May 18 – International Museum Day

Over centuries man’s history is chequered and long
Full of incidents and happenings- quite good and bad throng
Historians’ job to chronicle and hand over to
Posterity as a treasure- sure to be looked into!

Museums indeed are the homes of history perceived
Giving data and details for the people to refer
A school for learning, knowing and absorbing-cultural
Museums all the world over serve purpose-natural!

International Museum Day is today-observed
With the theme-“Museums and contested histories:
Saying the unspeakable in museums”. Means of
Cultural exchange and enrichment of cultures to think of!


Chennai Government Museum.




At the forefront
Stands light
On this earth
In the swing of civilization
For the civilized living
And culture to develop
Light is kept up front!
Light is deemed all important.
In this Universe
In a far off star earth
In the earth like Mars too
The descendents of Amoeba cells
In the huts without roof
‘Untouchability’ unknown traditions
Tribal beings in groups
In the evolution of evolutions
Might have existed!
Believe we shall!
Alone we are not in the Universe!
It may be true
It may be possible
Surely possible
For eternity
In the potholes
In the ups and downs
Of the space
And also in the vacuum
Passing through
The magnetic field
Votaries of Music like Naradha
And the group of Gods,
Our kith and kin
May be breathing in and out
For you and me
And waking up
With their words of welcome!
In this Universe
Worlds of people
In thousands and thousands
Bringing surprising shocks
Their movements
Their vibrations
Their earths, their hoot steps
Their manuscripts
May be aplenty!
Will be aplenty!
May be living
Should be living
Might have lived and
Made their exit!



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Image result for Images PENGUIN

The Lord Almighty- the great Creator of the Universe
Has created all living beings- animals, birds diverse
Beautiful and strong, providing nice sight and sweet melodies
For all to love and live in peace and harmony with each other!

Fauna and flora- animals and birds, trees and plants all wealth
For the living beings to coexist and enjoy with nice health
For all the God’s creations and be grateful for the Lord!
Penguin indeed a pleasant creation with its strong power!

Annual northward migration of penguins is around this day
“World Penguin Day” today- aquatic, flightless birds know its needs and days
Highly adapted for life in water, have dark and white
Plumage, and their wings- evolved into flippers very right.

Image result for Images PENGUIN

EARTH DAY 22nd April.


Image result for Images for Earth day 2017.

The Almighty-Omnipotent created this Universe beautiful
A part of this Universe the great earth on which we live is wonderful
Is deemed to be Divine Mother in Hindu pantheon-Booma Devi
It is our duty immense to take care of this lovely earth-literally.

This year’s Campaign is Environmental and Climate Literacy
To make ourselves and others to know, appreciate and absorb
Environmental protection that will help better climate all through
To avoid the devastating global warming arriving slow!

Holy Mother Earth has in her arms seas and rivers, lakes and tanks
Hills and mountains, dales and valleys, forests and gardens, shrubs and bushes
All need to be nurtured and maintained well for the living beings
To have peace and poise, joy and happiness, plenty and good health.


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Image result for Images for World Meteorological Day 2017

Seasons, the creation of Nature designed by God- Almighty
Winter, spring, Autumn and summer seasons four named by the mighty
People enjoy, suffer, happy, sad all depending on comforts
None can help but put up as it is great Nature’s making efforts!

Man tries to master the Nature- right or wrong unable to mend
Meddles with environment merciless –cuts trees for selfish ends
Jocularly said of the three bad seasons-hot hotter hottest
Angered Nature takes revenge- no use fretting and fuming at best!

Today is World Meteorological Day with the year’s theme
“Understanding clouds”- to make us aware of the enormous
Importance of clouds for weather, climate and water all over
Let us respect God and his creations of nature forever!

Clouds indeed   are central to weather observations and forecasts
One of the key uncertainties that defies study of climate change
To understand clouds affecting climate and the vice versa suree
Great day to think, brood over and manage the science of climate pure!

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Related image

In the creation of the Lord Almighty, the Great God
Humans or animals, trees or plants, happy when young- my Lord
It is Thy making and as a sapling I am very happy
That I will be of great help to the humanity as I grow!

To provide shelter to the men and animals, give food
To all the living beings with my fruit sweet doing good
We sing when we are at peace and ease all around
I sing that you are all here to take care of me abound.

In a big storm my elders unable to stand the dance
Of wind fall- till I come of age, flexible I am –no chance
Of my falling –flexible among you survive- the rigid not
Come on let us all sing together for the welfare in our slot!

Image result for image of a sapling



Kalpana Chawla, NASA photo portrait in orange suit.jpg

The small the paths of ease pursue
The great achieve things rare to do”
Be born with fame if birth you want
If not of birth you must not vaunt”

Man or woman born to achieve something great or other
To get fulfillment of birth generously God given
The great Indo American astronaut was she to fly
The first Indian origin lady on space shuttle.

Kalpana Chawla on this day in two thousand three
Sacrificed her life-one of the seven to be killed
In the Columbia space shuttle disaster, we mourn
Her life to inspire many youth-men and women born.

Image result for kalpana chawla


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Image result for Images of leprosy patient with Mahatma Gandhi

In the creation of God-the Lord Almighty
Good and bad, joy and sorrow part of the mighty
And the lowly; we call it karma of our past
“Help ever and hurt never” keep us well to the last.

Health and ill health many a time we are the cause
Let us take care in all respects sure lest alas
We have many including leprosy, my God
People around detest and look down upon, Lord.

Mahatma Gandhi hosted and treated at home
A leprosy patient and that made him Mahatma
Leprosy not incurable, God and Doctors cure
Free from the same by their efforts and grace quite sure.

Image result for Images of leprosy patient with Mahatma Gandhi

Described as the “Mahatma Gandhi” of Japan, The Nippon Foundation’s Chairman Yohei Sasakawa has made it his life’s mission to help eliminate leprosy


Image result for our galaxy map



Entire Universe
All galaxies
Filled with light
And identified by light
Celestial events
Magical shows
Mathematical riddles
Provides joy,
Provides light.
And then
Disappear and die!
Again appear
Again and again appear
Reappear, disappear!
In Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
In both the poles
Ever fertile
Never drying
Ever black
Magnetic fields
And flashing magnetic rays
Blink and blink
Eyelids-opening and closing
Speak through their eyes!
These indeed are
The Celestial events
Their basic cause!
In the shape of the skin of a fruit
With another toxic gas like element
With their power
Create celestial light!
These planets beautiful
Adding beauty.
May be
All covered,
Face covered,
As a bed spread
Densely covered!
Like a hidden object
In Nature, by Nature!


Such magnetic fields
Toxic gas fields
Magnetic zones
Living, moving objects
Circling round the universe
All according to
A set rule
A prescribed Law
Mathematical formulae
As the basics of Mathematics
As equations
As scientific truths
Truths of the past and future
Do plunge us in surprise!
Give us shocks
Make us wonder!
Our galaxy
Where we live
Milky Way
Its zone where we breathe
In the Milky Way zone
Milk as a tiny atom
Speeding bullet like atom
As shattering atom
As serious Sun storm
Sun is seated in a corner!
From the center of the Zone
Sun is
Fifty thousand light year away!
Away or jumping
Totters never!
The Sun that gives light and heat
To the corridors of the Milky Way
In the sky it floats at a speed-
Speed of sixty
Six thousand kilometers!
Sun- the great speedster Sun
Needs two and a half light years
To go round the Milky Way galaxy!
The TIME rolls by- just rolls by!



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My holy Motherland-India that is Bharath- a heaven on earth
Every one can feel proud of its people and places to be at mirth
Regions and religions, culture and tradition, language and literature
Though varied and different, unity in diversity its great feature!

One of the greatest democracies our homeland-making all of us proud
Bharatha Matha the great has children thirty six that makes her voice loud
One was born in nineteen hundred and seventy one this day happy day
Himachal Pradesh a fertile and beautiful state as eighteenth state.

Born as the eighteenth State with its capital at Shimla beautiful
Hill districts adding beauty and charm and the people quite dutiful
On their birth day today,the Nation extends warm greetings to all
May the State go from strength to strength to stand erect and tall!

Image result for images of himachal pradesh