God the Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipresent
Has created the world and living beings-pleasant
To lead a life of peace and joy, health and happiness
Not to exploit each other-and live in -oneness!

Alas! Man in his greed and nasty needs exploits
The children quite young-instead to schools-prompts
To go to shops and roads to work and earn for him
Sacrificing self instead sacrifices the future trim!

At the age playing with young ones, suffers in silence
In the kitchen of the hotels, cleaning the tables
From morn till night- atrocious. “ANTI CHILD LABOR DAY”
Is this day. To think and throw the practice away!


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Louder Together International Day for Street Children logo

All those born on earth are the children of God- the Almighty
Absolutely equal having been confined to mother’s womb
For long ten months rightly; not knowing the world very strictly
After birth journeying for long and hard from womb to the tomb!

Pity or beauty-though equal in birth some have diamond spoon
Some have gold and some have silver spoons, many with no spoon
God made them to be left with the label ‘street children’ quite poor
None to fend and mend leaving to the fate or destiny pure!

Here is a day called “International day for street children”
To remind the society and government to take care, not to
Treat as delinquent and a burden; they have potential
Sure to be brought up in great and nice homes to ensure fine future!


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Great India- that is Bharath-our Motherland holy and ancient
Civilization and culture of Millions of years efficient
To be understood, appreciated and followed by all
Childhood onwards to make this Punya bhoomi sacred land stand tall!

One of the oldest civilizations of the world so vast and big
Sure to be learnt big or small, young or old, more sure young
A series of small poems depicting the journey to Indian freedom
For careful reading and explaining to the young children –for wisdom!

Unfortunate over the ages, the great Indians-children of
“Bharath Matha” who experienced all freedom of mind and actions
Subjected to the whims and fancies of the invaders from all over,
And our struggle were not made known to the children of the day ever.

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Bharatha kanda as once it was.

My esteemed Viewers, after seeing the post of 30th March, -“RESISTANCE TO ROWLATT ACT” an idea was born that the journey to Indian Freedom needs to be retold to the young ones and this is the Part 1. God willing in about 30 parts it will be retold and our request is that kindly make the children at impressionable age to know. Elders owe it to themselves, children, society and in turn our Nation. Thanks.



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N. R. Viswanathan, my beloved father, guiding from his heavenly abode. 

Oh, my beloved God-my father revered and respected
It is years thirty today since you took your heavenly abode
I feel you are with me every minute now than when you were
Alive in flesh and blood till you were eighty seven clear.

In your life time you were a role model for many many
As a dutiful teacher, you won their hearts-with love worshiped they
For your love, knowledge, methods, discipline as a school Headmaster
Said they, “think of him, take exams, you score high”-treated as pastor.

Physically we are orphaned but you guide at every moment
From your heavenly home- you watch my morning walk and each movement
My habits and hobbies you taught me in my early days quite strong
I shall follow till my hundred -just years twenty four away along!



HIS blessings brought me the ARIVUKKALANJIYAM AWARD- the latest.



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Image result for Image for the National Girl Child Day on 24th January2017.


Children are the gifts of God through parents quite sure
Indeed wealth of the family are its children
Families are their yearning for that wealth quite pure
Fortunate are the parents who blessed with children.

Boy or girl makes no difference to the parents
Unfortunate they discriminate- boy or girl
Girl children unwanted as if they are burden
Girls indeed are much better than boys-love and respect.

Today a great day for the Indian Society
Let us be proud of our girl child-Divine being
Educate, empower, employ, enjoy bliss!

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Image result for Images for Road Safety Week 2017.

Birds and animals walk, fly swim according to HIS creation
All cannot do all the three -peculiarity in HIS action;
Man also the creation of the Omnipotent, Omniscient
Can do wonderfully all the three thanks to the Omnipresent!

A time was there when he was living like animals in forests
Loitering here and there on his feet and feet alone-honest
Culture, civilization, knowledge, learning-all made difference
Today we are worried about his safety on sufferance!

Accidents galore-in water, in the air and on the road
Pity thanks to explosion in population and vehicles broad;
Man caught in more by the fault of others than his own self sure
Roads becoming more and more unsafe than other modes pure!

ROAD SAFETY WEEK is this to make the people aware of dangers
Habits to be formed right from the childhood on following road rules
Parents, schools and social organizations have to play a role
Make roads safe for the walkers and vehicle users as a whole!

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The Lord Almighty in HIS compassion for the human beings
Created great men with vision to serve all the living beings
Called poets to help men and women enjoy peace and harmony
Through their creative writing in poetry in all symphony!

Milton and Homer, Shakespeare and Shelly, Keats and Coleridge
Sarojini Naidu and Rabindranath Tagore over the bridge
Valmiki and Kamban, Omar Khayyam and Kamala Dass great
Hundreds of poets all over the globe a wonderful treat!

Bharathiyar-patriotic poet and nationalistic from South
Born on eleventh December hundred and thirty four years ago
Raised the people against the British rule under Mahatma Gandhi
We salute the great Bharathi for his songs excellent and mega!