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Allahu Akbar
Ashahadunna la ilaha illillahu
Asahadunna Mohammadu Rasulillahi
Hayya lassala
Lailaha- illalahee!

Get up my brother, it’s Ramzan time
Call has come – rush to our shrines
Drink the nectar, pre-dawn porridge
And fast till the Sun is seen in the western ridge!

Sing in praise of Allah sure five times
Spare one fifth of what you earn
For those who suffer hard all times
Make them happy with what you can!

Polygamy surely not a ban
Without which happily live I can
Sunflower plant holds only one
Never a second flower born in its stem!

Allahu Akbar
Allah is undoubtedly great!

Asahadunna la ilaha illillahu
To me Allah and Allah alone is God!
Asha ha duanna Mohammadu Rasulillahi
Prophet Mohammed last messenger of Allah!

Hayya lassalla
Come rush to namaz
Hayya lalfala
Get deliverance from the pain of Hell!
La ilaha illillahee
Allah is holy and great!

Day is gone and time for namaz
Call is heard from the holy tower
Allahu Akbar
What a great mystic experience
Godly light from sacred Mecca
Heavenly light from holy Bethleham
Divine light from hallowed Himalayas
All flash through mind’s layers!

Allah, Christ and Maheshwara
Blessing me fine to reach the Goal
Goal when reached redeems the soul
Through love and piety, peace and poise
Compassion and universal brotherhood all to rejoice!

Hayya lal fala
Get me the deliverance from the pains of hell!
Bismillah irrehiman nirrahim
Most merciful and benevolent Allah!

( Today is a holy day. With tenacity of purpose and will power, determination and His grace, month long fasting for Ramzan is coming to an end. This is to pay our tributes for their successful completion of Ramzan fasting to all our friends from Islam all over the world and to invoke HIS grace.)