24/11/2022: Philosophy – What?

Today 24th November is World Philosophy Day. Some thoughts on the theme:

Philosophy as deemed normally is not arm chaired one but of

Practical need and great utility for a life of comfort and peace!

Indian vision is very broad and wide on philosophy!

Philosophers rightly President/s of India that is Bharath!

Twenty Fourth November today is WORLD PHILOSOPHY DAY-a holy day

The day invites the whole world to reflect on the meaning of the

Current pandemic, underlining the need, more than ever before,

To resort to philosophical reflection to face the multiple crises

The world is going through. The health crisis questions multiple aspects

Of our societies.Third Thursday of November the day of observance.

Philosophy and politics drive human life. Philosophy derived from the Greek word Philosophia, standing for ‘the love of wisdom’. defines the Study of the nature of reality and existence, of what is possible to know,

And of right and wrong behavior. Let us brood over and follow.


Aadhi Shankaracharya one of the greatest philosophers Bharath is gifted with.

Great personality. True

2 thoughts on “24/11/2022: Philosophy – What?

  1. Wisdom words by philosophers many are meant for application in real-life situations….
    A real disgrace to the wise if their philosophical statements simply remain theories with us!
    Our deeds out of their words will serve to prove the sayings right!


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