A Heaven for Poets and Poetry!

As a senior official of a leading Public Sector Organization viz Life Insurance Corporation of India for more than four decades, I had the opportunity of organizing several events at the Branch, Divisional, Zonal and All India Level and the successful conduct of the same earned me laurels and kudos about which even now after 18 years of retirement I am legitimately proud of.
On 9th and tenth of this month I had the proud privilege and honor of attending an All India Meet about which I gave my feed back by mail on return which reads as follows:
“Wonderful. Immaculate planning, magnificent preparation, great execution! Heartiest congratulations to each and every one connected with this mega event and historic performance by A I R
C H E N N A I.
Thanks in millions.
Dr. N V Subbaraman”
Naturally I wanted to share with my esteemed viewers running to  a lakh and eighty seven thousand from more than 210 countries around the world.

. The great event was A I R Chennai hosted 64th National Symposium of Poets.
Invitation was prepared in an artistic manner very colorfully.
We all know that there are 22 languages of 22 States in India. Carefully selected good poems in all these 22 languages were translated to Hindi/English and based on that 22 poets translated into Tamil. Original poets, Hindi translators and Tamil translators –in all 66 poets presented their versions and each of the poet was introduced in a suitable manner. All were duly honored by His Excellency Hon’ble Governor of Tamil Nadu Shri. Banwarilal Purohit.


The following were the participating poets:
Language Poet Translators Tamil (Chennai) Hindi
Sanskrit Dr. Sowmya narayanan Sangita Gurencha Dr. M. Rajendran
Chennai Bhopal
Assamese Pankaj Gobinda Medhi Soumya
Guwahati Bandopadhyay Bhopal G. Thilakvath
Odiya Dr. AshutoshParida Ani Ray (Delhi) Indiran
Urdu Alam Kurshid (Patna) ——- Dr. R. Rajagopalan
Kannada G S Ubaradaka (B’lore) Saurav Roy(B’lore) D. Asaithambi
Konkani Chandrika Padgaonkar Ramita Gurav D.I.Aravindan
(Panaji) (Panaji)
Kashmiri Nizar Azam(Srinagar) Nida Nawaz(Kammu) K.Latha
Gujarati Gulam Mohamed Dr.Darshan Purohit Dr. R.Siva
Sheik(Ahamedabad) (Ahamedabad) Kumar.
Dogri Usha Kiran (Jammu) Gyaneswar(Jammu) G.Manivasagan
Tamil Guhai Ma Pugazhendi(Chennai) Dr. aushalya. V(Chennai)
Telugu Dr. Chillara Bavani Devi G.V. Ratnakar Dr. Minnoor
(Hyderabad) (Hyderabad) Srinivasan
Nepali Saran Muskan9Kurseong) Sanjeev Chethri Anuradha _ (Darjeeling) Anand
Punjabi Manjit Indira (Jalandhar) Sushma Singh(Delhi) K. Anand
Bangla Sanjukta Bandopadyaya Amrita Baira Yazhan Aadhi
(Kolkatta) (Delhi)
Bodo Dhirjyu Jyoti Basumatary Surjit Maan Ravi Subramanian
(Guwahati) Jalaiyan Sing(Dibrugarh)
Manipuri Dr5. Lairenlakpam Suresh Chandra DR. N V Subbaraman
Ibemhal Devi(Imphal) !Lucknow)
Malayalam Prabha Varma Shanti Nair Reena Shalin
(Thiruvananthapuram) (Kochi)
Marathi Kiren Yele (Mumbai) Gorakh Thorat(Pune)S.Shanmugam Maithili Dr.. Inderkanth Jha(Patna) Prakash Jha(Delhi) Krishaangini
Sindhi Veena Karamchandani Prof. Ravi Techandani Asadha
(Jaipur) (Jaipur)
Santhali Turiya Chand Baskey Rajesh Raj Dr. Ezil Vendhan
(Kolkatta) (Gorakhpur)
Hindi Som Thakur(Delhi) — Mankudhirai Jayakumar
Hindi Divik Ramesh (Delhi) — David Wesley.
Though the event was scheduled for 10th January, on 9th we had a fine time in the AIR Station at Chennai Officials explaining the event clearly and giving an opportunity to interact with the respective original poet/Hindi translating poet and Tamil poet.
Tenth of January was the eventful day- all the poets and AIR organizers assembled at the famous KALAIVANAR ARANGAM a prestigious Auditorium of the Government of Tamil Nadu –indeed a sprawling complex – with greenaries  and lovely lawns, plenty of space for parking vehicles in the heart of the city.
In the morning session there was a meticulous rehearsal for the evening event to start at 4.00. Each and every aspect of the activities were so nicely planned and executed that all the guests from all parts of India-East and West, South and North – could experience the greatness of the hospitality of the Tamils!
Morning Tea, lunch, evening tea and night dinner- all were superb in the VIP Dining Hall!
The event started on time with the punctual arrival of the Chief Guest His Excellency Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu Shri Banwarlal Purohit and AIR higher officials like Director General of Prasar Bharati and his associates from Delhi and all Invitees were also there in large numbers.
With prayer song-Thamizh thaai vazhthu the Symposium began. With a nice welcome speech and an illuminating address by the Station Director Chennai Shri Chakravarthy, the event proceeded. . Governor honored all the poets with a nice shawl and an attractive shield.


HE Hon’ble Governor of Tamilnadu delivering his address.

Governor delivered his address in English in a scholarly manner tracing the history of poetry and poets of Tamilnadu- paying excellent tributes to the great Sangam poets , Thiruvalluvar, Kambar, AvvayAr and others. Particularly he paid rich tributes to Mahakavi Subrahmanya Bharathiyar – great patriotic national poet who made the people rise for the freedom struggle. Governor quoted a few of Barathi’s song.
He also narrated the purpose of writing poetry and the greatness of poets all over the country and their contributions over the centuries!
.He switched over to Hindi recollecting his school days on his attempts to write poetry. Very interesting it was and audiences were indeed enchanted.
Director General of AIR-Prasar Bharati from Delhi and his associates wished the symposium every success and complimented richly Chennai AIR Station which was given the onerous responsibility for the first time in sixty four years who conducted in an exemplary manner.
Seating arrangements for the participating poets were done in a scientific manner –first row for the original poets, second over the first for Hindi translators and then in the third over for the Tamil translators. Every language rendition was very orderly.
Since many of the participating were multilingual, the entire symposium was very interesting.
I am very sure that the poets from all over the country would be carrying green memories of their participation in Chennai Symposium which will be fresh in their minds for years and decades to come!

I was given the pleasure of translating a Manipuri poem to Tamil via English and render.! Herein below is produced the English translation of Manipuri poem and my translation into Tamil. English title was “KINDLY FASTEN THE BELT MOTHER”.

Kindly fasten the belt mother
Everyone says
that women are weak,
But mother wish not
Who doesn’t know
Your bravery and courage.
Tell me, whether
extreme cold of winter
or extreme heat of summer
could defeat you ?
I know that
You are always victorious.
How you who always walked
the path of victory
Be called a weak lady ?
What could you not see
In the dim light of a podon*,
Isn’t that light in which
took the shape of different lives
Was there any single moment of nightmare
In the role of a stranded guy ?
How can it be described
Your endless power of bravery,
When you fasten your belt
And hold the bright torch by the hand
Which was always holding tong and ladle
Keeping your children behind
Standing firmly
Many storms turned away,
Couldn’t touch your priceless gems.
But mother,
Someone has conspired you
While you are slightly silent,
In the violent storm that arrived
Many of your sons have
sacrificed their lives
streams of blood emerged
from their tender bodies with endless flow.
Tell me
Where the red blood will stain
Other than your covering clothes ?
But Your sons will never tolerate
The change of colour of your white clothes
Into the colour of red.
Kindly fasten your belt mother
And lit the torch again.
*Podon is an ordinary kerosene lamp
Original Manipuri: Khwangchet setkatpiyu Ima
Poet: Dr. L. Ibemhal Devi
English Tr : Dilip Mayengbam.

My translation into Tamil reads as under:

இடுப்புக் கச்சையினை
இறுக்கிக் கட்டுங்கள்!
ஒவ்வொருவரும் உரைப்பது
பெண்கள் வலிமையற்றவர்கள் என்று.!
ஆனால் அம்மா
துணிவையும், வீரத்தையும்,
அறியாதவர் எவர்?
என்னிடம் சொல்லுங்கள்
கடுமையான குளிரும்
கொடுமையான வெப்பமும்
உங்களைத் தோற்கடிக்க முடியுமா? (12)
எனக்குத் தெரியும்
நீங்கள் எப்பொழுதுமே
எப்பொழுதுமே வெற்றிப்பாதையில்
நடந்த உங்களை வலிமையற்ற பெண்
என்று சொல்லமுடியுமா?
மண்எண்ணை விளக்கின்,
மங்கிய ஒளியில்கூட
உங்களால் பார்க்க முடியாதது எது?
அந்த மங்கிய விளக்கொளியில்தானே
பற்பல பிறவிகளில் உருவெடுத்தீர்கள்?
ஒரு நிமிடமாவது கொடுங்கனவு
அந்த தனியே விடப்பட்டவனைத் தொற்றியதா? (25)
தீராத உங்கள் வீரத்தின் வலிமையை
எப்படி விளக்கமுடியும்?
இடுப்புக் கச்சையினை
இறுக்கிக் கட்டும்பொழுது
கையில் ஒளி நிரம்பிய
விளக்கை ஏந்திய பொழுது
கூர்மையான சிறு கரண்டி, அகப்பை ஏந்தி
அருமைக் குழந்தைகளை உங்கள்
பின்புறம் பாதுகாப்பாக வைத்து
புயல்கள் பலவற்றை எதிர்த்து நின்று
ஓடச்செய்தீர்கள் ! (37)
உங்களது மதிப்பற்ற முத்துக்களை
எவராலும் தொடமுடியாத அளவிற்கு!
ஆனால் அம்மா
உங்களை எதிர்த்து யாரோ
சூழ்ச்சி செய்தனரே
நீங்கள் சற்றே
அமைதியாக இருந்த பொழுது,
மவுனமாக நின்ற பொழுது,
கொடிய சூறாவளிக்காற்று
வந்த பொழுது,
தங்களுடைய புதல்வர்கள்
அவர்தம் உயிரை தியாகம் செய்தனர்.
ரத்த ஓடைகள் உருவாகின
அவர்களின் இளம் உடலிலிருந்து
குருதியின் தீராத ஓட்டம்.
அந்தச் சிவந்த ரத்தம்
எந்தத் துணியைக்
உங்களுடைய போர்த்திக்
கொண்டிருக்கும் ஆடைகளைத்தவிர?
ஆனால் அதை
உங்களது புதல்வர்கள்
சகிக்க மாட்டார்கள்
ஏற்க மாட்டார்கள்.
வெண்மை நிறம் படைத்த
உங்கள் ஆடைகள்
சிகப்பு நிறமாக மாறுதற்கு.
இடுப்புக் கச்சையினை
இறுக்கிக் கட்டுங்கள்
விளக்கை ஏற்றுங்கள்
ஒளியைப் பரப்புங்கள்! (72)


Well , my dear esteemed viewers, all the renditions during the symposium you may listen to when AIR CHENNAI broadcast the recordings at 22.00 hours on Friday, the 25th January on the eve of Indian Republic Day on Saturday the 26 th January.2019.

This much is this Sunday story second in the new year. We shall meet tomorrow. Till then GOOD BYE!



ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,87,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 43rd view at 05.00 hrs today viz Sunday  the Thirteenth (13th) January 2019 , total views of the BLOG crossed the  ONE LAKH AND EIGHTY SEVEN THOUSAND (1,87,000) from more than 210 countries around the world on the 1416th day and 1471st post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue




January 5th-Sri Hanumath Jayanthi

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Hinduism- not a religion but a way of life of millions
All over the world-has its own history, principles, practices
Belief in God and pantheons- Lord Rama-an incarnation
Of Lord Narayana-Vishnu-the protector and his disciple!

January fifth today is Hanumath Jayanthi- day Hanuman
Was born in whose praise- Thulasidas wrote Hanuman chalisa
Great to recite, respect and revere! Rama is there everywhere
Where Hanuman is and in HIS prayer! Think of Hanbuman
Ram’s grace falls and fulfills the desires of the devotee
On this great let us invoke Rama’s grace through Hanuman!

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Image result for Image of Parthasarathy temple in Triplicane

Parthasarathy Temple in Triplicane from where the Jathi Pallakku started

At the cost of repetition, my three mentors from their heavenly abode Thiruvalluvar, Mahakavi Bharathiyar and Mahatma Gandhi hold me by their hands whenever I leave my home and get me back home safely! Their days are holy to me Thiruvalluvar Day in January, December 11th ans September 11th –Mahakavi’s Birth and memory Day- October 2nd and January 30th- Mahatma’s birth and Sarvodaya day are as sacred as Independence Day and Republic Day/Sankaranthi, Deepavali, Ayutha Pooja and so on.
Here is a report on KING OF POETS-Birth Day celebrated in a grand fashion for the 25th year of the day organized by Vanavil Cultural Center on 11th December at the memorial-house where Barathiyar lived in Triplicane a part of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
I repeat what I posted in this forum on 11th December as a prelude to this Sunday story:

“Poets indeed are the ambassadors of peace created by God
All over the world-in all languages-mighty force made by the Lord!
Endless list of poets worth keeping in mind for eternity sure
Rumi, Yeats, Dante, Milton, Shakespeare, Shelly,Keats and all pure!
Tagore, Sarojini Naidu, Ezakiel, Aurabindo Ghosh
Tulsidas, Vemana, Ghalib,Tikkanna,Kambar, Arunagirinathar!

The greatest-national-patriotic-king of poets was born this day Eleventh December eighteen eighty two-a holy day!
MAHA KAVI-Subramanya Bharathiya-born in Ettayapuram
Wielded his SWORD OF NATIONAL and Divine poetry effectively
People began to live and serve patriotically in a noble way
On this sacred day we pay our obeisance to the KING OF POETS!

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JATHI PALLAKKU-Bharathi Palanquin coming in a procession.
With Bharthiyar’s -my mentor from his heavenly abode-grace and blessings, my poem in Tamil has been selected by Vanavil Cultural Center to be presented in a poets Meet being held at Barathiyar’s Memorial in Triplicane Chennai today at 10 am after the JATHI PALLAKKU-Palanquin with Bharathi’s portrait-reaches from Triplicane Parthasarathy temple .

Yes accordingly early morning on 11th December I left home for the BARATHY CELEBRATIONS. This year being the twenty fifth, it was thought to fit to celebrate for 4 days from 8th to 12th December. A grand exhibition of Barathiyar’s life was put up in Kalaivanar Arangam near Chepauk. On 11th grand marathon by 2000 students from 20 city colleges leaving Kalaivanar Arangam reached Triplicane by 9 am.

Blogger as a part of the audience on the sacred occasion.

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The JATHI PALLAKKU-Royal Palanquin carrying King of Poets’ Statue was to leave from the famous Parthasarathy temple. A dance program by two girls was scintillating –three Barathiyar’s songs.
Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Honb’le O. Panneerselvam was the Chief Guest who flagged of the procession after a nice address.

Sanctity was added by the holy presence of two  Swamijis of Ramakrishna Mutt in the event.
The procession reached the Barathi Memorial Building in West Mada street by 10.am accompanied by the organizers, local MLAs, Barathi devotees and others.
As is the practice, the garland. Shawl and porkizhi- cash bag- that adorned the statue of the King in the palanquin was to be given to a great personality –devotee of Bharathi and a versatile Poet. This year one great disciple of Barathy and Barathy Swaraj KOVAI SEZIYAN was conferred this honor by the President of the occasion Editor of monthly magazine AMUDHASURABI, a poet and speaker Thiruppur Krishnan.
Kovai Seziyan conducted the Poets Meet. In total 117 poets rendered their Tamil poem titled VEERA SUTHANTHIRAM” topic chosen by the learned organizers –VANAVIL PANPATTU MAIYAM-RAINBOW CULTURAL CENTER-under the leadership of former Principal of Vivekananda College, Chennai Dr. V. V. Subramanian-respectfully addressed as Dr. VA.VE.Su., Mr. Ravi, High Court Advocate, Chennai. Actively associated are young college student Vivek Barathy, whose book was released on the occasion. Poet
Chandrasekaran ,advocate Satheesh and a host of others.
Prior to the Barathi Festival, a Tamil poetry competition was set afloat and it was said totally there were 510 entries out of which 57 were selected and again were 30 were selected in the first round each were to award a sum of Rs.200/ -as an award. I was pleasantly surprised to see my name and poem in the list of THIRTY!!!!
The poem runs like this:

வீர சுதந்திரம்

வீர சுதந்திரம் வேண்டி நின்றோம்
வேறொன்றும் கொள்ளாமல்
வீர சுதந்திரம் பெற்றுவிட்டோம்
வேறொன்றும் வேண்டாமல்!
மானுட ஜென்மம் பெறுவதற் கரிதெனும்
வாய்மையை உணர்ந்தோமே
ஊனுடல் தீயினும் உண்மை நிலை தவற
உடன்பட மாட்டோமே! (8)

மண்ணில் இன்பம் துறந்தும்
சுதந்திர மாண்பினைக் காப்போமே
நாட்டை முன்னேற்றிட தியாகங்கள்
செய்யும் மரபை மறவோமே
வீட்டையும் நாட்டையும் கண்களெனவே
என்றும் மனத்தினில் வைப்போமே.!
’யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்’
என்றே மனத்தினில் கொள்வோமே! (16)

பாரும் நம்நாடும் ஒன்றென ஏற்றே
என்றும் தொண்டுகள் புரிவோமே!
பிறந்தவன் நானும் இறப்பதுறுதி
என்பதை நன்காய் உணர்ந்தேனே
சுதந்திர பூமியில் பாரதி அருளால்
சுகமாய் வாழ்வது உறுதிஎன்பேனே!
நிரந்தரம் இந்த சுதந்திரம் என்பதை நன்கு உணர்வோமே
அதைக்காத்திட உயிரையும் தந்தே இன்புற வாழ்வோமே! (24)

A refreshing joy at the Meet was about 25 % of the poets who recited poems were youngsters! One young municipal school girl presented a wonderful poem. 92 year old poet Chellappan also presented a beautiful poem; In effect these happenings made me a little ashamed calling myself as a poet! I could feel my inadequacy in the field and I resolved to improve my poetic abilities and skills.

Some old ladies presented Barathiyar’s poems very nicely providing a treat to the hall filled audience of more than 500 Barathi enthusiasts and devotees.
On the whole the celebration of the day lasted till 7 pm and I returned home around 9 pm with a fully happy Barathi devotee!


Image result for Image of Barathi memorial in Triplicane

Barathi Memorial Museum in Triplicane, Chennai.


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In the increasing scientific world today-“ologies”
Play very important role! Physiology, Biology
Zoology, Geology, Biology, Cardiology,-sociology
‘Knowledge’ of so many Branches – to help happy life!

Radiology a great branch -knowledge of diagnosing
HEART ailment! November Eighth WORLD RADIOLOGY DAY
With this year’s theme “Cardiac Imaging”-a fast-growing
Sub-specialty of diagnostic radiology playing important
Part in the assessment and management of heart patients!
Cardiac radiologists – exerts – supervise, perform
Imaging examinations, using technology – computed tomography(CT)
And magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and interpret images!

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November 2nd NAVAMI is today!

Image result for Images to depict NAVAMI-nineth day.in general

Astronomy and astrology are not superstitious

Concepts or beliefs! They are quite scientific and logical!

Navami is  the ninth tithi after Amavasai or Pournami,

In the waxing and waning phases of the moon. called navami, 

A diverse country ours Mahanavami is celebrated

in many ways . In the north, Kanya Puja is on this day,

In Gujarat, Mahanavmi is with Garba and dandiya raas

In the east, Navami is of great significance in Bengal !


In the south, Suhasini Puja is performed. Married women,

A symbol of Maha Shakti, are offered the Shodasopachara Puja.

Followers of Dus Mahavidyas worship Matangi on this day

And Maa Siddhidhatri is worshipped by Navdurga  followers.

Navami  a great day on which day King Rama was born

Nine a good number- the last one of the single digits

As two nines –the last one of two digits-welcoming three

Three nines-the last of the three digits welcoming four!

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Image result for Images of Patel tallest statue in the world

In unity lies peace and prosperity, joy and harmony

Sans unity of mind and thoughts ,world peace will be in peril

World cannot afford to ignore unity anywhere at any time

Let us all commit ourselves for the cause of unity!

Today is a holy day for the Bharathiyans- children of

Bharathamatha! STATUE OF UNITY World’s tallest statue

One hundred and eighty two meters tall of Sardar Patel

Being dedicated at Sardar Sarovar Dam, Gujarat!

Great leader played a major role in our freedom struggle

Under the leadership of the Father of our Nation-Mahatma-

Committed to the welfare of farmers, one of the noble

Architects of independent India-that is Bharath

Integrating more than five hundred princely states-

Building a beautiful united India that cannot be unbuilt! .

Image result for Images of Patel tallest statue in the world

20th October-King Raja Raja Chola Birth Day

Image result for Images of Big Temple and Raja Raja

Thousand Thirty Three years ago this day was born a great KING
Who ruled the Chola Nadu of those days;Cauvery Delta is a
Region of Tamil Nadu encompassing the lower reaches of
Kaveri River and its delta, cultural homeland of Chola dynasty.

Was the Political base of the Cholas who ruled most of
South India and parts of Sri Lanka and South-East Asia!
Thanjavur was capital of the greatest of the dynasty
Raja Raja Chola. KING OF KINGS-magnificent was his rule!

During ninth and thirteenth centuries. Uraiyur first capital
Medieval Cholas shifted to Thanjavur and later Ganfgaikonda
Cholapuram.with Rajendra Chola as King. Raja Raja Chola
Built the famous Tanjore BIG TEMPLE for Bragadeeswara!

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