National Cancer Survivors Day (USA)

Cancer Survivors Park
Cancer Survivors Park

Cancer the monster, my Lord, what pleasure you have?
Thousands fall a prey, suffer a hell-none to save
Neither chemo nor radiations ever help
Thanks there are survivors and they have a day!

America observes, survivors enjoy peace
They also enjoy life beyond cancer, have poise
Pink ribbon they have to tell the world of their hope
Confidence is born though they do suffer – a sop!

Why, how, when, from where, to whom, none can say for sure
Deceases in dozens why this is a killer
Spares none-rich or poor, men or women, young or old
All are one and equal- cancer attacks quite bold!

Expenses boundless, severe pain uncontrollable
Patients suffer, kith and kin intolerable
To believe one has to see sure with his own eyes
My Lord, we beseech Thee, save us with kindness nice!