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Shri OKR Sivanganam the viewer in the background of a famous temple.

Here is the Part XI of the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnam who is still in US where his daughter is. Whether in India or abroad Shri Sivanganam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sending a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy. Here we have covered his Reviews in the month of September  2016 in its entirety.

An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.

A fine poem on World Toilet Day!
The world has undergone a sea-change, and so too its ways!
Embracing nature in almost all walks of life in the olden days was helpful in rendering our life not so complicated and complex, as we are experiencing today!
In the fast-paced pattern of life, we switch to quick fixes for anything and everything without regard for the consequences, and land ourselves in more and newer problems!
One instance relates to cleanliness;
What a great message it’s to place Cleanliness before Godliness!
In the yesteryears, population was not a problem;
Same was the case with the availability of vast land, not in the close vicinity to their dwelling places, catering comfortably to all people in the matter of even defecation in the open!
Nowadays congestion in the number of houses due to population explosion makes open defecation a serious health issue, and hence the need for awareness on its ill effects, and the urgency for each home to own a clean toilet of its own!
May we be serious in this issue and cultivate overall clean habits and make our everyday life happier and pleasing!
Your post on ‘Equity’, voiced by Valluvar is a must- read by one and all.
Equity is a great virtue deviating from which leads one to his destruction, while observing it strictly keeps his wealth for generations to come.
He becomes great and noble and his material possessions are but real jewel and ornaments provided he values the virtue of equity in all circumstances.
So long as considers this quality as meaningful, nobody can pass a negative comment on his poverty.
Whatever he has earned forgetting the importance of equity is to be discarded as if it has lost its real value.
One being righteous in thought, word, and deed results from following equity and
his business is bound to prosper surely.
Let us be honest in our interaction with others, never be impartial to anybody and treat all alike in all situations and have ‘equity’, as our real companion to accompany us wherever we go!
(3) 20/11/16.
Your Sunday Story on ‘ Those Indeed were the Days of Life ‘, gives beautifully an account of The Multilingual Poets Meet ‘ on 13th and 14th instant at Vijayawada!
Your participation and presentation of poems on the memorable occasion is truly a honor on the LICian – a case for the Organization to take pride of!
The ‘ consequence ‘ is surely a reflection of passion and perseverance you’ve exhibited so far in your life !
Destiny alone wouldn’t have made it a possibility, and I am quite sure you haven’t completely relied upon it!
You’ve made your groundwork meticulously, got the opportunity, and made it a reality!
You’ve shown that chances alone are not a requirement to complete a task on hand successfully!
Your mind at its calmness and alertness is behind your achievements one after the other!
I wish you all the best, and my blessings to your ward Nivetha!
Your post- Chapter 11- On Showing Gratitude- is very fine.
Gratitude is one of the great virtues to be imbibed by all according to Thiruvalluvar.
Any help rendered without expecting anything in return is more than the earth, the heaven, and the sea.
A help need not be measured in terms of whether it’s small or big.
One who is aware of the value of a help, however small it may be, will consider it sky- high.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Their timely help should be remembered for seven births as also their friendship.
Even if somebody attempts to murder us, it is in the fitness of things to remember the help he had extended to us.
Thiruvalluvar exhorts us not to forget a good thing done to us.
In the same vein he is for forgetting any wrong doings committed by others.
There is redemption for even a worst sin, but not for forgetting the help received by us from others.
Gratitude being such a wonderful virtue, we must inculcate it in children from early on and make them behave well in their life.
An interesting and meaningful post on ‘ Have a Bad Day ‘ Day!
It reveals the truth that all days cannot be one and the same.
A life that’s continuously joyful, or one that’s always sorrowful – nobody likes it to be the pattern of their life;
On the contrary, only a mixture of it can offer us the thrill or the meaning to our life!
And another fact we often overlook is that whatever is good or bad is a reflection of our viewpoint ;
What I consider good may not be seem to be so for the other, and something bad for me may sound good for the other!
And whether it’s good or bad, we must have the will respectively to enjoy or suffer as the case may be!
An element of optimism when in distress prepares one to anticipate positive experiences!
May we therefore not reluctant to welcome a Bad Day only to expect the following day to be really a DAY for us!!!
A nice poem on Occult Day!
Occultism concerns with hidden wisdom deep beneath what’s external.
It involves various subjects like mysticism, spiritualism, and extra sensory power.
A religious element is always associated with this discipline of study.
It’s beyond naturalism and mystery surrounds it with supernatural powers and beliefs, bordering on the Almighty!
These beliefs are nothing but dictate that should form the basis of our life!
It’s told that truth is never visible to our naked eye, and we search and research for it and having found out, to apply it in our everyday life usefully!
Occultism is very much like Science, and can we imagine a life without its dominant role?
Thank you very much for the post-
‘ National Integration Day ‘ to coincide with the birthday of Indira Gandhi, the first woman Prime Minister of India.
The diverse India that was before our Freedom Movement, got united by the untiring efforts of our glorious leaders with Mahatma Gandhi in the forefront.
The single mission was independence from the British Empire and the unity shown was tremendously great and our freedom was a reality.
Modern India was built, thanks to leaders like Indira Gandhi credited with strength of mind and conviction!
Now we are again confronted with disintegration on grounds of caste, religion, etc.,
The spirit we had during our freedom struggle is the need of the day to integrate the nation and achieve one Strong India so as to face steadfastly any type of challenge that may present itself before us for a remedy.
Let our mission be guided by the willpower shown by our erstwhile leaders and strive for the growth of India on the path of integration!

The day LIC starts celebrating this year’s Insurance Week, you crossed 56000 View Scores- CONGRATS
What a melancholic feeling released on the unexpected destruction of the Mother Cat to death by the villainous dog in your post titled :
‘ Their Mother was Snatched Away ‘ on 31/8 !
A life lost is more relevant particularly to those concerned and connected to it, whether it be a human or an animal.
A life that comes on this planet lives not to the eternity.
Its exit is certain;
But when and how it occurs is a matter at the sole discretion and due disposal of the Providence!
That the new born kittens got a relief in the hands of the Blue Cross may be a solace for the colony- dwellers, the witness to the tragic end!
Nonetheless, the love and affection of the mother is lost forever!!!!
Your poem on:
‘ Dazzling Diamond in LIC’s Crown ‘ today is a beautiful read!
2016- Diamond Jubilee Year for the great organization called LIC, working on the sound principle of Averages!
A wise organization with a prudent policy that saved the economy from nose-diving, unlike in various other economies the world over!
A sizable dividend in crores to the Central Government, and
Contribution to nation- building activities
On a massive scale
From the Mighty Organization!
LIC can boast of a good market share,
thanks to those untiring in the field!
Satisfactory servicing to customers,
thanks to dedicated staff within the four walls,
And no doubt to technology up gradation!
Beneficiaries are
The common man,
The society, and
The nation as a whole!
All a matter of CONTENT;
Legitimate it’s!
that leads to
Despicable LETHARGY!
No time to stand and stare
Miles to travel before sunset
With grit and determination!
Potential we have
Let us unleash it;
Stop not until
The unachievable is ACHIEVED!
Long Live LIC
To SERVE and SERVE!!!!
World Coconut Day in Haiku form!
Very interesting and nice to read!
An exclusive day to glorify coconut!
An unadulterated and natural health drink!
All of a coconut benefits us;
Let us follow suit and help others!
Customary offer of coconuts to God-
Our way guided by culture!
Your Haiku on Ego reminds us that ego is our real foe to fight with!
A false self that’s EGO
Dictating terms to
Authentic one!
Trained we are
To the ways of ego
Difficult to reverse direction!
Left behind curtains
Quite oblivious to
Enactment on Stage!
Modern-day stress and strain
Resultant of striving and chasing
Influenced by ego
That never goes satiated!
Relying on ego
Frantically we look for
Strength in something weak!
Self-esteem, Self-trust, and Self-confidence
Fine as recipe for success
In this material world!
Be your own self
And let go of assumed one
A way to live your life
The way it should be!!!!

Very nice are your Modern Nursery Rhymes
(Part 3) as Sunday Story appeared on 13/11/16!
‘ We are Friends ‘, with no tag of a religion, ensuring a peaceful co-existence!
Our father, mother, and teachers are straightforward in their thoughts, words, and deeds, and so ‘ Follow straight ‘!
Good health is the foundation of our life, and fail not to partake of sufficient
‘ Vegetable We Need ‘!
‘Flowers We Love ‘, for their pleasing colors and pleasant fragrance!
‘My Little Doll ‘, that’s in my home deserves my unconditional love and I love them!
‘My Little Cycle ‘, provides the joy of riding with no pollution whatsoever!
‘My cute Car ‘, is the replica of a real car and really a best company to play with!
‘Mom is My God ‘, is how I describe my mother for the care, love, and affection she lavishly showers on me!
My mom and dad are truly my unfailing Gods, and books my revered priests, and hence the
‘ Home is My Temple ‘, which can also be called a Church or a Mosque too!
In short, all of your Modern Rhymes are really a nice food for thought to the tiny tots around the globe!!!
Voice of Valluvar on ‘ Showering Love ‘
Sprinkled lavishly through your post today.
True love can never be locked inside of us and the tears out of it show for themselves.
While people standing for love are ready to part with their body those who lack it want to keep everything in their possession.
The love you show to others develops friendship showering joy, grace, and greatness and make life a fulfilling one.
Our life can never bloom without love just as a tree in the desert can never produce leaves or fruits and that is the real life leaving other lives just bones covered by the skin.
Similarly virtue burns the loveless the way boneless creatures are very easily burnt by the scorching sun.
Absence of love makes our external organs useless.
As our intense love is powerful enough to give a perfect match between life and body why not we consciously practise expressing our love to all?
A beautiful poem that comes on the National Philanthropic Day!
This world is a better place to live in!
We have to thank God!
But not all are born with the necessaries of life-
Some are born with silver spoons in their mouth, while some others make it happen with sheer hard work, tiding over the challenges on the way!
Still others fail to meet both ends meet, and they rise from their sleep only to encounter one problem after the other with no sign of solution whatever – an affair without a break in between!
The left-out are the underprivileged and the downtrodden, with no other options but to turn to others even for their daily food!
Fortunately, there are still people with the mind and inclination to reach these unfortunate creatures and provide succour!
On this special day let us be thankful to this segment of kind people for their compassion towards the needy on this earth!!!
Your post on the eve of Teacher’s Day reminds us to shower appreciation on the teachers for their contribution to the society!
Teaching is a noble profession
Dedication and Sincerity to support!
Valuable is the time
A student spends with teachers!
See in teacher
A friend, philosopher, and guide!
An asset and
A fountain-head of knowledge
Laying the foundation strong
For the future life!
Care and caution
He must exercise
As to set an example himself
For a teacher’s reflection lies
In the disciple he creates!
Teacher a learner too
Else difficult it’s
To meet the demands of education
Ever a challenging one!
A student must be ready
For, a teacher is always available
To impart knowledge and values!
Lend your ears
Or you will lose
Your ability
To locate your potential!
Your curiosity
Your teacher awakens
Use his services!
More than parents
Honor teachers
For the art of living
You learnt from them-
What Aristotle opines!
Exemplary was Dr. S Radhakrishnan
A philosopher, teacher, and
President of India
Whose birthday
We celebrate as
Teacher’s Day
To adore his noble qualities
Attached with a teacher!
Our thanks in tons
To teachers
Who made us alive
Without groping
In the dark bewildered!!!
Beautiful comments of Shri. Rajeev Jha in
Part 3 of Visitor’s voice covered in your Envius Thoughts as Sunday Story!
His voice reveals his great insight into the contents that form your Thoughts.
Let his Early Morning Voice be heard regularly!
The post on Ganesh Chathurthi is a fine read!
Hindu Gods are many, born out of faith and belief on their efficacy in guiding us through a peaceful, prosperous, and harmonious life.
We view Lord Ganesha as our protector and mentor, and invoke His blessings whenever we embark on auspicious beginnings.
We get our obstacles wiped out to our satisfaction, and are blessed with abundant wisdom and knowledge showered by Lord Ganesha.
HE enriches our life, providing us with all worldly bounties we need on this earth.
May Lord Ganesha spread the message of love and honesty by destroying all the evils that befall on us!!!

Your Global Forgiveness Day post reminds one of the necessity to forget and forgive the hurts inflicted on us!
Ego prevents us from forgiving for we mistake forgiveness for weakness on our part.
We need to turn to our Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi to understand that it is rather a virtue.
To err is human, for no one is free from mistakes.
Our wisdom lies not in repeating the same mistakes again.
The sins we commit in the course of life are forgiven by God.
We have His blessings!
We expect our mistakes forgiven by friends and relatives.
It’s logical to pay them back in the same coin.
In forgiving we get an opportunity to renew the lost relationship back on track!
Forgiveness being Divine, let us embrace it and be a tool in enriching the lives of others, while doing justice to ourselves!!!

Your post on International Literacy Day is a call to drive illiteracy far, far away as not to have its imprint on the society anymore!
Life today is not what it was during the yesteryears.
It’s a challenging one that calls for new approaches in every sphere of life.
In this knowledge society, literacy is undoubtedly a means of living.
The right knowledge we get through education and the resultant wisdom we acquire are a boon that facilitates our interaction as social beings with fellow humans.
Its lack poorly reflects on us and impairs our life severely.
Literacy is as basic as food for survival and its neglect dampens our spirit to be a favored people not only amongst us but in the midst of world population.
May the Governments across the world and the nationalist minded people propose on this International Literacy Day to engage literacy as an urgent and immediate pursuit and be on guard not to allow illiteracy to mar our growth!!!
Your post Stand Up To Cancer Day is a challenge to the medical world that’s still groping in the dark as to invent an effective medicine to alleviate the untold sufferings of patients afflicted with cancer the deadly disease!
The very term ‘ cancer ‘ means to convey horrible, extremely shocking, ghastly, disgusting, unpleasant, and what not!
One may call cancer a monster, devil, or demon;
It may be described a sword of Democles hanging over the head!
Nonetheless, a spirit of optimism and courage makes you stronger to believe that it cannot snatch your life away!
Whatever the misery we don’t realize before it strikes ourselves.
Let us believe that so long as one is blessed with the power of heart and soul, we need not lose hope, , notwithstanding troubles we undergo.
No doubt many lives are lost due to diseases many, including cancer.
Those who can no longer tolerate the ordeals of cancer may to their satisfaction hear and justify what Franklin D. Roosevelt had to say:
” When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on “.
But positivity in the patient drives him to come to terms with the following words of Winston Churchill :
” Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference “.
Those really let down with cancer need entertain no worry, no fear, or no hoping against hope, but instead reverentially surrender to the feet of God Who will dispose it as per His Divine designs.
Remember the fact that a man is judged not by the plethora of comforts he enjoy, but the solitary courage he exhibits while in distress;
once fear is effaced confidence sets in releasing the fighting instinct that does the remaining wonders!
On this Stand Up To Cancer Day
May the scientists the globe over
Put their heads together
And come out with a VACCINE
To make cancer BENIGN
And save the people
From excruciating pain and agony
That’s not uncommon
What with no remedy
In sight till this day!!!
Nice to view your post on :
‘ World First Aid Day ‘ yesterday.
Life is precious ;
In times of emergency, an instant action by the person nearby can save the life from worsening.
He/ she may not be a medically knowledgeable person.
A layman doing something essential at the spur of the moment can also be a life-saver.
First and foremost awareness on the possible first aid and how to carry it out is very much required.
The day is special to make a person at the first instance to know the modalities involved in handling the available first aid kit.
Even knowing and guiding a person at the time of a specific symptom of a disease that may otherwise lead to death also comes under the label of first aid.
May we on this day involve ourselves in the art and science of first aid and do whatever is at our command to save a life in danger!!!

Tale of a Blogger ( Part 12 ) is indeed a great and long read!
You’ve made a detailed mention on so varied subjects as Astrology, Numerology, Mythology, and so on.
I don’t think comments in the form of opinions may justify the nature of topics dealt with.
I understand your significant number is three and its multiples ;
It gets reflected in many of your daily posts as also the dates corresponding to the posts.
I am convinced that you meticulouly stick to many patterns set for yourself.
A hard thing to follow, but not impossible.
It’s your CONVICTION that makes it a reality!
For, a TRIUMVIRATE of great and noble souls-Bharathiyar, Thiruvalluvar, and M K Gandhi- guides you in every aspect of your living!
It’s fine that VOICE OF VALLUVAR is heard through INDIAN PERIODICAL, the literary journal!
And you have published the comments of viewers too therein, including mine.
And one final word-
Numbers themselves do not matter to you ;
But they TOO matter to you,
For, QUALITY is most significant for you!
Looking forward to your next tale!!!!
World Chocolate Day sends sweet memories to chocolate lovers in general and children in particular.
It’s sweet and comforting to all irrespective of age.
In US, occasions are numerous to make chocolate available in abundance for the children.
Any get together involving children is an ideal occasion for children addicted to it.
Children may be happy, but definitely not their parents who dread the very name of chocolate as they are forced to spend hundreds and thousands in dollars for dental procedures to fill the cavities!
It’s told dark chocolates are good for health,
but children ignore it for it is sour in taste.
Whether we are for or against chocolate, its minimal consumption occasionally is definitely a mood booster for many!


What a great thing it’s to have a festival to celebrate sacrifice!
Sacrifice is a great attribute one should embrace irrespective of the religion he/she practices.
The pleasure one derives out of sacrifice is enormous.
In sacrificing and sharing lies the sympathy and care for the other.
It’s born out of natural humanism one stands for!
Reaching out to the needy is surely a God-thing.
And this aspect is exhibited by our Muslim brothers the world over by sharing the animal sacrificed as between their friends, relatives, the needy poor, and themselves.
May Allah shower His blessings to the Muslim brethren to remain pain-free!
A fine translation of the third verse of the Great Poet Bharathi.
It explains who are all getting the blessings of the Goddess of Power.
A prayer sincere and reverent at that
Is answered positively
To the seekers of knowledge.
Honesty in labour
Truth in business
Are requirements must
To seek Her blessings true.
Post on: Festival of Rain Flowers ( 14/9 ) is a nice one on the eve of ONAM, a State festival celebrated by one and all irrespective of caste,creed, and color in Kerala.
Every festival has a rationale and purpose behind it, and Onam is no exception.
It’s believed that King Mahabali who gave a golden rule makes his visit to the State on this day every year to remind the people to maintain an atmosphere of peace and brotherhood as was the wont during his ideal rule.
The people were very good and happy then and had the glorified life of essential values.
It may be taken as a reminder to the present rulers by the people about the ideal king and a welfare State prevailing then!

Such a great festival is marked by all round gaiety with display of fireworks and procession of decorated elephants in large numbers.
Music and dance makes part of the celebration and people enjoy the sumptuous feast special to the festival.
People from various places throng the State to witness the grand occasion with enthusiasm.
The secular nature of the festival no doubt spreads peace among the people that ensures a harmonious life!
May Vaman Vishnu send his merciful blessings to the people for a happy and peaceful life!!
Your post on Hindi Day (14/9/16) with details with particular reference to languages is a good read.
We are proud of practicing Unity in Diversity;
it’s legitimate too.
But maintaining it is a stupendous task, a responsibility to be shared by everyone!
Language is the backbone of communication that makes our interactions effective and meaningful, unlike signs and actions that ruled before development and growth of languages.
Conveying exactly the way we intended is very important to avoid possible misunderstandings that are behind many of our problems.
Attaching sentiments to one’s mother tongue is not abnormal;
but it shouldn’t prevent us from equally developing other languages too.
As Hindi enjoys the status of being our national language, it’s quite reasonable for all of us to learn and communicate much like our mother tongue;
Political decisions remain the culprit in destroying our interest in learning the language.
As you said, knowledge is power, and enhancing that power lies in acquainting ourselves with literature abound in various languages.
All languages are equal and we should aim to learn as many languages as possible in our life and glorify them!
Your post on World Ozone Day (16/9 ) calls for human intervention on a large scale to limit the impact of global warming and climate change on the planet.
It’s the ozone layer that guards against the sun’s ultraviolet rays from damaging all life forms on earth.
Ozone hole was discovered in 1985, and it’s reported that the harmful chemicals found in the atmosphere have a long staying power and that researchers don’t expect that hole to get sealed until around the year 2050!
And added to this, volcanic eruptions too have its contribution in depleting the ozone.
We can at best control our activities by being in alignment with Nature to the extent possible.
It’s the concerted efforts of the world population that can contribute to minimizing the ill effects of global warming and rightly the theme for the current year is:
‘ Ozone and Climate – Restored By a World United ‘.
Focus on the welfare of the Mother Earth is as important as the development and growth of nations we aim for.
May all unite and fight to avert further damage to the earth and our lives with the seriousness it deserves!!!!
An awareness to maintain the Coastal areas safe and neat is what your post on International Coastal Cleanup Day (17/9 ) tries to create in our minds!
Coastal areas are a real boon to us from Nature in the form of security.
It’s home to hundreds of millions of people.
Hence our duty and responsibility to keep them clean and safe too!
Coastal areas are very sensitive to rise in sea level due to climate change;
Floods that occur as a result inundate beaches and the islands affecting the people, including the fishermen.
People can avert this by setting natural shoreline buffers like sand dunes.
May all of us swear on this special day to give thought to the issue and act to keep the coastal areas garbage- free!!!
Prasad on Envius Thoughts as this week’s Sunday Story is a nice read!
Mr.Prasad is not only following you as a versatile and successful blogger, but the commentators too which is quite evident from his reference to the comments!
My appreciation to him for his wise comments to your wise posts on a day -to-day basis!
Going by the number of posts you make, I am hastened to conclude that nothing is left for you to publish anymore!
(This remark I make in a lighter vein!)
But it’s not true, for you continuously make it happen every day;
At times you give us the honor of seeing a second post on the same day.
I don’t think anything can stop you from engaging in this stupendous task.
God the Almighty and a triumvirate of Thiruvalluvar, Mahatma Gandhi, and Subramaniya Bharathiyar join with you in your endeavors, and your mission is surely to attain newer heights!!!!
March ahead with the same enthusiasm to get into new frontiers in the days to come!

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‘Versatile Blogger’  N V Subbaraman on his blog work in his casual attire at his Computer table!


My dear esteemed Viewers,
Thanks to your immense support and encouragement “ENVIUS THOUGHTS” in in its 677th post on the 622nd day -yesterday Saturday the 26th November at 09.30 hours with the 61st view of the day has crossed SEVENTY THOUSAND (70000) mark in its overall view score from more than 200 countries. Kindly continue to extend your support and encouragement to the Blog.
N V Subbaraman


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