N. R. Viswanathan, my beloved father, guiding from his heavenly abode. 

Oh, my beloved God-my father revered and respected
It is years thirty today since you took your heavenly abode
I feel you are with me every minute now than when you were
Alive in flesh and blood till you were eighty seven clear.

In your life time you were a role model for many many
As a dutiful teacher, you won their hearts-with love worshiped they
For your love, knowledge, methods, discipline as a school Headmaster
Said they, “think of him, take exams, you score high”-treated as pastor.

Physically we are orphaned but you guide at every moment
From your heavenly home- you watch my morning walk and each movement
My habits and hobbies you taught me in my early days quite strong
I shall follow till my hundred -just years twenty four away along!



HIS blessings brought me the ARIVUKKALANJIYAM AWARD- the latest.



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Where was the language millions of years ago!
Animals and humans, trees and plants, hills and mountains
All speak a language one or the other today sure
Language includes dialects sans a form very pure.

Hundreds of languages all over the world they speak
May be dialect-language helps understand we seek.
Mother language taught by mother is indeed great
None to feel ashamed to speak-certainly a treat!

International Mother Language Day is today
UNESCO declared   to promote peace and multilingualism.
Let us take pride in learning and speaking boldly
Also take pleasure in learning  other languages deftly!

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Tomorrow being Chacha Nehru’s birth anniversary observed as Children’s day, it is in the fitness of things that the third part of Modern Nursery Rhymes aimed at the millions of tiny tots all over the globe  is published as today’s SUNDAY STORY in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com. I am sure this part III will also get the same or more support than the first two parts published on 24/10/16 and 6/11/16 respectively.    This is the third and final part.



You and I are friends
We are two!
Swetha and Rita are friends
They are our friends!
We are four!
Ram and John are friends
They are our friends!
We are six!
Tom and Rahim are friends
They are our friends!
We are eight!
Cat and dog are friends
They are our friends!
We are ten!
We play, we eat
We pray, we sing
We are all friends!



Mother speaks right
Follow it straight!
Father speaks right
Follow it straight!
Teacher speaks right
Follow it straight!
God gives our needs
Accept with thanks!



We thank you our God
Creator our Lord!
Humans, animals
Plants, trees and flowers
Fruits, vegetables
Roots and leaves all great!
Beetroot and brinjal
Cabbage and carrot
Corn and cucumber
Greens and capsicum
Onion and Peas
Leek and Potato
Pumpkin and radish
Beans and tomato
Turnip and walnut
Created by God
All we like and eat
Good Health none can beat!



Thank you my Lord
Flowers we love
Scent and color
Love and power!
Thy grace and love!
We save we vow!
Rose and lily
Tulip, Daisy
Lotus, jasmine
And marigold
Orchid, shamrock!
Many colors
And lovely scent!
Thank you my Lord
Flowers we love!



My little doll
I love you tall
I love my ball
I love my dog
I love my cat
Dog and cat are friends!
I love my parrot
I love my cow
Cow and parrot are friends!
All in my home zoo
All in my doll world!
My little doll!
I love you all!



My little cycle
Black color cycle
I can drive fast
I can drive slow
Pollutes not the air
Sure I will take care!
Trink-trink bell
Warns others well!
Basket in the cycle
Purple color basket!
Basket with the books
Beautiful it looks!
My little cycle
Black color cycle!



I have a toy car
Cute and shining star
It has small wheels four
Steering and more!
I can turn as I like
It can run like a bike!
It has a brake and horn
To drive safe I am born!
I have a toy car
Cute and shining star!



My mom is my God
And she is my Lord!
Good food she gives me
Kind angel is she!
She can’t see me cry
I can’t make her dry!
She loves me as gold
I see in her a world!
She brings me up bold
I can’t see her old!
My mom is my God
And she is my Lord!



Home is my temple
Life is quite simple!
Mom and dad are Gods
Books are my priest
I pray looking east!
Friday we have feast
One night, we don’t eat!
Home gives us all
We keep it clean!
Church makes us tall
Temple gives us peace
Masjid makes us kind
Home makes us good and kind!



Here is our lovely garden
Sun sends his rays golden!
Flowers and fruits, scent and smell
All make our garden well!
We water all the days
We eat food on all days!
They need our love and care
Mom and I will give them sure!

“Young Readers Day” is today! (second Tuesday of month)

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Reading makes a man knowledgeable and gives him a place of pride
To be developed as a habit right from the young age as tide
Regular and early habit lasts from the cradle to the grave
Reading habit sure an example of this dictum great and brave!

Weeks come and weeks go, months come and months go every year sure
November comes and Second Tuesday dawns-this year today is day pure
Observed as “YOUNG READERS DAY”-reading process requires good practice
Activity personal-yet read aloud- others benefit!

Present a new book to youngsters, spend time with them-read, make them read
A sacred day to cherish and nourish for the year as a whole-plead
Make the young ones to continue each day along with school study
Extra reading -fiction or non fiction, prose or verse make them steady!


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Young Readers Day second tTuesdayof november

November 5th- Book Lovers Day – first Saturday of November.


Celebrate National Book Lovers Day with a good read

Among all the hobbies and habits, Book Reading is great and lovely
Innate taste for reading to be developed right from childhood nicely
That will last for ever -from cradle to the grave-bound to help self growth
Providing knowledge triggering thoughts-thoughts noble and wise worth!

On one side book sales soars to millions thanks to Book Fairs here and there
Reading habit among the youth cause of concern for all everywhere
Sitting before the television sets and having smart phones on hand
Youngsters find little time for books unfortunate and looks very bad!

There are people who love reading books buy a lot every month for sure
Whether stay in bed, hit the beach or find perfect spot serene quite pure
Under the shade of a green tree, kick back and relax with book they like
Great indeed are they and on this holy day, let us wish them through a mike!

National Book Lovers Day: How to Save Money on Reading

Oct 5 World Teacher’s Day


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“Gurur dhevo bhava”, “Acharya Dhevo bhava”- Treat teacher as God
Respect teacher as God is a part of Indian ethos for long.
It is the chant of every day for children and other elders too
Yet September fifth is declared as Teachers Day in India-true!

World Teachers Day is today as is done on October fifth all over
UNESCO declared holy day to support and extend respect ever
To ensure future generations continued to be taken care
By the excellent and noble professionals-called TEACHERS world over!

Society owes indeed a deep debt of gratitude to the teachers
For their selfless service to the society through the taught torch bearers
Of knowledge and wisdom infusing qualities noble in their students
Let us salute the Teachers and their organizations here- demands prudence!

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Image result for international literacy day celebrated on september 8 was proclaimed by

Though alive, one is dead sans knowledge, wisdom through literacy
Unfortunate large population remain illiterate-pity
Efforts on war footing need of the day to provide literacy
Especially in the most countries adopting democracy!

Today is International Literacy Day as declared
By UNESCO in nineteen hundred sixty five-to be observed
To tell all- of the fact that one in five adults not literate
Two thirds of illiterates are women- estimate moderate!

Future of the family and society is at stake if allowed
On this day very important, all responsible be advised
To provide literacy to all at any cost-Government
And individuals to take up efforts honest- permanent!


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