Oh! My Lord Almighty! In Thy creation of this great universe
Creation of India that is Bharath we are proud of intense!
In this holy land were born the Saints and seers, nobles and leaders
Who led the nation and guided the world and people by their message!

Among them Swami Vivekananda noble son of the Bharath
Great disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahansa from Bengal
Who spread the message of love and peace, spirituality and life
With his “Brothers and sisters” Chicago address inspiring the world!!

Hinduism displayed its practical vision of life through him nice
Superstitions and false beliefs pointed out without remorse
India had a new vision never losing its philosophy core
Thanks to the ‘nerves of steel’ of the Saint and his mentor more!

For us to take his message and teachings forever and ever
To live with pride and honor, peace and harmony, strength and pow
Lead our lives in the golden path laid by ancestors noble and great
Make our nation proud of its  culture and  philosophy practical!