National Happiness Happens Day - August 8

All living beings humans and animals do need happiness and enjoy
Humans are more vocal and expressing their happiness -surely rich joy
August Eighth today a great day- EIGHT AND EIGHT “National Happiness
Happens Day! Let us smile today to share in National Happiness Happens Day.

On this day each year just let it happen. We know.  Happiness as happiness happens. id=”page-container” class=”et-animated-content”>

The day encourages happiness all day. Let us recognize every moment of glee

Joy, delight, and pleasure. We shall not let it pass.  a flicker of a giggle  be given its Due,  blossoms into full-blown happiness, let us not be surprised. It happens!

Quote markFor every minute you are angry we lose sixty seconds of happiness. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Another aspect of the day prohibits the squashing of other people’s happiness.
From time to time, we  find other’s happiness  irritating.  happen when we
Have rotten days.  our bad days don’t give us the right to squash another person’s joy. Instead, we must allow their delight in the day to infect us.
Perhaps, their ability to smile will blow the storm clouds away from our day.

August – eighth month of the year

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