In the noble creation of the great God Almighty
All living beings be tied to the bond of love tightly
To promote, nurture and nourish sweet peace and harmony
Among young and old, read and unread, poor and rich surely!

“Love all serve all”, “help ever hurt never’ policy sure
The foundation of making us “SLAVE OF LOVE” ever pure
That indeed is the purpose of His creation – wonder
Each for all and all for each cemented by love-ponder!

Love is truth and truth is love, truth is God and God is truth
Love therefore is God and God is Love an eternal truth
To be a SLAVE of LOVE is to be the SLAVE of GOD sure
I am proud to be a SLAVE OF LOVE quite pleasant and pure!



Greatest manifestation of nature the great wind
But for which people in the globe cannot sure find
Their life and living smooth and healthy, with joy and peace
Let us thank the Almighty for blessing us to live in ease.

Global Wind Day is today fifteenth of June each year
A day for discovering wind, its power enormous
Ways to find out how to reshape the world’s energy system
The day to decarbonise our economies with wisdom!

Wind power and its energy exhaustive when hydel
Energy evades us, nuclear energy has its
Limitations, solar energy unpredictable
On this day let us think and help in improving wind energy!


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Lack of blood pure, sufficient and circulation normal
Leads to one’s inevitable end and exit- cruel
Can be of any reason-malnutrition, accident
Fortunate it is one can help the other donating!

World Blood Donor Day is today the fourteenth of June
For those in dire need for survival it is a bright moon
Group tallying, donor available indeed a great boon
May be exiting life of the person revived quite soon!

Person strong enough in body and mind, hygene and health
Loses not much by blood donation but adds his wealth
Wealth of good deed deriving the blessings of the Lord
On this great day let us resolve to help and please God!


Dear all,
Kindly click one of the following links- in particular the second link, choose the article on Bharathiyar “WANTED FREEDOM” and kindly spare time to read and make your comment on the pace provided below the article for the benefit of other readers. Thanks.

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World Milk Day

God in HIS wonderful creation of this great world
Created -small or big,all living beings quite bold
With meaning and purpose for mutual joy and peace
For all HIS creations to spend lives with poise and ease!

Cow, goat and camel yield healthy milk for young and old
Just born child, or its mother or dying grand father old
Cow’s milk a nectar- giving all strength all over the world
World Milk Day is today to make the people aware of!

“Drink Fresh Milk to keep the Body Fit, Smart Brain”.Milk for Health
And Prosperity. “Milk is the First Food for Human indeed a great wealth”
“World Class Nutrition”.”Milk is the First Food for Human”.
Let us drink daily and avail the God’s compassion !


General landscape shot of Everest

God’s creations all over the globe indeed is wonderful
None else can no imitation-no duplication beautiful
Human and animal beings, hills and dales, mountains and seas
All to coexist to ensure health and happiness, joy and peace!

Inevitable- exploitation of one by the other
Man has to apply and stop it within a limit- feather!
Man’s heroism, spirit of adventure, fearlessness and all
Carry him to the top of Himalayas!Make him stand tall!

Sixty four years ago this day conquest of Everest by
Tensing Norgay and Edmund Hillary surprised the world
We think of their heroic deeds, preparation for years
Let their tribe increase to repeat such great acts-bringing cheers!

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay smiling in climbing gear.



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Yet another great creation of the Lord ALMIGHTY
Known for its gratefulness and memory very rightly
Is the incarnation pf God BAIRAVA -we call DOG
What a nice animal makes its presence felt through its song!

The child in its early stage wants to imitate and says
Vow-vow- makes people aware of the stranger with its song
One of the best pet animals the world has seen quite strong
With its lean legs and build runs as fast as a vehicle!

A great aid to the police force to track a hardened thief
Distance not a matter, nor time but earlier better
Yet man and children afraid of a barking dog that bites not
We know but does the dog know that a barking dog does not!


All living beings on earth are indeed the great creation of God
Humans- man and woman, animals-mild and wild plants and trees my Lord’s
Rivers and tanks, lakes and seas, hills and mountains all over the world
To live in peace and harmony-each for all and all for each in HIS scheme!

Known for its patience and usefulness is the creation of donkey
Great help and assistance to the man to do hard and sustained work
Unique in its appearance, behaviour and character nice
Man to take care for all what it does for the human beings-a spice!

Song of the donkey is of course nice and sweet for those ears that enjoy
Considered to be auspicious as man thinks of things that annoy
Faithful creation that murmurs not nor disobeys its master
Lovely donkey we have to thank HIM and take care with mind faster!