Bonsai at Lal Bagh. Photo by Sharadha NV
Bonsai at Lal Bagh. Photo by Sharadha NV

Lover of short verse
All over the poets’ world
Goes through universe! (1)

“Short” surely is sweet
Short verse surely sweeter still
Rest of forms can’t beat! (2)

One’s life may be short
His deeds may last eternal
Short verse always smart! (3)

Life is short for sure
Yet one lives long forever
Through deeds so pure! (4)

What can be short verse
Surely short with syllables
But lifts the universe! (5)

Short verse! How short be
Three or five lines can be
-Five-seven-five can be
In terms of words? Surely not
But of syllables should be! (6)

Japan’s bonsai great
Their “short verse” shines like full moon
Provides tasty feast! (7)

Japan a small land
But land of innovations
Gave the haiku the grand! (8)

Haiku and tanka
Great “short verse” that lifts the souls
Provides joy pucka! (9)

What is great kaiku
Fine words meaning deep and wide
Lifts like a cuckoo! (10)