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My reply to question:


Im fine as fine can be
I’m as fine as one can be
Absolutely matter of mind
None on earth can deny that find!

Where one’s head is level and straight
Where one’s living is simple and right
Where one’s body-mind in wavelength same
Where one’s intellect is strong and serene
Where one’s conscience is clear and pure
Where one’s words are sweet and sure
Where one’s heart is full of love and compassion
Where one’s senses well controlled in right direction

He must be fine as fine can be
He must be fine as one can be!

I’m as fine as fine can be
I’m as fine as one can be!

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World Milk Day 2018: Theme, Significance And Tips

Milk supposed to be the ideal food for the children and the sick
All over the world. June First is today the WORLD MILK DAY-comes quick
To mind the rejection by Father of our Nation. Mahatmaji
The great ahimsa vadhi- on the basis that the cow suffers!

Cleverly he was asked to take goat’s milk by his Doctors-greatly worried
Over his health! Cow indeed revered in India as GOMATHA-
Mother cow- in whose body thousands of Gods stay and live we believe!
Naturally cow’s milk is the nutritious food that keeps as strong.

Reason why mother gives a glass of milk every morning before
Going to school-one of the healthiest food items of our daily diet.
Enriched with calcium, protein, vitamin B2, potassium, iodine, etc.
Food and Agriculture Organization marked the first of June as
World Milk Day,with an aim to emphasize need and importance of
Milk in our daily diet-young or old, men or women, rich or poor!

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Hypocrisy of the worst kind indulged in by the Government:
“SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH” warning board every where
And allowing tobacco products in every nook and corner
To the young and old, sick and healthy-at all times all over!

Using any tobacco product is harmful.Harms begin before birth
As pregnant women who smoke give birth to infants at congenital
Disorders, cancer, lung diseases, and sudden death.Risks from smoking
Include renal failure, intestinal ischemia, and hypertensive heart disease.

Smoking, chewing, snuffing tobacco in any form very bad
And disastrous for human health. Pity the youngsters smoke as fashion
Once addicted, de addiction becomes next to impossible
Best not to get into the habit at any stage for any reason!

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Days come and days go-but they have what a lot of significance!
Twenty Fourth May is today- “DON’T FRY FRIDAY”! a wonderful day!
Snacks of all varieties-hues and colors, tastes need frying in oil
Supposed to be not very good for health – for the olds and the sicks!

Don’t Fry Friday is a different type frying! sound like a dieter’s mantra,
Don’t Fry Day is an initiative of the Council for Skin Cancer Prevention.
With days of tanning and basking in the sun all day long behind us,
Words on lips are ‘slip, slop, slap and wrap’, encouraging sun worshippers
To slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen slap on a hat, and wrap on sunglasses.
Great opportunity to teach kids about being sun smart in a light-hearted way.

Here is the day to bring in awareness for skin cancer prevention
SUN is deemed to be God- and there is no life on earth sans SUN
Yet exposure to harsh Sun rays for a length of time is not good
Let us be sensitive and not FRY ourselves this Friday= no cancer!!!!!

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National Buy a Musical Instrument Day May 22

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Music indeed is divine- vocal or instrumental all over the world
Vocal music is direct and flows like honey straight into our mind
Instrumental music needs intellectual functiong too to make out
What song is flowing from the wonderful musical instrument!

May Twenty Second today is “BUY A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DAY”
It is all about playing music. a musician, time for a new instrument.
One can learn to play a second or third one. never played an instrument
Before, Buy A Musical Instrument Day motivation one needs to start.

Not for school-aged children. is for people of all ages. Grandpa can play his
Violin – grandkids play the drums, trombone, and flute. all make terrific music!
Flute Ramani,violin Krishnan, Nadaswaram Rajamanickam, Mridangam Mani
Veena Gayathri great doyens of instrumental musicians-enthralled the lovers!

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May 6th-National Nurses Day –

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Nurses in their whites- embodiment of peace and comfort
Sacrifices and service-great sons and daughters of God!
Born to serve, serve and serve the sick- men or women
Young or old- rich or poor- educated or uneducated-equal!

May sixth today is National Nurses Day day to honor nurses
For their selfless services-but not rich- with cashless purses
The day “The Lady With the Lamp” Florence Nightingale
Strikes our minds!Nineteenth Century end it was!

Florence Nightingale—founded modern nursing. her strict use of hand-washing
And hygiene practices while caring for wounded soldiers in the Crimean War,
She and her helpers reduced the death rate very much ushering in nursing
As is known today. we recognize the role they play in our lives.

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Nurse feeding an old patient.