“National Safety Day was yesterday” to make conscious efforts
By all to minimize accidents- if not avoid in total – to bear fruits
Let every one take the pledge:”I solemnly affirm that I Rededicate
Myself to the cause of safety, health and protection of environment”.

Theme of the National Safety Day/Week in each year varies:
2017 “Keep Everyone Safe”.
2016 “Make Safety Movement for achieving the goal of no harm”.
2015 “Develop a Secure culture for better Chain Supply”.
2014 “Handle Pressure at Workplace and Control of Hazards with Safety, and It takes us all”.
2013 “For ensuring Safety and Healthy Workplace by working together”.
2012 “Ensuring Safe and Healthy Environment for working which is a fundamental Human Right”.
2011 “Maintain and Establish Preventative measures for Security and Culture of the Health”.

Safety indeed is the natural instinct of all living beings
Alas!all are of course victims some time or other; we are seeing
Of accidents at home or roads, factories and offices misfortune
“Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)” movement serious brings fortune!

Many times we fall victims due to our own awful negligence
Equally horrible it is when due to our own ignorance
Young or old, man or woman, humans or animals all fall victims sure
Efforts are needed to educate and bring in awareness pure!


2 thoughts on “NATIONAL SAFETY DAY 4th March.

  1. Nice Afternoon Sir!

    Today is the thought about ” National Safety Day!

    To ensure Comfortable living, safety measures are to be adopted by everyone.

    Safeguarding Health.
    Safeguarding Environment.
    Obedience to the rules ensures Safety.
    It is interesting to note that each year the motto differs for ensuring safety.
    Let us live peacefully and happily in our society with all the safety measures duly taken care of.

    Thanks Sir!

    G Vasu


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