave
Let us therefore cultivate the habit in the children here and now!

All have our favorite books from childhood, that set the tone for our
Imaginations, that bring back memories of home when we remember them,
Some small comfort when we run our fingers over the well-worn and
Loved spines of the stories of our youth. Lovely experience sure!

Investing in books more valuable than in dress and ornaments
Ever lasting wealth that can be bequeathed to our heirs later!
Second April today is “Children’s Book Day” a great day
To discuss at home withy all and start a home library fast!

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Our library at my abode in Chennai.



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Writing or telling-message is important-any language at any time
Society and individuals sure to be benefited with nice rhyme!
April first is today-commonly called APRIL FOOL’S DAY may be for fun
Severe summer has set in making the people sweat and quickly run!

Innovatively a message in circulation well prepared and spread
Make April Fool Day an APRIL COOL DAY by planting saplings and spread
Greenery all over- Another offering to show the space and they
Will come and plant different types of trees -right from digging pits !

Yes due to the selfishness of the ungrateful man to make his shelter
Fields and tanks are converted into concrete jungles blocks of flats in thousands!
When well grown trees are cut in thousands oxygen gets scarce, birds lose their homes
Atrocious practices to be condemned and given a go bye! Make APRIL COOL DAY?

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Blogger telling his tale 31! U can’t listen ! Only SEE!

3        6          9

12      15     18

21       24        27


Yes, THIRTY TALES are over signifying completion of ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED posts in Envius Thoughts in https://nvsr.wordpress.com in the last 1441 days since February 25th 2015 without break even for a single day which fetched  a place of honor in the Asia Pacific Book of Records which in turn made the World Records University UK to offer me an honorary Ph. D! God Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent has been uniformly kind towards me in this regard.

Today it is TALE 31-on its 1550th post in 1490th day!

Tale 30 was posted on 10th February-1441st day of the Blog when the number of the posts hit 1500!i

I am a little sensitive to the daily number of this Blog’s view and overall as it is the measure of viewers estimate of the quality of the Blog and hence I feel a little apprehensive whether the Blog is losing its sheen.
Let us have a look at the overall views since the last Tale 30 on 10th February 2019.
10/02/2019  1441st day- 1500th post- 1,91,162..
21/02/2019  1452nd day 1511th post- 1,92,000
07/03/2019 1466th day  1525th post – 1,93,000
23/03/2019 1482ndday  1542nd post – 1,94,000
30/03/2019 1489th day  1550th post    1, 94,500.

As per the TALE PRACTICE let me recollect and share with you the happenings during the TALE 30 and TALE 31- that is during the period to 10th February 2019 to 30th March.- though I would have made a reference in short or in detail in the blog.
In repition our colony JEEVAN BIMA NAGAR, Chennai (as the name suggests the mighty organization Life Insurance Corporation of India promoted this policy holders’ housing scheme)– is one of the biggest colonies within a compound wall with 944 flats , sprawling grounds-Kids World, Youth World, Woman’s World,
A Library, a grand Community Hall, green trees here, there everywhere add beauty to the colony.

We celebrated Women’s Day on 16th March in a fitting manner.
Amidst host of great programs such as shopping stalls, fun and frolic, competitions for children and elders skits, dance programs all engaged the residents till 11.30 in the night.


Out of the social media, one great is Face Book. Have both good and bad aspects as one’s experience!

For several years I am on Face Book with a  good following. I consider it most unfortunate that fo0r the past few days, FB rejects  my messages reading as:

“Good morning. Today it is “March 29th SMOKE AND MIRRORS DAY!” in Envius Thoughts in https://nvsr.wordpress.com for your kind read and comment. Thanks.”

Reason adduced:

“Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”

I do not know what exactly the word “ABUSIVE” means, “who are the other people on Facebook reported as ABUSIVF”. My esteemed viewers nearing 2,00,000 from more than 210 countries know my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS is purely a LITERARY BLOG running for the 1490 days from February 25th 2015 without a break for even a single day

with 1550 posts as on this date, fetching me a place of honor in the Asia Pacific Book of Records based on which WORLD RECORD UNIVERSITY UK has offered me a honorary Ph.D.! But on the basis of some remarks by some person/s inimical to the Blog,                              fb has blocked my” https://nvsr.wortdpress.com” Let us see what i9s there in store for me in the days to come.



Of late I am getting quite a good number of awards and reco9gnitions for my literary works. Well-meaning literary friend was wondering whether the awards number would have  hit a century! I told her “not yet” and listed the same which I am reproducing here:


  1. Michel Madhusudhan Award, Kolkatta
  2. Admirable Achiever Award by United Writers Associaion of India Chennai.
  3. Fellowship of the United Writersw Association of India, Chennai.
  4. NTR All India National Admirable Achivers Award,2018- Nellore
  5. Moziyaakkach chemmal saadhanaiyaaLar Award-by South India Social Cultural Academy, Chennai
  6. SEVA RATHNA by Kanchi Mutt, Kanchipuram.
  7. National Symposium of Poets 2019 Memento by AIR Chennai
  8. Award from National Book of Records.
  9. Award Asia Pacific Book of Records 2017
  10. Thamiz Thonral Award from Solaik kuyilkaL, Chennai.

.  11. Winged Word Award of International Socio-Literary Foundation         from Mangalore

  • Best Poet of the Year 2003 –Poets International, Bangalore.
  • Membership of the “International Writers Association” USA
  • “THIRUKKURAL NGAAYIRU” TYhiruvalluvar Vaazviyal Neri Sangam, Chennai
  • “Sirandha Manidha Neyar virudhu” –Karunaik karangkaL, Chennai
  • WordPress University’s LEIBSTER AWARD
  • WordPress University’s Versatile Blogger Award.
  • World Records University UK ‘s Doctorate.
  • ARIVUK KALANJIYAM Award by MTS Academy, Chennai
  • Flamingo Award 2016 from Sulur Peta, AP
  • Flamingo Poetry Festival 2019 Certificate, Nellore
  • National Insurance Academy Pune 1998
  • INTHAMIZ INIYAR AWARD, Solaip pathippagam, Chennai.
  • KAVI MUKIL Award 2011, Solaip pathippagam, Chennai
  • Certificate from Amaravathi Poetic Prism 2016 Vijayawada,AP
  • World Academy of Arts and Culture certificate 2007, Chennai
  • Ilakkiyach ChudaroLi 2018, Chennai
  • Ilakkiyath thenral 2018, Chennai
  • Writers Forum Ranchi 1995,
  • Kavich chudaroLi 2017, Chennai.
  • Sindhanaich chirpi, Chennai
  • Kavi Nilavu, Chennai
  • Natchaththirak kavi, 2018, Chennai.
  • THANJAVOORIN PERUMAIK KURIYAVAR 2018-Ilakkiyaccholai, Chennai
  • 11th International Poetry Festival Certificate 2018, Guntur
  • Pongal Award 2019, Ilakkiyach cholai , Chennai
  • Kavimaamani- Kabilar Muthamiz sangam, Thirukkoyilur 2019.
  • World Union of Poets Italy Hon. Member of the WPU-Italy.2019.
  • Madurai Thisradwani Award 2013 for Translation of Pancha Rathna Keerthanas to Tamil from Telugu, Madurai
  • Jayendra Saraswathi Award 2013,
  • Kavich chigaram 2019, Chennai
  • TAMIL SUDAR, Kanchipuram
  • Certificate from Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai.




  1. Presentation of Paper “ INIYAVAI NAARPATHU VELIPPADUTHTHUM ARAM” Swami Dayananda College of Arts and Science, Manjakkudi, Thanjavur District 3rd April 2019
  2. Barathi Poets Meet,  Bharathi Illam, 21st April 2019, Chennai
  3. Cool Poets Meet, Kandaswami College, Chennai 21st April 2019, Chennai
  4. Presentation of Paper titled “VALLALAAR KAATTIYA VAAZVIYAL NERIKAL” at Vadalur.


With this this week’s Sunday Story comes to an end. We shall meet tomorrow as usual. Till then GOOD BYE !

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